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Ingot Review Australia & Test 2024

Is Ingot safe or scam?

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Tight spreads, low commissions, and a massive range of markets. What more could you want from an award-winning broker in Australia? Ingot provides Australian clients with a comprehensive trading platform that is highly regulated and safe.

But we know you need more than that. New traders want to know why Ingot is a safe and reliable broker and whether they can put their trust in them. What markets are on offer and how you can trade them. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this broker in our Ingot review for Australia.

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Last Updated on 14/04/2024
Fact checked by: Kane Gregan

Offers and New Customer Experience - Award Winning Trading

The first thing a new trader will probably notice at Ingot is that 2021 has been a good year for the broker. Our Ingot review took note of the 5 trading awards that have been bestowed upon this broker in 2021 – this includes a Most Trusted Forex Brand from APAC and ASIA 2021.

Ingot is a CFD broker with an extensive range of markets on offer:

  •  5 Cryptocurrencies
  •  Commodities covering agriculture, metals, and energies
  •  8 futures and spot indices from around the world
  •  More than 25 low cost ETFs
  •  30+ forex CFDs including Major, Minor and Exotic pairs.
  •  Hundreds of stocks from Europe, the United States, and the UK

Opening an account takes only a few minutes and trades can choose to open a demo account to safely get started too. The demo account allows traders to practice and explore the features at Ingot without any financial risk.

Usability – Nice and Easy

The website is wonderfully intuitive, and you can’t miss a single feature. Everything is comfortable located in tabs at the top of the page and they are all very clear. Opening an account or accessing the demo account will be no problem for new traders, as the website regularly pushes the link to these accounts.

The MetaTrader 4 platforms are industry standards for a reason – most brokers offer it such as Global Prime Australia. They are responsive and customizable but admittedly can take some getting used to if you are new to trading. Some functions are difficult to locate initially, and the asset search functionality is superior on the mobile apps rather than on the browser or desktop version.

We wouldn’t recommend trading cryptocurrencies at this broker though. The offerings are small, especially for a CFD trader, and you won’t own the underlying asset either. However, most stock and forex traders will find trading Ingot’s assets on MetaTrader a smooth and easy experience.

Accounts – What do I get?

Ingot have made sure to cover every level of trader with their account coverage. Our Ingot review for Australia confirmed 4 account types available to clients. These are known as:

  •  ECN
  •  Professional
  •  Prime
  •  Booster

The professional account is listed as the most popular and each have their own benefits. The ECN and Prime accounts have spreads starting from 0 pips while the Professional and Booster accounts start from 1. Prime and Booster accounts feature 1:100 leverage while the ECN and Professional accounts boast 1:200 and 1:500 respectively. Each account has a minimum deposit of $100 – except the Prime account which requires a much larger $25000. The ECN account doesn’t have access to the full range of markets available at Ingot.

The most popular account, the Professional, allows for hedging, a 25% stop-out level, and can be made as a SWAP free account for Islamic traders. The swap-free account features no rollover interest for overnight positions or swap fees. Minimum lot sizes for the Professional account are 0.01 lots.

The Prime account is for serious traders. Leverage is lower but minimum deposits are far higher. Minimum lot sizes remain the same at 0.01 and once again hedging is allowed. Our Ingot review found that this account type could not be made into a SWAP free account. This account is clearly aimed at high-volume traders that require more advanced features and pricing that is more competitive. That’s why this account can trade every asset class without any commissions.

Fees – What’s it going to cost me?

The fact that Ingot has direct connectivity and market execution means they can provide some seriously competitive spreads. Spreads, depending on account type, can be as low as starting at 0 pips. That’s lower than many brokers such as XM Australia. We did note during our Ingot review that forex spreads are floating – this means that the spread percentage is dependent on the transactional value of the pair. So economic or political factors could increase the spread by a few percent.

Trading Platforms – Using MetaTrade

So what will you actually be trading on? Ingot offers two trading platforms, and they are both MetaTrader – namely MetaTrader 4 and 5. No surprise here really since almost every broker like Australia uses MetaTrader. MetaTrader 4 and 5 are industry-standard platforms for retail brokers and both platforms offer plenty of useful features for traders of all experience levels.

Both MetaTrader 4 and 5 are available as a desktop app and for iOS and Android devices. MetaTrader 4 and 5 are multi-asset platforms – so you can trade everything from cryptocurrencies and forex to stocks and futures as CFDs. You’ll find an extensive range of analytical tools and charting functions available, with MetaTrader 5 providing the more advanced tools including 21 timeframes.

MetaTrader 4 and 5 allows for automated trading using Expert Advisors and MetaTrader 5 features one-click trade executions. You’ll have no problem locating either app from the Microsoft store, Google Play, or App Store.

Trading Payments – Bankrolling Ingot

So how about funding your Ingot account and taking home profit? There are only a small handful of ways to fund your account at Ingot. Our Ingot review for Australia saw only wire transfers, bank cards, and two cryptocurrencies as deposit methods – the cryptocurrencies being bitcoin and Ethereum.

This is smaller than some brokers like Admiral Markets Australia. The deposits were fee-free with the exception of bank cards that carry a 3% charge. The minimum deposit for cryptocurrencies is $50 while the remaining methods require a $100 minimum. Only bank cards had a maximum deposit limit and that is $5,000. We found during our Ingot review that deposits were processed quickly. Bank cards and crypto transactions were instant, while wire transfers were more variable.

You can only withdraw from Ingot via wire transfer or the above mentioned cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency fee for withdrawals is 1% but wire transfers are free. The minimum withdrawals are very low – cryptocurrencies at $25 and wire transfers set to $70. Our wire transfer during the Ingot review in Australia took 4 business days. We also found the maximum withdrawal for wire transfers was $1,000,000 but cryptocurrencies were only 25,000 and 15,000 for bitcoin and Ethereum respectively.

Customer Service – Is Ingot Reliable?

What about receiving help? Is Ingot a reliable broker? Despite being physically located in the Grenadines, this broker offers 24/5 customer support in several languages. Languages include Arabic, English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, and Turkish, among several others. There are 4 distinct channels to contact Ingot too.

Firstly, a web form that is quick and easy to fill in but doesn’t feature an option to attach any documents. There are two email lines that Ingot users can contact support on too – a support line and a more relaxed general inquiries line. Unlike some brokers, Ingot actually has a contact number with a US area code. Finally, Ingot features a live chat function and it’s not simply a bot that directs you to FAQs – You have to fill out an initial ticket and an actual agent responds within 24 hours.

During our Ingot review in Australia, we were able to reach an agent over the phone during Australian hours and our live chat ticket was picked up within around 45 minutes. The FAQs section does have a lot of useful information that may help some novice traders skip the support channels. A handy search bar makes finding an answer incredibly snappy.

Regulation and Deposit Insurance – Is Ingot safe?

Our Ingot review in Australia confirmed that this broker is regulated and authorized by the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA), the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and the Jordan Securities Commission. That’s a lot of regulation and it goes a long way to proving reliability and safety for prospective clients.

Client funds are held in segregated accounts from the brokers own funds – meaning if they go broke, you won’t. A huge advantage that this broker has over its competitors, like TradeNation Australia, in terms of safety and reliability is that Australian clients benefit from negative balance protection. Something not offered by many competitors. This is handled through a Professional Indemnity Insurance Policy and our Ingot review uncovered that funds are held in two highly reputable Australian banks in Westpac and the National Australia Bank.

Additional Features - Is Ingot a scam? Not a chance!

We really liked the educational offerings we found during this Ingot review for Australia. Firstly, Ingot offers a great selection of trading videos that aim to provide essential insights into trading at Ingot. You don’t even need to sign up to view them. They are provided at the brokers YouTube account and are embedded in the education section of the Ingot website. Each video is accompanied by summary text to help drive the points home.

The second educational resource provided by Ingot are educational trading articles. They are written by industry experts and act as short, 4 – 10 minute lessons on key trading techniques such as using charts, order types, and understanding pips. Beyond that, Ingot also provides some insightful research for traders too.

This is located in the Market Alerts tab and features trading news, crucial reporting on daily sessions from Europe and the US, and even a blog that is written by industry experts on important topics. We found during our Ingot review that the range of topics were broad, covering everything from cryptocurrency to how to avoid a scam online.

Ingot Forex

Forex trading offer

There are over 30 forex pairs available to trade at Ingot as CFDs and that extends to major, minor, and exotic pairings. The forex pairs can be traded on either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 with ease. All 4 account types available at Ingot allow trading of every forex pair that this broker offers. Whether it’s USD/GBP or NZD/JPY, you can trade it with any account and platform at Ingot.

Forex trading costs

Ingot charges zero commissions for trading CFD forex pairs and the margin is 1%. There are no deposit fees either, so traders won’t lose any funds before they even get started. Spreads are floating which means the percentages may rise or fall a little if there is a particular economic or political factor that affects a currency pairing you wish to trade. There is additional cost for adding leverage and hedging is allowed – so it is using an Expert Advisor for automated trades.

Forex trading conditions

The CFD market follows the live forex market which means assets can be traded Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day. Leverage can be applied to a maximum of 1:500 depending on your account type. Contract sizes at Ingot are 10,000 and all trading hours listed on the website are based on GMT+2 time.

Product summary & conclusion

Ingot are a CFD broker providing traders with more than 30 currency pairs to trade on a global marketplace. There are multiple accounts that a trader can sign up to in order to trade forex and both MetaTrader platforms can be used to monitor and execute trades instantly. Spreads are small and there are no commissions charged for trading forex CFDs at Ingot. As a CFD broker, leverage can be applied, and the amount will depend on your account size and type.

Ingot Stocks

Stocks trading offer

Ingot provides hundreds of stocks from the European, UK and US regions. They cover a wide range of shares and mostly include major companies such as Coca Cola or Apple. Contract sizes vary between shares and regions. For example, in the US, Apple stock contract sizes are 200 while eBay stock is 2000. What you can trade also depends on your account type. US CFDs can be traded on the Prime, Professional, and Booster account types, while only the Prime and Booster accounts can access European and UK markets too. ECN accounts cannot trade stock CFDs.

Stocks trading costs

Like forex at Ingot, stock CFDs have no commissions charged and the margins are at 5%. Once again, this broker makes its money from the spreads which are quite low compared to others in the market.

Product Summary & Conclusion

Ingot is a CFD broker that offers stocks in three major regions. There are hundreds of stocks on offers and all are tradable on the Prime and Booster account types. Like forex CFDs, there are no commissions for trading stock CFDs at Ingot and margins are relatively low at 5%. Once again, traders can apply leverage and the maximum amount will depend on their account type and size of their trading balance.

Ingot Review FAQ

📊What can I trade at Ingot?

Ingot is a comprehensive trading platform that provides traders from Australia and around the world with a diverse range of instruments among several popular asset classes. Check out Ingot for a complete listing of every tradable asset on this exciting CFD broker.

🔐 Is Ingot a safe broker?

This broker boasts many security features and is regulated by several industry regulators of excellent repute. Ingot provides many features that aid in providing better security online and our Ingot review has a total lowdown on all of them.

📉 Can I learn to trade at Ingot?

Traders should try to find as much educational materials as possible to further their skills and knowledge if they wish to become a successful trader online. There are a number of learning materials available at Ingot and you should consult our Ingot review for more details.

Conclusion - Ingot experience and rating

Our Ingot review in Australia has revealed a highly versatile and comprehensive trading platform for both inexperienced and experienced traders alike. There are hundreds of CFD assets tradable within a diverse range of asset classes. Traders at Ingot have access to 4 different trading accounts that cover different goals and levels of experience. Using either MetaTrader 4 or 5, investors can trade any of the asset classes available at Ingot such as cryptocurrencies, forex, or stocks.

The Ingot website is highly intuitive and the provided educational tools are more than enough for new traders to gain key knowledge and aid in their future development. Like many brokers such as TMGM Australia, Ingot provides a free demo trading account so that traders can practice and experience the platform without any financial risk.

We recommend Ingot for both new and experienced traders based on trustworthiness, safety, and a proven history of excellence.

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  • Zero commission for CFD forex trading
  • Maximum leverage up to 1:500.
  • 30+ currency pairs for Forex trading

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