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ANZ Review Australia & Test 2021

Is ANZ safe or scam?

When looking to manage your portfolio, expand your knowledge of investing or to simply buy and sell assets, if you are an Australian investor, ANZ share investing is the easiest platform to do it online.

Linked to the Australian and New Zealand Banking Group, this is not a brand new exchange and will be familiar to many people who have lived or traded in Australia. With the platform open to experienced or novice investors, and with the option to trade in both Australian and international stocks, it is a legitimate platform which can help you to diversify your portfolio.

Pros & Cons of ANZ
  • Access to international markets
  • Different platforms based on trade expertise
  • Learning centre to help less experienced traders
  • Possibility to link Qantas Frequent Flyers to ANZ
  • Customer service has been slow to respond

Security, Usability, Look & Feel of ANZ Share Investing

At a cursory glance, the website is presented in a logical fashion; at the top of the homepage there is the option to use the platform using either a personal, business or institutional account and appears more modern and user friendly than other exchange layouts, as critiqued in both Bell Direct reviews and ASX reviews.

Scrolling down, there is a banner asking site visitors what they are looking for from the page, such as investment types or trading platforms, followed by a helpful ‘tools and support’ page. However, we cannot help but notice that without an account to trade, large parts of the website are unavailable and seemingly eager for you to begin trading.

The information about the different kinds of investments are clearly displayed, alongside information on rates and fees; the general feel of the site is one of education, which is very refreshing when compared to other trade platforms. The site wants everyone who uses it to invest to be fully aware of how trading works, how to use the page correctly and the risks associated with each exchange and trading opportunity.

The site itself loads quickly, and the ANZ app is mentioned at the bottom of the homepage, downloadable for Android and iOS smartphones; the ste loads quickly on mobile devices too. There are links to social media pages, where there are interactive resources to help site users connect with advisors.

The security section is clearly displayed, to help investors report incidents of fraud or lost/stolen cards.

ANZ Share Investing Highlights
  • Trade goverment bonds at ANZ
  • Diversify your portfolio with a wide choice
  • Access to tools and support

How to Trade – How to use ANZ to invest

As mentioned before, there are many different investment types and levels accessible through ANZ Share Investing, so to simplify this segment of the ANZ review Australia, we will provide the following tips as though you are new to investing and wish to set-up a personal trading account.

The forms

You will need to first apply to do so on the website via a form which can be found on the homepage. It is not clear why you need to apply to use this platform as opposed to simply signing up, but it seems few investors have had issues with this function.


To trade on ANZ Australia,  you will need to verify your identity and your age with legal photo identification. It is recommended that you have either an Australian Drivers License, an Australian Birth Certificate or an Australian Citizenship Certificate. Alternatively, you can use an Australian Passport.

Depositing funds

ANZ allows you to deposit funds into your account via direct debit, instant transfer and automatic payments, all of which can be done by downloading the ANZ app to your phone.

There is also the option to make deposits using ANZ ATMs with the ‘Smart Deposit’ option on the screen. This may involve a transfer from your bank account into your trading account, or could be a cash deposit.  Cash deposits are processed the same day if they are deposited before 7.30 p.m.

Log in

Log in to your ANZ account and begin trading; for more experienced investors, there is real time data to help you invest. For the novice trader, the account will display advanced charting, to help you make sense of the site and trading.

Payments - How to withdraw and transfer from ANZ Australia

To withdraw your money or assets, it seems there are many different options to assist you from this exchange; the first is to transfer it to an ANZ Debit Card, which allows investors to use their earnings from the platform in the real world, or to withdraw the money from an ANZ ATM.

If you wish to make regular lump sum withdrawals to a separate bank account, you will need to complete a Withdrawal Form. Taking up to 5 business days to process, the minimum withdrawal for a lump sim is $500. Alternatively, if you make regular withdrawals, this falls to $100 but as to what a ‘regular withdrawal is, we could not find a solid definition.

There is also the option to make contactless payments with the download of a mobile wallet, which allows you to transfer funds with the push of a button and was added to the site in 2015. The funds from ANZ Bank are also transferable to goMoney accounts. Very versatile but it is puzzling why worldwide internet payment system PayPal is not supported.

Customer Service - 24/7 phone support at ANZ

As is the way with many online exchanges, it seems that many ANZ users have in the past voiced their displeasure at the lack of customer service, with complaints ranging from cryptic rules on the exchange to no response at all from emails sent via the website.

But once we looked through the page, we could see that there was little that needed improving in this area. While the lack of a chat box was apparent and could be helpful to those new to trading, the site clearly displayed its 24/7 telephone support, and as it is linked to an actual bank, there is always the option to pop into a local branch. The ANZ app and website both have FAQ sections, detailing everything from issues with investing to problems with the online account.

In relation to its international functions, it seems that you can alter the language on the page to match your native language, but this requires a bit of detective work to find and execute. During our ANZ review, the site seemed to offer good overall customer support and quick response times.

License & Security - A trusted and regulated brokerage

As ANZ Australia is an international platform which requires a wealth of personal information to access, you may have the obvious buzzing question regarding security and the safety of your bank details or personal information.

Well, we explored and you will be glad to know that this site is on the top ranks with the security of its investors!

The site itself offers daily security alerts for the users and is protected by the HTTPS security network. It also offers an ANZ Security Device Software for the computers of those who have an ANZ Smartcard, to protect against online hackers infiltrating your computer.

Interestingly, if you are a corporate client, you have your choice on an ANZ Digital Key for an Apple or Android phone to prevent your phone from falling victim to hacking, or you can download encrypted tokens to add more security to your mobile device.

ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Reputation and Customer Feedback – Is it worth joining ANZ?

Now, on to the most important part of this ANZ review, how is its customer feedback? Has it improved or is it as low as other exchanges, as highlighted in recent Westpac reviews?

ANZ Australia had initial issues in these areas but the reviews from the last 2 years point to better customer service, an improved website and a great number of satisfied customers. Their anti-fraud protections and general security seem to be praised in many reviews by investors, as the platform continues to grow in popularity among those who want to trade on global and local platforms.

We feel it is prudent to mention that many casual traders do point out the high costs associated with this site and its regulated services, so it may be suited to those who are more invested in trading.

ANZ Share Investing Bonds

Trading Bonds

Investing in fixed income instruments has never been easier than with ANZ Share Investing. Be sure to take a look at the latest fixed income instruments such as government bonds that can be traded via this online broker.

ANZ Share Investing Crypto

Cryptocurrency - Our ANZ review Australia

While there are no cryptocurrency trading options at ANZ, you’ll find a whole host of choices. ANZ Australia is a trading exchange for the Australian and New Zealand Banking group and is the second-largest bank by assets in Australia and the third-largest by market capitalisation, with a market capitalisation of $56.25 billion.

ANZ Australia offers investors a myriad of investment options, ranging from Exchange Traded Funds, to mFunds and International Shares; it allows you to invest in thousands of different companies, such as NASDAQ in the United States or even the London Stock Exchange; this is a varied range of options, especially when compared to the lower range of choices found in a Pepperstone review. Depending on your level of expertise in trading and the amount you are able to invest, the website will help choose the most suitable trading option for you, all while offering you support and guidance. It seems very aimed at helping newer investors build their confidence. But does it deliver what it promises or is there an ANZ scam? Our ANZ review is positive there isn’t and that ANZ is safe for all investors to use.

We will need to provide a bit of perspective on how we know that ANZ’s rating and its ever-growing popularity are worth all the hype that the platform gets, especially when compared to a Nabtrade review. For the sake of this ANZ review Australia, if you had invested in international shares and had made a profit, ANZ would transfer the funds to AUD for $0 (no fee!). If you wished to transfer from your ANZ account to a different bank, the account would need to be an Australian financial institution, and you would need to have your account number and your BSB number, for a process known as ‘Pay Anyone’ by ANZ. You can transfer the funds to an ANZ Credit Card (if you have one), or you can transfer money between ANZ accounts.

Fees - ANZ Review Australia

Depending on the trading platform you choose with ANZ, such as pro or personal or a frequent investor/trader, you will be subject to general fees. These include account maintenance fees of $19.95 per quarter, which can be waived if your investments exceed $10,000.

There is a subscription fee, news fees and tax tool fees, which will vary depending on your chosen trading platform. As part of this ANZ review, we feel we must mention the Brokerage and Trading fees which vary depending on the amount you are trading (e.g. $0-$10,000 equates to a brokerage fee of $59 per trade).

Rates for ANZ Investment Loans vary depending on the value of the loan and whether the rate is variable or fixed. The interest rates for an ANZ Cash Investment Account also vary on the account balance (e.g. an account balance of $1-$99,999 will produce a 0.01% yearly interest rate). A very handy feature of this page is that the ‘Rates and Fees’ segment don’t require much hunting, and can be clearly seen on the homepage.

ANZ Share Investing Highlights
  • Trade goverment bonds at ANZ
  • Diversify your portfolio with a wide choice
  • Access to tools and support

Jurisdictions and Limits - Are there any limits at ANZ Australia?

As is important for any exchange, we will now turn our attention to the jurisdictions segment of the ANZ review Australia. Is it regulated correctly for you to make an investment?

It is! The ANZ share investing service is provided by CMC Markets Stockbroking Limited and the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited. On the site itself,  you can find an entire section highlighting the exchanges policies and regulations in the Shareholder Centre.

ANZ Australia joined the Australian Securities and Investment Commission in 2016, and has been regulated by this platform since. ANZ also offers trading on an international platform, and is overseen by the Automatic Exchange of Information, which is an agreement between international traders relating to tax authorities, investments and  accounts; this was accepted as part of Australian trading in 2017.

There is a notice on the webpage that your use of ANZ’s online banking may be affected if you open the account outside of Australia; features such as online support may be affected and the opening hours may be erratic as this site runs on Australian and New Zealand time zones.

Other Trading Options at ANZ Australia

A key difference with ANZ Australia from many other large trading platforms is that it can also offer traders access to an IPO or initial public offers, allowing you to get a head start on investing before the trade hits the market. IPO’s can get a bit technical to get your head around, so for the sake of the ANZ review, we will highlight what the site does during the process and not what an IPO actually is.

Depending on your level of knowledge which you specify when you sign-up to trade, ANZ will allow you to either invest in smaller companies who are releasing IPOs or may point you towards more established companies who are doing the same, something that other platforms do not do, as the FP Markets review highlighted about that exchange. As IPOs are more suited to experienced investors, the minimum amount you can deposit will vary based on the individual company.

What is great about this exchange platform is that it highlights the associated risks of investing in IPOs, such as lower liquidity and no dividends, while also discussing the application process for an IPO in jargon-free language (we could understand it!). Companies can choose the platform they sell their IPO to, and can choose to reject potential investors; once again, ANZ alerts its site owners to that fact and explains the reasons why with tact. Very handy for less-experienced, zealous investors who may want to dive in head first without counting stock!

ANZ Share Investing ETF

Trading ETFs

Trading in ETFs is a great way in which to diversify your investments across indices or asset classes. With ANZ Share Investing, you can trade ETFs with relatively low brokerage costs and aim to build up a diversified portfolio.

ANZ Share Investing Stocks

Trading Stocks

With stocks from over 2,000 Australian companies to access to major exchanges across Asia, Europe, and North America, there are a wide selection of stock trading options at ANZ Share Investing. It’s possible to access almost 20 international exchanges when buying or selling stocks with this online broker.

ANZ Australia Review - Final Thoughts

During this review, we found that the ANZ Australia exchange offers new investors an extremely educational experience, and can even help them to choose which investments they may be better suited to based on safety and investment amount. It offers jargon-free FAQS about how to use the site and services, informational videos and has a 24/7 phone line for investors to contact if they have questions. The ANZ debit card is a great addition as are the now stringent security features that the site has to protect investors assets and personal information.

The fees may put off less experienced investors, which was mentioned in many investor reviews so it seems to be more focused at those who are serious about diversifying their portfolio.  While it may not be the best platform for those newer to the world of trading, it seems to be a boon for those with more expertise in the field. The different trading levels are certainly beneficial but it is a bit disappointing that to access many of the educational features, you have to complete an application form to trade.

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