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Is DraftStars Secure?

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Read our DraftStars reviews to see why this is Australia’s best fantasy sports betting site. We found that DraftStars Australia gives you the perfect way to build your perfect fantasy sports team. It’s never been easier to get started on your fantasy betting!

So is DraftStars reliable for letting your try fantasy betting on your favourite sport? Our DraftStars reviews found that you could bet on anything from the NRL to the AFL here. Plus we awarded some top DraftStars ratings for the fact that you can get fantasy sports betting tips at this site.

We know that there are plenty of decent fantasy sports sites out there. But after you’ve read our DraftStars reviews, you’ll know that this site is the only sensible choice for Australian sports fans. So sign up to DraftStars Australia and join the fantasy sports betting revolution!

DraftStars Pro and Con
DraftStars Pro and Con
  • Top Australian fantasy sports site
  • AFL, NRL, NBA, EPL, NFL and cricket featured
  • Licensed by Northern Territory Gaming Commission
  • Excellent fantasy sports betting apps
  • Plenty of fantasy sports competitions to try
  • No bonus available

Usability, Look & Feel

We found that the DraftStars site is very well-designed and easy to use. It offers its users a slick interface that makes it extremely simple to browse all of the upcoming tournaments and assemble your teams out of all of the available players while trying not to overspend.

Although fantasy sports is very different from traditional sports betting, DraftStars have made sure that their site is packed with features that can quickly get you up to speed. Alongside the handy How To Play section, you’ll find that there are useful tabs for tracking your teams and your contests.

The DraftStars site also has cool sections devoted to your playing history and you can also keep track of how your friends are performing in their fantasy sports competitions.

Above all, this is a site that’s logically arranged and quick to load. While the concept of fantasy sports betting might be a relatively new phenomenon, DraftStars have ensured that their website makes it easy to join in this exciting way of getting closer to your favourite sports stars.


As DraftStars offer you the chance to enjoy one of the most innovative ways to bet on sports, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find that they have a similarly innovative mobile betting service.

This means that you can either use a smartphone or tablet to enjoy the mobile-friendly DraftStars site, or download the excellent DraftStars app. The DraftStars mobile version of their website is nicely optimised towards use on a mobile. This means that all of the text is legible, there aren’t too many data-heavy graphics, and all of the fantasy sports tournaments are clearly arranged in a way that is very user-friendly.

However, it’s the DraftStars app that is most impressive of all. The app gives you an ultra-fast way to pick contests and players and assemble your ultimate team while staying under the salary cap. You’ll be able to safely add funds to your account, pick up any potential winnings, and do everything else that you’d expect from the standard DraftStars site.

Some mobile users have commented that the app could have been better when it came to tracking the team standings. But we found that the DraftStars app offered a pretty seamless performance and it makes it easy to be involved with fantasy sports betting when you’re on the go.


Although DraftStars has a cool freeplay option that allows you to see what fantasy sports are all about without putting down your own money, it all gets a lot more interesting when you stand to take a share of their massive prize pool winnings.

In order to do this you will have to deposit your own money, which can then be used to enter in one of the many daily contests. DraftStars will give you three safe and reliable options for adding funds to your account.

This means that you can make deposits with credit and debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, or you can also make a bank transfer via POLi. This might look like a small selection of deposit methods, but it is roughly on par with what you can expect to find at many of Australia’s best sports betting sites.

Credit Card

All of these deposits should show up instantly in your account. It looks like there is no minimum deposit amount, but the most you can deposit each day is $1,000. You can only deposit up to $5,000 each week and $10,000 per month.

DraftStars will only allow you to make withdrawals via a bank transfer. You can make withdrawals from a minimum of $20 at a time. DraftStars fail to state how long it takes for them to process your withdrawal requests, but if it’s anything like other betting sites, it shouldn’t be much longer than one to five working days.

Customer Service

Anybody who comes to the DraftStars Australia site for the first time will appreciate the fact that this brand will do all they can to help you understand what fantasy sports betting is all about. But is DraftStars reliable if you need help with any other aspect of their service? After all, you might need some help in anything from verifying your account to making your first deposits or similar queries.

If you click on the Contact Us tab at the footer of the DraftStars website, you’ll be taken to a simple email contact form that allows you to send your queries to the company’s customer support team. DraftStars state that they will aim to respond to your emails within four hours. Our DraftStars reviews also found that their customer support service is available every day between the hours of 7am and 11pm AEST.

Unfortunately, it looks like DraftStars don’t have any live chat or telephone customer support facilities available. This is a shame as many other sports betting sites have these methods of getting help.

Thankfully, DraftStars have created a helpful FAQ section that addresses some of the most common customer queries. Here you can find help on topics that include scoring, game types, drafting your team, verifying your account and making deposits.

License & Security

For those looking to bet on fantasy sports with real money, it’s well worth asking ‘Is DraftStars secure?’ before you sign up to their site. The first thing you should check is that DraftStars is actually licensed for legal online betting in Australia. Thankfully, it looks like DraftStars are fully licensed by the Northern Territory Gaming Commission which means that you should be offered a safe, fair and legal fantasy sports betting service.

It’s also worth noting that as DraftStars is owned by PlayUp Interactive you won’t be dealing with a lesser-known brand, but instead will be dealing with a website that’s powered by one of the biggest Australian sports betting sites. This should inspire you with plenty of confidence as is the fact that DraftStars is the approved betting partner of the AFL and NRL, as well as the official fantasy partner of the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Australia’s Northern Territory

But is DraftStars secure in how it handles your personal data? By looking through the site’s privacy policy we can see that DraftStars will make sure that your personal information is kept safe by using password protected systems and SSL technology.

DraftStars also have a range of responsible gambling tools that allow you to set your own limits and give yourself a cooling-off period. So is DraftStars secure enough for you to enjoy fantasy sports in a safe manner? It looks like the site has taken all of the necessary steps to do so.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

We’ve already highlighted the fact that DraftStars doesn’t appear to have anything in the way of welcome bonuses. Sadly we have to report that the bookmaker don’t have any promotions or special offers for existing customers either. Some DraftStars users will be fine with the generosity of the site’s prize pools, but we can’t help thinking that DraftStars could have worked a little harder when it came to their promotions.

But it’s not all bad as we found that DraftStars have allowed you free access to their BBL Lineup Builder. This is currently only available in beta form and it’s only available for desktop and laptop computer use, but it gives you an easy way to assemble and upload your Big Bash League rosters in CSV in an instant.

We should also note that DraftStars has an excellent news and tips section on their site. This offers you a great way to catch up on all of the latest sporting action, and their tips should provide assistance in assembling an unbeatable fantasy sports team. All of this might not be quite as good as getting a decent bonus, but it shows that DraftStars are keen to help you get the best fantasy sports betting experience possible.

DraftStars Sports Betting

Betting Markets

We’ll start our DraftStars reviews by taking a look at the kinds of sports that DraftStars Australia allows you to bet on. While the majority of fantasy sports sites focus on American sports like basketball, baseball, American football and ice hockey, we’ll award some good DraftStars ratings for that fact that they allow you to build teams for some top Australian sports.

We can’t think of many other fantasy sports sites that cover AFL Australian rules football other than DraftStars Australia. Similarly, there will be some positive DraftStars ratings for their coverage of the NRL rugby league.

But is DraftStars reliable for letting you build your own fantasy cricket team? We found that the site allows you to take part in fantasy sports competitions for one-day internationals, T20 competitions and even Test match cricket.

It’s no surprise that DraftStars also cover top US sports such as MLB baseball, NFL American football, NHL ice hockey and NBA basketball. Plus you can also enjoy building your ultimate soccer team for the English Premier League. Here’s a look at all of the sporting competitions covered by DraftStars Australia:

  • AFL Australian rules football
  • NRL rugby league
  • NBA basketball
  • English Premier League soccer
  • T20, ODI and Test cricket
  • MLB baseball
  • NHL ice hockey
  • NFL American football
  • Horse racing
  • Golf


Betting at DraftStars is a very different from using a standard bookmaker. Firstly you won’t bet on fixed odds for the outcome of a sporting event. Instead you get to assemble your own fantasy sports team whose success will be dependent on the performances of their real-life counterparts.

OurDraftStars reviews found that you can enter your fantasy sports team in a variety of contests that cover all major Australian and global sports tournaments. DraftStars feature a good amount of daily tournaments where the entry cost commonly ranges from as little as $1 to $15. This helps to push up the DraftStars ratings. The prize pools for these competitions can vary as much as $200 to well over $35,000. This acts as a clue to the kinds of maximum winnings that you can expect to get from DraftStars.

Similarly, DraftStars will have different payouts for different tournaments. For the PGA Tournament of Champions only the top three teams will get a share of the prize pool, whereas the Big Bash League Hurricanes v Heat competition will payout to the top 219 teams.

So that whether you’re betting on the Classic version of fantasy sports, their Head2Head competitions, or their fun RapidFire tournaments, it looks like DraftStars will give you plenty of ways to potentially win.

Product Conclusion

Draftstars will already be garnering positive ratings and reviews from Australian players for their inclusion of local Aussie sports such as the NRL and the AFL. Furthermore, they offer all other major sports for the players that are looking for things look football or tennis. The site is reliable and secure and is definitely worth your time.

DraftStars Horse Betting

DraftStars Have Horse Racing Contests

So, DraftStars is a fantasy sports betting platform. You’re probably wondering how horse racing ties in with that? There are a number of contests where you pay money to enter and could scoop your share of the prize pool. This isn’t traditional fixed odds sportsbook betting; far from it. The name of the game is still correct calls.

From single entries to $2 minis, and Rapidfire picks in a head to head, it’s all about picking up points. The player with the most points from their predictions wins the first prize from the pool of money generated by entry fees. The higher the points you pick up, the greater your share is. DraftStars has a unique perspective on horse racing.

Why Horse Racing Odds Matter in DraftStars

With DraftStars, the odds of your winning selections matter an awful lot. This is because, the bigger the price a horse is returned for winning or a place, then the greater number of points you receive. If horses win races at $25 and their price for placing was $6, that would be 31 points to add to your total. A point is worth $1.

The Rapidfire racing game sees you go head to head on five horse races. Correctly call each of these, and your reward is 20x the return on your entry fee. Sounds great. Even if you just get three of your five selections right, then you get 1.8x the entry fee. Just like regular horse racing betting, it’s all about turning a profit.

Create Your Own Contest

While you won’t find any live streaming or additional offers through DraftStars as you would at a regular online bookmaker, there are some aspects of this unique fantasy betting platform that you yourself can customise. The fact you can make your own contests, set the number of players, entry fees and structure the prize pool is pretty cool.

In Australia, DraftStars are the official betting partner of the AFL (Aussie Rules) and NRL (rugby league), so this fantasy sports platform really has taken off in a big way. Major racetracks like Caulfield and Rosehill feature among the contests you can get involved with in terms of Australian horse racing.

Platform Growing in Popularity

As DraftStars is becoming increasingly popular, expect to find more players taking their chance on horse racing markets. Trying these out on a big day of horse racing in Australia could help get an idea of why there has been a surge in fantasy sports betting games in general. You can even play for free while you get the hang of how this unique take on gambling works.

DraftStars review Australia FAQ

🌏 What is Draftstars?

Many people want to know what they can expect from the Draftstars website. It makes sense to research the topic, so you know what awaits you there. You can reduce the time this takes simply by visiting Wetten.com today to explore all the sections of our comprehensive Draftstars review. Once you know the answers, you’ll know if this is the ideal site for you to visit and use.

⬇ Is there a Draftstars cheat sheet?

If you’re into fantasy sports such as football and basketball, a cheat sheet could come in useful. Draftstars is one of the leading online fantasy sports sites, so if you’re eager to know whether you could get a cheat sheet to help you play there, we’ve got more details for you. We are experts in reviewing and revealing the most important facts about fantasy sports websites at Wetten.com.

❕ Where can I find a Draftstars promo code?

One of the most popular ways for a fantasy sports site to attract the attention of new players is to offer various promotions and bonuses. It’s common to find these in several locations. If you would like to join Draftstars, it’s best to catch up with Wetten’s latest review of the site. This reveals some of the promotional deals you can pick up there.

❓ Where can I find Draftstars rankings?

Rankings are hugely important to fantasy sports. Just as real sports, teams, and players receive rankings so you can compare them, so too do the fantasy alternatives. This is just one area you should learn more about if you want to get involved at Draftstars. Choose the easy route to learning everything you need to know by visiting Wetten.com for further information.

🆕 How does Draftstars work?

Fantasy sports can seem confusing to the uninitiated. At Wetten.com, we aim to make sure we answer all your most popular questions and queries. Draftstars is a leading fantasy sports site, covering many fantasy sporting events and matches. You can find out how the site works in our review on the topic at Wetten.com. This should make it easier to know how you can take part as well.

Overall Conclusion

The first question that we had to ask and answer in our review was ‘Is DraftStars secure?’, and we found that this is a professional and legal fantasy sports site that will take good care of your deposits and personal data.

Then we looked at the actual quality of DraftStars’ fantasy betting service. You’ll find an excellent amount of competitions that provide plenty of opportunities to use the site. The fact that DraftStars offer a fantasy sports package for top Australian sports tournaments like the AFL and NRL shouldn’t be underestimated either.

However, it’s not a perfect review for DraftStars. We would have liked to see much more in the way of bonuses and promotions, and it was surprising to find that DraftStars didn’t have any live chat or telephone customer support.

Both of these issues are just minor concerns and they shouldn’t stop you enjoying all that DraftStars has to offer. So for a great example of a fantasy sports betting site that pays close attention to Australian sports, we’d recommend that you see what DraftStars is all about. Otherwise, you can investigate our review of Moneyball Australia for a competitive fantasy sport package.

If you’re still on the search for the perfect mainstream bookmaker, take a look at some more of our sportsbook reviews, such as our PlayUp review.

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  • Top fantasy sports tournaments
  • AFL, NRL, NBA, EPL, NFL contests
  • Excellent fantasy sports apps

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