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Skrilla Australia Sign Up Offer - Get your Bonus Code for Esports

If you want to get a great bonus for esports betting, then you should get one of the awesome Skrilla sign up offers. We’re going to show you how you can use a Skrilla deposit offer to get more from your esports bets, and we’ll let you know whether you should use a Skrilla bonus code for this welcome bonus.

Skrilla burst on the scene in 2017, and quickly made a name for themselves by being one of Australia’s premier esports betting sites. The company, who are based in Darwin, offer top odds on CSGO, LoL and Dota 2, plus they also serve up some good quality bets for everything from Overwatch and Rainbow Six to Hearthstone and StarCraft 2. 

All of the above means that there are probably few Australian gamers who will be keen to see what they can get with a Skrilla promo code. So, keep reading to discover exactly how big the Skrilla sign up offers are, and how you can put the Skrilla deposit offer to good use.

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Claim Bonus T&C's apply, 18+
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Matched deposit bonus of up to $50 in free bets
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Deposit bonus
Deposit matched by up to $50 in bonus bets
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90 days

Get $50 worth of bonus bets with the Skrilla sign up offers

If you are a brand new customer at Skrilla, you could get a great Skrilla deposit offer. You won’t need a Skrilla bonus code to get this deal, which matches your first deposit at the site by 100% all the way up to $50 in bonus bets.

This means that by claiming one of these Skrilla sign up offers you could effectively be doubling your initial betting funds at this site. As a result you could potentially look forward to getting double the amount of profits for betting on anything from Counter Strike Global Offensive to Rocket League.

These Skrill sign up offers are pretty unique in the Australian betting scene. We’ve seen plenty of matched deposit bonuses for sports and racing bets, but these welcome bonuses are purely dedicated to esports betting.

As esports betting is a relatively new phenomenon in Australia, we’re pretty sure that you’re not going to find anything as good as these Skrilla sign up offers elsewhere. So keep reading and we’ll take a closer look at how you can double your esports bets, all without needing to use a Skrilla promo code. 

Qualify for a Skrilla deposit offer without a Skrilla bonus code

Getting these Skrilla sign up offers is very simple. The main thing to remember is that you will need to be a brand new customer to Skrilla who has never created an account at the site before.

This means that you’ll have to take the time to register your first account with Skrilla. By doing this you will see that you get offered the brand’s welcome bonus without needing to enter a Skrilla bonus code.

From here you just have to put down a qualifying deposit. This can be any amount of $10 or more. By doing this, Skrilla will give you a 100% boost on your deposit all the way up to $50. This will be in the form of bonus bets and it’s a truly simple way to double your esports betting funds. 

Easy ways to get Skrilla sign up offers

We’ve only just highlighted the basic steps you need to take to get the Skrilla welcome bonus. But it’s worth taking a closer look at the bonus terms and conditions to make sure that you don’t trip up over the small print.

The first thing to check is that you’re actually eligible for this deal. Residents of different Australian states such as New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia might find that they will be exempt from some of Skrilla’s promotions. 

If you qualify for this deal, you will then need to create your first ever Skrilla account. It should just take a few minutes to enter in all of your personal details like name, address, email and date of birth into the registration form. Once you have done all of this, you should see that you’ll get invited to get the welcome bonus without needing to enter in a Skrilla bonus code.

From here you will just need to make your qualifying deposit. This means having to deposit at least $10 with one of the accepted payment methods. If you do this Skrilla will match your deposit with bonus bets up to a value of $50.

Standard selection of safe payment methods

We’ve shown you that you’ll need to put down a qualifying deposit to get the Skrilla welcome bonus, and you’ll have to put down your own real money to bet on any of Skrilla’s esports odds. 

This is because Skrilla is strictly a real money esports betting site. You won’t be able to bet in skins here which is good news as it means that you won’t be in danger of encountering any of the risks associated with skins gambling.

Skrilla allow you to use a fairly small selection of reliable payment methods to fund your esports bets. This means that you could make deposits with credit cards and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. Skrilla will also allow you to fund your esports bets by making a bank transfer via POLi. 

All of the above payment methods can be used to deposit in Australian dollars. You might be able to use the Skrill ewallet if you bet on esports in other currencies. All deposits should be instant and you shouldn’t get charged any fees for adding money to your Skrilla account.

It’s worth noting that Skrilla only let you make withdrawals of Australian dollars via a bank transfer to an Australian bank account. You’ll only be able to do this after you’ve verified your account, and Skrilla state that withdrawals should take between one and three working days to land in your bank account.

How good is the Skrilla deposit offer?

On first impressions the Skrilla welcome bonus looks like a great deal. After all, this betting site are willing to effectively double your esports betting funds without you needing to enter in a Skrilla bonus code.

While the overall bonus size of $50 is fairly standard amongst Australian betting sites, it’s the fact that this deal is dedicated to esports betting that could be its most noteworthy feature.

It’s also important to remember that you won’t get your bonus awarded in cash. Instead you’ll find that your first deposit will get matched by 100% in up to $50 of bonus bets. This means that you can’t actually withdraw these bonus bets but can only use them to bet on esports. 

Thankfully there are relatively few restrictions over how you can use these bonus bets. This means that you can use them on anything from classic first-person shooters like Counter Strike Global Offensive to iconic battle arena games such as League of Legends.

There aren’t even any seriously harsh minimum odds requirements for your bonus bets. The only thing you’ll need to remember is that they can’t be used on odds of 10.00 or higher. But don’t forget that you will have to bet the value of your bonus bets at least once before you are allowed to make a withdrawal of any winnings. You get 90 days to complete this task otherwise you could lose your extra betting funds.

Decent odds for all top esports

Skrilla is a dedicated esports betting site. This means that they will put all of their resources into giving you the best possible esports odds without being distracted with odds for sports like cricket, rugby and soccer.

We carried out an odds comparison test in our Skrilla operator review. This showed that Skrilla could sometimes outperform some of Australia’s biggest betting sites when it comes to betting on esports like League of Legends.

We’re fairly certain that Skrilla’s competitive LoL odds should also apply to their coverage of all other top esports. This should mean that you get a fair price for your bets on esports like Counter Strike Global Offensive, Dota 2, StarCraft 2, Overwatch, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Hearthstone and even Rocket League.

But there’s little point in betting on good esports odds if the betting site has restrictive betting limits that put a low ceiling on any winnings that you make. Unfortunately Skrilla failed to indicate what their betting limits are. So we’d recommend that you contact the brand’s customer service team so as to avoid disappointment.

No app but very mobile-friendly esports betting site

While some of Australia’s best betting sites have managed to develop some of the best sports betting apps that we’ve ever seen, it looks like Skrilla haven’t created their own esports betting app just yet.

This is fairly surprising as Skrilla have put forward a good case for being a very innovative betting site, and there will definitely be some gamers who will be disappointed with the lack of a Skrilla esports betting app.

However, don’t let the lack of Skrilla app stop you from enjoying all that this esports betting site has to offer on a smartphone or tablet. This is because we found that the Skrilla website could be navigated perfectly easily with a mobile device.

Whether you were browsing the esports odds, making a deposit or even figuring out what to do with a Skrilla promo code, all of these tasks could be carried out on the small screen of your mobile. 

You’ll just need to point your mobile browser at the Skrilla site and you’ll find that it loads up quickly and looks good on your smartphone. It might have been nice if Skrilla had bothered to put on some mobile-only exclusive promotions, but overall we were impressed with what we found from Skrilla’s mobile betting service.

Use a Skrilla promo code to get more deals

Skrilla haven’t stopped their esports betting promotions with their welcome bonus deal. This is because the bookmaker have set up a separate promotions tab on their website that looks to give you access to many more special offers to boost your esports bets. This tab has a section where you have to enter in a Skrilla promo code to claim a promotion.

Sadly when we carried out this review, there weren’t too many extra esports betting promotions available. But we think that there’s a good chance that Skrilla could put on more special offers in the future. So get your Skrilla promo codes ready when the time comes and take a look at the current range of esports promotions and what we think the bookmaker might put on in terms of bonuses in the future.

Skrilla’s refer-a-friend deal

At the time of writing this Skrilla bonus review, their refer-a-friend deal was the only extra promotion available on the betting site. This looked to be a fairly straightforward offer where you will be given a refer-a-friend referral code when you sign up to the site, and you can gain bonus bets by referring friends onto Skrilla.

Obviously they will need to have never signed up to Skrilla before, but they will simply need to enter in your refer-a-friend code upon signing up for you to get your bonus. Don’t forget that both you and your friend will have needed to met the minimum deposit requirements of $10 and verified your emails before this bonus can come into effect. But on the whole, it’s a nice deal that can give you plenty extra to play with by inviting your friends to enjoy Skrilla’s esports betting platform.

Other ways to get Skrilla bonus funds

Skrilla have made sure that you are always in with a chance of getting some extra promotional funds to play with on their esports betting site. In the Skrilla FAQ they had a section that detailed some of the simple ways that you can earn promotional funds.

One of the most fun ways to get some promotional cash is to take part in one of Skrilla’s free-to-play fantasy contests. These cover top esports like Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends and Dota 2 and they can be great fun in building your ultimate gaming rosters. By taking part in these free-to-play fantasy tournaments, any funds that you win with automatically get added to your promotional funds wallet.

You can gradually build up your promotional funds to use them to place bets on all of Skrilla’s esports betting markets. But it doesn’t stop there as you can also use the promotional funds to enter in some of the esports betting site’s paid contests. Plus it’s worth noting that if you have access to the Skrilla marketplace, you can use your promotional funds to buy some goodies from here.

The potential for deposit bonuses

We should also note that the Skrilla welcome bonus isn’t the only time that you’re going to see a deposit bonus at this esports betting site. This is because Skrilla state that they will be putting on some special deposit bonus offers on around the time of the biggest esports tournaments. So keep an eye out for these deals as they could give you a chance to bet with much more in the way of promotional funds.

Finally we just have to mention that Skrilla will pledge to serve up some decent bonus bet deals in the run-up to big esports competitions. This means that you might be able to bet with a little extra money when it comes to top tournaments like The International, DreamHack and ESL. Skrilla will also reward you with extra promotional funds if they think that you have been carrying out some outstanding betting activity on their site. All of which means that there are many ways to get some extra betting funds from this top esports betting site.


Quality Skrilla deposit offer with no Skrilla bonus code needed

Skrilla have given you a great reason to get started on their esports betting site. This is because their welcome bonus effectively doubles your opening deposit up to $50. 

While this bonus is granted in bonus bets, there aren’t too many restrictions over how you use the bonus bets. This means that you can enjoy using the bonus bets on a massive variety of odds for esports like LoL, CSGO, Dota 2 and much more.

Although there weren’t too many other promotions at this esports betting site, it seemed that Skrilla were definitely willing to serve up plenty of special offers in the future. So if you are into the idea of betting on competitive gaming, consider signing up to Skrilla in order to access this welcome deal. 


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