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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Guide » What is 1X2 Betting? Detailed Guide Canada

What is 1X2 Betting? Detailed Guide Canada

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

Find the Best Providers for1X2 Betting in Canada 2024

Need to have 1×2 betting explained? We’re here to help. Just look below and you’ll find the simplest guide to 1×2 betting Canada has at the moment.

It’s never been easier to enjoy the benefits of 1×2 betting! Once we have 1×2 betting explained you’ll see why it might not be so good for hockey, basketball and so on.

Compare the Best Providers for1X2 Betting in Canada:

How to play 1X2 betting in Canada with sports other than football

1X2 bets are any which have three outcomes, so they can be placed on any sports where a draw or a tie is one of the possibilities. While this rules out sports with large fields of competitors, such as golf and athletics, as well as those where there are only two outcomes (tennis and darts), it means 1X2 betting can still be applied to a huge range of other events.

So what is 1×2 betting like for cricket? One example is if England is playing Australia in a home Ashes series. A bet on the first test would have England at 1, Australia at 2 and the draw at X. If the match forms part of a tournament being played on neutral territory, the numbers would be awarded nominally – which teams take 1 and 2 doesn ‘ t matter, although 1 will usually be favorite when playing at home.

Fact check

Decimal and fractional odds are simply two different ways of displaying the same probability. You may find one easier to understand than the other, but you’ll get the same return from a winning bet no matter which one you decide to use.

Soccer odds 1X2: how do they work?

We have already established that in 1X2 betting, the three betting outcomes are each labeled with their own signifier: 1, X and 2 depending on whether you are wagering on the home side, the draw or the away side. But how are soccer betting odds on 1X2 betting markets listed? As with other betting markets, there are three different ways of displaying odds: fractional, decimal and American. The American method doesn’t tend to be used for soccer – it’s more for American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey, or sports that don’t have ties – so we’ll just quickly run through the fractional and decimal displays and tell you what they mean.

We’ll have 1×2 betting explained with example of a 1X2 bet with fractional odds:

  • 1 – Liverpool 8/11
  • X – Draw 11/4
  • 2 – Chelsea 3/2

Some people find fractional odds quite complicated, but the way they work is actually fairly simple. The number on the left of the fraction is the figure you’ll win if you stake the number of the right. If Chelsea win, for example, you’ll win $ 3 for every $ 2 you stake. A $ 20 bet on Chelsea would net $ 30 in winnings, for a total payout of $ 50. Liverpool are what’s known as ‘odds-on’ favorites, so you’ll win back less than you stake when you bet on them. It’s important to remember that, unlike with decimal odds, your stake is not factored into the equation – you must add this to your winnings to calculate the total payout you’d be likely to win if the bet is successful.

1X2 betting with decimal odds

So what is 1×2 betting like with decimal odds? The same example of a 1X2 bet given above but with decimal odds would look like:

  • 1 – Liverpool 1.73
  • X – Draw 3.75
  • 2 – Chelsea 2.50

While fractional odds are the most common way of displaying betting odds in the UK, Canada and North America odds tend to be shown as decimals. Many people find it easier to compare odds when they are displayed in this way – especially those who partake in matched betting . All you need to do to work out the payout of your bet is to be able to multiply: simply times the stake by the decimal given and you have your figure. A $ 10 bet on Liverpool would return us $ 17.30 in the above example. Decimal odds include your stake, so $ 7.30 would be your winnings in this instance.

1X2 accumulator bets

What is 1×2 betting like for acca bets? When you’re 1X2 betting on Canada, you can combine multiple 1X2 bets into an accumulator . Unlike singles, doubles and trebles, accumulators are bets which include four or more selections and are known as ‘x-folds’ depending on how many selections are included. So let’s have 1×2 betting explained for acca bets.

Many online bookmakers have special offers on accumulators, as these tend to be the most popular form of football bets – they offer punters a potentially high return from a relatively low stake. Below will give you an idea of ​​just how quickly the money can stack up in a successful four-fold soccer odds 1X2 accumulator:

  • 1 – Liverpool 1.73
  • X – Draw (Man United v Tottenham) 3.25
  • 2 – Arsenal 2.50
  • 1 – Man City 1.27

In an accumulator, your money rolls over and we’ll show by having 1×2 betting explained with the following example. So a $ 1 stake on Liverpool would return $ 2.73. This would then be placed on the draw between Man United and Tottenham and so on and so forth. If each bet is successful, you would be looking at a payout of $ 17.85 – including your original $ 1 stake.

Did you know?

  • 1X2 betting is highly popular across the world because of its simplicity. It’s obvious who you are placing a wager on and what you might get in return for that particular bet.
  • It’s also useful when combined into an accumulator – it’s easy to understand, for example, that you need five home wins for your accumulator to result in a payout. The odds offered on an outsider in a three-way bet may also represent great value in the event of a shock. However, some people may find that, in the case when there’s a clear favorite, 1X2 bets are unfavorable.
  • If you’re not sure about the answer to ‘What is 1×2 betting?’, Or you simply want to level the playing field a little with your bet, you might want to delve into the Asian handicap market instead.

Cash out on your 1X2 bets

Most online bookmakers allows punter to cash out and effectively ‘settle’ their bets early. 1X2 bets, whether singles, doubles, trebles or accumulators are included in this. So let’s have 1×2 betting explained for cash outs.

As an example, say you have wagered $ 10 on the accumulator example that we mentioned above. If all four teams are successful, you stand to net a payout of $ 178.50. After 65 minutes, Man City score a goal which means that all four of your selections are currently winning their bet.In such circumstances, the bookmaker may offer you $ 100 to ‘settle’ the bet. This goes directly into your account and it doesn’t matter what happens with the rest of the bet. You may want to carry on and see the bet out, or you may wish to bank the funds: the choice is totally yours. Many punters utilize the cash out feature to maximize returns or minimize losses.

Other types of 1×2 betting in Canada: 1X2 half-time

Your 1X2 bet doesn’t have to be placed on the full match or event. You can also place 1X2 wagers on half-time results. But what is 1×2 betting like for half-time bets?

In this instance, the nature of the bet is the same. So, you are still wagering on either the home win, away win or draw outcomes. However, the result of the bet is decided based on what the score is at the halfway stage of the contest, rather than at the end of the match. Say, for example, you have placed a half-time 1X2 bet on a draw in a match between Arsenal and Newcastle United. If, at half-time, the scores are level at 0-0 but during the second half Arsenal scored twice to take a 2-0 victory, you would still win your 1X2 bet – the score at full-time doesn’t matter as you got the score correct in your particular betting period. You can also combine half-time and full-time bets, as we’ll discover as we have 1×2 betting explained further.

Some bookmakers offer markets whereby you are asked to predict the outcome of the match at both half-time and full-time. In this case, you only win the bet if you successfully get both correct. Going back to our Liverpool and Chelsea example:

  • 1 – Liverpool 1.73
  • X – Draw 3.75
  • 2 – Chelsea 2.50

If you believed Chelsea were going to go into an early lead but Liverpool would come back in the second half, you would select 21HF. This would signify to the bookmaker that you believe the away side would be winning at half-time but the home side would have scored more goals over the course of the match at full-time.

In-play betting odds: 1X2 in general

What is 1×2 betting like with live bets? With the rise in online bookmakers and the proliferation of betting apps, in-play betting has become a new and very popular way in which to make bets. Bookmakers’ odds respond to shifts during in-game play, and punters can take advantage of this by wagering money while they watch. 1X2 betting can still be made after the game has kicked off and is in play. One of the advantages of making a 1X2 bet in this way is that you can get better odds. Say you are backing Team 1 and they are strong favorites to win their match. If they go 1-0 down early on in their game, then the odds for them will lengthen and you may be able to increase your potential returns by waiting to place a wager on them.

As well as being able to bet on ‘1’, ‘2’, or ‘X’ in a 1X2 bet, some bookmakers also offer double chance 1X2 markets. Essentially, this means that you can cover more bases by betting on two of the three outcomes at once. Let’s have live 1×2 betting explained with an example:

  • 1 – Liverpool 1.73
  • X – Draw 3.75
  • 2 – Chelsea 2.50

A 1X double chance bet would net you a return as long as Liverpool won or the game finished in the draw. A 12 double chance would signify that you were betting against the draw, while a 2X would involve you wagering against a home Liverpool win. In a double chance bet, your outcome is more likely to come in, so it’s worth bearing in mind that the odds that you are quoted will be reduced slightly.

1X2 soccer bets in matches that go to extra time

It’s important to note that, while most soccer matches finish after 90 minutes, some, such as those in the knockout stages of major tournaments, will go to extra time and penalties until a winner is decided. The 1X2 bet generally relates to the result at full-time (or at the end of the 90 minutes).So what is 1×2 betting like when a match goes into extra time? If Liverpool and Chelsea are level at 1-1 at full-time but then the Reds score a winner in the period of extra time, you will only win your 1X2 bet if you backed a draw, not if you bet on Liverpool. If you are in any doubt, double check with your bookmaker before you place your wager.

Other top sports to try the best 1×2 betting strategies

We’ve largely focused on soccer betting in our overview of 1×2 betting. But it’s important to note that you can try a 1×2 bet on any sport that features a draw or a tie. Here’s a quick look at how you can put down a 1×2 bet on other sports.

  • 1×2 betting in cricket: You won’t be able to put down a 1×2 bet on limited overs cricket as these matches normally produce a clear winner. But a large number of regular cricket matches will end in draws. This could be a result of the teams running out of time to produce a definitive result. Anything from quality batting to bad bowling or even bad weather conditions can produce a draw. As a result, there’s plenty of value to be had in trying some 1×2 betting on cricket.
  • 1×2 bets in hockey: Ties might be fairly rare in hockey, but they can still allow you to put down a 1×2 bet. Remember that sportsbooks won’t include overtime or penalty shootouts in these 1×2 betting markets for hockey.
  • 1×2 betting in football: Again ties come up fairly infrequently in the NFL. But you should still be able to find sportsbooks who allow you to use 1×2 betting markets. These won’t factor in overtime so that you could try your luck on both teams having the same amount of points at the end of the fourth quarter.
  • 1×2 bets in rugby: Looking to get lucky with your rugby bets? Then you could find a bookmaker that allows you to bet on there being a draw in a rugby match. This could sound very unlikely, but draws are allowed in most league versions of rugby. While the Rugby World Cup allows for extra time to produce a conclusive result, you could still bet on there being a draw at the end of regular time.

Conclusion: Trying 1×2 bets at the best sportsbooks

By now you should know the answer to the question of ‘What is 1×2 betting?’ Here at, we’ll help you find those bookmakers that offer hundreds of different markets across dozens of sports and the 1X2 bet is one of our most popular options among punters. 1X2 bets offer more outcomes than standard two-sided bets, so you can take advantage of slightly better odds and, in the case of a successful bet, increased returns! Whether you want a site that offers cash out, or you wish to place an accumulator on soccer or football bets, all of our recommended bookmakers will have it covered and – best of all – Canada residents can legally sign up for a free account with these sites right now!

All you need to do to place a 1X2 bet at these online bookmakers is sign up to the site and create a free account. Then, simply deposit your funds and you can get started wagering on any of the thousands of sporting matches that they have listed on their sports books at any one time. As well as football and soccer matches, these sites also cover tennis, golf, cricket, athletics, basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey and more! For 1X2 betting in Canada, it can really only be at one of our recommended sites. All of which means that having 1×2 betting explained should be very worthwhile.

What is 1X2 Betting FAQ

⚽ What is 1×2 betting for soccer?

1×2 soccer betting refers to the betting markets that a bookmaker will give you for the match result. These are probably the most common soccer betting markets that you are going to come across. However, it’s still worth taking a look through the guide to 1×2 betting on Wetten Canada in order to learn more about this betting strategy. Here you will get to learn the best way to bet on these betting markets, and even discover some alternative options for betting on soccer.

🤷 What does the 1×2 stand for?

The ‘1×2’ in betting refers to the betting markets that a bookmaker provides for you to bet on. This is one of the most simple bets that you will find, but remember that you cannot use 1×2 bets for many sports. At, we’ll take a look at whether sports such as soccer are suitable for this type of bet, and even reveal some great strategies that you can use on the 1×2 betting markets. Your answer to, “What is 1×2 betting?” will certainly be answered.

👌 What is a good 1×2 bet strategy?

There are many different strategies that have been successfully used by sports fans for 1×2 betting. However, it’s worth noting that many of these 1×2 bet strategies might require plenty of skill. So be sure to take a look at the Wetten Canada betting guides ; by doing so you’ll be perfectly placed to understand how to use the best 1×2 betting strategies, as well as a host of other betting options.

📈 Where can I find 1×2 betting tips?

It should be fairly simple to find 1×2 betting tips as this is probably the most popular betting market for many top sports. However, it’s worth noting that many of the tips for this betting market might not be very useful. As well as compiling betting tips for Canada , we at also have a full guide that can help you to learn more about what is 1×2 betting, so all the bases are covered by visiting us.

🤞 What does first half 1×2 mean?

This is a popular type of sports bet that refers to a particular time period in a sporting encounter. Bear in mind that this betting market is only applicable for certain sports like football and cricket. To learn more about the 1×2 options and all the essential terminology, our guide to – what is 1×2 betting – is well worth a read. Here you’ll get to discover the basic kinds of 1×2 bets, and then you can take it up a level to try some first 1×2 bets on your favorite sport.

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