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Beginner’s Guide to Online Betting in Australia

Sports betting is easy to do but difficult to master. This is why we’ve created an online betting guide for Australia that sports fans of all levels can use. We’ve taken the time to create a handy beginner’s guide to sports betting, but even experienced pros will find plenty of useful information here.

How to bet on sports? Just as all sports fans will have their opinion about who the best bookmaker in Australia currently is, there is plenty of debate about the best ways to bet on sport. Some people place their bets based on instinct, while others will do plenty of research into the latest betting tips for Australia.

But our online betting guide for Australia will hopefully clarify a few things about how to bet on sports. We’ll start by giving you a beginner’s guide to sports betting so that you can see how odds work, and which bookmakers offer the easiest ways to bet on sport.

From here our guide to betting on sports online will look at how you can fund your bets, and investigate the legalities surrounding the Australian online gambling industry. We’ll finish our online betting guide for Australia by looking at some of the more advanced bets that you can make. All of which should help you to place sports bets with plenty of confidence.

Check out our best Betting Sites for Australia 2021:

Why you should read our guide to betting on sports online

All sports fans will benefit by reading our online betting guide for Australia. We have seen a rapid evolution in the way that online bookmakers now operate and it can be tricky to keep up with all of the changes.

By taking the time to browse our guide to betting on sports online, you can be sure of not missing out on the best offers that bookmakers are putting on. Plus we’ll even tell you a few things to beware of so that you know what to avoid. This will allow you to know how to bet on sports.

In terms of bookmaker complaints Australia is relatively fortunate as we have robust online regulation. But it’s always useful to know what to do should something go wrong and our online betting guide for Australia can prove to be invaluable here. So read our guide to betting on sports online for a safe, easy and potentially profitable way to bet on your favourite sport.

Our best Betting Sites for Australia 2021:

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A beginner’s guide to sports betting

We realise that not everyone has made a bet on sports before. So we have created a quick beginner’s guide to sports betting so that everybody can enjoy winning big. While our newbie’s online betting guide for Australia won’t help you win every bet, it should be able to help you avoid some silly mistakes.

This means giving you a good grounding into what sports betting is all about. From showing you how betting odds are calculated to helping you formulate a decent betting strategy, it will give you the perfect start and outline precisely how to bet on sports.

We’ll also help you work out which bookmaker is the best for beginners in Australia. While our beginner’s guide to sports betting won’t tell you which teams or players to back, we can show you some of the latest cricket betting tips Australia is enjoying so that you can make an informed decision with your first sports bet.

Using our online betting guide for Australia to take your first bets

So, how to bet on sports? Our beginner’s guide to sports betting will show you just how easy it is to bet on sports. If there’s a sporting event that you have a prediction for, we can show you how to find a bookmaker who has odds for this eventuality.

We’ll show you our shortlist of the best betting sites in Australia so that you can sign up and make a deposit with plenty of confidence. From here we can reveal how simple it is to place your bets and withdraw any winnings.

If you were betting on soccer and you were having doubts about your prediction, you can check the latest football betting tips Australia has so that you can bet with more assurance.

Online betting guide for Australia – Making deposits

While some people bet on sports for entertainment, we can all agree that things get much more interesting when you stand to make some real money winnings. But what’s the best and safest way to make deposits and withdrawals at a bookmaker’s site?

We’ve created a handy guide that details how you can deposit money into a betting site in Australia. This will cover all of the most important security points that you should be aware of so that you know your deposits are in safe hands.

Most decent bookmakers will also give you plenty of options for adding money into your account. Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular deposit methods featured at online bookmakers in Australia.

Credit and debit card deposits

The majority of sports fans will choose to use a credit or debit card to make deposits for sports betting. As a result, most bookmakers will accept payments made with brands like Visa and MasterCard. We’ll show you the best betting sites with credit card in Australia so that you can be sure that you are getting a secure and efficient way of using these payment methods to fund your sports bets.

Using ewallets for deposits

There’s been a growing trend for bookmakers who accept payments via ewallets. These payment methods offer a huge amount of convenience and some fast processing times. As a result, we’ll show you the best betting sites with PayPal in Australia, alongside some of alternative payment brands.

This means comparing the best betting sites with EcoPayz in Australia with the best betting sites with Neteller in Australia. But we won’t stop there, as we will even show you the best betting sites with Skrill in Australia so that you get the full picture of how to use ewallets to fund your sports bets.

Alternative payment methods for funding your sports bets

Just as there are a massive amount of betting sites, there’s also a huge variety of payment methods that can be used to fund your sports bets. Although many people might be keen to find the best betting sites with bank transfer in Australia, it’s clear that there have been many more innovative payment methods incorporated into the sports betting realm.

Cryptocurrencies are big news at the moment, and it’s little surprise to find that Bitcoin has become one of the latest ways to make deposits and withdrawals with the bookmakers. We’ll show you the best betting sites with Bitcoins in Australia so that you can make your sports bets with this revolutionary payment method.

Beginner’s guide to sports betting – An introduction to online bookmakers

If you’ve ever wondered how bookmakers make money, you should read our guide to sports betting sites. All bookmakers compete to put on ever more attractive odds, and so our guide will show you how these companies are able to stay afloat despite offering some seriously generous sports bets.

Like any other nation, Australia has its own individual take on gambling laws. So is online gambling legal in Australia? Many wonder how to bet on sports. Much has changed in just a couple of decades and we’ll show you how the country has coped with innovations like live betting. All of which should help you make a much more informed decision the next time you read some of the most insightful bookmaker reviews Australia has ever seen.

Advanced guide to betting on sports online

Our online betting guide for Australia isn’t just aimed at newcomers to sports betting. We’re determined to make sure that everyone gets a chance to supercharge their betting skills here at

As a result, we have included a few sections in our guide that can take your sports bets to the next level. Whether you want to work out how to back and lay bets, or just want to understand the best way to make cash out betting work, you’ll find it all in our online betting guide on how to bet on sports.

All about betting exchanges

Betting exchanges have only been with us for a couple of decades. But these innovative betting sites have transformed the way in which we can all enjoy a sports bet. Rather than take a bet on the bookmaker’s odds, betting exchanges allow you to back or lay bets put on by other sports fans.

This means that you could potentially enjoy much more flexibility and value the next time that you bet on sports. We’ll show you our pick for the best betting exchange in Australia so that you can experience all of the excitement of this phenomenon.

Getting to grips with 1x2 betting

What is 1×2 betting? This is one of the most common betting types and it can be used for some of the biggest sports like soccer. It’s a bet that gives you a chance to make bets on a home win, an away win and a draw.

As a result, any sport that can produce a draw will allow you to take 1×2 bets. What’s interesting about this bet type is the fact that betting on a draw can sometimes enable you to take advantage of some seriously undervalued odds. Read our guide to put your 1×2 bets to good use.

Asian handicap betting explained

If 1×2 betting leaves you with very little value when you want to take a bet on the favourite, then you could try an Asian handicap bet. But what is Asian handicap betting? It’s a great way to give yourself better odds as it removes the draw from the 1×2 betting markets, and also puts a team or player at a points disadvantage.

This means that if you take an Asian handicap bet, then you could have a tougher time in getting a winning result, but you could also benefit from the more generous odds. If you are still wondering how to do Asian handicap betting, then just read our simple guide to find out more.

Understanding how no risk matched betting works

Matched betting has captured the attention of all sports fans as it aims to give you a way to bet on sports in a way that virtually guarantees a profit. In the global rise of no risk matched betting Australia is just the latest country to see a rise in interest in this activity, and we’ll show you what it’s all about.

You can try matched betting by signing up to lots of different betting sites and then taking a series of coordinated sports bets with some fairly specific odds. It’s not always easy to get matched betting right, and it’s probably not the most exciting way to bet on sports, but we’ll make sure you know what it’s all about with our guide.

Why cash out betting is here to stay

Sports betting used to be pretty simple. You’d just place your bets and then sit back and see if luck was on your side. But now internet technologies have meant that we can change our betting tactics in conjunction with the real-time sporting action.

Nowhere is this better seen than with the rise of cash out betting. This allows you to minimise any losses to your sports bet by cashing out your bet before the sporting event has concluded. While you will get a smaller payout, it could work out to recover some of your betting stake.

But how does cash out betting work in countries like Australia where live betting is prohibited? We’ll show you how Australian betting sites have handled the rise of cash out betting so that you can see whether you can benefit from this innovative betting technique.

Our best Betting Sites for Australia 2021:


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