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Getting the best bookmaker odds is essential if you want to make any money from your sports bets. We’ve created the most robust sports betting odds comparison anywhere on the internet to help you find the best betting odds in Australia. Our odds comparison takes in bets from all of the best betting sites in Australia so that you can quickly see who is giving you the best price for your sports bet.

When you are looking for decent bookmaker odds, Australia has a massive amount of betting sites to consult. But we have made sure that we only include the best bookmaker odds from legitimate sports betting sites so that you can sure of getting a safe and fair service.

Alongside revealing who has the best betting odds in Australia, we’ll explain exactly how our odds comparison test works in giving you fair and unbiased results. From here, we’ll remind you why you need the best online betting odds in order to make any money from your sports bets. Plus we’ll reveal what other things apart from the best bookmaker odds can help to boost your profits.

We will also talk about how betting odds work and explain the different odds formats that you can find online. Finally we will reveal who has the best betting odds in Australia for different sports like football, cricket, rugby, golf and Formula 1 motor racing. All you need to make the most from the best online betting odds.

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Who has the best betting odds in Australia?

Any betting site who wishes to be the best bookmaker in Australia will have to provide consistently excellent online betting odds. This means having to serve up the best betting odds in Australia for all sports that range from football and rugby to tennis and cricket.

But these competitive odds can’t just be for the biggest sporting events like the football World Cup or the Ashes. The bookmaker would have to show that they can succeed in our odds comparison test for all of the biggest and smallest matches and races.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a minor golf tournament or the Australian Grand Prix. All bookmakers will have to provide quality sports betting odds across the board to be nominated for the best bookmaker odds Australians can enjoy.

The winner of the bookmaker with the best betting odds in Australia will have passed our odds comparison test for a decent variety of sporting events. They will have shown that they can give customers fair and competitive odds for anything from a local Australian cricket match to the outright winner of the football Premier League.

Even if you don’t fancy signing up to the site with the best odds in Australia, then there will be plenty of other contenders to pick and choose from. So be sure to check out some of the most honest bookmaker reviews Australia has ever seen to see who could be your new favourite sports betting site.


All about our odds comparison test

In order to prove that they have competitive bookmaker odds, Australia’s sports betting sites will have to undergo our odds comparison test. This puts all kinds of betting sites under the microscope so that you can really see how good their odds are. From established bookmakers to innovative betting sites, they won’t be featured at Wetten.com unless they score highly in our sports betting odds comparison.

Our odds comparison test covers all of the top sports that Australians will be interested in. From football, rugby and cricket, to golf and Formula 1, you can be sure of finding the best bookmaker odds Australia has by coming to Wetten.com.

Just so you know, Wetten.com is a completely independent sports betting resource. This means that our sports betting odds comparison will provide you with a fair and unbiased way to see which bookmakers are putting on the best value bets.

Our odds comparison service will be constantly updated so that you can get a real-time picture of the bets that a massive amount of bookmakers are offering. While you could always take the time to check the odds at all of the different betting sites, we think that you’ll benefit from using our odds comparison service so that you can research your sports bets instead.

Why you need the best bookmaker odds

There are many reasons why some people choose a particular bookmaker’s services. Some like a bookmaker who has created one of the best betting apps in Australia as it gives them an easy way to bet on the go. Others will merely pick a bookmaker merely because they sponsor their favourite football team.

But true sports betting fans know that betting on the best odds is the ultimate way to build up decent profits over the long term. Even the slightest difference in betting odds can lead to a huge increase in your overall winnings. As a result, there is always a huge battle amongst bookmakers to see who can give you the best value sports bets.

Such a massive variety of odds can sometimes make it difficult to know where to place your bets. But by using our odds comparison tool, you can quickly find out which bookmaker is providing the top odds for just about any sporting event. From here it’s just your decision about how much you want to stake with your bets.

Why online betting odds aren’t the only way to get more from sports betting

Although betting odds are hugely important, it’s good to remember that finding the most competitive odds isn’t the only way that you can get more from your sports bets. This is because bonuses and promotions remain hugely popular for any sports fan who wants to get a helping hand in making some money from their bets.

We’ve done plenty of research into the best betting offers Australia has at the moment. Some of these bonuses have the power to boost your bets by astonishing amounts, and we’ve seen no shortage of excellent enhanced odds deals too. As long as you remember to thoroughly read the small print of these special offers, then they can be a great way to enhance your betting.

Similarly, having the best odds is no substitute for not putting lots of research into your own bets. While there’s plenty of debate about what the best betting strategy for Australia currently is, it’s clear that doing your homework before laying down your bets can pay off significantly.

Understanding how betting odds work

It’s going to be pretty hard to know what the best sports betting odds are, unless you know how odds are formulated. Our online betting guide for Australia contains a handy article that takes a detailed look at how odds are calculated.

This will show you how odds refer to the likelihood of a particular event happening in a sporting contest. If something has long odds, it means that the event is unlikely to happen.

For example, the probability of Bangladesh winning a Test series against Australia would have long odds. This means that it would be unlikely to happen, but if you bet on this outcome and win, you’d stand to make some handsome profits.

Conversely, if you wanted to bet on Australia beating Bangladesh in cricket Test series, you would probably be given short odds. This would mean that the bet was likely to succeed, but you would only get a fraction of the betting profits.

When you get into things like each-way bets and accumulator bets, things get a lot more complex. But this short lesson is enough to get you started.

Getting to grips with different odds formats

If you go to any decent sports betting site, then you might see odds displayed in a variety of manners. Most bookmakers will display the odds in decimal or fractional odds. But you might also see something called moneyline odds, or a range of other formats.

You should be able to switch the odds format so that you can find a format that you can easily understand. But it’s also a good idea to get an idea of how each of the odds formats works so that you can put your money down with confidence.

Decimal odds

Also known as European odds, decimal odds are probably the easiest odds format for anybody new to sports betting to understand. What’s best is that decimal odds tend to be used most on Australian bookmaker sites.

Simply put, the higher the number, the less likely the event is to happen and the more you stand to win if you won the bet. So if Australia had odds of 3.00 to win the Cricket World Cup compared to New Zealand’s odds of 4.00, it would mean that Australia would be the less risky betting option.

Calculating your returns from decimal odds is easy. The total return will be your betting stake multiplied by the decimal odds number. So if you’d bet $10 on Australia’s odds of 3.00 and won, then you’d receive a total of $30. This would be $10 of your original stake, and $20 of betting profits.

Fractional odds

For a long time, fractional odds have been the preferred odds format for British bookmakers. The odds are presented as a fraction where the first number represents how much you’d win back for each dollar you wagered.

For example, if you had bet $1 on odds of 4/1 for Steve Smith to be Australia’s top run scorer, then a winning bet would mean that you get $5 in returns. This would be $1 of your original stake and then $4 in betting profits.

Fractional odds can quickly get complicated when it comes to comparing odds like 11/8 and 7/5. But they remain hugely popular and are the odds format of choice at many of the world’s biggest bookmakers.

Moneyline odds

Also known as American odds, moneyline odds tend to only be found on sports betting sites that are geared towards US markets. This sees each betting scenario being given a plus or minus symbol, along with a number that indicates how much you would need to stake to win a certain amount of money.

For example, if you had odds of -385 for Manchester City to beat Arsenal in the Premier League, it would mean that you’d need to bet $385 in order to win back $100. This would indicate that Manchester City are the favourites.

As Arsenal would be the underdogs, they might be represented by odds of +460 which would mean that you would have to bet $100 in order to make a potential profit of $460. Although this kind of odds format may initially seem confusing, it has helped huge numbers of sports fans work successfully formulate their betting plans.

Who has the best betting odds in Australia for different sports?

All bookmakers will try and provide a broad coverage of competitive odds for all top sports. However, we have noticed a fair amount of betting sites that will tend to offer you more betting markets with even more generous odds for certain sports. So the next time that you are looking for decent odds after researching the latest betting tips for Australia, be sure to keep these bookmakers in mind.

The top bookmaker odds Australia has for football

As football is one of the world’s most popular sports, it should come as no surprise to find that most Australian bookmakers will aim to give you the best betting odds for football. Obviously all major international tournaments like the World Cup get covered with a massive amount of betting markets.

Plus you can also be sure of great odds for European leagues like the Premier League, the Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga. But regardless of whether you are betting on domestic Australian soccer or football from anywhere else in the world, you can be sure of getting some great odds.

The best bookmaker odds for cricket

If you are looking for the best betting odds for cricket, then you’ll find plenty of candidates among Australia’s bookmakers. All betting sites will take great pride in providing you with strong odds for a massive variety of cricket tournaments from all over the world.

Whether you want odds for the Cricket World Cup, a T20 international, or even a match in the Indian Premier League, then you should find no shortage of quality bookmakers who will give you some great value cricket bets.

Top online betting odds for rugby

All decent Australian betting sites will give you some very competitive odds for rugby union and rugby league matches. But who has the best betting odds for rugby overall? We have found that all of the bookmakers featured at Wetten.com will provide you with excellent odds for both codes of rugby.

Obviously there will be plenty of competition to provide you with the best odds for Australian domestic rugby league and rugby union matches. But whether you want to bet on anything from the Six Nations to the outright winner of the next Rugby World Cup, you can be sure of finding the best value bets through Wetten.com.

Our odds comparison results for golf

From the PGA Championship to the US Open, you can be sure of getting the best betting odds for golf by coming to Wetten.com. We’ll provide you with direct access to those bookmakers who have the best track record for putting on quality golf odds.

Whether you’re seeking an outright bet for the next Open Championship or are looking to back an underdog in the Masters tournament, we’ll point you in the right direction for the best odds on this classic sport. Plus we can help you find some seriously competitive odds for the PGA European Tour, the World Golf Championships and much more.

Sports betting odds comparison for F1 motor racing

There’s a massive amount of bookmakers who will be aiming to give you the best betting odds for F1 motor racing. Each year the world’s best drivers compete on a variety of race circuits all over the world, and each race will be given plenty of coverage at our shortlist of betting sites. Lewis Hamilton may have been the favourite over the past couple of seasons, but it’s going to be interesting to see which bookmaker will give promising newcomers like Charles Leclerc some decent odds.

Whether you’re looking to back Lewis Hamilton to get another championship title, or prefer to see if Max Verstappen can finally prove his worth, you’ll find some great Formula 1 odds through Wetten.com. We’ll also help you find great odds for the Constructors’ Championship so that you can get value bets on Mercedes, Ferrari or even Red Bull providing the year’s fastest car.

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