1.01 betting strategy guide Canada 2020 - how does it work?

Last Updated on 19/09/2020

Need help with your 1.01 betting strategy? Since the dawn of gambling, bettors have looked to different strategies in order to maximise their profit. In recent years, the 1.01 betting system has become particularly popular. 1.01 betting in Canada really exploded when live betting took off. The system relies on finding ‘sure bets’, available at decimal odds of 1.01 – hence the name – or similar. In this 1.01 betting guide, Canada gamblers can read up on the strategy and how to make it work for them.

The 1.01 betting strategy is not for casual gamblers. Due to the nature of the odds involved, it can take a long time for you to turn your stake into a significant profit. However, the internet abounds with tales of bettors who have started out with $10 and gone on to make thousands of dollars simply by playing the system shrewdly. In this guide, we’ll be taking an advanced look at how the 1.01 betting system works for Canada gamblers – and outlining how you can get started. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the method behind the strategy. But first, we’ll answer the question: just what is a 1.01 betting strategy?

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What is a betting strategy?

Let’s take a closer look at why you might need a 1.01 betting strategy. A betting strategy or system is a methodical approach to gambling which places the attempt to engineer a profit before enjoyment or anything else. In betting, the house always has a house edge and the purpose of a betting strategy or system is to beat this so that the player has the advantage. Because it’s impossible to do this with games of probability with fixed odds, betting systems often rely on statistical analysis. This may increase the chances of winning in the short term, but ultimately no betting system can guarantee long-term results. Care, therefore, should always be taken when you’re working with a new 1.01 betting strategy. You might be up at the moment, but you could lose at any time.

The thinking behind the 1.01 betting strategy is fairly simple to explain. To get started, you simply need to find a bet which is being offered at odds of 1.01, which is 1/100 when converted into fractions. These are the shortest odds most bookmakers will tend to offer and are reserved for ‘sure bets’ – these tend to be live, in-play odds – for example, in a tennis match if a player is two sets and four games up. If you placed $1 on a bet at odds of 1.01, your returns would be $1.01, so you’ll have made a profit of one cent. If you up the stake to $10, as many do, then you’d make a return of $10.10, a profit of 10 cents, and so on and so forth. Once you’ve won one bet, you simply repeat and your profit slowly stacks up, seemingly from backing dead certs.
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Facts check

Below we’ve outlined how your returns can start to stack up if you wager a higher stake on the 1.01 betting strategy:

  • $100 stake = $101 return
  • $101 = $102.2
  • $102.2 = $103.3
  • $103.3 = $104.4
  • $104.4 = $105.5
  • $105.5 = $106.6
  • $106.6 = $107.7
  • $107.7 = $108.8
  • $108.8 = $109.9
  • $109.9 = $111.00


As you can see, it’s a slow process to begin with, but many people see the attraction of quickly accruing profit from backing what seem to be sure bets.
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Where do you find 1.01 odds?

Looking for 1.01 odds can be easier said than done – even strong favourites in sports matches will often be quoted at odds of 1.1 or better. The best place to check is in your chosen bookmakers’ live in-play betting section. Football is the most popular sport to look for; when one team is winning 2-0 or 3-0 towards the closing stages, they’ll often be quoted at odds of 1.01 because the likelihood of the other team coming back is so improbable. Other sports will also often throw up 1.01 odds, but you need to be quick to take advantage of these. Why? We’ll explain in the next section as we look at a good 1.01 betting strategy.

As we’ve already established, the bookies will reduce odds to 1.01 for bets they think are guaranteed to win, but they’re not stupid – when the match ticks towards its conclusion, they’ll eventually suspend the market, meaning you will no longer be able to place any bets on the outcome. They can do this at any moment, without warning, so it’s vital that you have a totally live and good quality stream to watch the action on. You can then follow the match in real time, with no delays, so when a team goes two goals up with five minutes to go, you can immediately take advantage of this by wagering on the 1.01 odds that the bookmakers’ computers calculate and make available to you.
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Types of bet where you’ll most commonly find 1.01 odds

1.01 odds can be found on many different types of bet: you just have to scout around and then put your 1.01 betting strategy into action! As we’ve already mentioned, the most common method for finding 1.01 odds is live, in-play betting, but there are also a couple of ways to discover these ‘near-certainty’ bets prior to the beginning of the sporting event. In sports where there is a large discrepancy between teams, such as handball, you may find the favourite is 1.01 prior to the game. Football goals markets can also be relied upon to find these kinds of odds. If you go to an online bookmakers and look for the under/over goals market, you’ll see that under 6.5 goals is usually quoted at 1.01, 1.02 or something similar. This is because it is very rare to see more than seven goals scored in a football match. Soon you will know where to look when it comes to finding these types of odds and use them in your 1.01 betting strategy.

As stated previously, the decimal odds of 1.01 reflect the fractional odds of 1/100. These odds, in turn, state that 99 times out of 100, the bet that you have backed will come in. Although the true probability is even higher than that, it is important to remember that even 1.01 bets can not be said to be certainties. Sports are unpredictable and there are plenty of examples of football teams coming from behind to salvage a late draw or tennis players turning round matches when seemingly down and out. When a shock does occur, the 1.01 betting strategy will let you down. No system, whether it’s 1.01 or matched betting, is ever foolproof – keep this firmly in mind and pick your matches carefully.
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1.01 and lay betting strategies in Canada

What we’ve outlined so far is the simple way of going about using a 1.01 betting strategy. There is another way, however, which relies on using a betting exchange. To do this, you need to place a lay bet at the exchange of 1.01 before the event that you’re wagering on begins.

A lay bet is a bet placed with another person: in this case, you’re betting against the favourite winning. Then you place a back bet at odds of 1.02, which is essentially the opposite of what you’re wagering on with your lay bet: so you’re betting on the favourite.

If everything works out, your risk will be offset with the back bet – but it can be more complicated than it sounds. In the next few paragraphs, we’ll explain how the lay betting system in Canada works.

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The lay betting system Canada gamblers can use: explained

In live, in-play betting, the odds that are on offer can change. This is usually only slightly but can still be significant, especially in terms of a 1.01 betting strategy. If a team is judged by the bookmaker to have a huge advantage and is quoted at odds of 1.01, their odds could change to 1.02 if something happens in the match to reduce that advantage. This might seem a small variation, but it effectively amounts to 100% of the stake you’re wagering.

To take advantage of this, the punter will place a lay bet on 1.01 before the start of the match, as outlined above. Then, once the lay bet has passed in the bidding, place a back bet on the 1.02 odds so that the risk is transferred. In practice, this sounds complicated, but effectively all that’s happening is that if the leading team goes on to win, you’ll make a profit. If they lose, then you’ll have covered your losses and you’ll finish up even with your 1.01 betting strategy.

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An example of the lay betting system in action

Although football is the world’s most popular sport and is also the most commonly used for the 1.01 betting system, we’ll look to tennis for an example here. Rafael Nadal is one of the greatest to have played the game and he’s known as the ‘King of Clay’ for good reason: he has won the French Open on 12 separate occasions, only losing twice at Roland Garros.

If he’s playing a qualifier in the first round, it’s likely his odds will be close to 1.01. If you place a lay bet of $1,000 at these odds against Nadal, you’re only risking $10. Now, if you then place a $500 bet on him at odds of 1.02, you now effectively have $500 riding on the underdog to beat him. The worst that can happen is Nadal wins, as expected, and you lose your $10. But, if the underdog pulls off a shock, you’re in the money with your 1.01 betting strategy!

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Did you know?

Taking advantage of the 1.01 lay betting strategy requires good planning and sound sporting knowledge on your part. You need to be able to know how to hunt out markets which are offering 1.01 odds and you also need to be able to judge whether it’s worth backing these in the first place.
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Are there any risks to this strategy?

The 1.01 lay betting strategy is a good way to protect yourself against major losses and if you carry it out successfully it can also increase the chances you have of making a profit from betting.
However, as with any 1.01 betting strategy, one of the major risks is human error. So this means that you need to know what you are doing and try to eliminate any mistakes which may jeopardise your chances of success.

As stated, it’s vital that you have a good live stream of the sporting events you’re wagering on, as well as access to a betting exchange. A good knowledge of the sport on which you are betting is also necessary so you can deem whether or not what you’re being offered is of good value in your 1.01 betting strategy.

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What other betting strategies are there?

If the 1.01 betting system doesn’t add up for you, there are plenty of other betting strategies available out there on the internet which may sound more appealing. Some of these are like the 1.01 betting strategy in that they rely on backing the favourites at low odds, while others are based more around covering yourself with lay bets on betting exchanges.
The 1X2 betting market is arguably the most popular, as it simply involves wagering your bet on the home team, away team or a draw in a sporting contest. Over 1.5 and 2-3 goals are betting strategies that can be used for football matches too, while Pick 3 and Derby betting systems are utilised for horse racing.

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Conclusion: The best sites for live, in-play betting

Here at Wetten.com, we’ll help you find those bookmakers who offer Canada bettors a range of sports on which to place wagers, both before kick-off and during play. In-play live betting gives you the opportunity to put the 1.01 betting strategy outlined above into use. Whether it’s football you’re looking to place a wager on or tennis, these betting sites will have you covered. They also offer hundreds of markets on dozens of other sports, including North American favourites such as American football, basketball, baseball and ice hockey.
There’s a reason why we’ll help you find one of Canada’s leading sportsbooks – and that’s because, in addition to the various markets we also help you find a range of free bet offers and no limit deposits. Remember that, while the 1.01 betting strategy relies on picking near certainties, there is no guarantee that you’ll make a profit on your wagers. Bear this in mind before placing any bets!

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Register with a recommended bookmaker today to start betting right away!

All you need to do to begin your betting adventure is to register a free account with one of our recommended bookmakers and deposit your funds. It’s as simple as that! As well as the hundreds of markets that these offer, you should keep your eye out for any welcome bonuses or free bet offers available. Cash out should also be available on qualifying bets, to enhance your wagering experience.
Lots of guides to help you on your way are also offered, so whether you’re a beginner or an experienced gambler, you can quickly get started after you’ve signed up. If you have any questions about the process, our recommended bookmakers  have friendly and helpful support team just a few clicks away.

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