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Online Gambling Sites » Best Betting App Canada 2024 » Best & Latest Value Betting Bookmaker App Canada

Best & Latest Value Betting Bookmaker App Canada

Last Updated on 21/07/2024
Fact checked by: Kyle Tremblay

Ever wondered how value betting works? This guide will share all you need to know about this popular betting strategy.

In its simplest form, value betting is concerned with finding betting opportunities which offer better odds than you may expect. When this occurs, the likelihood of that particular outcome occurring is actually higher in reality than the odds imply, thus providing a good value betting opportunity.

Read on to find out more about value betting and how to implement it on your chosen bookmaker site.

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What is value betting?

When bookmakers make a betting opportunity available, they offer you particular odds and these should reflect the likelihood of the predicted outcome occurring. If a successful team, such as Manchester United, are playing a lesser-known team, like Port Vale, for example, you may be offered odds of 1/10 on Manchester United winning the match, and 9/1 on Port Vale winning.

The odds offered by a bookmaker are commonly known as implied odds because they imply that a certain outcome is more likely to occur than another. In the example above, the odds imply that Manchester United are far more likely to win the match than Port Vale, for example.

Using a value betting app in Canada

Generally, the implied odds offered by a bookmaker match the actual odds of a particular outcome occurring, when it’s calculated mathematically and statistically. However, there are times when the actual or real-life odds of an outcome occurring aren’t accurately represented by the bookmaker’s implied odds, and this equates to a high-value bet.

If statistics suggest that Horse 1 has a 60% chance of winning a horse race, for example, you should expect to see odds of around 2/3. However, if a bookmaker offers odds of 7/5, the implied odds only give Horse 1 a 40% probability of winning. Here, there is a clear difference between the implied odds offered by the bookmaker and the actual, real-life odds, as shown by mathematical calculations.

High-value bets

To place high-value bets, you obviously need to calculate whether the real odds match the implied odds given by your bookmaker. This means you’ll need a strategy or method to assess what the odds of a particular event or outcome are. There are various ways to calculate your own odds, and many bettors prefer to use their own methods to determine where value bets occur.

If you examine a team’s form, the number of home or away wins, players out due to injury and other factors, for example, you could use these variables to determine the probability of them beating their opponents. Once converted into odds, you could then compare your own odds to the implied odds to see if a value bet is present. However, there are easier ways to find value bets with the best value betting app.

Our top 3 value betting providers in Canada

Facts check

  • Value betting is one of the most popular betting systems
  • You can combine value betting with other strategies, such as the over-under goals system
  • Gamblers can place value bets on live events with in-play betting options

Using value betting software in Canada

Trying to calculate your own odds can be time-consuming, and it can also require you to have a rather in-depth knowledge of the sport you’re betting on. When you use sports betting algorithms software or the best value betting app in Canada, however, you can find value bets far more quickly and efficiently.

With the best value betting software in Canada, for example, you can search for high-value bets and examine their expected value before deciding whether or not to place a bet. As in-built sports betting algorithms software in Canada do the hard work for you, value betting software in Canada makes it easy to place bets using a value betting system.

If you’re going to use sports betting software free in Canada, you want to ensure you’re using the best software you can find. In order to provide you with accurate data, value betting software in Canada must be utterly reliable and independent. Furthermore, the best value betting software in Canada will provide the information you need in real-time and via a user-friendly platform. Plus you’ll want to know which betting apps cash out for further flexibility.

One of the major advantages of using value betting software in Canada is the speed at which you can find value bets. Whilst calculating your own odds and comparing them to the bookmaker’s implied odds can take a considerable amount of time, the best value betting app and sports betting software free in Canada can provide this information in seconds.

How to use sports betting software free in Canada

Sports betting platforms do vary, so it’s important to do your own research and decide which platform is right for you. However, when you’re looking for value betting software or a value betting app in Canada, there are some things which you may find important. Firstly, the software provider should be completely reliable and a trusted name within the betting industry. With customer reviews and certification, bookmakers can highlight their authenticity and reliability, so these are two things to look out for.

Secondly, you’ll need to find value betting software in Canada which performs well on your chosen device. You should also check which betting apps cash out easily. Betting odds are updated in real-time and can change in seconds, so you’ll need sports betting algorithms software in Canada which is capable of providing up-to-date betting information.

Downloading a value bet finder app in Canada makes finding high-value bets simple and straightforward. Select from particular sports and leagues, or set your value betting app to only show value bets with a high estimated value. Whatever way you want to bet, you can rely on a value bet finder app in Canada to help you take advantage of the odds on offer.

Although there are many providers to choose from, you may want to select a value betting app in Canada based on its accuracy and its specialisms. Whilst a value bets app in Canada may provide information regarding value bets across a number of sports, you can also use value betting software in Canada which focuses on a particular sport.

Selecting sports betting opportunities

If you’re interested in football, for example, you may want to use value betting software in Canada which has been specifically designed with football in mind. With many strategies used to bet on football, you may even find that a value betting app in Canada can also provide crucial information regarding other betting systems, such as over 1.5 goals, 2-3 goals and over under 2.5 goals strategies.
With so many different types of bets available, a value bet finder app in Canada is able to trawl through them all and showcase the betting opportunities which present the best value. What’s more – a value bets app in Canada can do this in record time, so you’ll never miss a betting opportunity again.

Did you know?

  • Value bets can be placed on almost any sport, including football, horse racing and hockey
  • Comparing implied odds and actual odds helps you to find value bets
  • You can place value bets on virtual events, as well as real-life sports

Maximizing returns with value betting

Bettors routinely use sports betting algorithms software in Canada because they believe value betting is an effective way of increasing their winnings. However, value betting isn’t solely about how often you win a bet, but how much you can gain from each bet.

If Horse 2 is a heavy favorite to win a particular race, for example, the probability of it winning may be fairly high. You might assume that placing a bet on this horse is a great way to win and make a return. Of course, with a high real-life probability of the horse winning the race, you might be right.
However, this could only represent a high value bet if the bookmaker’s implied odds were far longer than the real-life odds shown on your value betting app in Canada.

Avoiding low value bets

When real-life odds and implied odds are similar, the bet will typically low value. If Horse 2 has an 80% probability of winning its race, for example, this would equate to real-life odds of around 1/4. If your bookmaker was offering odds of 1/4 or shorter, the bet would be low value. Whilst it’s likely that Horse 2 will win, odds of 1/4 offer a very modest return and the risk of the horse losing outweighs the potential returns.

However, if Horse 2 has an 80% probability of winning and real-life odds of around 1/4 but your bookmaker is offering odds of 5/6, this would equate to a high-value bet. In this example, the bookmaker is predicting that Horse 2 has around a 55% chance of winning. Providing your real-life odds are accurate, this bet would be high value due to the discrepancy between the real odds and the implied odds.

It’s clear, therefore, that value betting isn’t about placing a bet on every team, horse or player that’s likely to win. Essentially, value betting is about looking for quality bets, which will provide you with a decent return, rather than simply finding bets which are likely to win but will only provide very little in terms of the return you’ll get.

Of course, when you use the best value betting app or top sports betting software free in Canada, you are likely to find potentially winning high-value bets. As value bets often occur when a bookmaker’s odds differ from real odds, the odds your bookmaker offers may underestimate the real-life probability a team, horse or player has of winning, thus giving you the chance to increase the number of winning bets you place and the returns you accumulate.

Using value betting on the go

Betting is now a worldwide industry, and sports betting has become more popular than ever. With events taking place all over the world, you can place sports bets at any time of the day or night. As well as placing a bet in advance of a match, race, tournament or league, you can also back a particular runner, team, horse or player whilst matches or races are live. Sometimes known as in-play betting or live betting, your value bets app in Canada can be used to find high-value bets on events as they take place. Some betting apps cash out too which can be invaluable.

When you need to access statistical information and value bet analysis on the go, you’ll want to use the best value bet finder app in Canada. As many people rely on value betting software in Canada, having access to accurate data on your mobile devices is essential if you want to practice value betting.

As well as providing you with useful information regarding value betting opportunities, your sports betting software free in Canada can be used to access other data too. Based on the statistics available, your value betting app in Canada may also be able to tell you when is a good time to cashout, for example. We can show you which betting apps cash out.

If your wager isn’t going according to plan and it looks like your predicted outcome won’t occur, cashing out can be a good way to recoup some of your losses. Effectively canceling the bet and taking back a proportion of your stake, when you cash out you minimize your losses. So stick with us to see which betting apps cash out easily.

Cashing out at the right time

If you cash out too early, there is a risk that the game, match or race could change. If you’ve backed Team A to win a football match but they’re losing 2-0 at 75 minutes into the match, for example, you may assume that your bet is going to lose.

If so, it might be a good time to cash. However, if there is a sudden chance and Team A go on to score a hat-trick in the last 15 minutes of the match, you’ll have missed out on your winning bet if you’ve already cashed out.

Whilst cashing out can be a great way to reduce your losses, it’s important to assess when the right time to cash out is. If you’re able to do this, you could create a balance between recouping a decent amount of your stake, without missing out on bets which still have a realistic chance of being winners. All of which means that you need to know which betting apps cash out.

Using a mobile betting app

Whilst a value bet app in Canada can help you to find value betting opportunities, you can also use betting apps to access other information and analysis. With sports betting software free in Canada you can find high-value bets, determine when is the best time to cash out and build accumulators, for example.

Furthermore, sports betting software doesn’t need to come at a cost. Many bookmakers and independent analysis providers offer this software free of charge or at a very nominal cost. This means you can access the betting calculators, analysis and tips you need, without increasing your outlay.

Value betting is one of the most popular betting strategies out there, and the best value betting apps can help to identify value bets quickly and efficiently. If you’re on the go or struggling to calculate odds yourself, using a value betting app is a quick and easy way to access the information you need. In addition to this, value betting software and statistical analysis calculators enable you to find value bets, even if you’re not familiar with the sport or the teams that are playing.

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