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Betfair Australia Sign Up Offer 2020

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If you’re looking for Betfair sign up offers, then you’re in the right place. This is because we’re going to put this betting exchange under the microscope to see if they have any kind of Betfair deposit offer on at the moment. Don’t worry, because we will also let you know whether you need any kind of Betfair bonus code to access any of their sports betting promotions.

Betfair are well-known for being the world’s biggest betting exchange. The brand started up in the UK in 2000, and they became known for putting on lots of decent Betfair sign up offers. But there’s some complicated regulations surrounding welcome bonuses in Australia, so we’ll have to take the time to see what kind of Betfair deposit offer could be in store for you.

If we find any Betfair sign up offers, then we will let you know what kinds of Betfair promo code you’ll need to activate these deals. Plus we’ll walk you through all of the terms and conditions, so that you can instantly see the true value of any Betfair deposit offer.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

While you might be able to find some Betfair sign up offers available in some other countries, we’re sad to announce that there’s nothing in the way of a Betfair deposit offer currently available in Australia.

This isn’t because the bookmaker don’t want you to use your Betfair bonus codes, but it might be a result of Australia’s strict regulations that prohibit betting sites from offering potential customers welcome bonuses.

Despite this, we have seen many of the best Australian betting sites putting on some great deals for new and existing customers. The fact that Betfair aren’t offering any promotions might seem like a strange tactic for such a bookmaker. But we think that this betting exchange might have a few more ways to give you more for your sports bets.

So, in the absence of any Betfair sign up offers, we’ll keep looking to see how you can put a Betfair promo code to good use. In particular, we’ve seen that Betfair might offer their customers a way of bypassing some of the commission fees that the bookmaker charges on all profits made.

While this might not be quite as good as a Betfair deposit offer, it looks like it could still be worth researching a little further.

Bonus Conditions

While there aren’t any Betfair sign up offers on at the moment, it looks like new and existing customers can take advantage of a special Betfair Rewards program. This allows you to reduce the amount of commission that Betfair takes from your sports betting profits.

It works by giving you points for each sports bet that you take on the site. By gathering more points, you’ll find that you suffer less of a cut of your betting profits.

What’s best is that it looks like you won’t need any kind of Betfair promo code to enter this program. So, while it’s not a Betfair deposit offer, you can still enjoy more from your sports bets at this betting exchange without a Betfair bonus code.

Bonus Details

No Betfair promo code required to get the deal

So, if you want to enjoy using the Betfair betting exchange with reduced commission fees, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s very simple to get started on this program.

The first thing that you’ll need to do will be to sign up to Betfair. You can register your Betfair account just by clicking on the Join button at the top of the Betfair site.

By doing this you’ll bring up a screen that requires you to enter a few personal details. You’ll be asked to enter your name, date of birth, mobile number and email address, and it should take just a couple of minutes to fill in this form and create your Betfair account.

From here, you won’t need to enter in any kind of Betfair bonus code, but you will need to make some deposits. You will be presented with a variety of different payment methods for adding money to your account.

Once you have made your deposits, then you will be free to start taking your bets on the Betfair exchange. Each real money sports bet that you take will see you gaining Betfair points. After you have gathered together enough Betfair points, you will start to see the amount of commission that you have to pay on any profits automatically reduced – all without needing to enter a Betfair promo code.


As the Betfair Rewards scheme works by giving you more for each bet you take, it makes sense to try and be as flexible as possible in regards to how you enjoy your sports bets.

This is why downloading the Betfair app could be a great option. You can download the Betfair app to your iOS or Android mobile device and never miss out on a great betting option ever again.

The Betfair app is perfectly optimised to give you an interface that works seamlessly on the smaller screen of a smartphone or tablet. It’s also packed with special features that give you a better way to see all of the odds for a massive horse race, and you can easily check out graphs that show you how the odds are fluctuating for your chosen bet.

By downloading the Betfair app, you’ll be able to constantly pick up reward points no matter where you are. Whether you’re betting on Australian rules football from the comfort of the sofa or are laying bets at the racetrack, the Betfair app makes it simple to gradually climb your way up the Betfair Rewards ladder.

We should also say that you can still access the Betfair site if you have a Windows or BlackBerry mobile. All of which shows that there’s no decent reason to miss out on the excellent Betfair Rewards program.

Payment Methods

As soon as you’ve created your Betfair account, you’ll be given the option to make your first deposit. The vast majority of customers will probably make a deposit with a credit card or a debit card like Visa or MasterCard.

By doing so, you can enjoy the highest levels of security, and it’s nice to see that Betfair won’t implement any processing fees. Just so you know, card deposits will be instant, and you can add money to your Betfair account from a minimum of $10 at a time.

However, it’s important to remember that Betfair will allow you to make payments with alternative payment methods. These include eWallets like Skrill and Neteller, or you could even make a bank transfer via POLi, or an electronic funds transfer through BPAY.

All of these alternative payment methods apart from BPAY should allow you to make instant deposits, but BPAY deposits might take between two and five business days. Minimum deposit amounts vary between $5 for POLi, $15 for Skrill and Neteller, and $50 for BPAY.

There’s a smaller choice of ways of making a withdrawal, Most customers will probably make a standard bank transfer where you can withdraw from a minimum of $15. Bank transfer withdrawals might take between one to three working days to process.

If you are looking for faster withdrawals, then one of the eWallets could be a good option. Both Neteller and Skrill withdrawals should be carried out within one and two working days, and there’s no minimum withdrawal threshold. While you can’t make card withdrawals from Betfair, you won’t suffer any processing fees from making withdrawals via Skrill, Neteller or a bank transfer.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

While some other bookmakers give you lots of losing bet refund deals and matched multi-bet offers, it seems that Betfair is strictly about their rewards program. So don’t expect to find any enhanced odds deals at this betting exchange, as they are already helping you to some of the most competitive sports betting odds on the market.

As a result it pays to make sure that you get the most out of the Betfair Rewards program. You should probably be aware of the fact that you won’t be able to get past the 20% discount rate until you have completed the Betfair Know Your Customer checks. But as soon as you take your first sports bet at Betfair, then you’ll gradually be on your way to getting those all-important discounts on your commission fees.

Bear in mind that the rewards program is structured slightly differently across all Australian states. This means that customers in the Northern Territory might have to collect different amounts of points to those sports fans who are living in New South Wales, Victoria, Western Australia and Queensland.

But just so you get an idea of how the Betfair Rewards program works, we’ll take a look at how residents in Northern Territory can get more for their points. You’ll have to pick up at least 7,000 points to get a 10% discount rate. To reach the next level of the 20% discount, you need 17,000 points. By getting 29,000 points, you’ll earn yourself a 30% discount. 49,000 points will reward you with a 40% discount. You can get a 50% discount by gathering 80,000 points, and you’ll only get the maximum 60% discount on commission fees by earning 150,000 Betfair points.

Betfair Sports Bonus

Reducing your Betfair commission fees

So, while there is no Betfair deposit offer on at the moment, the brand’s Betfair Rewards program looks like a pretty good deal. We’ve already said that you don’t need a Betfair bonus code to get this offer, but we’ll need to take a look at how it works to cut down on your commission fees.

Simply put, the Betfair Rewards program works by giving you points for each real money sports bet that you take. You can build up your collection of points to gradually cut back on the commission fees you have to pay to the betting exchange.

For most sports on the Betfair exchange, you will usually expect to pay around 5% in commission fees. This rate varies according to the sport that you are betting on, but the fees can certainly put a fairly large dent in your profits.

Betfair Rewards give you points

So how many points can you expect to receive for each sports bet you take? Like many sports betting promotions, the Betfair Rewards program is slightly complicated, but once you get used to it, it offers an easy way to cut back on those commission fees. In simple terms, you will earn one Betfair point for every 10 cents of commission you pay and you won’t need any kind of Betfair promo code.

Let’s say that you’d managed to pick up winnings of $400 on the Betfair exchange. The sports markets that you’d been betting on had a standard commission fee rate of 5%, and you’d reached a discount rate of 40%. Then the commission that you’d pay on your bets would be $12. This is because the $400 amount would be multiplied by the 5% rate which would then be multiplied by 40%. As you had paid $12 in commission fees, you would therefore earn 120 Betfair points.

You can simply take more bets to pay more commission fees and gradually build up a better commission discount rate. Once again you won’t need to use any Betfair bonus code at any point of this promotion.


Get the best sports odds at Betfair

In order to make the most of the Betfair Rewards program, it’s probably worth taking a closer look at how a betting exchange works. After all, you’ll only get points by making some real money sports bets, so you may as well pick up some decent winnings along the way.

Simply put, betting exchanges work by allowing you to bet on odds supplied by other sports fans. Rather than betting on fixed odds provided by the bookmaker, you will get to either back or lay betting odds that can often have much more variance than you’d find at a standard betting site.

The amount of sports betting odds that you get at a betting exchange ultimately depends on how many customers the site has, and how many of them are willing to place bets on the same sporting event that you are interested in.

So many sports to bet on

Thankfully, Betfair is the world’s most popular betting exchange, so that you shouldn’t have too much of a problem in finding odds to back or lay. The betting exchange features a massive amount of bets for sports like horse racing, soccer, rugby, cricket and Australian rules football. You may also find odds to bet against for some niche betting markets ranging from eSports to politics and current affairs.

You can usually guess which betting markets will provide the greatest amount of interest from sports fans. But sites like Betfair also give you easy ways to check the matched amount of bets for any sporting event. This is important as the more bets are placed on an event, the better chance you have of finding some more competitive odds to back or lay.

One of the best things about going to a betting exchange like Betfair is the fact that the site doesn’t have any betting limits. This is because it is other sports fans who will have to pay up rather than the bookmaker if you manage to land a big bet. So, if you are looking for competitive odds and potentially massive winnings, be sure to give Betfair a try.

Overall Conclusion

Some sports fans might be put off by the lack of welcome bonuses available at Betfair. But we have found that the Betfair Rewards program offers a gimmick-free way to cut down on those expensive commission fees. You don’t need any kind of Betfair promo code to enter this program, and it’s a promotion that rewards you more for the more your bet.

While it would take a long time to build up the points necessary to claim the maximum 60% discount rate, it’s still a flexible offer that’s sure to be of interest to any fans of betting exchanges.

We can’t forget that Betfair is perhaps the best betting exchange around and, while they do have commission fees, these are relatively competitive. But if you sign up to Betfair and join their rewards promotion, then you could enjoy one of the most profitable ways to enjoy a sports betting exchange.

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