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Online Betting Guide for Canada 2024

Betting on Sports Online

We’ve got a great online betting guide to share with you. At, we are transforming the online sports betting industry. If you’re new to sports betting in Canada and looking for a complete guide to betting on sports online in Canada, look no further. Here we aim to break down the landscape of sports betting in Canada and how to make money by staying ahead of the game.

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Online betting is a different experience from heading into your local bookmaker. Other countries may play host to many land-based bookies, but Canada’s unique betting laws make these nearly non-existent. Canada’s sports betting laws are very complicated and vary by region, which is why many people look overseas for sports betting opportunities. Ask any beginner’s guide to sports betting in Canada and you will soon learn that knowledge of sports isn’t essential for success.

In this online betting guide, we will outline the history of sports betting in Canada and look at the current landscape. We will look at some of the most popular types of sports bets that will allow you to protect your interests. We’ll look at how to understand odds and how odds are calculated. And finally, we’ll tell you how all of the sites featured at can help you to achieve your goals through our understanding, reliable and outstanding service.

Your complete online betting guide​ for Canada

Sports betting was around in Canada long before the European settlers landed. The native population would bet on sports and activities as a form of entertainment and to improve skills. When the European settlers landed in Canada, they imposed their own gambling laws which were based on the English and French systems. The widespread population made it difficult for the settlers to enforce these rules, meaning that gambling was largely unregulated.

This was all to change in 1892 with the introduction of the criminal code, meaning Canadians could be punished for breaking the law. At the same time, gambling was made illegal. This law stayed in place until 1969 when the law was relaxed to allow individual provinces to run lotteries. Sports betting in a lottery style was finally allowed in 1985. It wasn’t until the 1990s that online sports betting brought a range of betting opportunities to Canada and this where our online betting guide comes in.

Sports betting is legal in Canada today, but rules vary by province. In general, each region has its own liquor and gaming regulatory body which is responsible for overseeing gambling in the region. Many of the regions offer access to sports betting through a lottery-style operation. Despite having access to regional sports betting outlets, there are still rules around what bets can be placed.Single bets are still not allowed, meaning that punters must place a bet on multiple games at once, usually three. To fulfil the requirements, all three bets must be satisfied in order to pay out. With the rise of online gambling sites, sports fans now have the opportunity to place bets with overseas casinos which are not subject to the same laws. This opens up a world of completely legal opportunities for Canadians. In future, it is expected that the single bet law will be overturned and we’ll feature it in our online betting guide.

Did you know?

  • The gambling industry is worth $13 billion a year in Canada. The actual figure could be much higher as this doesn’t include sports betting done overseas.
  • Men make up 80% of all online gamblers in Canada. They prefer betting on sports and playing table games while women prefer bingo and lottery games.
  • Winnings from online casinos are typically not taxed unless you make it your full-time job and start winning big regularly. If you plan to make money betting​ in Canada you may be subject to taxation depending on your earnings.

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Sports betting is enduringly popular in Canada due to the prevalence of sports teams and their fans. For those looking for guaranteed and incremental wins, sure bets, or arbitrage bets involve backing both sides with different bookmakers to guarantee success. Sure bets in Canada are made possible by the rise in online gambling websites. For those looking to manage their risk, cash out in Canada is very popular. Cash out betting allows you to cash out early with a price which may be higher or lower than your stake depending on the likelihood that you would win. And finally, every online betting guide in Canada will make mention of the popularity of Asian handicap odds in Canada. This involves handicapping teams based on their form, so they would need to score above their handicap in order to win the bet.

Consulting an online betting guide book in Canada would help you to navigate the different options available to you. However, we believe that the information available to you on offers a comprehensive guide to betting on sports online in Canada. Here, you can learn about the different types of bets available, how to understand the odds and how to manage your risk. Whether you are gambling recreationally or looking to make money betting​ in Canada we can offer a comprehensive online betting guide for Canada. Even if you’ve never placed a bet or even played the lottery in your life, we can help you navigate the choices and share our advice to help you make the most of opportunities. Read on to learn more about how to read the odds and explore the most popular sports for betting in Canada. We’ll even share how you can practice sports betting in Canada with our user-friendly online betting guide.

The beginner’s guide to sports betting​ in Canada: Odds

In order to be successful in your online sports betting career, you first need to understand the odds. Odds are used by bookmakers to decide how much you will win based on the likelihood of the event happening. As a beginner to sports betting, the first step is to understand odds and how they will impact your bet. Remember that all bookmakers will have different ways of calculating their odds. In this section of our online betting guide for Canada, we will look at how are odds calculated​ in Canada and how you can use this to your advantage. To make things more complicated, you might learn about something known as a Canadian bet. This is a type of accumulator bet which involves placing a wager on 5 selections consisting of 26. This has nothing to do with the options available to you and is instead a type of complex bet you could place.

Before you can start placing bets, you might be wondering how are odds calculated​ in Canada. The system for calculating odds depends on the bookmaker you are working with. Bookmakers in Canada and around the world still want to make money, so they work their own margins into the odds offered to their customers. This means that the odds not only reflect the likelihood of an event happening but also include the bookmaker’s cut. The goal of the bookkeeper is to ensure they make a profit no matter the outcome, so it is a balancing act between offering odds that people actually want to bet on and ensuring they can still make a profit. This means that you are more likely to find the best odds when you are betting against the grain. You will soon discover ways to manage this risk.

How are odds calculated in Canada?

Betting odds are presented as a fraction which not only tells you how likely an event is to happen but also what you can expect as a return.

Take the odds 9/1. The calculation would be 1 x (9.1) = 0.10 meaning there is a 10% chance of this happening. It also means that for every $1 you wager, you would see a $9 return plus the return of your stake. So, a wager of $50 would return $500.

When you are learning ​how to read odds with this online betting guide, you will soon learn that odds aren’t always what they seem. This is because this fraction also has to factor in the bookmaker’s margin.

If you were to place a sure bet on the flip of a coin, you would assume the odds would be 1/1 but you are more likely to see odds of 10/11.

Canadian gamblers don’t suffer from tunnel vision when it comes to placing their bets. With the rise of online sports betting sites, this has opened up a world of opportunities for Canadian sports fans. And you don’t have to restrict yourself to betting on your favourite team. You can bet on most sports, but the most popular for Canadian punter is football. Canadian betters have a healthy appetite for global football, including English football and American soccer. Other sports available to Canadian betters include basketball, golf, horse racing, boxing, hockey, baseball and many more. You don’t have to be a fan of the sport to find interesting opportunities. Ask any online betting guide in Canada and they will tell you that the most lucrative options are also often very obscure. You’ll soon learn to look past the sport and see things in terms of odds and opportunities.

Where can I practice sports betting in Canada?

Before you part with any money, you might be looking for ways to practice sports betting in Canada. By using the bookmakers recommended on the platform, you can start to understand the betting process and visualise different opportunities.  This will allow you to explore the different options available to you and lay the foundations for your future bets.If you want to practice sports betting in Canada, you should first get to grips with how odds work and then start to place some low-value bets. These will help you to understand the platform and learn to compare odds​ in Canada. Refer back to this online betting guide as you start to explore and the world of sports betting will soon become much clearer.

Fact check

  • We believe wins should be the result of making an informed decision, not just luck. That’s why we’ve put together this extensive online betting guide.
  • All sports fans will lose their bets sooner or later, so be sure to prepare for this eventuality.
  • All good bookmakers offer round the clock customer support, so you’ll never be left in the dark.

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Why you need to use our online ​betting guide in​ Canada is not only a service that helps you find an online betting platform. It is also an educational hub to allow you to become more successful in your bets. We have set out to create a comprehensive online betting guide and our resources are constantly growing. Our guide to betting on sports online in Canada was written and checked by experts to ensure the information is up to date and accessible.If you’re left wondering how do betting odds work​ in Canada, we want you to fully understand the process rather than simply placing your bets blind. As an innovative online sports resource, we want to change the face of sports betting by making it transparent and trustworthy. We are committed to our responsibility to ensure betting is always safe and enjoyable. We provide extensive online betting guides to help you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Where can I find the best online betting guide​ in Canada​?

We believe we have created the best bet guide in Canada. Through extensive research and our understanding of the global sports betting industry, we have made sports betting accessible and understandable. This means that when punters win, it’s the result of making smart and informed decisions rather than just luck. We firmly believe we can help you find the best bookmaker for beginners in Canada. Through these sites’ extensive customer service and commitment to responsible betting, they are all paving the way for a new kind of online sports betting. By working your way through our online betting guide, you will soon be able to place bets with confidence knowing that your decision is based on an informed position and not just potluck. If you were looking for the best bet guide in Canada, we are pleased to say you’ve found the more extensive resource available.

When we set out to create the most comprehensive online betting guide, we wanted to make it accessible and inclusive. Rather than weighing yourself down with sports betting guide books in Canada, we believe you should learn by doing. Alongside this guide to betting on sports online in Canada, we encourage you to explore See how the odds are calculated. See how the best odds in Canada are very similar to the rest of the world. And see how much you could win based on different stakes. This is the best online sports betting education you could possibly ask for. When you learn sports betting in this way, you remove the emotional side and learn to look at the numbers from an objective standpoint. A few hours spent with our online betting guide and you might decide to toss your sports betting guide book in Canada.

Conclusion: start your sports betting journey with

If you’re ready to access some of the best odds in Canada, register now with one of the bookmakers featured at We are proud to offer a good range of sites that give you an opportunity to practice your sports betting in Canada and get to grips with the platform before you put any money on the line. You should use your free bets to make sure you fully understand the world of online sports betting.This will allow you to make decisions free of emotion and focus solely on the likelihood of winning. These sites will feature a customer support team that will be there every step of the way to ensure you have an enjoyable experience. You can also refer back to this online betting guide at any stage in the journey. So, what are you waiting for?

Online Betting Guide FAQ

🏒 Where can I find a good online sports betting guide?

There are plenty of online sports betting guides currently available. However many of these may only offer a fairly broad and basic introduction to betting on sports. So we have made sure that our online betting guide is perfectly suited to all levels of sports fans. Newcomers to sports betting will get to discover the key things that they need to do to avoid making newbie errors, while experienced punters will even learn some strategies to take their sports bets to the next level.

💻 What is the best online betting guide Canada has to offer?

All online betting guides will aim to give you a helping hand in betting on anything from sports to the No.1 casino games. However many of these guides may give you an overly simplistic take on what online betting is all about. So we have made sure that our online betting guide gives you everything you need to make a decent start with your bets. This will give you the perfect way to bet on anything from hockey to basketball with plenty of confidence.  

📚 What are the best Canadian sportsbooks?

There is a massive number of online sportsbooks currently operating in Canada. As a result, it could take you a long time to find a bookmaker who gives you superior odds and bonuses for your favourite sport. So we have done all of the hard work for you. This is because we have created an online betting guide that showcases all of the best sportsbooks in Canada, and we can also clarify all of the most important questions asked when looking to enjoy safe and legal online betting.

Canada currently has fairly complicated laws regarding sports betting, and things get even more complex when it comes to online bookmakers. Thankfully we have created a useful online betting guide that will help you understand whether you can legally bet on sport in Canada. This will reveal what kinds of online bookmakers you can legally use, and we will also show you what kinds of licensing you should be looking for at all legit sports betting sites. 

🔥 Where can I find an online betting guide with free tips?

Many online betting guides will tend to give you a fairly basic introduction to what it means to bet on sports like hockey and basketball. However, the best guides will always try and help you get more wins with your sports bets. So we have made sure that our online betting guide is packed with useful advice and free tips to help you get more from your bets. This means that you can look forward to betting on your favourite sport with plenty of confidence. 

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