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Swopstakes Review Australia 2023

Is Swopstakes Secure?

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Swopstakes Australia is a little different from other bookmakers, so you’ll need to read our Swopstakes reviews to discover why this could be a great site for your sports bets. We’ll show you why this social sweepstakes betting platform has been picking up some great Swopstakes ratings over the past couple of years, and we’ll answer the all-important question of ‘Is Swopstakes reliable?’.

Swopstakes Australia burst onto the scene in November 2018. It was launched by the Australian brand Six Faces and it was one of the nation’s first social sweepstake betting sites. The site have already paid out $45,000 in prizes which should go some way to explaining why there are some decent Swopstakes reviews out there.

But we want our Swopstakes reviews to go a little more in-depth. So we’ll make sure that you get fair Swopstakes ratings for everything from the brand’s licensing to their customer support facilities. Plus we’ll make sure that we ask ‘Is Swopstakes secure?’ alongside determining whether their social sweepstakes betting service is worthy of the hype. We’ll even compare it to the likes of our PlayUp review, among other popular providers.

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Swopstakes Pro and Con
  • Exciting social sweepstakes betting site
  • Many sports and racing contests featured
  • Customer support available on live chat
  • Visually appealing website
  • Interesting way to bet on sports
  • No fixed odds for sports betting
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Australia’s Northern Territory
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Overall Rating
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Usability, Look & Feel
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Licence & Security
Rewards & Loyalty Program
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Megan Jonson
Last Updated on 03/01/2023
Fact checked by: Kane Gregan

Usability, Look & Feel

Swopstakes have clearly worked hard to make sure that their betting site is packed with colour and very easy on the eye. While many sports betting sites can be a little sterile, the Swopstakes site feels very friendly and fun.

Not that it’s all about style over substance as the Swopstakes web developers have made sure that the sweepstake betting platform feels smooth and effortless. It proved to be remarkably simple to pick our sweepstakes tickets, and whether we wanted to hold onto them or cash them out early, all of the relevant actions could be handled without any annoying glitches popping up.

All of the basic tasks like logging into your account, contacting customer support and handling your free credits also proved to be relatively straightforward. Plus while it took us a while to get used to the sweepstakes betting format, there was plenty of help available to make sure that we made the most out of this innovative service.

We have to mention the fact that the Swopstakes site looked like it was undergoing some maintenance when we carried out this review. As a result, some of the pages like the terms and condition and some games pages didn’t work. We are hoping that this is a temporary issue that will be resolved when Swopstakes get back to what they do best in the near future.


Mobile betting is big news and it’s great to see Swopstakes have made an effort to jump onboard the mobile betting bandwagon. This can be seen in the fact that Swopstakes have unveiled an excellent sweepstakes betting app for Android mobile devices. Sadly they are still working on their Swopstakes iOS app, but it looks like it could be with us soon.

Downloading the Swopstakes app to your Android smartphone or tablet will give you a seriously convenient way to enjoy this social sweepstakes betting platform. You’ll find it easy to browse all of the available tournaments, and it also proves to be simple to check all of the latest promotions, look back over past results and contact live chat support. We found the Swopstakes app to be very quick to load, and it managed to carry across the good-looking feel of the brand’s website.

So what can you do if you want to use Swopstakes’ betting service on an iPhone or an iPad? We found that we could use the mobile browser on an Apple mobile to access the Swopstakes website and it gave us a pretty good way to enjoy their sweepstakes betting platform. Hopefully they will unveil their iOS app soon, but until then, there’s no reason for Apple users to miss out on what Swopstakes have to offer.


Swopstakes offer a social betting service that’s unlike most other sports betting sites. This is compounded by the fact that the site states that they operate a freeplay betting service. What makes this all the more unusual is the way in which Swopstakes proudly claim that they have served up over $45,000 in freeplay cash prizes since starting up.

As a result, it’s hard to see how this site actually manages to operate seeing as it effectively promises to give cash prizes away for nothing. This may seem fairly unlikely, so is Swopstakes reliable in terms of how it handles its money?

We couldn’t find any evidence on the site to suggest that they allow you to make deposits with the standard payment methods. Instead, it looks like you will merely have to use your freeplay credits to buy tickets for the sweepstakes competitions.

Bank Transfer

This, therefore, negates all questions about ‘Is Swopstakes secure?’ in terms of how they would handle your deposits. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to win any bets on the Swopstakes site so couldn’t see how we could get our hands on any sweepstakes winnings.

However it’s worth noting that the Swopstakes FAQ states that they will pay you your winnings via a bank transfer. The site says that they will contact you via their app if you manage to win one of their cash prizes and then you’ll be able to get your winnings reasonably quickly.

Customer Service

Swopstakes Australia offer a sports betting service that is unlike any other that we’ve encountered. As a result it can be a good idea to ask ‘Is Swopstakes reliable?’ in terms of its customer service as there is a pretty strong chance that you might need some help in getting used this social sweepstakes betting platform.

Thankfully we could award some positive Swopstakes ratings for its customer support features. This is because there was a useful live chat box that automatically appeared when we first landed at the Swopstakes Australia website.

This live chat feature gave us chance to raise a few simple queries like ‘How do I make sweepstake bets?’ and ‘Is Swopstakes secure?’ with a customer service representative called Baxter. We received a warm and professional service here, although the Swopstakes ratings for customer service might dip due to there being no telephone or email customer support facilities.

However, it’s worth noting that Swopstakes have taken the time to create some decent tutorials that do a pretty good job in explaining what social sweepstakes betting is all about. In addition to this, they have created some basic but fairly useful FAQ articles that can help with the Swopstakes ratings for customer support even further. So is Swopstakes reliable for customer service? We’d have to say yes.

License & Security

Although Swopstakes is a little different from most sports betting sites, it’s still worthwhile asking ‘Is Swopstakes secure?’ before you sign up to the website. After all, you will be entering in some personal information when creating your account, and you can never be too cautious in terms of how your data is handled.

The first thing that we noticed when we asked ourselves ‘Is Swopstakes reliable?’ is the fact that we couldn’t find any evidence of this site having an online gambling license. We even clicked on the Swopstakes terms and conditions page but this seemed to be a broken link that led to a fairly empty page.

All decent Australian bookmakers will clearly display their relevant gambling license in the footer of their websites so we were a little concerned about the fact that Swopstakes were unlicensed.

Australia’s Northern Territory

However this seems to be due to the fact that Swopstakes operate a free-to-play sweepstakes betting service which would be exempt from the usual legislation regarding online sports betting.

But is Swopstakes secure in how it handles your personal information? The betting site have a reasonably detailed privacy policy in which they pledge that they will take all reasonable steps to keep your data safe. Swopstakes fail to mention what kinds of encryption methods they will use to do this, but everything about their betting platform looked to be professional and legitimate.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

The Melbourne Cup is when most of us try some sweepstakes betting and it’s not hugely surprising to find that Swopstakes had a decent Melbourne Cup promotional game. This saw one lucky customer out of 92,160 others to have all 10 winners on Cup day. By winning this competition, the lucky winner managed to get a grand prize of $7,000 in cash, while the seven runners-up at least got a consolation prize of 500 free credits each.There were other similar horse racing sweepstakes promotions for top race meetings like Oaks Day, Derby Day, Stakes Day, Zipping Classic Day, Xmas at the Valley and Ballarat Cup Day. So the next time a big horse race comes to Australia be sure to see what promotional games Swopstakes are offering.

Swopstakes promotions for other sports

Swopstakes are keen to note that they have many promotions for other top Australian sports. For example, we recently saw Swopstakes giving away $600 in cash prizes each week for NRL rugby league sweepstakes competitions.

This gave you a great excuse to take part in these freeplay tournaments, and even if there was no winner, then Swopstakes would make sure that the game jackpot would roll over to the next contest. Plus with other giveaways for anything from Australian A-League soccer to greyhound racing, it’s nice to find that Swopstakes are willing to be so generous with their promotional games.

Swopstakes Sports Betting

Betting Markets

Swopstakes Australia promise to give you a new way to enjoy sweepstake betting. Most of us will have taken sweepstakes bets on a horse race where we’ll get a randomly assigned ticket that has a distant chance of winning the competition.

But Swopstakes take this approach and raise it up a level by allowing you to try sweepstake betting across anything from an entire horse racing meeting to contests for sports like soccer and American football. Swopstakes will also let you enjoy this innovative betting platform for massive Australian sports like NRL rugby league, AFL Australian rules football, and even greyhound racing.

Our Swopstakes reviews have found that this site allows you to do much more with your sweepstakes ticket than just sit back and wait for luck to be on your side. This is because you can keep the tickets you think will win, cash them out if you think they are going to lose, buy more tickets or even throw away all of your tickets and get some new ones for the next round of the contest.

All of which means that we’ll have to award some decent Swopstakes ratings for the originality of their betting offer. But if you are a sports fan who is reading these Swopstakes reviews looking for a more standard betting experience, then Swopstakes Australia probably isn’t for you.


Sweepstakes are a great way for even the most sports-phobic person to get interested in betting on the biggest sporting contests. This is because sweepstakes are entirely dependent on luck and so even complete newbies can sometimes get a winning result.

But with the Swopstakes betting platform you’ll get to be a little more calculated in how you play these sweepstakes bets. This is because you get choices of whether to hang on to your tickets, cash them in early, or even pick up someone else’s discarded ticket.

All of this is designed to encourage you to stay in the sweepstakes competitions for longer. By doing so you would in theory be the last person standing when the sweepstake has concluded and you have the sole remaining ticket with all of the winners on it.

As such it’s going to be very tricky to win the majority of sweepstakes tournaments on the Swopstakes site. But sweepstakes betting is always notoriously tricky so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. And obviously we can’t do an odds comparison test for Swopstakes as this is not a regular bookmaker who would give you fixed odds for your sports bets.

Product Conclusion

Swopstakes is a unique bookmaker in terms of what kind of sportsbook they offer. They focus largely on AUstralian sports nad horse racing, as well as greyhound racing. As such for your average punter who is perhaps looking for more standard sport, Swopstakes is perhaps not going to offer you what you are looking for. As such, while the bookmaker is still quality it may not appeal to many who are looking for more standard sporting events.

Swopstakes Horse Betting

Sweepstakes Success What You Seek with Swopstakes

Ever heard of sweepstakes? You’ve probably done them at the office before. This where you buy tickets for the chance to win a prize. Well, Swopstakes has turned that bit of fun into a sports betting platform which includes horse racing action and a host of other sports besides. You can either buy your tickets from the pool or via the bank. If you don’t fancy the horse on the ticket, then you can try and swap it with another player.

There’s a winning ticket in every game. This isn’t just a gimmick or slogan that Swopstakes puts out there. With horse racing, there is always going to be a winner and that means the lion’s share of the prize money bet in the pool. This unique take on parimutuel betting borrows from the three national totes including the TAB.

Search & Buy Swopstakes Horse Racing Tickets

In a way, the odds set themselves here because you can search for and buy the tickets with the horses you fancy on them. How much are you prepared to pay other players for a swap? When you buy a ticket, you are also buying entry into the betting on that race. This isn’t traditional fixed odds horse racing markets like you would get from a regular online bookmaker.

The aim of playing on Swopstakes is to keep trading tickets to increase your profits. This is about identifying undesirable horses that you may end up getting in the sweepstakes and selling them on to others who might take a different view. One of the great things about horse racing is that everyone has an opinion. If you can profit from your view being right and other players being wrong, then more power to you!

Regular Promotions on Big Horse Racing Days

On a platform like Swopstakes, don’t expect to find live streaming of sporting action. What they can offer players, however, are challenges and pool on all major horse racing cards. Looking back through past promotions, we found a Victoria Derby Day Challenge and another for the Melbourne Cup during the Spring Carnival at Flemington.

It makes sense for their horse racing sweepstakes to focus on the major events. Don’t be surprised if there is something similar for the big days during the Autumn Carnival as well. A Jockeys & Trainer Guide was also available on the Swopstakes blog, but this could do with more regular updates. You can also view the winners of past horse racing promotions they have run on the Results page.

Swopstakes Has Unique Take on Horse Racing

Using sweepstakes and turning them into a betting game where players have to make clever trades and buys with the tickets on offer is a stroke of genius from Swopstakes. No sport works better with this than horse racing, because there are always multiple possible outcomes to a race. Players must have strong knowledge of the sport and be good with their predictions to turn a profit, however.

Swopstakes Reviews FAQ

❓What is Swopstakes?

Swopstakes is a completely unique type of game that gives you the chance to bet on your favorite sports in a completely new way. Do you want to find out exactly how it works? Our expert Swopstakes Reviews here at provide you with a complete and detailed rundown of how Swopstakes works.

▶️ How do I play Swopstakes?

Swopstakes is an Australian betting platform that is basically a large social sweepstakes game that’s played on a number of sports. If you’re looking to find out exactly how it works, you can find a step by step guide here at Simply head to our Swopstakes Reviews right here to discover everything you need to know about this unique betting game.

🔐 Is Swopstakes secure?

Swopstakes is an Australian betting site that works a little bit differently from your standard online bookmakers. Essentially, it’s a large-scale social sweepstakes game. If you’re looking to find out how safe and secure your money and data is with this website, check out our expert Swopstakes Reviews here at

🤝 Is Swopstakes reliable?

Swopstakes is a unique Australian based online betting platform, however it works quite a bit differently from most other sportsbooks. Is this new type of sports betting game trustworthy and reliable? Find out all of the information regarding Swopstakes’ licensing and regulation in our Swopstakes Reviews here at

Overall Conclusion

It might be strange to compare a site like Swopstakes with some of Australia’s more traditional sports bookmakers, like those showcased in our SportsBet review or SportsChamp review pages. However, we think that Swopstakes offer a good example of a betting site who are willing to try something different from just fixed odds betting.

It might take Swopstakes a while to catch up with the success of some fantasy sports betting sites, but there’s plenty of evidence to suggest that their social sweepstakes betting service could catch on.

With some handsome prizes available without you needing to put down any of your own money, it seems that this site could turn out to be much more popular soon. So register your account with Swopstakes to see what you can get with your free credits.

BlueBet Sports
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  • Established, reputable brand
  • Fully licensed by Racing NSW
  • Good amount of racing and sports bets

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Horse Betting
Swopstakes Sports
Rating follows
  • Exciting social sweepstakes betting site
  • Many sports and racing contests featured
  • Visually appealing website
T&Cs apply, 18+
Swopstakes Horse Betting
Rating follows
  • Sweepstakes on all major horse races
  • Buy and trade the right tickets to win
  • Enter sweep from pool or via bank
T&Cs apply, 18+
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