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EliteBet Australia Review 2022

Expert EliteBet Review - Is EliteBet Secure?

EliteBet Sports
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T&Cs apply, 18+
  • Some competitive odds in racing markets
  • Good range of betting markets
  • Generous betting limits
Kane Gregan
Kane Gregan
Last Updated on 22/11/2022
Fact checked by: Noah Ezra

Sometimes, simplicity is the sole key to brilliance. We’ve seen it time and time again: stick to an old formula, do it well and you’ll produce the results you’re after. This EliteBet review noticed how well EliteBet does the basics.

EliteBet Australia doesn’t have anything groundbreaking or astounding to add to its arsenal. But, what it does offer to the bettor, is sheer quality and a well-designed platform that is easy to play on. With these simple key elements, EliteBet Australia has developed a great sportsbook. Let’s get into what makes EliteBet Australia a premier bookmaker across the country.

EliteBet: Pros & Cons
  • Smooth, quick website
  • Responsive customer service
  • Decent range of betting markets
  • Quick withdrawal times
  • Limited payment options

Usability, Look and Feel - A brilliant, easy to use webpage

Having a great web platform can be difficult for many online sportsbooks. There’s a lot you have to cram into one sportsbook website, which can lead to the whole experience feeling clunky and uneven. This isn’t a problem in the slightest for EliteBet Australia.

EliteBet Australia doesn’t attempt to be flashy or impressive. Take one look at their homepage. Simple, but effective. A white background, with shades of yellow and black over it, the colour scheme is designed to be nice, but to simply fade into the background. Where EliteBet excels is speed.

Among all the new bookmakers Australia has to offer, EliteBet Australia is by far the quickest. Everything is done with the snap of a finger: changing pages, placing bets, and editing your bet slip has never been made easier. On top of that, navigating their platform is just as easy.

You can scroll through their highlights tab, their racing page, their sports section, and your profile in a matter of a few clicks, and it will barely take you any time at all. One thing that is consistent with many sportsbooks across the board, is the slight delay when you place a bet.

The fact of the matter is EliteBet Australia has completely minimised that waiting time, so your bet can be placed immediately. This is an invaluable tool to have, especially for any inexperienced bettor who may not have the patience to wait around for bets to place.

How to open an EliteBet account – how do you open a EliteBet account quickly?

Many customers, especially new bettors, can be put off by the signup experience. It’s understandable; it can be daunting having to wade through pages upon pages of forms to be filled out.

That’s why we only recommend bookmakers that simplify this entire process. We want to make sure you’re able to sign up to your account as quickly as possible in this EliteBet review Australia. Here’s how to activate EliteBet account hassle-free.

  1. Fill in your details – To get your profile set up, you’ll have to fill in all of the usual details. This usually includes your name, address, phone number, email, followed by creating a username and a password.

You’ll also have the option early on to choose weekly and monthly deposit and withdrawal limits, which is a neat feature to have off the bat

  1. Verify your details – Technically, you can gain access to your profile now if you want. But, if you want to be able to bet, you’ll have to verify your identity.

First off, you’ll have to verify your EliteBet Australia account through your email or phone. You’ll have to verify your identity next. This will involve posting a picture of your driving licence, or passport, which EliteBet Australia will then verify.

That’s that. You’ll have full access to your EliteBet account now, and you’re free to start betting on whatever you want!

Payments – some reliable options available

Payments are a critical part of any sportsbook. Just look at our Dabble review for more context; a bookmaker must have reliable payment methods to provide to their customers. EliteBet Australia may not have a wide range of payment options for their customers, but the payment options they do provide are ones you can trust.

The deposit methods include debit/credit card, EFTs (Electronic Fund Transfer), or a cash deposit through any National Australia Bank branch.

The withdrawal methods include most of the above, apart from the in-person bank transaction. Debit and credit card payments are always reliable, and our EliteBet review Australia does take note of how quick the payment methods are through this method.

Usually, they take 1-2 working days to withdraw winnings, and with EFTs, it might take a little longer. While there’s nothing wrong with the payment methods, we believe EliteBet Australia could benefit from a little more variety in its payment methods.

For example, adding an eWallet, like PayPal or Neteller, could round off their payment methods in this EliteBet review.

Customer service – quick, efficient, and professional

We always cover this, but we believe customer service is one of the more underrated sections of a bookmaker. It’s such a vital part of the overall platform.

It helps keep a sportsbook ticking, as well as keeping good communication lines with you, the customer. EliteBet Australia has a clear understanding of that, and we can see that they are progressively making efforts to improve their customer service as a whole.

EliteBet Australia currently has two customer support methods available. Phone and email are the primary forms, but they are currently working on a live chat that will be available soon.

The phone line is excellent, with a representative who is knowledgeable and always very patient in helping you out with whatever issue you may have. The email service can be a little more intensive.

It will take you a little longer to get help, 1-2 working days at most, but in most cases, the email guides they send you are detailed and very helpful in fixing any issues you may have. EliteBet Australia also has their address in the ‘Contact Us’, meaning you can send them physical mail if you feel the issue requires it.

This is always a useful option to have in the back pocket, as it means you can send physical copies/papers if your issue requires evidence like this. For a new sportsbook, it’s very impressive the detail that EliteBet Australia has put into their customer service.

Licence and Security – Certified and secure

This is perhaps the most important section of a bookmaker we can review. As we say in our BetStar Australia article, every bookmaker needs to be fully licensed before they can set up an online platform.

It’s the only way they can verify their legitimacy, and it’s the best way any customer can identify if a platform is trustworthy. Of course, you won’t have to worry about that when it comes to EliteBet Australia.

EliteBet Australia is licensed by the State of New South Wales and fully runs their operations within the state. Their website is also secure, their SSL certificate is fully valid. It was issued by DigiCert Baltimore Root.

New South Wales

EliteBet Australia also has several methods in place to ensure people gamble responsibly, and that all of their customers are of legal age. They have a page dedicated to the warning signs of a gambling addiction happening, as well as several websites you can visit to help with that. Their age verification process means that all new customers have to verify their identity within 14 days. If they are not over 18, their account will be terminated.

They have also gained a certificate, which is impressive for a new bookmaker. GambleAware is the only certificate they have, but we have no doubt we will be adding more to this EliteBet review at the rate they are going.

Rewards and Loyalty Programs – some nuggets to be found

Due to current legislation in Australia, EliteBet Australia is limited to what rewards systems they can have on their platform. Unfortunately, this means that we won’t be mentioning any VIP program or system in this EliteBet review Australia, because it does not exist.

However, there are rewards to be found on EliteBet if you search for them. They favour horse owners who bet on horse races. You can take advantage of the best of the best odds reward if you own a horse, meaning that your odds will be enhanced on most horse races.

You’ll also get some cash back if there’s any kind of protest or dispute on the winner of a race. They have plenty more similar reward bets available across the site, littered for certain kinds of players. The only way to find out if you’ll be eligible is to scour the entire site yourself!

EliteBet Sports Betting

Betting markets – what betting markets do EliteBet Australia have available?

Having a good range of betting markets is essential for a quality bookmaker. You need to have a range to attract as many customers as possible to your platform.

If you only specialise in one area, many bettors will quickly get bored of using your platform. In this EliteBet review, we can tell you boredom won’t be an issue when you’re betting with a particular website.

EliteBet Australia has a great range of racing markets available for the player. Featuring horse racing, greyhound racing and harness racing, the variety of races and events you can choose from is astounding. Just take what is on offer in the racing section right now, and you can see the variety to choose from.

You can bet on horse races from Canberra to Turf Paradise. There are greyhound races available in Ascot Park, Bordeaux, and Yonkers. EliteBet Australia specialises in racing, and they made sure to make that their specialty.

The sports markets that EliteBet Australia has on offer are also solid. You have a good range of different sports to choose from, including rugby, soccer, tennis, snooker, badminton, Aussie rules, and basketball. Their range could be a little wider, but it’s still impressive enough considering the games in those sports available to the bettor.

Odds – are the odds EliteBet Australia offers competitive?

Odds are what decide what bookmaker a player should go to. It’s a huge deciding factor for many players. Just look at our Ladbrokes review, many players have chosen to sign up to that bookmaker because they provide brilliant odds. We’ve taken that into account in this EliteBet Australia review, and it’s something that we judge very intently on.

EliteBet Australia has some fantastic odds, depending on what you are betting on. If you’re focusing on racing markets, you’ll be in for a treat.

The odds on some of the races are well worth your time because there’s so much value to be found in so many different races. Take a race that took place in Happy Valley, for example. There’s an underdog in that race, Regency Master, that has odds of 41 on him to win. 41!

The favourite of that race also has relatively high odds too, with a fixed win odds of 4.4 for Glorious Lover to take the number 1 spot. Horse racing is always going to be a lucrative betting venture, but EliteBet Australia makes it easy to become a horse racing fan. You can make minimal bets, and potentially walk out with maximum rewards.

Sports betting is a little different. The odds aren’t quite as valuable, but there are still some sports on EliteBet Australia that are worth checking out. Soccer is a great example, as there’s always a game of some importance happening in soccer.

An international friendly between Uganda and Iceland has odds of 4.3 on Uganda winning, against odds of 1.8 on Iceland, with a 3.5 draw. That’s a game that could reasonably go anyway, and no matter what side you bet on, your potential winnings will be a good bit more than what you put down.

Limits – what are the betting limits like on EliteBet Australia?

Betting limits can be a real bummer for some players. It’s usually associated with quick limits, where your wager is capped off if you’re succeeding too much. While this is an occurrence, it’s not too frequent in the bookmakers we review. Certainly not with EliteBet Australia.

Our EliteBet review had to take note of how generous EliteBet is with its betting limits. Their minimum deposit and withdrawal are both $1, and the maximum deposit you can make is $5000.

They have a cap on most bets around $5000, but that can change depending on the event. Some of the bigger racing events, like Cheltenham and the Darby Cup, can have whopping betting limits of $10,000! This is the place for you racing punters to go if you want to bet big.

Product summary and conclusion – A solid sports betting site

Our EliteBet Australia review can summarise the overall experience as solid. They’re a great all-around website, on a general basis, there’s plenty of variety on betting markets, and the odds are all good value.

However, racing is where you need to go if you want to bet on EliteBet Australia regularly, and that’s where the big value is. All the same, betting on sports with EliteBet Australia is still fun.

The betting limits are pretty generous, especially for a new sportsbook. EliteBet offers a simple sports betting experience, and we believe it’s the perfect platform for a new bettor to spread their wings, and get a taste for some good value betting.

EliteBet review FAQ

👑Is there an EliteBet Australia app available on Android?

Having a mobile experience has become more and more important for a sportsbook over the years. Customers are beginning to bet on the go, and the most efficient way a customer can do that is by betting on their phone. There are some great apps out there, and we have reviewed some of the best ones available. You can learn more about it in our Ladbrokes review.

👍What’s the easiest way to deposit at EliteBet?

Any bookmaker that has a wide range of payment methods is reliable. The best bookmakers understand that the range is what attracts a customer to bet with them, because they know they can choose a traditional, or modern payment method, depending on their taste. Check out our article on the new bookmakers Australia has to offer to see which has the best range of payment options.

🏧Can I use EliteBet in Queensland?

Betting online in Australia can be a little complex, for several reasons. A primary reason depends on where a bookmaker is legislated to run out of. In some cases, being legalised by a state regulatory body means they can be available across the country, in other cases, it means they are only available online in one state. Take a look at our BetStar Australia article to see a great bookmaker available nationwide.

Overall conclusion/verdict – a solid, reliable platform

EliteBet Australia doesn’t offer anything you haven’t already seen. But, sometimes, that’s alright. EliteBet Australia does the basics well, and in most cases, that’s all a good sportsbook needs to do. The website design is fantastic, with some of the fastest response times we’ve seen in any capacity.

They’ve done all the necessary security measures to ensure their website is safe, with some secure payment methods and easy-to-access gambling safety measures. Creating an account with EliteBet Australia is simple, and that’s a great summary of the site as a whole. Everything is made simple.

EliteBet Sports
Go to EliteBet Sports
  • Some competitive odds in racing markets
  • Good range of betting markets
  • Generous betting limits

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