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Best Betting Strategy for Canada 2024

Choosing the best betting strategy in Canada

To increase the success of your bets you want to use the most effective betting strategy – which is where we come in. Here, we’ll discuss the best betting strategies for your favourite sports.

It can take some time to learn how betting systems work, so don’t be tempted to jump in too quickly. It’s generally advisable to take some time to learn about the various betting strategies in Canada before selecting the system you think will work best for you.

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Using an online betting system in Canada

With numerous strategies to choose from, it’s possible to choose betting systems which are ideally suited to a number of sports bets, such as tennis, football, greyhound racing, horseracing, ice hockey, cricket and golf, and you can even use your betting system to facilitate in-play and live betting.

By their nature, betting systems are designed to give players an advantage. Whilst bookmakers and betting institutions will try and retain a ‘house edge,’ players use betting strategies to try and put the odds in their favour instead.

Whilst gamblers are prohibited from altering the outcome of events or attempting to manipulate the result in any way, they can use a legitimate betting strategy in Canada. Usually based on statistical analysis, most betting strategies that work in Canada are reliant on logical, numerical, mathematical and statistical equations.

First used in the 18th century, many people employ the Martingale betting system in Canada. Considered to be one of the most forward betting systems, it’s increasingly popular amongst recreational or ad hoc gamblers, who simply want to try and increase their success rate.

Although there are numerous variations of the strategies, the Martingale betting system in Canada is primarily concerned with the idea of increasing or reducing a bet following a loss. By altering a post-loss stake, it’s believed that players are more likely to win and can, therefore, recoup their previous loss.

Whilst ‘chasing a loss’ isn’t generally a good idea, because it can ultimately lead to even larger losses, many people maintain that the Martingale betting strategy is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a system into your betting decisions.

Learning how the use the Martingale betting system

Firstly, it’s important to identify when the Martingale betting system is most likely to be effective. When using a traditional Martingale strategy, it’s best used in instances in which the odds are 50/50, or as close to 50/50 as you can find.

If there are multiple potential outcomes to an event or game, the Martingale is far less likely to be effective, and players typically do not use the Martingale betting system in Canada in these cases. When games or events offer 50/50 odds, however, the Martingale strategy can be one of the most successful betting strategies in Canada.

If you’re relying on the Martingale betting strategy in Canada, you need to think of your bets in cycles. Each cycle begins following a win, whilst a loss doesn’t prompt a new cycle to begin. Take, for example, roulette. When you bet on either black or red, you’re getting odds which are very close to 50/50, excluding the possibility of 0 coming in.

If you bet €1 on black and loose, you double your next bet to €2. If this bet also looses, you double it again to €4. As before, another loss leads to another doubling, so your next bet would be €8. If you bet €8 and win, however, the cycle starts again, and you place another bet of €1.

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Understanding the Martingale system

Based on the premise that a win will eventually follow a loss, or a series of losses, doubling your bet after each loss should enable you to maximise your returns when a win does come in.

At first glance, the Martingale betting system may seem like a sure-fire way to recoup your losses and maximise your returns. Whilst it may be an extremely popular betting strategy in Canada, the Martingale system doesn’t guarantee success. In fact, many seasoned gamblers feel the Martingale system can lull inexperienced gamblers into a false sense of security. Whilst you may be able to win relatively small amounts relatively frequently by employing this method of betting, there is still a risk that you could lose a substantial amount if you run out of funds before a win comes in.

The D’Alembert betting system is a modification of the original Martingale strategy, and it can be used as a viable online betting system in Canada. Like the Martingale system, the D’Alembert strategy relies on gamblers changing the size of their stake.

To make use of the D’Alembert system, you’ll need to decide what your betting unit will be. Experienced gamblers typically advise newer players to limit their betting unit to 5% of their betting fund or less. An example of a betting stake may be €1 or €0.10, for example. Also applicable to instances in which 50/50 odds are available, the D’Alembert betting system requires the individual to increase their stake following a loss. Instead of doubling their stake, however, gamblers should only increase the stake by one betting unit with this betting strategy.

How does the D’Alembert system work?

When you increase your stake after a loss, you’re only increasing it by one betting unit. Although this can enable you to recoup previous losses, your outgoings are reduced when compared to the traditional Martingale system. This means your betting fund should last longer, and you should be less likely to run out of funds due to a lengthy losing streak.

By using a combination of incremental increases following a loss and new betting cycles after a win, some players believe the D’Alembert is a workable modification of the traditional Martingale system. However, the D’Alembert may be a popular online betting system in Canada but it doesn’t always work. Like the Martingale, the D’Alembert betting strategy can fail in some instances and you could, therefore, suffer losses as a result.

Should you use the Martingale betting system?

If you’re looking for a fun way to organise your betting, the Martingale system can be the best betting strategy in Canada. Easy to memorise, it doesn’t require players to employ confusing equations or retain reams of statistical analysis and it can be used in various situations.

Furthermore, the Martingale system is a betting strategy in Canada which can easily be used online. Whilst some systems and strategies are more suited to physical betting, the Martingale betting system can be employed on an online betting platform.

However, don’t assume you’ll win when you use the Martingale system or any other strategy. Whilst successful betting strategies in Canada could increase your success, they won’t bring unlimited returns.

Did You Know?

  • Many popular betting strategies date back decades
  • An established betting strategy could help to increase your chances of winning
  • Betting strategies can be used in sports betting, casino games and card tournaments

Finding betting strategies that work in Canada

Finding a fool-proof betting strategy would provide you with an endless source of income, and you’d probably put a few casinos out of business too! Whilst you won’t be able to guarantee success by using betting strategies in Canada, there are a number of strategies which gamblers believe boosts their returns.

One of the most successful betting strategies in Canada is actually a very straightforward system, and it simply involves identifying the value in each potential bet. If you plan to bet on an ice hockey game, for example, it may seem obvious to back the heavy favourite to win.

Finding value in your bets

If Team A have won their last 20 matches and Team B have lost the previous 10 games, as well as having their best players out due to injury, Team A should be more likely to win, so betting on them is a good idea, right?

Not necessarily. Although Team A may be more likely to win, you’ll need to examine your options to determine if there’s any value in this betting strategy. When there is one heavy favourite, the odds available are likely to be extremely low. With odds of 2/25, for example, you’d need to bet €25 in the hope of winning €2, plus your stake back.

For most gamblers, the value in such a bet means it simply isn’t worth it. Whilst Team A may be more likely to win, the risk of a significant loss over a potentially small win doesn’t justify making the bet.

Choosing the best value bets

Backing heavy favourites used to be an established betting strategy in its own right, but the limited value in placing such bets has made it less and less popular. When there’s little value in a bet, the risk can outweigh the possible benefits, however likely a particular outcome is.

Similarly, betting on heavy favourites may enable you to back a number of winners, but this won’t equate to a good return. As heavy favourites typically have low odds, you could obtain numerous small wins, only to see them wiped out as soon as the favourite is out of the running.

By choosing bets which offer value, however, you can employ an effective online betting strategy in Canada and increase the likelihood of making profitable bets.

Identifying successful betting strategies in Canada

Successful betting strategies in Canada can be extremely complex, and even the most experienced gamblers avoid some of the more complicated betting systems. Often, the most effective betting strategies are ones which are simple to use and those that are suitable for recreational gamblers.

In some instances, however, arbitrage betting can be one of the most successful betting strategies in Canada. Based on the idea that different bookmakers offer varying odds, players can, theoretically, bet on all outcomes and ensure they win, whatever actually happens in the event.

Of course, the success of arbitrage betting system depends on finding bookmakers who are offering varying odds with different favourites. Whilst this might not happen too often, it can be one of the betting strategies that work in Canada.

Fact Check

  • Bet values can help you to determine whether or not a bet is worth making
  • Betting strategies don’t guarantee success
  • Some betting systems rely on taking advantage of differing odds across platforms

Trying a new betting strategy in Canada

If you’re keen to try structured betting, using a simple betting strategy can be the best way to get started. Despite the potential pitfalls of well-known systems, such as the Martingale strategy or arbitrage betting, these can be fun ways to organise your recreational betting.

Another advantage of using an established and straightforward online betting system in Canada is the freedom it gives you to try new strategies. Whilst complex strategies can take months or even years to master, simple betting strategies are easy to pick up. This means you can try out new strategies regularly until you find one you think is the best betting strategy in Canada.

Gamblers are always eager to find the best betting strategy in Canada, but realistically there isn’t one system which is suitable in all situations. In order to determine which is the best betting strategy in Canada, you’ll need to assess a number of factors.

The amount you have to bet could affect which betting strategies are right for you, for example. Some betting systems require you to have a fairly considerable sum of money in order to ride out potential losses. Any system that requires you to increase your bet after a loss could quickly eat away at your funds, if your losing streak isn’t broken by a win, and this could result in massive losses if you are forced to stop playing because your funds have run out.

Choosing online betting strategies

Furthermore, the best betting strategy in Canada may depend on the events you like to bet on. Whilst some players will bet on any sporting event, casino or card game, based purely on statistical analysis, many prefer to bet on their favourite sports, such as tennis, or games they’re familiar with, such as roulette or blackjack.As a result, some betting strategies may need to be ruled out based on your choice of event, sport or game. The Pick-3 strategy is routinely used in horseracing, for example, but wouldn’t be applicable to many other events. Similarly, the over 1.5 goals and the 2-3 goals strategies are well-used in football and other sports games but wouldn’t be useful if you prefer to bet on casino games, horse racing or card tournaments.

Betting systems and online functionality

Similarly, successful betting strategies in Canada might be defined by their suitability for online use. Online platforms provide an unrivalled opportunity to bet on events around the world, but you’ll want to use an appropriate online betting system in Canada if you’re relying solely on a digital platform.Whether you’re using your iPhone betting app to place a bet or your desktop browser, ensuring your strategy can be used efficiently online is an important factor in determining which is the best betting strategy in Canada, particularly if you want to make use of in-play betting.

Increasing your returns with online betting strategies

All players want to increase their chances of success and maximise the amount they can win, and betting strategies can be a fun way to achieve this. Providing you understand the risks associated with each strategy, and its suitability for particular events, using an established system can help you to structure your bets in order to try and minimise any losses.

Used by both experienced gamblers and new players, traditional, modified and new betting strategies are incorporated in betting theories and analysis every day. With many strategies enabling players to improve their chances of winning, it’s easy to see why online betting strategies have become increasingly popular.

Designed to give players a better chance against the house or bookmaker, online betting systems offer an attractive way of improving your own odds. With hundreds of strategies to choose from, you can employ well-known betting strategies when you’re playing casino games, taking part in card tournaments and placing sports bets on events, such as the Derby, the World Cup or the IIHF World Championships. is a proud supporter of:
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