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Last Updated on 02/06/2021

Are you searching for the best betting online odds in Canada? Congratulations! You have come to the right place for online betting odds. The best betting websites in Canada are those which provide you with the highest sportsbook betting odds across the hottest bets online. will show you which betting sites rank on the top because of the higher pay-outs they provide to their players when compared to other websites. Although gambling on the latest sports game is fascinating, it requires a good deal of planning and understanding. If you seriously want to win a bet, you need to bet on the right teams, sportspeople, or horses and know about the concept of odds, their various types, and many other related things. So if you want to put down some bets, betting odds are of paramount importance. Keep reading to see the best sportsbooks odds Canada has to offer.

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Know your bets – Betting odds explained

So what are online betting odds? If you’re new to the betting world, one of the first things perhaps you should do is understand how bookmaker odds work and how betting odds are calculated. It’s especially important because it lets you know how hight the possibility is for an event is to incur and what your expected winnings can be. The most simple type of betting provides you with the ability to foretell the outcome of a particular event, and if your assumption is correct, you will win. For any given game, there are a certain number of results. For example, when you roll out a dice, there are six possible outcomes.

So, if your bet is on number three for $100, for instance, there is a chance of 16.67%, that it will occur. What online betting odds merely do is show how likely the event is to occur. It is understood that if the dice do not roll the number three, you will not receive anything, and you will lose your $100. Odds are the common term used by all bookmakers. will show you those bookmakers that are happy to be ranked as one of the top places to find the best sportsbooks odds Canada has at the moment..
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What Do High And Low Bookmaker Odds Mean?

High online betting odds mean something is more unlikely to happen. Online bookies will give an event high odds if they assume that there is less chance of something happening. To consider an event having high odds, it depends on the circumstances, but usually, odds which are of over 10-1 are usually considered high. As the chances are lesser to win in high odds, the amount that players get if they win the bet is huge. Keep in mind, that the higher sportsbook betting odds mean very little chance of winning, which also means risking your money or losing it.

As earlier, the greater the odds are, the lesser the probability of winning. So, if there are sports betting odds of four, for example, the chance is twenty-five percent. So, from a statistical viewpoint, the bet is lost three out of four times. Keeping this aspect in mind, when gambling on higher bookmaker odds, players are advised not to bet a large amount of money. Always bet on small amounts to avoid risks because if you lose, you lose a lot of money. In contrast, when you are betting at lower odds, the money you lose is less, naturally lowering your risk. If you choose to bet at low odds, your focus should also be on individual bets even though you will not be looking at huge winnings. The risk is significantly lesser in lower odds, but the money you win is also less. So if you want some easy bets, betting odds like this should be used.
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Types Of Online Betting Odds

The online arena of sports gambling is growing in popularity more than ever. In Canada, bookmakers offer many kinds of sportsbook betting odds to players. So let’s take a look at the sports betting odds Canada’s punters are likely to use. The most common ones are Fractional Odds, American Odds, and Decimal Odds.

  • Fractional Odds: This is mostly used in the UK. According to this format, the odds are displayed in fractions, for example, 33/20.
  • American Odds: This format of odds uses $100 wager as a standard unit. Displayed with plus and minus numbers, a positive sign means underdogs, and a negative sign represents the favourite. For example, gambling on +195 odds gives a $195 profit on a $100 bet. It is also called the Money Line odds.
  • Decimal Odds: Famous in Europe and Canada, decimal odds are some of the most commonly used bookmaker odds. Gamblers measure their winnings by multiplying the stakes and the odds.

If you are new to online betting odds, you may find it confusing and will think about which one to choose. It is all up to personal choice to decide the format in sports betting. Our recommended bookmakers offer the option to choose which type of sportsbook betting odds you want to view when you are looking at placing a bet. There are also odds calculators online that can help you convert between different kinds of odds. It is not important which type of odds you select. Your wins or losses do not depend on the format of the odds you choose and you can choose the format of online betting odds that you are most comfortable with.
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Betting On Your Smartphone Is The Best Bet

Mobile sites or dedicated apps are the best way to keep track of up-to-the-minute odds as the game unfolds. It enables players to place their bets almost instantly before and during an event, from any corner of the world. It also sends notifications and the latest updates, so you get an idea when it is the perfect time to hit. At our recommended bookmakers, you can access the sports betting and casino games from any mobile device with a valid internet connection and mobile browser without any need for downloads. The straightforward interface allows punters to use it without any hassle. All we want is for you to focus on your bets to find the best online betting odds.

The bookie’s favourite is a term given to the most likely outcome and, therefore, the lowest odds. For instance, if you take a football match, the team which has a higher chance of winning is called the bookie’s favourite in the sports betting odds Canada has to offer. The same rule applies when there are more than two teams. The team given the lowest odds, in other words, is called the bookie’s favourite. The favourite is not constant and may change during the match as the game gets going. Although this term is often used in the game of horseracing, it is even used in boxing, cricket, tennis, or even football.
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Facts Check

  • The higher the odds, the lower the chances you will win the bet.
  • The higher the odds, the higher the amount of money you will win.
  • The lower the odds, the bigger the chances you will win the bet.
  • The lower the odds, the lower the amount of money you will win.


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Where Can I Find The Best Online Betting Odds In Canada?

The chances of something occurring depends on a variety of things like a mathematical equation, past performance, etc. It is essential to know that the odds are never constant and change throughout a match. To get a high odd requires good timings on putting your bets. The top odds from bookmakers are displayed only for a small amount of time, so it is crucial to make decisions fast and to secure reasonable rates from the best sportsbooks odds Canada has to offer.

Looking for the best online betting odds from bookmakers in Canada was manual until recently. People had to look up the odds offered at all of the separate bookmakers and compare them to get the right deal. Now, you can find a lot of websites that help you compare odds, reducing your work. All you need is to provide the amount you wish to stake and the bet you wish to place. The website will then compare all of the available online betting odds in Canada and highlights the best deal for you. These websites consider a lot of factors, all of which influence the sports betting odds Canada has to offer. These factors involve things such as how many people are betting on a specific subject, the time left until the event starts, the past performances of the individuals participating, and the profit the bookies make from each event. Our recommended bookmakers’ goal is to have the best online betting odds in Canada, providing you with great chances so you can win big. In Canada, these betting sites have a record of topping up the charts for many sports bets. Betting odds that pay well have never been easier to find.
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Football Betting Odds In Canada

Football is one game that most Canadians love and there are a large number of bookmakers trying to provide you with the best online betting odds for this sport. Our recommended bookmakers aim to give their customers the best odds and take bets for all the football fixtures one can think of, providing competitive odds for all the outcomes. They offer their customers options to place standards or other types of bets. Our recommended bookmakers also offer customers the choice of at which point they want to bet. With so many options and ease, why go anywhere else for your bets. Betting odds have never been easier to find.

If you are new at football betting, you may think there are just three results of a football match. The three outcomes you think are: Team A will win, or Team B will win, or both teams win and there is a draw. However, there can be more than three outcomes in the sports betting odds Canada has to offer.

Our recommended bookmakers give their customers a selection to bet on who will score the maximum goals and when they will score. You can bet on the most bizarre things such as the colour of shoes worn or the number of yellow cards a team gets during a match. With so many options, you now know why recommended bookmakers are a great place your football bets. Betting odds  may become more complicated, but the odds on these betting sites will remain competitive and straightforward, and that is the reason why these bookmakers do so well when put against competitors with football betting odds comparison in Canada.
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Learn How Are Football Odds Calculated

So how can you identify the best sportsbooks odds Canada has to offer. Analyzing the odds of a football match is not that simple as there are a lot of factors that need to be considered. Some of them are the number of suspensions and injuries, age of the players, the length of time on the squad, the weather conditions, pitch conditions, the timing of the match, and more. Due to the long list of factors, different bookies may arrive at various odds for the same bet and there is no exact theorem. However, some bookies offer the benefit of the doubt in favor of the customer with the best online betting odds where possible.

A football accumulator, also known as an Acca, is a bet which joins multiple selections of four or even more, into one chance. To win, all selections must be successful. This kind of bet is famous among casual gamblers and can return huge winnings if they succeed. Although accumulator bets come with higher risks compared to single bets, the rewards are huge too with these bets. Betting odds are hugely important with acca bets.
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Did You Know?

  • The term “odd” was used way back in the sixteenth century even before the probability theorem was created.
  • To a gambler, odds against means that the money he or she will win is higher than the amount staked.
  • The use of odds in gambling helps to bet on events where the relative probabilities of outcomes vary. Example: for a multi-runner horse race or a football match between two unequally matched sides, wagering at odds gives a view on the relative probabilities of the possible outcomes.


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Do Odds Apply Even On The Free Bets?

The concept of odds remains the same, including on any free bets are awarded. We at highly recommend our customers to read the terms and conditions before making use of any kinds of free bets. The higher odds will give you better rewards if you win, even though the chances of winning are less. The lower odds mean that the outcome is more likely to occur.

There are many ways to make the most out of the best online betting odds and give you an improved chance of winning. Here are a few tips:

  • Sports betting research helps a long way in deciding what bets to place. Reading and studying statistical facts can give you a better strategy. You will improve your chances of winning more bets than you lose.
  • Finding good value bets is vital, especially in competitive markets. Converting odds into probability allows you to get an idea of how much value there is in a particular odd. Also, taking in other factors such as the form of a team can make a bet seem much more worthy than it may look.
  • Get more experience in betting. The more bets you place, the more familiar you will be with the odds being offered and what that means for your likely returns.

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Find The Best Betting Odds In Canada

  • Play in local currency: At our recommended bookmakers, they maintain the best industry standards because of which it is safe for Canadian residents to sign up. You can make deposits and make bets in Canadian dollars at these online sportsbooks. Customers save a lot of money and avoiding paying for conversion fees, as well.
  • Safe and Secure: We’ll help you find a licensed online sportsbook. We believe that people can have fun in gambling only when their money is safe and secure. These betting give a completely safe and secure environment for wagering.
  • Bet on the Move: Our recommended bookmakers are compatible with a variety of devices, enabling Canadian players to place bets on the move. Play from any location you want.
  • Customer Service: At these betting sites, customers have always been the highest priority. These sites give them customer service 24/7 through email, phone, and live chat. The customer service teams speak English and other languages as well.
  • Banking Methods: The banking options offered at these sites are safe, secure, and convenient for Canadian players. You can fund your account using credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, electronic wallet services, Neteller, and many others. At these betting sites, the withdrawal option is the same as the deposit option. If you deposited through online banking, the withdrawal is also made through online banking.

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There is no doubt, will help you find a site that offers the best online betting odds in Canada. You’ll enjoy the quality service, easy to use interface and tremendous other benefits we provide.
If you are passionate about sports, perhaps it’s time to put your love, knowledge, and experience into practice. At our recommended bookmakers, you can place single bets, or go for accumulators, or other kinds of bets. Betting odds will be competitive to help you make big winnings too.
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