Sports Betting Odds Comparison Canada

Last Updated on 24/09/2020

Before you can start betting on any sports events to make some quick money, it is crucial to first learn everything about betting odds. Betting on sports is enjoyable, but understanding how the odds work and being updated on the sports you are interested in will go a long way in helping you win big in betting. An online betting resource like gives you the benefit of finding great bookmakers so that you can betting on any sports event taking place around the globe. Websites from different countries will display their odds in different ways. Odds are used to show the chances of winning, and punters are advised to know how the entire thing works. provides a comprehensive Canadian betting odds comparison to help you place your bets at the best sports betting sites.

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Different Types Of Sports Betting Odds

Before we start with our odds comparison, we will need to take a look at different odds formats. There are mainly three different ways that online sportsbooks represent the odds. They are:

  • Fractional Odds
  • American Odds
  • Decimal Odds

Due to the laws in Canada relating to the usage of sports betting options, Canadian residents opt to visit international websites to obtain better chances of winning their bets.
As a Canadian resident, you may be new to the types of betting odds. It is good to learn this and then start betting on any global websites through our user-friendly odds comparison.

American Odds

American odds are widely used on sportsbooks in the U.S. The American sports betting odds work a little different for the underdogs and favourites of any sports events. The favourite odds start with a minus sign, which is the amount you need to stake to win $100. Whereas, underdog odds start with + sign, which is the amount you would win if you bet $100.

Let’s take an example:

  • Player A -162
  • Player B +110

One of the first things you should keep in mind is the “+” and the “-” signs before the number for each market. If a market has a “+” sign, it means it is an underdog. That is, it is the market regarded to have a lower chance of winning the matchup.

If a market has a “-” sign, then it is the favourite, regarded to have a higher chance of winning the matchup.

In this example, Player A is the favourite, and Player B is the underdog. The numbers after those signs are used as a pointer of how likely the teams are sensed to be to win or lose. For favourites, the number is the money you would need to risk to win $100. In the case of Player A, you would require to risk $162 to make a profit of $100. If Player A wins, your $162 and your profit, which is $100, is returned to you. However, if Player A loses, then you also lose the $162 you risked.

In the case of the underdogs, the number is the amount you would get if you risked $100. If you risked $100 on Player B, then you win $110 if he won the match, and of course, you would get your invested $100 returned on top of that.

We use the unit size of $100 just for easy explanation. It does not mean you have to be risking that amount. For Player B, you could risk $40 to win $60, risk $35 to win $40, and so on. Such odds make it simple to use in any odds comparison.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are mainly used in Canada, Australia, and Continental Europe and they are the easiest to use in an odds comparison. It uses a simple numerical representation. This shows the possible return of a bet, which also covers the stake amount. The potential profit from decimal odds is easy to measure. What you require to do is multiply the amount you wish to bet on with the offered decimal odds. So, it is always the odds multiplied by the stake. For a game with a decimal odd at 3.230 and a $100 bet, the answer is 3.230 X $100 = $323. Remember that this includes your amount of $100, which you stake as well, so the potential return is 323 – 100 = $123.

Fractional odds are the most common way to display the odds in the past, but they can be tricky to use in an odds comparison. Even today, it is widely used in the United Kingdom and Ireland. What do they mean? For instance, if the odds are 5/1, it means that for a stake of $1, you will get winnings worth $5. You earn $6 if you win the bet. When you win, you also get what you staked. The more you stake, the larger the amount you win.

Did You Know?

At, we can help to show you those bookmakers where your winnings are always 100 percent secure. We’ll help you find licensed bookmakers for sports betting in Canada so that you get guaranteed payouts. These sportsbooks will offer:

  • Flexible payment options
  • Secure transaction processing
  • Encryption of your data

Sports Betting Odds Comparison: Searching for the Best Betting Odds

It is highly recommended that you run extensive sports odds comparison before placing any bets. It enables you to maximize profits from your bets, especially high pay-outs. Finding the best odds in an odds comparison is a lengthy procedure, and people who do it by themselves have to go through the pain of going through different bookmakers, sports, and games to find the best odds. It is a time-consuming and frustrating process.

At, we have made your life easier. We make a odds comparison for you and provide you with sports betting odds ranking. You can easily see what is essential, and the representation helps you to start your betting quickly. We aim to give comfort and convenience to our clients so they can bet peacefully and enjoy their wins after consulting our odds comparison.

Our goal at is that our customers profit from the best odds from most appropriate providers. We always ensure to offer access to bookmakers with a betting selection that is the latest along with our odds comparison service. Furthermore, we will show you sportsbooks who cover all types of sports and also the different leagues and their events, as well as top matches. For this reason, we update our betting comparison regularly for you, so there is no chance to miss out on relevant information.

Every single piece of information is crucial when it comes to betting comparisons. Our sports odds comparisons considers all data. You will see established bookmakers as well as newbies. Our  comparison subjects all betting sites to the same tests and rates them according to set quality features. That way, you can use a large best odds selection of betting providers whose sportsbook features are seriously impressive.

Benefits You Get From Sports Betting Odds Comparison

At, you will benefit a lot from our comparison compared to other Canadian odds comparisons. Not to forget, you save ample time and effort that you can use in focusing on your bets. You could also use that time to read and strengthen your knowledge to build up a good strategy after using our  comparison.

Our odds comparison at provides you with only the best providers. Also, our comparison is so versatile that you receive current data for every sport, event, and match, enabling you to decide on all the bets. This way, you will realize where you can profit the most from.’s odds comparison is based on the most significant odds from  bookmakers, and we’ll also analyse statistics, breaking news, and historical fixtures.

A lot of work, dedication, and thought have been given while designing our  comparison. No wonder we offer one of the best Canadian odds comparisons. We let our customers select any sport and within those, the best odds in the shortest time possible.

We hope that our comparison should deliver all the vital information that could help you when placing bets. Customers need to select the sport which they wish to bet on, and the choice is huge. From football to tennis to cricket, you name it; we can help you find the perfect sportsbook with our sports odds comparison. We want our customers to have everything in one place and enjoy their time here. The next step is to choose the country in our comparison. For instance, if you want to bet on outcomes in the French Ligue 1, you must choose France as a country. For the Italian Serie A, you would select Italy, and similarly, for odds of the English Premier League, you should choose England. Our sports odds comparison is effortless and easy to understand.

You would then see the corresponding matches  of your selection listed, for which different bookmakers are offering bets. Here you select the outcome. After this, our comparison for the match appears. We provide you with an extensive summary of the current betting odds of the bookmakers for the selected event. You can see the ascending order in our  odds comparison with the most attractive odds enabling you to see the best value bets.

Fact Check

  • Sports betting odds are not based on luck. You’ll requires some basic knowledge and skill. If you have the right guide, along with these talents, you can earn some good winnings. All you need is our sports comparison.
  • Betting at high odds is always more profitable, although it increases your risks tremendously.
  • can also help you find those betting sites with a wide range of online casino games, slots, card games and more.

Our Sports Betting Odds Comparison Is Free

At, we provide free comparison so that you can take maximum benefit and make the right decisions while placing your bets. So, we highly suggest you use our prematch and live odds comparison and enjoy the winnings. Keep your worries aside and start betting with the useful insights we offer you.

Apart from providing the best Canadian odds comparison, there are a lot of other reasons can show you.

  • Payment Options: At, we can show you those bookmakers who offer a wide range of payment methods like debit/credit cards, Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, Interac, and even the traditional bank transfer method. You’ll find that their withdrawals are comfortable too and take place through the same method as the deposit method. So, if you deposited money through a bank transfer, your withdrawal is also made through a bank transfer.
  • Usability: can be accessed from any device. You can use on your smartphone and find a great bookmaker from any location. We know that the timings are essential when it comes to betting, and we leave no chance to help you find a great bookmaker very quickly. Our live odds comparisons are mobile friendly and help you quickly decide on where to place your bets.
  • Security: The first thing that should come to anyone’s mind before gambling is security. We understand our customers’ concerns and provide them with recommendations to betting sites with the highest protection.  We also encourage our customers to play responsibly.

What Will You Find In Our Sports Betting Odds Finder?

Compare betting odds on all of these sports and events thanks to us:


If you wish to place a bet on tennis matches, a good strategy and some knowledge are essential. Our sports odds comparison, along with your capability, will help you win a bet. In our live odds comparison, you can filter matches based on the country and then decide what suits your needs the most.

Ice hockey

A popular sport especially amongst Canadians and Americans, even Europeans are becoming more inclined to enjoy betting on ice hockey. Our comparison helps you to a significant extent, although many of these matches can be fairly unpredictable.

Horse races

While you might not be able to use our live odds comparison for horse racing, we can all enjoy a flutter at one of our recommended bookmakers on ‘the sport of kings’. These days horse races are hugely popular and races like the Kentucky Derby are very famous worldwide. Though the odds can sharply alter, the race results can never be predicted precisely. For this sole reason, it is essential to look for the best odds available on the market with a good odds comparison we provide.

Champions League Tournaments

The Champions League tournaments are some of the most prestigious events in the soccer world. Use our comparison to win big on these awesome soccer matches. This is especially so if you want to bet on some of the club favourites like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool or Juventus as all bookmakers will be fighting hard to give you the best odds for this epic tournament.

The Europa League

Just like the Champions League tournaments, the Europa League is known as a crucial contest in the European football world. Thousands of people place bets on this game. It is therefore listed on our comparison so we can present to you the best odds.

English Premier League, Canadian Premier League, and the FA Cup

All soccer matches can be hugely exciting, but scores can often be foretold with the right intuition and a little expert knowledge. It is particularly worthwhile to use the best odds of our recommended bookmakers. All bookmakers will have a massive amount of odds for the Premier League, so make sure that you compare your football odds before you bet on this top league. Since odds for matches for the FA Cup alter strongly, you should not abstain from betting on the best odds for these events.

The Football World Cup

This tournament occurs every four years and attracts millions of viewers and punters globally. Enjoy your betting confidently by using the best Canadian odds comparison. Whether you’re backing a favourite like France, Brazil or Germany, or prefer backing a promising outsider like Holland, Mexico or Uruguay, there’s no excuse for not comparing your odds.

How To Use Bookmakers’ Odds Comparison Websites In Canada

Bookmakers’ odds comparison sites in Canada are game-changer in online betting for sports fans. It has never been so straightforward to find the best odds from bookies across the country. First, decide which sports game you want to bet on. The comparison site will then show you the best odds on offer at the given time and connect you through to the online bookies offering you with the best odds. can show you which sportsbooks are topping the charts on our bookmakers’ odds comparison sites as the best odds betting site in Canada. If you are already signed up with the that bookmaker’s site, you can bet immediately once you have landed from the comparison page.

At, we aim to provide you with the best Canadian odds comparison. We do this by giving you extensive information on the renowned bookmakers on the sports scene. We also inform you about bonuses of similar betting providers and make comparisons so that you do not fall for bad offers.

With secure payments, signup bonuses, and fantastic customer service, there are lots of bookmakers who are getting very popular among Canadian residents. What else would you want from a good betting website? Save some time and hassle, and increase your chances of winning huge by choosing a new bookmaker through For easy entry to some of the best odds in Canada, register for a new account at a betting site that we recommend.

See all the upcoming sports events and place your bets in seconds, all while having access to the best odds out there. You can access from your smartphone as well so that you do not miss out on any critical details of our recommended bookies. Leave all of your worries to us. Enjoy your game by focusing on where to go for your next bet, and rest assured that at, we will offer you great recommendations for Canada’s best bookmakers!

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