Online Futures Brokers Australia: The Best Brokers for Futures in 2022

Welcome to our latest coverage of the best futures broker Australia. In this guide, we’ll outline what it takes to find a trustworthy and reliable futures broker online.

Our guide will enable you to find the best online broker for futures trading. From transparent trading practices to state-of-the-art platforms, the futures broker comparison will help you identify the best in the business. We’ve even compiled a useful tool which will help you in your search for the best online futures brokers Australia.

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Find the Best Online Futures Brokers in AU

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Futures Broker Comparison

In our following piece on futures trading and the best futures broker online, we’ll take you through all you need to know about this particular topic. At, our aim is to provide you with in-depth coverage of online brokers in Australia, and help you better understand the world of online trading.

Thus, we’ve combined our knowledge on futures trading and bring you comprehensive coverage of what it means when it comes to futures trading. Added to which, we’re eager to bring you the best online futures brokers in Australia. If you’re looking to trade in similar assets but prefer not to trade in futures contracts, then take a look at our coverage of the best forex broker in Australia and the best CFD broker Australia.

Our top pick futures brokers:

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Comparing futures brokers Australia

It is vital to use a comprehensive comparison tool to assess which online futures brokers are best in Australia. Many online brokers claim to offer high-end trading platforms complete with intuitive trading tools and features. However, this is not always the case. You’ll need to ensure that you choose an online broker that will cater to your specific needs.

Thus, we’ve gone to great lengths to find those futures brokers Australia that have stood the test of time. You’ll be eager to start your trading journey as soon as possible. In our online futures brokers comparison, we have implemented a uniform testing tool – allowing us to confidently bring you an impartial list of those brokers that excel when it comes to online futures trading. If you’d like to find out more about futures before signing up with an online broker, head over to our guide on future trading Australia.

Can I use the comparison?

If you’re wondering whether this online comparison of the best futures broker Australia can be used by you, then you’re in luck! Our guide to the top online futures brokers can be used by anyone looking to find a new online broker that provides in-depth futures trading options. This is helpful to all types of traders, be it newcomers or experienced online traders. Why do we say this? If you’re a newcomer, you’ll be eager to find out more about online trading in general, such as where to find the best online brokers for beginners.

Or, you’ll be keen to find out more about which futures broker online caters to your needs. Either way, our comprehensive guide will help you navigate the endless sphere that is the internet. We believe that your time is better spent learning more about trading and engaging in trading activities, rather than investing your time in trying to find an online broker to use.

Experienced traders might know the industry better and feel at ease when it comes to online trading. However, no one person has the time and energy to stay in the loop of all the latest broker developments. This is why our guide and comparison of online futures brokers will help you in your quest of being in the know-how. Plus, you’ll substantially reduce your time spent attempting to uncover the latest futures broker Australia.

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Non-Negotiable Factors In Our Futures Broker Comparison

When identifying an online broker that is capable of providing a fair and transparent online brokerage service, there are a number of factors that are non-negotiable. Without these present, you may be wetting yourself up for disappointment over the long run. We urge you to implement these key factors when assessing the viability of an online broker.

These factors can be applied when looking for futures brokers Australia or testing out an online broker for general trading, be it common shares, options, or futures. This extends to cryptocurrency broker Australia, too.

Authorisation and regulation

Online brokers that offer financial services should be authorised to do so. You do not want to make use of a platform that does not have the necessary license that, at very least, proves the broker is capable and authorised to provide complex financial trading services. Online brokers must have the required skills and knowledge, as well as informed employees, who can facilitate secure online trading. This extends to resolving issues and maintaining a functioning platform.

Our online futures brokers comparison will help you identify which online brokers are licensed and authorised by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). Online brokers who tick this box will be regulated and must adhere to stringent financial laws and regulations.

Brilliant brokers for CFD trading:

Vantage FX
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Comprehensive platform security

You will be trading in real money and transferring funds, small or large, via your trading account. This means that the online platform must be secure and have the latest security measures in place. If this is not the case, it becomes a lot easier for third-party individuals to obtain access to accounts – to the extent where you might have funds stolen.

Thus, our online futures brokers comparison brings you online brokers that pursue total platform security and protect your interests (and money) as best as they can.

Secure payment processing

Once you have created an account with a featured company in our online futures brokers comparison, you will be required to deposit funds. You cannot start trading without funds – unless you wish to make use of a demo account in order to find your feet. Demo accounts are recommended to newcomers and experienced traders as it allows you to try out the underlying trading platform before committing financially.

Online brokers should have secure payment options that allow you to deposit and withdraw funds from your trading account as quickly as possible. This processing of payments must be done transparently and without hesitation. You should have the option of linking your bank account to your trading account.

The best futures broker Australia will also allow you to use payment methods such as BPAY and PayPal.

Live market data

When it comes to trading futures, you’ll need a platform that provides live market data and extensive resources such as news or helpful educational guides. If you plan on being an active trader, then it is necessary to make use of live market data which allows you to analyse trends and the latest changes in prices across exchanges. Without real-time updates to market data, you’ll be behind the curve and unable to execute informed trades.

This will lead to inexplicable losses as opposed to successful trades. Any online broker offering futures trading, or otherwise, will have a range of interactive tools and features, complemented by live feeds, so as to improve your ability to make trades that matter.

Our top picks for trading options:

Interactive Brokers
Interactive Brokers Review
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Reliable customer support on offer

Online trading can be a non-stop profession or an enjoyable hobby. However, regardless if you wish to be a day trader Australia, try out ETF trading Australia, or trade in futures, you’ll need a reliable customer support team behind you. This is even more pronounced when it comes to making use of online platforms. Without support, you will find it cumbersome, and at times downright frustrating, to rectify any issues you might encounter.

As is the case with online trading, there is always bound to be some sort of query that you need to resolve. This may be a general question, technical account problem, or financial glitch – it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that the online broker you make use of is able to attend to you within a reasonable time period.

Best Futures Broker Australia

Our online futures brokers comparison will bring you the top brokers for futures trading in Australia. However, who is the top futures broker? You’ll find that Interactive Brokers is a great online broker for futures trading. This online broker has created a single integrated account for individual traders. This allows you to embark on futures trading all the while having the option of trading using a number of other products.

The integrated account has very low trading costs. You’ll be able to make use of a Lite account which does not charge you a commission for a range of trading options. Alternatively, you can make use of the Pro account that enables you to access a plethora of futures trading options with commission as low as $0.25 per contract.

In terms of global reach, Interactive Brokers will give you access to a number of global trading markets and exchanges. Plus, you can rest assured that they are licensed and regulated by ASIC – a sure sign that your financial well-being is attended to. In terms of futures, you’ll be able to trade futures in 35 financial markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The available futures contracts include agriculturals, indices, fixed income, interest rates, soft commodities, energy, single-stock futures, and more. You’ll also have access to a feature which allows you to trade futures side-by-side on a single screen with substitute asset classes such as bonds, stocks, or options.

With a supremely attentive customer service department, and low rates and fees (it’s worth another mention), we feel that Interactive Brokers may well be the one for you. What’s more is that this online broker has managed to not only provide diverse futures trading options, but this has been replicated across asset classes and trading products.

Pick The Best Futures Broker That Suits You

Now that you have a list of the best online brokers for futures trading, you can whittle them down to just one. Keep in mind that, although these online brokers are certainly the best in the industry, not every online broker will suit your trading preferences. Thus, you will now need to identify which broker serves your interests best. What online trading characteristics do you deem most important when it comes to online brokers?

Do you hope to have access to markets 24/7? This should be mandatory. How about customer service hours? Or, do you deem a wide selection of asset classes to be most important? These are the types of questions you need to answer when choosing the best online broker for you. It allows you to streamline the selection process and ultimately find the best online broker for trading futures.

Looking to trade stocks? Check out our favourite platforms here:

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Creating An Account With Futures Brokers In Australia

When it comes to creating an account with an online broker, you can follow a number of quick steps which will allow you to create a valid trading account. All that you need to do is visit the official website of the online futures broker that you wish to register with. From here, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click on the “Create Account” button which is usually located top-right of your screen.
  2. From here, you’ll need to decide on the trading account you wish to use. With the top online brokers, there may well be more than one account. Keep in mind this varies from online broker to online broker. Account definitions and types are not the same across the board. If you are new to trading, we recommend you try out a demo account before creating a real trading account.
  3. Once you have selected an account, you can continue with the online registration process. This usually entails providing the online broker with your personal details, agreeing to any terms and conditions, and linking your trading account to an external funding account (such as your bank account or preferred e-wallet).
  4. You can now verify your details and make a deposit in order to start trading.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Futures Brokers Australia

When looking for online futures brokers Australia, you might have a number of queries or questions that you’d like answered. This is natural and we urge you to ask as many questions as possible before you decide to sign up and start trading with the top futures broker for you.

Does it cost money to create an online futures trading account?

This depends on the broker in question. You might incur a fee for creating an account. However, there are online brokers who allow you to create free accounts without having to pay anything. From here, you’ll incur trading fees such as commission. This is how most online brokers make their money. Be sure to find out more about the fee structure of your online broker before you sign up.

Are there brokers that only offer futures trading options?

You will find that online brokers, for the most part, provide a diversified trading platform. This means that you will be able to take advantage of multiple trading products within different asset classes. You’ll be able to trade stocks, commodities, bonds, indices, forex, cryptocurrency, and more with the best futures broker. Furthermore, you’ll be able to buy and sell traditional stocks, or engage in futures trading, options trading, ETFs, CFDs, and more. There’s no need to limit your trading choice by using an online broker that’s scope is small.

Is futures trading difficult to understand?

Yes, trading futures can be rather complex. Especially when you are starting out. That is why we urge you to make use of our trading guides at and use the educational resources provided by your online broker before you start trading. This will give you the necessary insight in order to start executing well thought out trading strategies that take into account a host of different market factors and possibilities. If you feel that it is slightly difficult to understand at first, we recommend you take a look at our social trading Australia guide. This will help you gain more confidence and push you to start online trading.

Conclusion – Finding your futures broker in Australia

In conclusion, we hope that you have found our latest coverage of the best futures broker comparison to be helpful. We believe that this type of comprehensive insight will make your life a lot easier when navigating the diverse offerings on hand from futures brokers Australia. It is imperative that you take some time to consult our resources before signing up with any old broker that pops up on your screen. With our current online brokers reviews, you’ll have access to all the top online brokers that offer trading services within Australia. Alternatively, you can use our general online brokers comparison for a quick tool that allows you to compare and contrast as you see fit.

If you have managed to gain an added perspective from this guide to futures brokers Australia, then you might also find our guide to the top options broker Australia just as enlightening. Be sure to cover all your bases in an effort to tailor your trading knowledge and ability to execute trades – be it with an online futures broker or via a traditional online stock broker.

Futures Broker Australia FAQ

❓What is a futures broker?

A futures broker is an online broker that is authorised to offer futures trading services to customers. However, there are those brokers that provide great online trading services while there are those that don’t manage to execute. In order to find out more about the best futures brokers in Australia, we advise you to head over to With our online broker reviews, you’ll be able to find out all you need to know about these brokers and how to go about trading online.

🏆Who is the best futures broker 2020?

There are a number of online brokers that were in contention to claim the title of the best futures broker 2020. However, there can only be one winner. To find out who topped the charts and impressed with their online trading platform and diligent customer service, head over to We provide you with the necessary insights and comparisons of the top futures brokers in Australia. This will allow you to find out who is the best of the best.

📩How do I sign up to a futures brokerage?

Signing up to a futures broker is really easy. You won’t need to spend more than several minutes creating a free futures trading account. There’s no need to get on the telephone or visit a local branch. All you need to do is follow the online registration process and you’ll have an account in no time. To find out more about how you can sign up and where, head over to We bring you comprehensive coverage of the best futures brokers in Australia and have included in-depth broker comparisons for your convenience.

🔮Are all futures brokers the same?

You’ll find that many online brokers will offer similar services. But, each individual broker will have unique features and trading tools for online stocks. Plus, fundamental services will differ from platform to platform. It is important to find a broker that caters to your online trading needs. Our latest broker reviews will provide you with the necessary insight in order to make an informed decision as to who is the best online broker in general, as well as who is the best futures brokers in Australia.

🔍How do I find out more about the best online futures broker 2020?

You can find out more about the best online futures broker 2020 with one simple trick – visit With us, you’ll be at the forefront of all the latest online trading news and developments. We bring you full coverage of all the best online brokers. This will give you the much-needed insightin order to get involved in online trading in Australia. There’s no need to be hesitant as we constantly provide you with up-to-date resources regarding online trading.

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