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Dabble Australia Review 2023

Expert Dabble Review - Is Dabble Secure?

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It’s a real treat when you find a bookmaker that can appeal to the right audiences. Younger people tend to look for a certain trend in their bookmakers; a certain look and feel. Dabble Australia has mastered finding that balance.

This Dabble review is going to showcase one of the more unique and creative bookmakers found in Australia. Dabble Australia has brought a great feature to the table that no other bookmakers have attempted before, and it has changed the game for the platform. Taking into account a solid sportsbook, Dabble Australia has plenty to offer.

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Dabble: Pros & Cons
  • Great ‘sharing and copying bets’ feature
  • Easy payment methods
  • Quick and efficient customer service
  • Easy account setup
  • Mobile exclusive
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1 – 2 Days
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  • Usability, Look & Feel
  • Mobile App
  • Payment Methods
  • Customer Service
  • Licence & Security
  • Rewards & Loyalty Program
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Last Updated on 17/09/2023
Fact checked by: Megan Jonson

Usability, Look and Feel – An intuitive and smooth app

Dabble Australia took a risk early on, as they are only mobile exclusive. That’s a risk that will undoubtedly alienate many potential bettors, but that’s to be expected. It’s clear Dabble is targeting an audience of young adults, and their great mobile app caters to that audience.

When you set up an account, you’re greeted with a colourful purple and white betting screen. Of course, you’ll gain access to their unique features straight away. If you choose to make your betting profile private, then you can bet as normal.

But, if you decide to go public, that’s where you can make the most of the Dabble Australia platform. You can copy and share other players’ bets, which can be a blessing or a curse. Scrolling through this great Dabble Australia app feels more like a social media app than a bookies app. You can even chat with fellow punters in the Banter tab!

The smoothness, colour, and feel of this entire platform are very friendly, and easy to use for any bettor of any experience level. For that, we have to applaud this great app in our Dabble Australia review.

They’ve managed to make their mobile-only app a must-have, simply by standing out with a great feature that doesn’t take away from the quality of the overall betting experience.

How to open a Dabble account?– how to activate Dabble account easily

In this section, we usually have to discuss the desktop process of signing up to a particular bookmaker, and the different processes you have to wade through. But, in our Dabble review Australia, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. The mobile-only aspect of this sportsbook means signing up is a few taps away. Here’s how you open a Dabble account.

  1. Fill in your details – First things first, you’ve got to fill in all the usual details. Name, address, phone number, email, password. All of this should only take a few moments.
  2. Verify your account – Dabble Australia makes the verification process much easier than many other bookmakers. You can easily take a photo of your ID, which can be a passport or driving licence, and Dabble Australia can easily verify it’s you.

So, there you go. The app should open up fully to you now, within only a couple of steps. Among some of the new bookmakers Australia has to offer, Dabble Australia has the easiest signup process.

Payments – what deposit and withdrawal options are available on Dabble?

When it comes to payment methods, it’s always great to rely on a few of the old classics. They’re always a great starting point, and you can be sure the majority of your customers probably have some of these payment methods available.

Dabble Australia doesn’t have the widest range of payment methods ever, but they have reliable ones. For a new bookmaker that is starting up a unique project like that, that’s important.

Dabble’s deposit and withdrawal methods currently feature Visa, Mastercard, and any other form of debit card.

They don’t have any of the modern eWallets, but that’s alright in their case. For a relatively new bookmaker, Dabble Australia was wise to stick to the more traditional payment methods. The waiting times for these payment methods aren’t ridiculous either. It takes 2-3 working days at a maximum to get funds withdrawn into your account.

The minimum deposit you can make is $5, and the minimum withdrawal you can make is $10. Currently, the maximum withdrawal caps out at $1,000, but that does take into account the limits on Dabble Australia.

Dabble Australia will also do a quick anti-fraud check before every payment, so make sure your account is fully verified before you try to withdraw any winnings.

Customer Service – Friendly and timely

A new bookmaker that makes significant efforts to develop their customer service section always gets a thumbs up in our reviews.

Take a look at our BetStar review, for example. Customer support can be overlooked, but it’s essential. It’s how a customer and a platform interact regularly. Our Dabble review is thoroughly impressed by the lengths that Dabble Australia made.

Dabble Australia has three primary contact methods, all available on the app. A live chat, a mobile number, and an email.

The live chat is easily accessible in the app and is 24/7, so you’ll always have a representative to bounce off. The phone line also has reps available in both Australia and New Zealand, and the charges are reasonable compared to competitors. The email is the slowest contact method, but the most detailed.

You may have to wait one or two working days to get a response, but the response will be worth the time. Dabble Australia offers enough customer support options that everyone can be kept happy, and all the options are efficient in how they deal with the customers.

License and Security – Reliable security measures

Dabble may be a mobile exclusive bookmaker, but they still have to take the same security measures as other bookmakers. When you look at our Ladbrokes Australia review, you may think that a platform needs to go overboard with certificates, and legitimacy before you can bet on them. But, that’s not true. While it helps, just having the right bodies approve the bookmaker is what counts.

Dabble Australia is fully regulated by the Northern Territory Racing Commission. The app is fully secure, with verification by both the App Store and the Play Store.

They have an age verification process in place, meaning if you are under 18 and you have downloaded the app, you’ll be unable to deposit or withdraw money to your account. Dabble Australia also has a few certificates already, most of which they display on their desktop information site. They include Gambling Help Online and GambleAware.

Australia’s Northern Territory


Australia’s Northern Territory Government


Headquarters / Regulated Since

AU / 01-1978
New South Wales


Liquor & Gaming NSW


Headquarters / Regulated Since

AU / 02-2016
ACT - Gambling and Racing Commission (Australia)


ACT Gambling and Racing Commission (Australia)


Headquarters / Regulated Since



Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation


Headquarters / Regulated Since

AU / 01-2012


Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation


Headquarters / Regulated Since

AU / 01-2012
Western Australia


Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries


Headquarters / Regulated Since


Rewards and Loyalty Program – Valuable rewards hand in hand with great features

Currently, Dabble Australia doesn’t have any kind of loyalty system in place. Current legislation in Australia means that Dabble is somewhat limited to what rewards they can promote on their app.

Their focus seems to primarily be on the sharing and communication aspect of their app, but some rewards in themselves come from that. Dabble Australia notes when you are communicating often with other users and sharing your betting expertise, and they’ll allow you to keep ‘followers’ to your account.

Your followers will be able to see your profile, and any betting description you may choose to write up.

For example, you could write some betting tips on Cheltenham on your description page, and your followers could take advantage of that. The communal feel is a reward in itself, as Dabble Australia is one of the most collaborative betting platforms we have ever come across at

Betting markets – what betting markets does Dabble Australia have available?

Dabble Australia is another bookmaker that has prioritised racing first. It’s a good base to start at as an Australian bookie. It’s a proven fact that racing is the most popular form of betting in Australia.

Dabble has taken advantage of that, with a great range of horseracing, greyhound racing, and harness racing available to the player. With your public profile, you can bet on some of the biggest racing events of the calendar year.

Cheltenham, the Hunter Cup, the Darby National, the Melbourne Cup. There are plenty of racing punters you can follow on Dabble Australia that have some great betting tips that you can copy and use to your advantage.

The sports section in Dabble is still a developing section. At the moment, the latest additions to the sports markets are soccer and tennis, and they already have a good few sports that are worth betting on. Australian Rules, NFL, NBA, and rugby are all there for you to bet on.

To be frank, those could be the best betting markets to bet on too. There are plenty of successful rugby bettors on Dabble Australia, and all you’d have to do is copy their reliable bets to get on the path for consistent winnings in sports betting.

Picklebet PlayUp BlueBet Bet365
Betting Markets: 3 38 0 4200
Live Streams:
Odd Level: 88.6% 89.38% 93.38%
Sports: 20

Odds – are the odds competitive on the Dabble Australia app?

Odds are an essential part of any great bookmaker. We went into detail in our zBet review about how the odds really can make the experience in the long run.

With so many punters sharing and copying each other’s bets, you’d think Dabble would lower their odds as a safety net. Well, you’d be wrong to assume that.

Dabble Australia has some competitive odds, especially across its racing markets. If you’re betting on some of the bigger racing events for the year, let’s say the Darby, you could have a real shot of winning big. The odds on some of the underdogs would stretch past to 10.0, and even higher.

If you’re a new bettor, all you’d have to do is follow two consistently reliable punters for the duration of the Darby, and copy their tips. With odds like those on racing being offered, Dabble Australia offers a platform for a bettor of any experience level to succeed betting on racing.

Sports markets are a little different, but again, that’s to be expected. We’ve already covered that the sports section is not as well developed as the racing section. So, the odds won’t be as valuable in this section.

Still, if you’re a sports fan and enjoy the communal atmosphere Dabble Australia brings to the table, you can make the most out of it. Rugby is the prime example we like to use, due to the many New Zealand fans we encountered on the platform.

They give some great tips for betting on rugby, and with some competitive odds on this sport, in particular, it’s well worth checking out. Odds on other sports won’t be as good as rugby, but there are still some nuggets now and then.

Limits – what are the betting limits that Dabble Australia has in place?

Limits can be a dealbreaker for some people. It’s understandable. If betting limits are too harsh, it can take away from the betting experience as a whole.

However, most betting limits are in place as a safety measure for the player. If you can’t limit yourself, the platform can limit you from spending more than you can afford.

Fortunately, our Dabble Australia review noted that Dabble allows you to set your betting limits. In your profile screen (this will be private from other users, don’t worry!) you can set weekly and monthly deposit and withdrawal limits on your account.

This is a neat feature, and we always make sure to bring it up when any bookmaker implements it. It allows the player to take accountability for their betting.

Dabble do have their limitations on how much you can bet, however. In most cases, you can’t bet more than $5,000 on a single race. We’ve seen incidences of exemptions, but that’s the general rule that you can follow.

Product summary and conclusion – a great sports section helped by fantastic features

You can’t deny the primary reason many people sign up to Dabble Australia is for the sharing option. This heavily influences every aspect of sports betting in Dabble, mostly for the better for the many punters on the app.

The wide range of racing markets plays into this aspect, allowing punters to share and copy each other’s bets for all the major races. The sports section doesn’t have the same variety, nor the same competitive odds as the racing options. Still, it’s well worth checking out.

Especially for new bettors, who can copy the more experienced users for their advantage! As far as betting limits go, it’s fairly standard fare what Dabble Australia implements.

The ability to set your deposit and withdrawal limits is always a welcome security measure. Dabble has a great sports betting app here, and we can promise that betting on sports with Dabble will be completely different from any other betting experience you’ve ever had before.

Dabble review FAQ

👌How do you bet with Dabble Australia?

Dabble is one platform that offers something completely different to the table. But, it’s not the only one. If you search the entire country, you’ll find some great bookmakers popping up that offer something different than your standard fare bookmaker. Check out some of the new bookmakers Australia has to offer to see for yourself.

🏆How quick are the withdrawals with Dabble?

There are some payment methods that you can rely on to get your money to you quickly. Those payment methods have become a staple for all of the best bookmakers in Australia and for good reason. Ladbrokes Australia, for example, is a bookmaker that provides a variety of these helpful payment methods.

❗Is there a Dabble Australia desktop?

Many bookmakers will rely on their desktop platform to deliver the best betting experience. It’s the more traditional form of online sports betting, and in many cases, it allows for a better overall betting experience. Our BetStar review covers a sportsbook with a fantastic desktop that is well worth checking out.

Overall Conclusion – creativity paying off

Dabble Australia is a prime example of taking a risk and scoring a home run. The whole concept of the Dabble app is so out there, that many bookmakers would shudder at the thought of sharing bets. But, it has worked brilliantly for Dabble Australia, which has cultivated a great betting community as a result.

Taking into account they have a well-designed app and plenty of betting options, Dabble Australia has crafted a recipe for success in our eyes. Our Dabble review Australia has nothing but a positive opinion on Dabble, and we’re sure their success has only begun.

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