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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Guide » How does Accumulator Betting work?

How does Accumulator Betting work?

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

What is an accumulator bet? With our guide to accumulator betting, we’ll have accumulator betting explained in simple terms. With the right online betting platform, you can gamble on a whole range of events, from casino games and sports to novelty bets and current affairs. Of course, it’s sports betting which is particularly popular, and people bet billions on sports event every year.

To make things even more exciting, there are various types of bets you can place. As well as simply betting on who you think is going to win a particular event, for example, you can add different legs or layers to the bet. This forms the basis of accumulator betting and so we’ll hopefully answer your questions of ‘What is an accumulator bet?’ with the following guide.

What is an accumulator bet?

Whilst many people simple back their favourite sports team or pick a horse based on its name, there are more systematic ways of placing bets. Betting strategies, such as pick 3, matched betting and the over 1.5 goals system, are popular ways to structure bets, for example.If you’re new to the world of betting, you may need to know what is an accumulator bet. As one of the most popular types of bet, you’re sure to have heard the term before, but you may be unfamiliar with how accumulator betting works. Put simply, an accumulator bet in Canada is a wager on more than one event. When you place a 4 fold bet, for example, you’re placing an accumulator bet which incorporates 4 events into your wager.

Why do bettors use accumulators?

If you’re wondering, what is an accumulator bet, you probably want to know why they’re so popular as well. Accumulator betting in Canada can greatly increase your returns, and this is partly why they’re such a popular type of bet to place. Sometimes known as an acca, an exotic bet or a parlay bet, accumulator betting can result in payouts of hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

However, an accumulator bet tends to carry more risk than a standard, single bet. With an accumulator, you’re betting on more than one event, so it’s more difficult to predict the outcome of every event in your accumulator. Whilst increased risk could decrease your chances of winning, if you do place a successful accumulator bet in Canada, you could obtain significant returns.

Learning what different types of bets entail and how they work is crucial if you want to gamble successfully. If you want to know how does cash out betting work or how to do matched betting, for example, you can follow our simple online guides to learn more. Similarly, we make it easy to find out how does football betting work and even how bookmakers make money. You may even want to know are bookmaker websites legal, and the answer is most certainly yes!

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can move on to more intricate topics, such as what is 1×2 betting, what is Asian handicap betting or how to do an accumulator on any bookmakers featured With various betting strategies to try out, you can find a betting system which suits your favourite sports and your style of betting.

How does an accumulator work?

So let’s have accumulator betting explained. Now you know what is an accumulator bet, you’ll need to understand exactly how they work. Traditionally, accumulator bets included four or more events. However, many people and many betting platforms and bookmakers use the term accumulator to refer to any bet which includes more than one event.For example, if you place a single bet which comprises two events, you may see it referred to as a double or an accumulator. Similarly, a single bet which involved three events may be called a treble or an accumulator. As you add more events to the accumulator, you’ll see they are known as a 4 fold bet, a 5 fold bet, a 6 fold bet or a 7 fold bet, and so on. Now that we’ve had accumulator betting explained, you’ll see it’s easy to try this bet.

Did You Know?

  • Bettors have won millions from just one accumulator bet
  • You can reduce the risk by placing an accumulator with extra selections, such as a 4 fold bet with 6 teams
  • Accumulator bets can be placed on most sports, including football, rugby, hockey and horse racing

How many events are in an accumulator?

If you’re trying to understand betting terms or answer the question ‘What is an accumulator bet?’, one of the first things to establish is how many events are in an accumulator. In fact, you can create your accumulator to include as many events as you like, or as your bookmaker will allow. Whilst a 4 fold bet, 5 fold bet, 6 fold bet and 7 fold bet are popular options, the more events you add, the harder it will be to win the bet.Also known as legs, every event you add to your accumulator will decrease your chances of winning, because you need to make accurate predictions about more events. However, the odds will improve substantially, so if you do win, your returns could be very high.

Calculating an accumulator bet

To really answer the question of how does an accumulator bet work, it can be useful to look at an example to have accumulator betting explained. If you want to place a double bet, for example, you’ll include two events in your accumulator. If Manchester United are playing Chelsea and Arsenal are playing Everton, for example, you may want to bet on Man Utd and Arsenal to win.

If you place a double, and you correctly pick the winning teams, your accumulator will win. However, if either of your predictions is wrong, your bet would fail, and you wouldn’t get anything back. If Man Utd beat Chelsea, for example, but Arsenal lose to Everton, the bet in the example given above would fail.

When you place an accumulator bet in Canada, the betting odds will depend on the odds offered for each selection you make. Using the example above, you could bet on Man Utd to win in the first event and be offered odds of 2/1, and get odds of 3/1 on Arsenal beating Everton.

If you placed one, single bet of $1 on Manchester United to win, you could get a return of $3, with $2 being profit. Similarly, a single bet on Arsenal beating Everton at odds of 3/1 would get you a total return of $4, with a profit of $3, from a stake of $1. All of which shows that accumulator betting can sometimes get a little complicated.

Comparing single bets to accumulators

If you placed the above bets as two singles, you would be laying down $2 in total ($1 stake on each bet) and potentially getting $5 back in profit, it both bets were successful. Alternatively, if Man Utd won their match but Arsenal lost theirs, you could get $2 profit back from your first back, and nothing from the second. If you take the lost stake from the second bet into account, you would still come out with a profit of $1 from placing these two, single bets.

However, if you were to bet on the same teams as an accumulator, you could increase your returns quite significantly.

Essentially, when you place an accumulator bet in Canada, the winnings from the first event are then placed as the stake in the next event. So let’s have accumulator betting explained with another example. If you want to place a double bet on Man Utd and Arsenal, as above, for example, the returns from the first event are then placed on Arsenal to win in the second event.

If you get odds of 2/1 on Man Utd, and they win, this gives you a return of $3, with a $1 stake. As you’re placing a double bet, these returns are automatically placed on your next selection. In this instance, your next selection is Chelsea at odds of 3/1. Providing they win, your double bet would give you a total return of $12, at a cost of just $2 to place the bet. This means a double bet would give you profits of $10, whereas two, separate, single bets would give you $5 in profit.

Placing a 4 fold bet

With the above example, you can answer the question of how does an accumulator work and what is an accumulator bet. However, it may be helpful to take a look at an example of an accumulator with more events, or legs, added to it. In a 4 fold bet, you would make 4 selections, across 4 different events.Let’s have accumulator betting explained with horse racing as an example, you might pick Horse 1 to win in the first race at odds of 2/1, Horse 2 to win the second race at odds of 3/1, Horse 3 to win the third race at odds of 4/1 and Horse 4 to win the fourth race at odds of 5/1.Remember – in accumulator betting in Canada, every selection needs to be successful in order for you to win the overall bet.

Facts Check

  • Placing an accumulator increases the risk when you’re betting
  • Many bookmakers offer the chance to place 10, 12 or even 14 fold accumulators
  • Each leg of an accumulator must be a separate event, but they don’t have to take place on the same day

Calculating a 4 fold bet

If you place a total stake of $1 and your selections are all successful, the first race would give you a return of $3, which is then placed on the second selection. This would give you subsequent returns of $12. This return then goes on your third selection, which is Horse 3 at 4/1. If successful, this would boost your returns to $60. With your final selection still to go, you would effectively have a stage of $60 on Horse 4 to win at 5/1, which would give you a total return of $360.

From a total stake of just $1, this bet would give you a profit of $359, providing every selection was successful. If you increased your stake to $4, taking the view that you would normally place four single bets of $1, the total returns could be as high as $1,440, using the odds above.

In comparison, if you placed separate single bets on these races, at the same odds, you would still spend $4 in total ($1 stake on each bet). The first race would give you a total return of $3, the second $4, the third $5 and the fourth $6. So, separate singles bets would give you a total return of $18 from a stake of $4, meaning you would make just $14 profit.

If you spent the same amount of your 4 accumulators, however, that $4 stake would give you a return of $1,440. As a 4 fold, 5 fold, 6 fold or 7 fold bet gives you the chance to increase your potential returns by a considerable amount, it’s easy to see why accumulator betting in Canada is so popular.

Is it worth placing a 5 fold bet, 6 fold bet or 7 fold bet?

With every leg you add to an accumulator, your potential returns will increase. However, the more events you add, the less likely you are to win the bet. It’s more difficult to predict the correct outcome of seven events than it is to accurately guess the outcome of five events, for example, so your 5 fold bet is more likely to bring you a return than a 7 fold bet.Similarly, a treble accumulator, with a selection of three events, is more likely to succeed than a 6 fold bet with six events, simply because it’s much more difficult to accurately predict the outcome of six events when compared to three.When deciding how many events or legs to add to your accumulator, you simply need to decide how much risk you’re willing to take. If you want to increase the risk for a potentially big payout, it may be worth adding more events to the bet.

Reducing the risk of an accumulator

With various options available, you can modify acca betting in Canada to increase your risk of winning. When you’re wondering how does an accumulator work, it’s important to remember that there are ways of minimising the risk when you’re betting on multiple events.Before you find out how to do an accumulator , you may want to consider whether it’s worth reducing the risk of an accumulator. You could do this by placing a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams, for example.When you place a 4 fold accumulator, you would usually make four selections. In four football matches, you might bet on Man Utd, Arsenal, Watford and Fulham to beat their opponents, for example. When you place a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams, however, you could decrease the risk and increase your chances of winning the bet.

Placing a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams

Let’s have accumulator betting explained with an example for when you place a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams. You’d essentially give yourself a little extra room in case you make an inaccurate prediction. By picking 6 teams over 4 events, you only have to ensure that you get at least four of your predictions correct for your bet to win.

Unlike a standard accumulator, if you place a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams, you can still win, even if one or two of your predictions is wrong. From your six selections, all combinations of a four-fold bet are covered, so you can still win, even if you make two incorrect predictions.

Whilst a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams does minimise the risk compared to a standard 4 fold accumulator bet, it will cost a little more. As your six selections are used to create various 4 fold combinations, your stake will increase accordingly. If there are 15 possible outcomes from your six selections, for example, your stake would be multiplied by 15 too. If you would usually place a stake of $1, for example, this would increase to $15 when you place a 4 fold accumulator on 6 teams, presuming that there are 15 possible outcomes from your selections.

How to do an accumulator

We’ve hopefully had accumulator betting explained in simple terms. Fortunately, placing a bet at all of our recommended bookmakers is simple and straightforward. They have user-friendly betting platforms which means you can make your selections, enter your stake and place your bet within seconds. Furthermore, their dedicated iPhone apps and Android apps mean you can bet on the go, using a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

If you want to know how to do an accumulator at one of our recommended bookmakers, why not sign up now and try out their betting platforms? With plenty of online guides and betting tips, you can unpick the latest betting terminology, use a handy betting glossary and even get free bets.

With massive returns to be made, accumulators are extremely popular amongst bettors. Predominantly used in sports betting, you can place accumulators on almost any type of sporting event, including football matches, basketball games, baseball tournaments, horse racing, golf, hockey matches and greyhound racing.

To learn more about how to bet online make sure that you stick with!

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