Nabtrade Review Australia & Test 2022: Is Nabtrade safe or scam?

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Our Nabtrade review Australia brings you comprehensive coverage of this online broker. They provide you with a range of asset classes and instruments, both domestic and global in nature. Nabtrade offers an intuitive trading platform for all types of traders.

Nabtrade has focused on providing customers with a reliable trading platform. The scale of services on offer is smaller than that of certain competitors but this shouldn’t be a deciding factor. In some ways, this allows the online broker to focus on providing a specialized service that promotes a good environment for online trading.

Pros & Cons of Nabtrade
  • Accessible and easy-to-use platform
  • Variety of traditional investment options
  • Competitive account fees
  • Diverse range of educational tools
  • No cryptocurrency trading options
nabtrade Bonds
nabtrade Highlights
  • Huge choice of bonds to trade on the ASX
  • Brokerage fees from $14.95
  • Withdraw funds easily with your integrated cash account

Security, Usability, Look And Feel - A functional, easy-to-navigate platform

Our latest Nabtrade review delved into the official website and trading platforms to find out just how well they run. The overall design on the Nabtrade Australia platform is rather bland to start with. There isn’t much in the way of gimmicks or interactive images. However, we’re more concerned about the actual functioning of the website. For those looking for an aesthetically-appealing site, should take a look at our Suncorp review.

In terms of the overall capabilities of the site, we found that the site has a seamless feel to it. Plus, there is comprehensive information on all facets of Nabtrade Australia. For traders looking for an in-depth platform that provides you with a myriad of informative insights into the world of online trading, we certainly recommend Nabtrade Australia. Plus, you’ll find that it’s extremely easy to navigate your way around the platform.

Platform speed and general usability is very important for day traders. As markets are continuously changing, it is imperative that you have access to live data streams and features which allow you to execute trades within a moment’s notice. In this regard, you’ll have access to a great platform that facilitates all of this, and much more.

nabtrade Bonds
nabtrade Highlights
  • Huge choice of bonds to trade on the ASX
  • Brokerage fees from $14.95
  • Withdraw funds easily with your integrated cash account

How To Trade With Nabtrade Australia

When it comes to trading on the Nabtrade platform, you’ll be eager to hit the ground running. However, you first need to create an account with Nabtrade in order to start trading. Thus, we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide on how to create an account and start trading. Our Nabtrade review Australia is constantly looking for ways to make your life as simple and convenient as possible.

  1. You will need to click on “Join Now” in order to start the onboarding process. Once you have done this, you’ll find 4 different account options available to you. You can choose an individual, joint, company, or trust account. For the purposes of this review, we’ll assume you wish to open an individual trading account.
  2. You will be required to supply Nabtrade with your name, email address, and TFN (optional). You will also be required to choose how you wish to pay for your trades – via your cash account or via a margin loan.
  3. If you have an existing NAB bank account, then you can link this during the registration process. If not, you need to select the correct option and enter in all your personal details in order to continue with the registration process.
  4. Once you have finished the onboarding process, you will have a personal trading account with Nabtrade. It is now possible to deposit funds and start trading.

You can use the platform on your desktop, mobile device (for iOS), or by using the active trader platform IRESS ViewPoint. If you are unsure of how to execute a trade, there are a number of tutorials and videos that will guide you to doing so successfully. By clicking on an investment option, you can then view market data and track daily movements. From here, you’ll need to call up the order form so as to complete a trade. Our Nabtrade review Australia has found that the features available to you make the trading experience effortless, yet thorough.

Payments - No Nabtrade Scam

Once you have decided to create an actual account with Nabtrade Australia, you’ll be eager to deposit funds so that you can start trading. Our Nabtrade review tested the payment options available with this online broker. Our Nabtrade rating for the payments section took a bit of a hit. You won’t have a wide selection of options at your disposal. You can take a look at our Westpac review if you’d like to get a feel for another online broker that provides secure payment methods.

Transferring funds into your Nabtrade cash account can be done by using one of three deposit options. You can use a linked NAB bank account. All that you need to do is click on ‘transfer funds’ and confirm the transaction. Funds transferred from a linked bank account will be made available immediately.

You can also transfer funds via a linked – or non-linked – bank account. This is known as pushing funds into your cash account. You will need to make a deposit via your existing financial institution. Be sure to use the correct BSB and account number that correlates to your account. Funds usually become available the following day. Otherwise, you can make use of BPAY.

Transferring funds out of your account can only be done via an electronic fund transfer (EFT). You cannot transfer funds via BPAY or Direct Debit. You can transfer unlimited amounts to any linked NAB bank account. If you wish to transfer funds to an external bank account, you’ll be limited to $20,000 per day.

Customer Service at Nabtrade Australia

In terms of customer service, you’ll be able to utilise the extensive FAQ section on the official website. Frequently Asked Questions dominate online platforms and provide you with the ability to answer your own questions. It’s the most convenient way to resolve any queries you might have. For the most part, the FAQ section is sufficient in doing so.

If you do wish to speak to someone directly, you can call Nabtrade Australia on 13 13 80. The customer service team is available between Monday and Friday from 9am – 5pm. You can also send forms via post or email. However, Nabtrade has explicitly asked customers to use the email option as delays in postal delivery are widespread. The email address is For general queries, you can email

Nabtrade Australia also has a number of social media accounts. You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Here, you’ll be privy to the latest news from Nabtrade. There is no live chat function that we’re aware of. This is something that we feel Nabtrade will need to add to their platform in order to provide customers with an easier way of getting in touch without having to wait for email responses or by telephoning in. Take a look at our ANZ Share Investing review for a broker that is as efficient, if not more, in dealing with customer issues.

License & Security - Is Nabtrade Safe?

Nabtrade has a host of industry partners. This provides us with more clarity on their commitment to safe and transparent online brokerage services. They are affiliated with the state-run cyber security centre, the Australian Bankers Association, the New Payments Platform Association, and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

When it comes to site security, our Nabtrade review Australia found that this online broker is definitely committed to ensuring all customer’s safety and security. This extends across the online platform and is evident in their resources that address this topic, as well as the actual security protocols that have been implemented. You’ll find that your account and the Nabtrade Australia platform is secured using SSL technology.

This means that all data is encrypted on the website and nothing is stored in plaintext. You’ll find that the online broker also has a set of security alerts which will inform you of any suspicious activity relating to your account.

ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission

Reputation And Feedback – Nabtrade Rating

Our team at prefers to test our online brokers ourselves. This provides us with the necessary insight to craft impartial reviews of the best online brokers in Australia. However, it is also important to take into account feedback by customers who have used the sites in the past, and from those who continue to use these platforms for online trading.

This approach gives us a well-rounded perspective of what the broker is all about. It also allows us to better understand how each online broker handles customers on a daily basis and whether the services promised align with the services delivered.

In terms of customer support, our Nabtrade review Australia found feedback to be mixed, at best. A number of past customers have raised concerns over the ability of the online broker support team to address customer issues and complaints. A common theme seems to be that many find it difficult to get in touch with a representative in a timely manner. This is certainly something we feel that Nabtrade will look to improve on.

From a trading point of view, existing Nabtrade customers seem to be happy with the platform as a whole. There are a number of traditional investment opportunities that provide long-term growth. Plus, there’s a raft of helpful and educational resources which seem to facilitate personal trading growth and insight into online trading. All in all, our Nabtrade review Australia is happy to recommend this online broker to those who wish to attain a diversified online investment portfolio through a capable digital platform.

nabtrade Bonds

Trading Bonds

There are a number of fixed income instruments that can be traded on the Nabtrade platform. For the most part, you’ll have unfettered access to all fixed income securities traded on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX).

nabtrade Crypto
nabtrade ETF

Trading ETFs

ETF can be extremely complex in terms of how they are structured and may not always replicate the performance of the underlying asset. It is important to understand the inner-workings of ETF instruments before trading in them. Nabtrade enables investors to trade in ETFs that track the price of a variety of commodities, basket of commodities, or specific index.

nabtrade Stocks

Trading Stocks

Nabtrade Australia offers a range of domestic and international stocks. In terms of domestic stocks, there are over 2,000 stocks ranging from blue chips to small cap stocks. Traders can also access international stocks from the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Germany.

Overall Conclusion - Our Nabtrade Ranking

We’ve come to the end of our Nabtrade review Australia. We hope that you found it to be a useful guide and that you’ve found some value from it. Nabtrade is constantly improving its current offerings and services. It has expanded the available investment options and has done well to provide customers with a tech-savvy platform. If you are looking for an online broker that provides a range of cryptocurrency trading options, then we recommend you consult our list of featured brokers in Australia. This will enable you to find a platform that actively provides crypto trading options.

In conclusion, our Nabtrade review Australia is tempted to highlight the fact that there are more responsive and innovative platforms available to Australian traders. However, Nabtrade brings you a trading platform that facilitates fast payments, reliable trading features, and diverse instruments from which to trade in.

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