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Is Betfair reliable for sports betting? You’d better believe it! This is because Betfair Australia is one of the nation’s best sports betting sites. The perfect betting site for anybody who wants the best odds on cricket, rugby and Australian rules football!

Read our Betfair reviews to see why this site is serious about giving you awesome odds. After all, it’s a betting exchange which means that the Betfair ratings for odds are unbeatable.

But is Betfair secure? Take a look at our Betfair reviews below and you’ll see why Betfair Australia is one of the safest sportsbooks you’ll come across. Plus you can even get an amazing bonus that will slash your fees. So keep reading and see why our Betfair ratings are so good!

Betfair Pro and Con
Betfair Pro and Con
  • World’s largest sports betting exchange
  • Licensed by Northern Territory Government
  • Get expert tips on all top sports at The Hub
  • 24/7 customer support via phone and email
  • Back bets on sportsbook or lay odds on exchanges
  • No welcome bonus

Usability, Look & Feel - Reviewing the Betfair Australia site

Loading up the Betfair betting exchange reveals a website that features a pleasing yellow, black and white colour scheme. While you might be new to betting exchanges, Betfair have made it easy to understand how to go about backing and laying your first sports bets.

You can simply use the navigation bars at the top and side of the site to focus in on your favourite sport. From here you can scroll down to see the latest odds on the individual sporting events.

You’ll see the amount of money that has been matched for each event so far, and then you’ll see a variety of odds for each individual market that sports fans have put up.

Placing back and lay bets – How do you back or lay?

So for a soccer match, you’ll see a range of odds for a home win, a draw and an away win. Now it’s your turn just to click on the odds that you either want to place back bets or lay bets, and then you can just enter your stake and wait for the results to come in.

Betfair also offers a very handy tutorial on backing and laying bets in their help section. Plus there’s an excellent resource called The Hub that can keep you up to date with all of the latest betting tips for a wide variety of sports.

With all of the features that Betfair offer, it would be easy for the brand’s website to feel a little cluttered. But we found that the Betfair site loaded quickly and was reasonably intuitive to navigate around. All of which should make it easy for sports fans of all levels to back and lay bets on their favourite sport.

Betfair App/Mobile – What is Betfair mobile like?

Betfair don’t just offer a great betting exchange on their website, as you can also download the app to back and lay some of the best sports betting odds around.

The Betfair app is currently available for iOS and Android devices. It promises to give you visualisations that are perfectly optimised for smaller screens, plus there are a whole host of features designed to help you get more from your mobile bets.

The Full Market Depth feature looks particularly good as you can just flip your mobile on its side to get a comprehensive view of the odds for big horse races. There’s also some useful Price Graphs on the Betfair app that makes it easy to see how the odds are shifting for the teams, players and runners in your sports bet.

What other features are available on the app?

Other cool features on the Betfair mobile app include a great way to save your favourite markets, and the search tool makes it effortless to hunt down the odds for your preferred betting market.

So while you can always just use the browser on your smartphone or tablet to access Betfair’s mobile-friendly site, for a superior betting experience on the go, then downloading the Betfair app is a must.

Payments - Plenty of options here

All decent bookmakers will provide their customers with a broad range of payment methods for adding funds to their betting accounts. Just read through our Bet365 or BBet review guides to confirm this.

So is Betfair secure when it comes to letting you make deposits? There’s some decent Betfair ratings for payment methods as the brand allow you to pick and choose from credit cards, debit cards, eWallets and bank transfers to fund your sports bets.

Making a deposit

As soon as you register your Betfair account, you are presented with payment options for making your first deposit. You’ll be encouraged to make a deposit with either a Visa or MasterCard account. These both offer instant processing, no fees and you can make deposits from a minimum of $10.

Credit Card
+ 12

However, you can also use alternative payment methods for adding funds to your account. This means that you can make a bank transfer via POLi from as little as $5, or you could use BPAY to make an electronic funds transfer from $30 upwards.

There’s also the option for using eWallets like Neteller and Skrill. Neteller deposits must be made from a minimum of $25, while Skrill deposits have to be upwards of $15.

Withdrawal options – What’s available for withdrawing winning bets?

There’s much less of a choice when it comes to making withdrawals, as Betfair will only let you withdraw your winnings by making a standard bank transfer or via an e-wallet.

While you won’t incur any fees, you can only withdraw via bank transfer for $15 at a time. The Betfair withdrawal time for standard cash-outs can take up to three days for the money to land in your account. Thankfully, there’s no minimum amount for Skrill and Neteller withdrawals, and you should get your money between one and two working days.

Customer Service - Quality support at this bookmaker

There’s nothing worse than having something go wrong with your sports bets and then being unable to get in touch with the bookmaker. Thankfully, this isn’t something that you’ll struggle with when betting at Betfair Australia.

This is because many Betfair reviews have noted that this brand have a friendly and efficient customer team who are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

You can reach Betfair Australia by scrolling down to the Help & Contact Us section at the bottom of the bookmaker’s website. By clicking on this link you will be given simple ways to speak to the Betfair customer service team who are available 24/7 from their Darwin call centre.

This features a telephone help-desk, and there is also the option of using the dedicated customer service email address. Sadly, it looks like there is nothing in the way of a live chat feature which might limit the Betfair ratings for customer support.

We should also mention the fact that Betfair have a reasonably detailed FAQs section that helps you get a good understanding of how betting exchanges work. Plus there are helpful articles relating to important topics like deposits, withdrawals, account queries and fees.

License & Security - A fully-licensed betting platform

While Betfair is the biggest betting exchange in the world, there will probably still be a few potential customers who will be asking ‘Is Betfair reliable?’ Thankfully it looks like the brand are fully licensed and regulated by the Northern Territories Government.

This means that Betfair are duty-bound to provide their customers with a safe and fair sports betting service, otherwise they could get their license revoked.

Australia’s Northern Territory
UKGC - UK Gambling Commission
New Jersey (US)
+ 3

But is Betfair secure? Many Betfair reviews have found that the site protects their customer’s sensitive information by using SSL encryption during all communication between the bookmaker and customer.

There are also positive Betfair ratings for security due to the fact that this bookmaker uses 128-bit SSL Verisign Class 3 Certificates to make sure that each transaction stays in safe hands.

Helping you to gamble responsibly

We also like the fact that Betfair encourage you to gamble responsibly and set your own deposit limits when you sign up to the site. Plus the brand are governed by the Responsible Gambling Code of Conduct to make sure that you get everything you need to keep your betting under control. So is Betfair secure? All of the above evidence points towards a positive answer for this excellent bookmaker.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - Commission discounts at the Betfair hub

Betfair appears to have put all of its resources into building perhaps the world’s most comprehensive betting exchange. While this is a noble effort, it looks like it might have come at the expense of putting on any sports betting promotions. If this is a problem for you, then you may want to check out our DraftKings review or BlueBet review guides for an alternative bookmaker experience.

This is not entirely a bad thing, as most sports fans will know that bonuses aren’t always quite as straightforward as they initially appear to be. Things like wagering conditions can ruin a good promotion, so you shouldn’t feel too shortchanged by the lack of Betfair promotions.

However, we should mention the fact that they do allow you a way to gradually reduce the amount of Betfair commission that the betting exchange take from your profits.

You can get discounts on commission anywhere up to 60% and it can work out to be an excellent way to get a little more from your sports bets. You can do this by picking up points that are gained in direct correspondence to your betting activity at the Betfair hub.

You’ll only start seeing a discount on your commission if you manage to pick up over 7,000 points. This will earn you a 10% discount on your commission. By getting over 80,000 points you’ll see your commission rates slashed by a massive 50%, while 150,000 points allows you to enjoy the maximum discount of 60% on commission fees. So, if you want less commission fees, be sure to place more bets at the Betfair betting exchange.

Betfair Sports Betting

Sports Betting Markets - Great racing markets & more

Betfair Australia is unlike most other sports betting sites in that it is a betting exchange. This means that you will be betting for and against odds put on by other sports fans.

You might not find any live betting or live streaming, but you’ll find plenty of markets to keep you entertained in the meantime. So is this bookmaker reliable for featuring bets for your favourite sport? As this bookmaker is the world’s most popular exchange, it means that there is no shortage of sports fans who are willing to put on odds for you to back or lay.

Most Betfair reviews have found that horse racing, soccer, American football, basketball and cricket markets tend to get top billing at this exchange. But you can also take a look at and find good value bets for niche sports like esports or even take politics markets and financial bets.

The full range of sports featured at Betfair Australia markets include:

All of which shows why there are so many good Betfair ratings for their sports betting service.

Odds - How do they compare for each market?

All Betfair reviews have pointed out that this brand is capable of helping you get some of the best sports betting odds on the market. This is because you’ll be betting against other sports fans, so there’s no betting margin contained within the odds. However, it’s important to remember that you’ll have to factor in Betfair’s commission into each profit you make.

So, in order to see whether those Betfair reviews were right in saying that betting exchanges routinely serve up the best odds, we decided to carry out a quick comparison test.

This put Betfair’s odds for an Australian A-League soccer match between Melbourne Victory and Wellington Phoenix up against those provided by Neds.

If you backed Melbourne Victory to win, then Betfair were offering 1.98, while Neds were giving you odds of just 1.87 for the same result. But if you bet on Wellington Phoenix to win, then Betfair’s odds of 4.50 once again proved to be way better than Neds’ 3.75.

Obviously you have to factor in the way that Betfair Australia charge commission for all profits earned through their betting exchange. But if you are still asking ‘Is Betfair reliable for serving up decent odds?’ then the answer is a definite yes.

Product Conclusion - One of the best in Australia

Betfair has put together a top drawer sportsbook for its Australian players that includes excellent range of sports to bet on as well as diverse betting markets. Of course, while there is no live betting available in Australia that has not stopped this bookmaker from excelling. As such, we believe Betfair Australia to absolutely be worth checking out.

Betfair Horse Betting

Try Exchange Betting with Betfair Australia

Looking for horse racing markets? Most of the competition Betfair Australia has offers you the choice of regular fixed odds sportsbook markets or the best tote prices from pool betting services like the TAB. Things are different here, however. Betfair started out as a betting exchange. That is a place where two bettors can make wagers directly against one another, with just a small commission charged for facilitating the bet. This is very much like peer to peer trading.

What makes the Betfair Exchange unique in Australia is the fact that not only can you back horses to win races, but lay them to lose. This opens up a whole new dimension to gambling and placing a bet on this betting market. As only one horse can win a race outright, money can be made laying ones you don’t fancy. The tagline of “Betfair – The only place to bet, lay and trade” is exactly right for the Australian market. Laying horses does require good knowledge of the form and the sport, and is probably isn’t for novice bettors, though.

Bigger Odds Available on Betfair Exchange

One of the advantages of betting through the Betfair Exchange is that the odds are better than regular fixed odds prices. You can set them yourself to some extent. All you need, then, is for someone to match the price you lay or odds you back on a specific market. When another bettor does that, your wager is on. There are some additional risks attached to laying odds and taking prices on the Exchange which don’t exist with other forms of betting.

If the wager you make comes off, then the person matched you on it pays you from their betting account. However, if the peer to peer bet you place is a winner for them, then it is you who must pay up. This is different to a fixed odds sportsbook bet where you just lose your stake at a bookmaker. Being aware of what you are getting into with exchange betting and appreciating it’s not the same as regular bookmaker wagers is important.

Betfair Live Lets You Stream Horse Races & Place A Bet

Through Betfair Live, you can stream all the important horse racing action at this fantastic bookmaker. If you want access to this, you will need to be logged in to your betting account. You can also get to their live streaming service through the Exchange markets. It’s easy to find the race of interest as there is a viewing icon next to events which you can watch.

The Hub, meanwhile, contains a mine of information from horse racing trends to data. There are weekly predictions too. Alongside these, you will find an international horse racing results service which tells you who finished first from action all around the world. Trying the Ratings Model for all Australian thoroughbred racehorses too, as this could really help you narrow down the field when you are searching for potential winners.

Betfair Australia Has Great Horse Racing Package

The exchange betting experience is unique from the standard bookmaker and certainly well worth trying for Betfair horse racing in particular. There is a lot of supporting material provided in The Hub to help you pick horses out. Betfair Live gives you access to streams of horse racing worldwide. What is most refreshing about peer to peer betting over the Exchange, though, is the fact that you can lay outcomes you don’t think will happen, as well as backing horses you believe can win.

Betfair Reviews FAQ

❓How good is the Betfair exchange?

Betfair is well known as being one of the first betting exchanges to hit the internet. Over the years, the site has become a very popular place for sports fans to lay and back their bets on various racing markets. Betfair’s betting exchange covers all of the most popular Australian sports. Make sure that you read our Betfair reviews to see how well the brand’s exchange compares to other betting exchanges. The best way to see who the best betting exchange in Australia really is.

✅ Is the Betfair sportsbook safe?

Betfair has become a very popular sports betting site over the past few years. But this doesn’t mean that you should automatically feel overconfident when you sign up to this site. After all, you will have to submit some fairly sensitive personal information when you sign up to the brand to bet. So make sure that you read our Betfair reviews where you’ll get a good idea of where you stand in regard to the site’s licensing. Plus we’ll let you know how Betfair handles your data and deposits.

✨Where can I find an honest Betfair casino review?

There are many helpful reviews of the Betfair casino currently on the internet. However some Betfair casino reviews are out of date. This means that you might not get a true picture of what it’s like to use the Betfair casino gaming service. As a result, you will want to check out our Betfair reviews. This is because our reviews will tell you what you will get in regards to casino games and bonuses when you visit and bet at this popular online gaming site.

☝Is there a Betfair app?

Betfair offers a very mobile-friendly service. This means that you should be able to access the brand’s betting exchange and casino gaming platform from most modern tablets and smartphones. Most Betfair customers will tend to do this direct from the browser of their mobile devices. But be sure to read our Betfair reviews where we will let you know whether the brand has created its own betting apps. We’ll let you know whether these are available for Android or IOS devices.

👀 Where can I find the Betfair live chat?

Betfair offers its customers many ways to get in touch with its responsive customer service team. This means that you should always have easy ways to get your queries resolved at this betting site. Be sure to read our Betfair reviews where you’ll get detailed insights into the best ways to reach out to the brand’s customer support team. We’ll let you know whether you can contact the brand via live chat, email, or telephone hotline.

Overall Conclusion - Top marks in our Australia review

Well, that concludes our review. Betfair are clearly a market leader when it comes to betting exchanges. The brand are able to attract a huge amount of sports fans, so that you can be reasonably assured of finding some decent odds for your chosen sport. Whether it’s horse racing, Australian sports, or cricket, then Betfair will routinely help you find the best odds on the market.

However, betting exchanges might not be for everyone. If you are new to sports betting, then it might be an idea just to start off at a standard fixed-odds betting site. Plus the fact that Betfair add commission to each profit you make might catch some sports fans unawares. Despite this, it’s worth remembering that Betfair give you chance to earn reward points to reduce these fees.

So is Betfair secure for sports betting? The fact that the brand are fully licensed and feature state-of-the-art encryption should mean that you feel comfortable in how they handle your personal details and deposits.

Plus with helpful customer support and safe payment methods, you’ll be able to place any bet with plenty of confidence. So, if all of this sounds good to you, be sure to sign up to Betfair. For a fair comparison, check our out PlayUp review.

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  • Amazing sports betting odds
  • Reduced commission bonuses
  • Fully licensed betting exchange

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