Best Betting Promotions in Australia 2020

Latest Betting Promotions for Australia

If you are looking for the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia, then you are in the right place. At we take great pride in showcasing the latest betting promotions for Australia so that you can get a helping hand when putting bets on your favourite sport. Everybody knows that even the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia can be subject to some tricky terms and conditions. So we’ll skim through some of the small print you’ll probably find when you’re using the latest betting promotions for Australia. This will help you avoid tripping up over the T&Cs so that you can maximise your potential profits with these latest sports betting promotions.

We’ll start our guide by giving you a speedy overview of the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia so that you can get an idea of what bookmakers are offering. Following this, we’ll evaluate the latest betting promotions for Australia so that you can see whether these sports betting promotions are worth signing up for or not.

We’ll finish up by taking a closer look at some of the promotions that you can find for Australia’s most popular sports like Australian rules football and cricket. So keep reading to see the current shortlist of the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia.

What are the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia at the moment?

Australia’s bookmakers are clearly taking great pride in serving up some amazing promotions for sports betting fans. The current range of the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia shows that these betting sites are constantly trying to outdo each other in the generosity of their special offers. This shows that there is plenty to be gained from shopping around different bookmakers to see what kinds of promotions you can get.

We’ve seen promotions that can give you extra cash for making bigger accumulator bets, to horse racing promotions that give you money back if your chosen runner finishes second. Some promotions serve up enhanced odds deals for bets on some of the biggest sporting events, while others gave you the best price guaranteed for some truly massive boxing matches.

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Most of these promotions give you bonus funds in the form of some of the best free bets Australia has ever seen. But some promotions took the form of special VIP schemes that offer you the chance to win some very special prizes simply by making a regular amount of real money sports bets.

For the purpose of this page, we’re going to be talking about promotions that anybody can use. If you are looking for welcome bonuses, then check out our page for the best betting offers Australia currently has. But all of the promotions that we’ll be discussing can be used by new or existing customers, and you could get them either on your desktop computer or on your mobile via the best betting apps in Australia.

But in order to adequately describe the current range of betting promotions, we thought that it would be helpful to outline what kinds of special offers you can get for some of the most popular sports.

Latest sports betting promotions for Australia soccer betting

Soccer is easily one of the world’s most popular sports, and it’s no surprise to find that the best betting sites for football in Australia tend to put on some great promotions for soccer. We’ve seen some great enhanced accumulator betting promotions for soccer that can give you boosted winnings should you get this tricky kind of bet right. There are also accumulator insurance offers where you can get money back should one soccer team let you down.

Some soccer promotions allow you to get double the amount of winnings if you predict the correct result that is only reached in injury time. Plus it’s common to find all of the best betting sites will put on enhanced odds promotions for some of the biggest soccer matches. So be sure to use the latest football betting tips Australia has to take advantage of these great deals.

Best betting promotions 2020 in Australia for cricket bets

As cricket is one of Australia’s most popular sports, you’re sure to find some top promotions for betting on the biggest matches. You might find promotions that give you extra bets for predicting how many sixes Steve Smith hits against England, or you might also get money back for the next time that David Warner gets out for a duck when opening in a Test match.

In order to successfully use these kinds of promotions, you should probably take note of the latest cricket betting tips Australia has. Even if there are no specific cricket promotions available, check to see what other sports special offers could be applied to your chosen match. These can sometimes work better than even the best cricket betting strategy Australia is currently experiencing.

Top sports betting promotions for horse racing betting

Horse racing and sports betting go hand in hand. This means that all decent bookmakers will be constantly trying to come up with evermore attractive horse racing promotions. One of the most common is the best odds guaranteed promotion. This works by giving you the better odds if the starting price works out to be more profitable than the odds when you laid down your horse racing bet.

Other horse racing promotions include ones where you get your stake returned if your runner comes in second, while some special offers might give you extra places on some of the biggest races like the Melbourne Cup.

Why you need the latest betting promotions for Australia

Some sports fans might be suspicious of sports betting promotions. After all, all bookmakers are legitimate businesses, so why would they effectively be giving the chance to win money away for nothing?

The key thing to remember is that betting promotions always take skill to put into action effectively. While they will often promise to give you lots of extra betting funds, you will first have to make deposits and lay down some specific bets before you get anything in return.

As a result, betting promotions can be an excellent way to make some money from even the best bookmaker in Australia. We should also mention the fact that promotions can be a great way to try some different kinds of sports bets. This is because promotions are engineered by bookmakers to try and get you to place bets that you might ordinarily shy away from.

So, if you’re willing to test the limits of your betting and don’t mind taking some unfamiliar bets, it’s clear that a good promotion can significantly broaden your sports betting vocabulary.

Thing to look out for when using the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia

We’ve highlighted the fact that many sports betting promotions encourage you to take some sports bets that you might not have otherwise taken. But even if you are using a promotion that’s relatively straightforward, then it’s worth remembering that all of these special offers are usually subject to some strict terms and conditions.

It’s always a good idea to read through the promotion’s terms and conditions first before activating these special offers. Not only will the small print tell you what you can expect to get if you successfully use the promotion, but it can also inform you about any actions you might take that could accidentally invalidate the special offer. Here are some important words and phrases that you might see when looking through the small print of any sports betting promotion.

Minimum odds

Betting promotions can cover anything from a top Premier League soccer match, to a T20 cricket international. But regardless of what kind of sport the promotion covers, you’ll probably find that you have to bet on some minimum odds in order to reap the benefits. Make sure that you meet these requirements when availing of any offers you find.

Maximum and minimum stakes

In order to enter most sports betting promotions, you will often have to lay your own money down in the form of a qualifying bet. Sometimes the promotion will require you to have a minimum stake to activate the special offer. However, it’s worth mentioning that for some accumulator promotions, you might find that the bookmaker implements some maximum stake terms and conditions. They do this to stop you winning too much money if you manage to land some surprisingly lucrative accumulator bet in conjunction with their promotion.

Restricted betting markets

The majority of betting promotions will have restrictions over what kinds of sports you can use the special offer for. But some promotions go even further to limit which matches or races you can bet on, or even control the kinds of bets you make. For example, you might only be able to use a cricket promotion on a specific Test match, and you might only be able to use a horse racing promotion if you avoid putting down an each-way bet.

Payment method restrictions

Although many bookmakers allow you to use many different kinds of payment methods to add money to your account, you might not have the same amount of freedom when making deposits to activate betting promotions. For example, if you make an opening deposit with an eWallet like Neteller or Skrill, then you might often find that you can’t access a betting promotion. Thankfully, all decent bookmakers will allow you to deposit with other reliable payment methods for a safe and easy way to enter sports betting promotions. Check our online betting guide for Australia for the lowdown on the pros and cons of using different payment methods.

Paid as free bets

It’s fairly common to find sports betting promotions that give you your bonus money in the form of free bet tokens, rather than cash. Bookmakers do this as an incentive to get you to keep playing at their betting site. Free bet tokens offer you a great way of boosting your betting bankroll for future sporting events. Just remember that free bets are often subject to tough wagering conditions and strict time limits.

Expiration of promotion

Nearly all betting promotions will have expiration dates. Often these can be fairly common sense such as if a promotion focused on a specific rugby match. But sometimes a promotion will award you free bets that can only be used for a fairly short amount of time. As a result some promotions can wreck your plans to use the best betting strategy for Australia if you get the timing wrong. So be sure to make a note of when you activated these promotions so as to avoid disappointment.

Simple tips for finding and using sports betting promotions

Sports betting promotions for Australia

There’s a massive amount of sports betting promotions out there, but it can often be difficult finding these special offers. At we’ll keep you informed as to when a particularly eye-catching special offer comes on the scene so that you’ll be first in line to take advantage of these promotions.

But we’d also recommend that you take the time to visit the promotions page of each bookmaker’s site. This will reveal the full list of the special offers that the bookmaker is offering so that you can select one perfectly suited to the sporting event in question. Don’t forget that some promotions can be customisable so that you can get the bookmaker to set you some odds for your unique betting proposition.

It can also be a good idea to sign up to any mailing lists that the bookmaker may have. Similarly, following your favourite betting site on their social media channels can be one of the best ways to make sure that you are one of the very first people to use a new sports betting promotion.

Remember the terms and conditions

Once you have found a sports betting promotion to your liking, it’s essential that you read carefully through the small print to make sure that you know what you are signing up for. If there’s anything confusing in the terms and conditions, then you might be able to get one of the bookmakers’ customer support team to help you out.

In terms of using a betting promotion, it’s often very similar to standard sports betting. Always take the time to adequately research the teams and players, and try and keep your betting stakes modest to begin with so that any unexpected losses don’t ruin your betting.

Similarly, if you treat any betting promotion as a bit of entertainment rather than a way of making money, you’ll be able to make your bets with a cool head rather than letting your emotions rule your sports betting.

It’s also important to make sure that your chosen payment method can be used to claim the bonus. To help you, we’ve set up guides, such as our betting sites with Paypal review.

Taking a look at sports VIP promotions

We can’t forget the fact that there are some sports promotions that are a little different from the standard special offers. VIP programs have grown to be very popular at certain sports betting sites, and they can often be a great way to get a little extra from the bookmakers.

VIP promotions usually require you to have to place a certain amount of bets within a given time period. For each real money bet that you take, you might pick up special loyalty points that can be used to climb your way up the VIP ladder.

Each tier of a VIP program will tend to have different benefits. These can include extra bonuses, faster withdrawal times, or even having your own account manager. Some bookmakers will often go the extra mile by treating their VIPs to all-expenses paid trips to big sporting events and even holidays in the sun. So be sure to keep an eye out for any bookmaker with a decent VIP program.

Do you even need the latest betting promotions for Australia?

The best betting promotions 2020 in Australia look to be capable of giving you plenty more to play with and potentially more to win. Despite this, the often complicated terms and conditions of these special offers will mean that some sports fans get frustrated when trying to put the promotions into action.

As a result, some sports betting fans will often decide to skip these promotions, and just get stuck into trying to find the best betting odds in Australia for their chosen sport. This is certainly a simpler path to take, and it will help you avoid the risk of being tempted into taking bets that you ordinarily wouldn’t take. So if you’d prefer to keep things simple, then we’d always recommend just hunting down the latest betting tips for Australia to adequately research your bets. Then all you’d need to do is to find the best betting site by reading some of the most honest bookmaker reviews Australia has ever seen right here at

However, for the most part, bettors will always benefit from betting promotions and you should find that these offers are hugely advantageous to your betting experience. With the help of, you can look forward to integrating them into your future sports bets.

Best Betting Promotions 2020 in Australia FAQ

🇦🇺 What are the best betting promotions 2020 in Australia at the moment?

Sports betting is extremely popular here in Australia, and as a result there’s plenty of healthy competition between betting sites. Therefore for you as a consumer there are almost too many betting bonuses and promotions to choose from. That’s why at, we’ve created a list of the best betting promotions in Australia for 2020 to help you find the right bonus for you.

📳 What is the best betting app in Australia?

Pretty much all of the best betting sites in Australia also have top quality betting apps to go alongside them. That being said, the quality of a betting app doesn’t always match the site and vice versa. With that in mind, at we’ve compiled a list of the best betting apps and promotions in Australia.

🥇 Which betting app gives the best odds?

With so many betting sites available in Australia, operators are in constant competition to offer the best possible odds to punters. Find out which app offers the best odds and promotions here at As well as offering great odds, many betting apps also have odds based promotions.

🏆 Which bookmaker offers the biggest bonus?

When it comes to betting bonuses here in Australia, we’re quite literally spoiled for choice. However finding the genuine best bonus can be tricky, as all is often not what it appears to be once you’ve read through the terms and conditions. To find the best and most valuable bonuses, head over to the promotions page here at

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