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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Guide » How to do Sure Bets – Are They Worth It?

How to do Sure Bets – Are They Worth It?

Publish Date: 25/01/2023
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

If you’ve ever wanted surebets explained, you’re in the right place. We’ll show you how to use a surebet finder to get surebets online. The glamorous stories of professional gamblers and bettors are often touted in media. Many often question how such professionals maintain their success when it supposedly hinges on luck and circumstance. The answer? Sure bets. Through quick mathematics and sharp focus on market changes between bookmakers, a small percentage of experienced bettors are able to make consistent profits with sure bets, but it is not a practice for the uninitiated. looks into the methods and systems of sure betting, to help you understand how to do sure bets in Canada, why it is practised and whether it is worth it. Keep reading to have surebets explained in simple terms.

What is a ‘Sure Bet’

So why would you want to use a surebet finder to get surebets online? A sure bet is the practice of betting on the same sports event with different bookmakers, spreading your wager evenly across different outcomes to ensure an overall profit. This means that whichever outcome is fulfilled, your overall profit should be able to cancel out any losses incurred. Sure bets have become popular due to the saturation of different bookmakers within the gambling market. The growing number of choices results in a variance of offers and odds for particular sports events that bettors can take advantage of. For example, in an NFL fixture, most bookmakers are offering 5/1 odds for a home team win against a 4/7 win for the away team, but another bookmaker may offer 4/1 for the away team win. To place a successful sure bet, you must calculate the exact amount to put on each side to guarantee a profit from those surebets online.

The term arbitrage is more commonly used in trading to describe the act of buying one commodity or service from one market and selling for profit in another. For example, buying a collectable from an estate sale and selling it to collectors for profit. Similarly, in sports betting, arbitrage is used to describe the practice of neutralising the results of betting on a sports event. The bettor is hedging their bet by ‘selling their loss’ into another market for profit. Other betting markets will always calculate odds based on their unique interpretation of data, as well as studying the habits of their bettors regularly to see where they can profit. Those who practise arbitrage will take the time to understand each market and choose the best markets to trade off against each other.

Now that’ve we’ve had surebets explained, it’s worth think about whether you are actually allowed to use a surebet finder. Arbitrage is 100% legal worldwide, though it is often frowned upon by many bookmakers. Those who practise sure bets in Canada should be cautious to not be banned or limited in where and how they can bet, as bookmakers are vigilant in identifying those who play different markets against each other. If you decide to practise sure betting, you should always practise sure betting with regulated bookmakers recognised by the Canada Gambling Association. This will ensure complete safety when gambling. You must also be certain that you understand how to do sure bets in Canada properly, as your losses for such practises are not protected.

By having surebets explained, we should note that measuring arbitrage with cashout betting requires a lot more focus than with regular bets, as you will cash out before the outcome is finalised. You need to watch the matches in live play to decide when each outcome is at its most likely or profitable, which can be difficult to execute at the right moment on two separate betting markets. Cashout betting could be a way to get sure wins on a sports event where odds are heavily in one team or player’s favour across the majority of markets. The cashout option allows you to take money from the weaker bet to minimise loss. Make sure you understand the workings of cashout betting first before participating in any surebets online, by reading the guide.


  • Despite being considered a method for sure wins, it is thought there are only tens of thousands of regular arbitrage bettors worldwide.
  • Online bookmakers cannot conduct operation within Canadian territory, so sure bets for today in Canada require extra discipline.
  • Many bookmakers have introduced matched betting in order to reduce the number of arbitrage bettors.


Is sure betting safe for beginners?

Now that you’ve have surebets explained, it’s worth thinking about whether you’re ready to use a surebet finder. Sure betting sounds like the safest option, and generally is a safer way to bet than high stakes gambling, but the term is misleading. It is a highly mathematical practice that takes dedication to studying various betting markets regularly in order to succeed, as well as keeping track of multiple active bets at one time. A sure bet is not the same as betting on popular, low-risk odds. Sure bets take skill and understanding of arbitrage to be able to execute properly. Novice bettors who want to take advantage of arbitrage betting should take some time to understand the systems used before attempting sure bets, and even then should not attempt the practice often. You can consult the guide on how to choose a bookmaker as a beginner, which provides tips on sports betting and arbitrage in Canada, as well as guides for different types of betting such as surebets online.

Sure betting and matched betting are very similar and employ some of the same strategies. Matched betting is a strategy where bettors take advantage of the free bet offer given by many bookmakers. First, bettors will place a back bet, which is a bet made with a bookmaker offering a matched bet, or a free bet, if they place a certain amount on a sports event. Bettors then place a lay bet, where they find competitive odds with another bookmaker on the opposite outcome. In both instances, the bettor either wins on the back bet, cancelling the loss of the lay bet, or loses the back bet, but also gains the free bet and the wins from the lay bet. Back bets and lay bets are also used in sure betting, but the free bet offer is not involved, with the back bet being the most likely outcome.

What forms of betting are good sure bets today in Canada?

Before you learn how to do sure bets and have surebets explained, make sure you have a thorough knowledge of how betting offers work. If you are well initiated with the sports betting landscape, you will understand the different types of bets you can place depending on the sport and event. It is crucial to understand what betting odds mean and to what capacity you can use them to place bets. Additionally, anyone interested in sports betting and arbitrage in Canada will most likely have to make use of online bookmakers and markets, as physical bookmakers require more effort and expense to individually compare. Beyond the common choices of betting to win, place or show, there are other niche betting practices popular worldwide that can also be used for arbitrage betting. They will require some adjusted thinking but can be equally lucrative depending on the sports event and what surebets online you use.

As part of its premise, the Asian handicap betting table automatically applies a form of arbitrage to its system, as explained in the guide. Asian handicaps are applied to create a more appealing bet offer for weaker opposition in sports matches and competitions, particularly in championship sports such as the NFL or FIFA World Cup. Standard handicaps are applied to make opposing teams and/or players more evenly matched to create more odds, and thus allow for more winning opportunities in matches that are assumed to be foregone conclusions. But what is Asian handicap betting and why is it better? More sure bets occur within the Asian handicap system, because it automatically excludes the possibility of a draw. Although it is far less common to see it offered by bookies than some other more regular bets, it does form a part of surebets explained.

Can I make a living from sure win bets in Canada?

Considering how sure betting is based on a precise system, where mathematics and study are used to essentially guarantee sure wins, strongly advises users against using betting and gambling as a means of earning income. Despite the use of arbitrage, sure betting is not 100% infallible as a system and it is important to bet responsibly to avoid debt, addiction and other negative behaviours associated with gambling. While many expert bettors regularly take advantage of arbitrage to make money online, it is rarely used as a main source of income, due to the vast changes occurring with betting markets on a regular basis. is an advocate of safe, regulated and fair gambling, and reminds users that their betting activity is monitored by the Canadian Gambling Association.

Sure wins from surebets online are often small returns, due to losses cancelling out profits to a degree. Total profits depend on how often sure betting is practised and can be maximised by how much sure wins are reinvested into other bets. To see worthwhile results, a large amount of starting capital is usually required due to the small profit margins. Due to the diligence required to effectively make sound, well-researched sure bets, this is a method preferred by experienced bettors rather than casual bettors. For sure bets in Canada, bettors have the extra requirement of understanding currency conversions and gambling laws worldwide, due to online sports betting providers not operating within Canadian territories.


  • The more experienced arbitrage bettor will aim for around 1.5-3.5% gain from each sure bet placed.
  • Considering reinvestment of sure wins, a bettor can expect an average monthly profit of up to 15-25% on total money placed.
  • The most profitable sports for arbitrage are horse racing and soccer.


Sure bet finders in Canada

Now that we’ve have surebets explained, it’s worth thinking about where you can find these bets. Vast amounts of market research and calculations are required to make sound sure bets. Thus, there are many initiatives that have seen the profitability in providing services that make this process easier. More experienced arbitrage bettors will make use of sure bet finder software. A sure bet finder is an automatically updated betting table that shows all the available surebets online for all outcomes on a sports event, across every available market. Users can filter through all offers and changes to markets in a live setting, and can often get access to more information and choices by paying a small premium to the provider. There are many sure bet finders available in Canada, that are mainly regulated overseas.

Before attempting to find sure bets, we recommend users improve their abilities in reading odds and understanding betting markets by reading the guide. Following this, you can have surebets explained and use a sure bet finder to navigate all markets to find the best odds. To find good matches with worthwhile back and lay options, bettors are advised to look for match ratings of 100% to 200% in the sure bet finder filter. This will then show you all bookmakers offering better odds against the market default. In order to capitalise on arbitrage, you must act quickly before bets are changed and refreshed. Many finders combat speed issues by offering alert systems and in-built calculators, to help bettors make quicker decisions and gather the information they need on sure odds in Canada into one convenient place.

Which sports are the best for sure bets online?

Bettors are capable of sure betting on any type of sports event. However, there are certain sports that work better functionally with sure betting systems. Bettors will commonly choose sports with as few outcomes as possible, to make it easier to track bets and balance out wagers. Good examples of sports with minimal outcomes are those with two competitors, where draws are not allowed. As we have surebets explained we should note that these sports include tennis, NFL and any kind of championship sport with knockout rounds.
There are two further factors you need to look out for in order to make a successful surebet online. Firstly, the particular event needs to be evenly matched statistically, as this will lead to bookmakers making different predictions and thus offering different odds to take advantage of, e.g. a tennis match where the two players have similar rankings and win/loss statistics. Secondly, less popular sports tend to be easier to find sure bets within, as they are harder for bookmakers to make fair odds for.

How to do sure bets in Canada

Now that we’ve had surebets explained, you’ll be keen to give it a try. If you would like to attempt sure betting, will help you find a bookmaker that offers the most transparent and user-friendly services for scanning bets across numerous sports events. By employing sophisticated analysis and data research, any of our recommended bookmakers are able to provide the most valuable odds worldwide for all users, which can be compared and contrasted to other markets for easy ways to enjoy surebets online. We’ll help you find the most statistically accurate online bookmakers available in Canada, and these sites will act as a good control betting market to assess the quality and validity of match ratings and market differences, so you can make an informed decision on your back and lay bets. You can also find the most detailed breakdowns of all types of surebets online, with in-play offers available for scoring, half time and quarter time results, and more.

The guide is constructed to be easy to use, even for beginners who want to have surebets explained. There is a full guide available for understanding our betting platform structure and how to place different bets for different sports. To find the odds you are looking for, simply search for the event and click on the matches that interest you. Here, you will see the full offering from across all markets. You can then scroll through individual markets to find different odds for particular outcomes. Bets are always adjusted up to the minute with the latest offers and are comparable to market leaders. This is to enable you to make the best comparisons possible with other bookmakers who make profitable changes for opposing bets. You can also make use of the site’s calculator, to improve your speed and increase your chances of winning with surebets online.

Comparing odds with for sure bets in Canada

Comparing the different types of odds on offer can become complicated depending on the sport. In the case of sure bets in Canada, users are often given a wider choice for certain sports, including betting to win, place or show in races. This can make arbitrage betting more difficult. Due to this, offers an odds comparison guide, to help you assess which odds are more likely to result in wins. By using the guide, you can make stronger assessments for your back bets and calculate the best odds for lay bets when using arbitrage. odds are based on the largest sample of data available to bookmakers, including win/loss statistics, breaking news and historical fixtures. This is to better equip our bettors to gamble as responsibly as possible.

Knowing how to do sure bets can help you enjoy a more profitable experience when gambling on your favourite sports and events. While the promise of consistent wins is tempting, cares about the safeguarding of users and warns against regular participation in sure bets. Arbitrage is commonly known among bookmakers, and many are opposed to the practice, which can result in bans or account limits being placed on you. is proud to offer a variety of tools that can ensure you make high-quality and well-informed bets every time you play, with a wide variety of sports betting opportunities on offer, as well as regular cash prizes, bonuses and free bet opportunities that outperform many other leading markets.

Sign up for free with for sure bets today in Canada, and benefit immediately from the most transparent and innovative global bookmaker around.

Sure Bets FAQ

Arbitrage is 100% legal worldwide, though it is often frowned upon by many bookmakers. Therefore when participating in sure bets you will need to be aware that it can sometimes result in your account being limited or banned.

Which sports are the best for sure bets?

Certain sports work better with sure betting systems and bettors will usually choose sports with as few outcomes as possible, to make it easier to track bets and balance out wagers. Examples of sports with minimal outcomes are those with two competitors, where draws are not allowed, such as NFL, tennis and championship sports.

How can I compare odds for sure bets?

Comparing odds on offer can become complicated which is why CA offers an odds comparison guide, to help you assess which odds are more likely to result in wins.

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