Online Broker Comparison Australia: All The Best Brokers Compared For 2021

Finding the best online brokers in Australia in 2021 is no easy task, which is why the finance team here at have made it easy for you with our online broker comparison.

For those of you unaware of what a broker comparison involves, all you really need to know is that we’ve put all online stock broker and trading sites through a stringent review and testing processes in order to help you find those which are best suited to you.

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Our Online Broker Comparison for Australia

Broker Platform Comparison For All Investors

Are you just starting out on your trading journey or are you an intermediate investor who’s looking to level up and learn about buying ETFs in Australia? Or perhaps you’re a high volume experienced trader who feels that your current platform doesn’t offer all of the capabilities that you need going forward?

No matter what experience level you’re at or trading volume you’re working with, we at Australia have broker reviews to suit you. We cover all manner of bases here on our broker platform comparison, but we keep things neatly categorised so that you can find what you’re looking for with relative ease.

That’s why below you’ll find that the rest of this page is neatly categorised so that you can scroll down to find the sections containing the reviews which suit you – starting off with the best online brokers for beginners, before getting into more specific trading options for intermediate to advanced traders.

If you are a complete beginner, you might also want to take advantage of our basic trading tips and strategies, that should help you get started by letting you know which assets are the easiest to trade and understand at relatively low risk.

Broker Comparison Australia – From Crypto to Stocks and More

The rise of online trading coincided with the soaring popularity of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the 2010s – but now in 2021 each and every asset type you can think of – or don’t even know about yet – is available to be traded online. Trading stocks, ETFs and CFDs used to be solely the playground of the knowledgeable elite traders on Wall Street and the Sydney and London stock exchanges – but not anymore.

All types of assets are now available to be traded by the everyman, the average joe – however, there is some knowledge required. That’s why all of our online brokers compared below have been categorised based on them being the best in show for certain assets. Starting off with the popular assets such as cryptocurrencies and basic stocks, we’ll then get on to more complex and risky assets, including our CFD broker and futures broker comparison.

If you’re completely new to online or day trading, we’ve detailed which assets are suitable and not so suitable for new traders, as well as how risky or stable they are.

 Online Broker Comparison 2021 – Best for Beginners

The explosion of online trading in recent years means that in 2021 beginner traders is now the biggest market. The good news as a result of this is that there are now multiple trading platforms that cater specifically for beginner and low volume traders.

However, selecting the right one can be tricky business – which is why we’re here to help you with our online broker compare reviews here at We’ve reviewed the best trading sites through a beginner lens and we know exactly what we’re looking for to help keep beginners safe and risk-free when trading online.

What You Want as a New Trader

As someone who’s completely new to trading, you want a site with low-risk assets, a simple and easy to follow trading platform that also has plenty of educational tools to get you started. Additionally, you want good deposit and withdrawal conditions and little to no trading or commission fees – provided that getting this doesn’t compromise the level of the service.

Each of the top 10 sites found in our beginner online brokers comparison ticks all of these boxes at least to some degree. Additionally, the best online brokers should have warnings regarding which assets are best for you to trade as a beginner, we’ve detailed some of these below.

Common Beginner Misconceptions – What to Avoid

If you’re a beginner trader who landed on our online broker comparison today, there’s a high chance your interest was perhaps peaked by cryptocurrencies. A common misconception is that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin offer full-proof, easy investments that will help you get rich quick. We don’t want to burst your bubble, but it’s dangerous to go into trading with this idea in mind.

We’ll start off with the positives though – cryptocurrencies are fairly easy to understand and most of the modern trading platforms where you can buy them are straightforward to understand for new traders. That being said, what most new traders don’t realise is that cryptocurrencies are actually extremely volatile in nature and are decentralised, meaning they are not attached to any bank.

What does this mean exactly?

This means that on the one hand, the price of cryptocurrencies can spike in value dramatically, however it can also drop dramatically at any point. This is partly what makes it so attractive but also extremely risky. If we point back to 2017, when the value of bitcoin shot up to almost $20,000(USD), attracting droves of novice traders, who then lost heaps when the value crashed at the end of that year.

Should beginner traders avoid crypto?

Not necessarily, however, you should approach it with care and do plenty of research – starting right here with the online broker comparison 2021 at One thing to avoid absolutely is investing a large amount of money into crypto right away. If you have a budget, then put a small amount 10%-20% into crypto – or whatever amount you’re comfortable with potentially losing. The majority of your funds should go into something more stable, but less exciting – you can find such assets in our online brokers compared below.

What assets are best for beginners?

The best assets for beginners are, sorry to say, the most boring ones. That is to say, you’re looking for something that’s simple to understand and relatively stable. For example, stocks and shares in a company or commodity that’s relatively future proof is a good place to start. This is a bit hard in 2021 as things are changing – crude oils and metals are no longer as bankable as they once were, for example.

Trading forex online is also a good shout as fiat currencies are attached to central banking systems and are therefore more stable – they’ll never spike like cryptos and potentially lose you millions, but they’ll also never drop dramatically either we’ll explain more in our online brokers comparison below.

What Should I Avoid?

Risky and complex assets, such as CFDs, ETFs, options and futures should all be avoided until you’ve gained more experience. There’s no harm in understanding and learning about these ahead of time, but they are all pretty much no go areas for first-timers. If you do want to go ahead and read up on such assets, we will be detailing the best trading sites for each below in our online broker comparison.

Online Broker Comparison Australia – Intermediate and Advanced Traders

If you’ve come here with some degree of trading experience and knowledge – whether that be six months casual trading or years as a professional – you probably know more or less what you’re looking for specifically. That’s why the online brokers compared below have been categorised to help you find the online brokers that offer the best service for the type of trading and/or assets you’re looking for. From crypto to day trading and social trading online, we’ve covered and compared the most popular types of brokers among traders in 2021.

Crypto Broker Comparison 2021

Some backers are almost certain that bitcoin and its imitators are likely to become the borderless digital currency that the world requires, while others believe that the bubble will burst when countries start to create their own centralised digital currencies.

Hate and adored, crypto is definitely never ignored – even by those with no insight or care for the world of online trading. Your average Australian today would probably look at you as if you were speaking Swahili if you asked them what an ETF or a mutual fund is – but ask them about cryptocurrencies and they could probably give you a fair idea.

Finding the Best Crypto Brokers in Australia

Crypto trading is the main reason we’ve found that people come to use the online broker comparison 2021, which is why it takes centre stage here on our site. Each and every crypto broker review we deliver puts the trading platform in question through rigorous tests based on numerous criteria. New crypto coins are quite literally popping up across the world on a daily basis, therefore you want to find the site that offers the best range of currencies – and which is likely to add the new ones.

As well as that, we’re looking for swift and easy-to-use trading platforms that have facilities to aid traders of all experience levels. Additionally, all of the online brokers compared here have the small print read through carefully, to ensure that everything is fair and that there are no hidden fees.

Stock Trading Comparison – The Market Basics

Perhaps the most general type of trading that, for beginner traders, probably conjures up the Gordon Gecko style images of rowdy men in suits screaming down the phone while showering their colleagues with expletives and aggression. Well, for better or for worse, it’s not the 1980’s anymore. It’s 2021 and we’re in the third decade of the 21st century. This means that you no longer need to go to a sandstone university and break into the Sydney Stock Exchange Elite to get unconditional access to global stock markets.

Online Broker Comparison 2021 – Bringing the Markets to the Masses

International stock markets are now accessible to everyone through phones, tablets and laptops, but you want to make sure that the site you’re using is both safe and secure. Of course, that’s where our online brokers comparison comes in. Stocks trading generally doesn’t involve playing the long term game, it’s all about timing – that means buying and selling with relative frequency. The skills you therefore need is market knowledge and a little bit of foresight, so that you can try to predict what’s about to happen in the short term future and act accordingly.

Therefore, we would generally advise beginner traders against getting into the more rigorous world of stock trading straight away. That being said, the amount of educational tools and support strategies available is astounding, so you can trade with plenty of assistance.

Social trading platforms can help out the less-experienced traders by allowing you to imitate the trading habits of professionals at the click of a button. Those of you who already have some knowledge of the stock market will want to scroll straight on to the section directly below, where you’ll find the best day trading online brokers compared.

Day Trading Online Brokers – Australia Comparison

Dat trading used to be the reserve of professionals only in stock exchanges across the globe – from Sydney to New York, London and Beijing. That’s not the case anymore though, as online brokers have now made day trading accessible to all – from the comfort of your home to the on-the-move convenience of your phone or tablet. 2021 is an interesting and often volatile time to be a day trader at any level, which is why our online broker comparison is here to help you find the best possible platform for you.

In searching for the best day trading brokers Australia has to offer you today, we have to consider the important factors that are at the forefront of your average trader’s mind. A good day trading platform doesn’t need to waste time with features that are designed for the long term and casual traders instead the focus should be on a quick and reliable service at the lowest possible cost.

Social Trading Online Broker Comparison Australia

Social trading used to traditionally be the pooling of ideas that took place on the trading desks in Sydney, London and New York – as well as in the bars and restaurants surrounding the world’s major stock exchanges. Then, as things moved online, social media sites slowly began to become the platforms used by home retail traders to trade and share ideas. However, that’s not what we’re covering in this section of our online brokers comparison.

The online pooling of trading ideas inspired online brokers to start offering social trading platforms of their own, that goes beyond simply giving traders a space to discuss and share ideas. With social trading, you can observe the trades of your fellow traders, and even of professionals and experts. The best social trading platforms around today also offer copy trading, sometimes also known as mirror trading. What this allows you to do is imitate someone else’s trade at the click of a button – the marvel of the modern world, huh!

Online Broker Comparison 2021 – Options and Stocks

The rise of online trading in the 21st century has largely been attributed to the creation of cryptocurrencies, which attracted the attention and interest from those traditionally not interested in stock markets and trading. However, as an offset of that, it introduced options trading to casual retail investors, in turn creating a plethora of options online broker sites. It used to be the case that those wish to invest casually in options had to go through professional stock market traders, but not anymore – online brokers have made it possible for you to cut out the middleman in 2021.

Options Open to All

Options can be traded by investors of all experience levels, provided you use the site that’s got the right tools for you. As you’ll find with all of the reviews contained within our online broker comparison Australia, there is now a range of educational tools to help traders of all experience levels decide which trades are best to place, helping you to manage your risk – which is much more attainable with options trading than with cryptocurrencies. For more experienced traders, the tools offered on the best options trading sites become more complex and sophisticated, aligning with your improvement and experience as a trader.

Other Online Brokers Compared

We cover so many bases with our broker comparisons here at, that we can’t cover everything on this here page. But you can rest assured that we’ve reviewed and compared sites for risker and more complex assets for advanced traders including CFDs, ETFs, mutual funds and more. Just follow the links to our reviews to find out more.

Online Broker Comparison Australia – Our Conclusion

You’ve almost reached the end of this page – but your online broker comparison journey with us here at is only just beginning! The next step for you now is to go right on ahead and make use of all the fair and unbiased reviews that are contained within the finance section of our website.

Instead of contouring to scroll endlessly through Google, we’ve brought all of the best online brokerage sites under one roof here at, so that you can compare and contrasts them based on what you’re looking for, Ultimately, we’re 100% confident that you’ll find the best online broker in Australia for you!

Online Brokers Comparison FAQ

❓ Which online broker is best?

This is a very broad question that is extremely difficult to give an answer to. Mainly, that is because the services and assets are constantly improving with online brokerages, meaning that the best broker today, might not be the best brokerage tomorrow. That’s why we’ll instead direct you to the best-ranked broker comparison here that’s constantly updated by experts so you know the list is always up to date.

🤔 What is the best online stock broker for beginners?

The answer changes year on year, which is why our expert list of the best online brokerage firms for beginners here at is always up to date. Beginner sites should be easy to use and have an excellent range of educational tools to help novice traders to get started and make their first buy safely. Additionally, risk management and careful warnings are very important. Find out more by following the link.

🔟 What are the top 10 brokerage firms?

You can find the Top 10 Ranked Online Brokers in Australia right here. This list is created by experts who test all of the broker sites themselves, putting them through a rigorous process that helps review them impartially, to deliver you the best and fairest results that you’ll find anywhere today. Finance – always fair and up to date.

🌏 What is the best online broker in Australia?

Online trading has skyrocketed in popularity throughout the world in the 21st century, but perhaps nowhere more so than right here in good old Australia. Therefore the range and quality of online brokerages for traders of all experiences and skill levels are vastly improving. From the best online stock brokers to forex crypto and more – find it here at!

💲 Which online broker has the lowest fees

Fees are a real pain between the cheeks, aren’t they? That’s why we’re constantly on the lookout for trading sites that have low fees, or better yet – don’t have them at all. However, it’s also all about balance – and if a site does charge fees, the quality of the service better be worth it. Similarly, a no fees site isn’t worth our while if the trading platforms are useless. Find out more about low fee trading sites here at Finance.

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