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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Strategies » 1×2 Betting Strategy Explained in our detailed Guide Canada

1×2 Betting Strategy Explained in our detailed Guide Canada

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

So what makes up a good 1×2 betting strategy? With a range of sources, it’s easy to learn more about betting systems and 1×2 betting online.

This article will provide useful information regarding what each type of bet means, so you can refer to a 1×2 betting guide in Canada whilst you’re placing your bets at the best betting sites Canada has to offer.

Compare Online Providers for 1×2 Betting in Canada

Using a 1×2 betting guide in Canada

In addition to using a 1×2 betting guide in Canada, you can remember how the 1×2 betting strategy works by simply determining which team is playing at their home ground and labelling them as Team 1. The opposing team is Team 2, and X will almost always represent a draw.

When you place a 1×2 bet, you’ll be offered differed odds for each option. If Manchester United are taking on Watford at Old Trafford, for example, Manchester United would be the favourites to win, based on their form. In addition to this, Manchester United would be playing at their home ground, so as Team 1, they may have an advantage in your 1×2 betting strategy.

Using this example of a 1×2 betting strategy, you might see odds of 6/5 for Team 1 win, 11/5 for a Team 2 win or 9/5 for a draw. With 1×2 betting odds explained in Canada, you can see that each betting option offers different odds, which should represent the likelihood of that particular outcome occurring. As Manchester United are likely to win against Watford, for example, this option has the shortest odds. Whilst a win at 6/5 may give you a relatively small return, both team’s form would indicate that Manchester United are more likely to win the match and this should be factored into your 1×2 betting strategy.

Choosing your betting strategy

Although the 1×2 betting strategy is extremely popular, there are other betting systems to explore too. The 1.01 betting strategy is particularly popular, as is matched betting and looking for value bets. In addition to this, you could opt for sport-specific bets and use a system like the pick-3 if you want to bet on the Derby or horse racing in general.

Often, you’ll find that some sports-specific betting systems can be adapted so that they can be applied to alternative games or events with a 1×2 betting strategy.

The pick-3 strategy is often used in horse-racing, but you could use to bet on greyhound racing too. Similarly, over under strategies, like the over 1.5 or over under 2.5 goals, and the 2-3 goals strategy are predominantly used in football but could be used to bet on tennis, basketball, hockey or cricket too.

Did You Know?

  • Betting systems, like the 1×2 betting strategy, can be used to bet on various different sports.
  • Double chance 1×2 bets include two out of three outcome options, giving you a better chance of winning.
  • The 1×2 betting strategy is one of the simplest betting systems to use.
  • You can combine the 1×2 betting strategy with our snooker betting tips and no risk matched betting advice.

Get the best odds 1×2 in Canada

When you practice betting 1×2 in Canada, you’ll notice that odds vary depending on the likelihood of Team 1 or 2 winning, or there being a draw. By following team news, you can gain a greater insight into which team is likely to win, or whether there’s a realistic chance of a draw occurring. This is a sound 1×2 betting strategy

If Team 1 has lost four of their best players to injury, for example, the odds of them winning the match may go down.

By following team news and commentary, you’ll get a better understanding of the sport, and you may be able to pick out value bets too. When the implied odds given by your bookmaker differ from the actual odds of a team winning, for example, you should have a better chance of winning the bet, and you should get decent odds too.

Our top 3 providers for 1×2 betting in Canada

Adapting the 1×2 betting strategy in Canada

Known as a three-way bet, 1×2 betting in Canada gives you a choice of three options; a home win, an away win or a draw. In standard 1×2 betting in Canada, you will choose one of these three options to bet on. However, you could increase your chances of winning the bet if you adopt the 1×2 betting strategy in Canada.

Instead of choosing the just one of the three options to bet on, for example, you could select two. This is called a double chance bet because it gives you two chances of winning. You may want to place a bet which covers a home win and a draw, for example.

If either the home team wins or the match finishes in a draw, your bet will be successful. As you’re covering two out of three options with this bet, you’ll have a better chance of winning with this 1×2 betting strategy.

Trying betting 1×2 in Canada

Your strategy for betting 1×2 in Canada may give you a better chance of winning if you cover two options in the same bet, but your winnings are likely to be more modest. As selecting two out of three options with one bet gives you a better chance of winning the odds, 1×2 in Canada will shorten.

You’ll receive shorter odds if you want to bet on there being a home win and a draw in one bet, than if you bet on either a home win, a draw or an away win, for example.So, adding two options to your 1×2 betting strategy in Canada will give you a better chance of winning, but if your bet is successful, your returns may be fairly low.

Strategic 1×2 betting in Canada

A double chance bet encompasses two out of three options and increases your chances of winning, but the odds 1×2 in Canada are lower. However, when you’re using a 1×2 betting strategy in Canada, it’s important to remember that you could place two separate 1×2 bets, rather than placing a double chance bet. With a double chance bet, you could predict a home win or a draw in just one bet. Alternatively, you could place two, separate bets; one predicting a home win, and the other bet predicting a draw. Depending on the odds, this option could ensure you get a higher return.

However, a match can only end one of three ways, so placing two competing bets will mean that one of them inevitably fails. Your potential winnings will need to outweigh the lost stake on the losing bet to give you an overall profit, therefore.

1×2 betting strategies in Canada are extremely popular in their own right, but they can be combined with other types of betting to increase your chances of winning or to maximise the returns you could get. Exotic bets are a way of betting on more than one event, and you could use a 1×2 betting strategy in Canada in this way.

When you place an accumulator, for example, you can include a great number of events and potentially win a significant amount of money. With eight matches taking place on one particular day, for example, you may want to bet that there will be a home win in each of them. If so, the odds of each bet will be multiplied, so that your potential winnings can be calculated.

Accumulator bets and 1×2 betting

First of all with the 1×2 betting strategy, you’ll need to ensure you understand how odds 1×2 in Canada are calculated and what the likelihood of you making a successful prediction is. With 1×2 betting odds explained in Canada, you can choose how many events you want to include in your accumulator. Often known as legs, you could choose two, three, four, five or more events, and your potential returns will increase with every extra leg you add to the 1×2 betting strategy.

However, in order to win an accumulator bet, you must predict the outcome of every leg correctly. If you include eight events in your accumulator bet, for example, and you predict seven of them accurately, the entire bet will fail due to the one result you predicted incorrectly.

An accumulator bet does increase the returns you could obtain, but it also lowers the chance of you winning unlike the 1×2 betting strategy. It can be difficult to predict whether one match will end in a home win, an away win or a draw, so trying to accurately predict how two, three, four, five or even six matches will end can be significantly more difficult.

However, combining a 1×2 betting strategy in Canada with an accumulator bet can be a fun way to bet. Whilst you’ll have less chance of winning overall, you could win a considerable amount if your accumulator bet is successful. In fact, bettors have used accumulator bets to push their winnings up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some even hitting the million mark.

Fact Check

  • Football is one of the most popular sports to bet on worldwide, and the 1×2 strategy is most often used to gamble on football matches.
  • 1×2 accumulator bets enable you to predict the outcome of various different matches.
  • The English Premier League is one of the most popular sports leagues to bet on worldwide.

What are odds 1×2 in Canada?

Before you place any type of bet with a 1×2 betting strategy, you’ll want to look at the odds you’re being offered. If a particular outcome is almost certain to occur, the odds are likely to be so low that it isn’t worth placing a bet. However, there aren’t certainties in sports, so bookmakers offer odds which are linked to the likelihood of a particular outcome occurring.

When you see that a bookmaker is offering long odds, it may mean that this particular outcome is unlikely to occur, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If Chelsea is set to take on Port Vale at Stamford Bridge, for example, the away team, or Team 2 are less likely to win, due to their form and experience.In this instance, you may get fairly long odds of 7/1, so a $1 stake would give you a return of $8, with $7 being profit. Whilst the likelihood of Port Vale beating Chelsea at Stamford Bridge may be relatively low, it’s not outside the realms of possibilities and you could get a good return if the bet is successful.

Using a 1×2 betting strategy in Canada

1×2 betting is often referred to as match betting or full-time result betting because you’re gambling on whether there will be a home win, an away win or a draw at the end of the match. Essentially, how the scoreline stands at the full-time whistle determines who has won or if there has been a draw, and, therefore, whether your bet has been successful.

However, there are other ways you can use 1×2 betting strategies in Canada, and you don’t always have to bet on the full-time result. One modification you’ll see in a 1×2 betting guide in Canada is the option to place a 1×2 bet on just the first or second half of a match.

Instead of betting 1×2 in Canada of full matches, you can place a 1×2 bet on the first half of the event. You will still bet on either a home win, an away way or a draw but, crucially, your bet will be decided on the scoreline at the end of the first half, rather than the actual result of the match.

If you place a half-time 1×2 bet on a draw, for example, your bet will win if the teams are drawing at half time. Similarly, a half time 1×2 bet on an away win will be successful if Team 2 are winning at half-time. Although the score at half time doesn’t reflect how the match will end, it’s the score at the end of your particular betting period which will determine if your 1×2 betting strategy has been successful.

Betting 1×2 in Canada

Bookmakers can offer a range of betting options and odds 1×2 in Canada, so always be sure what you’re betting on before you put your stake down. Many people use 1×2 betting to gamble on full-time results, but matches can easily be split into first and second halves, so you could bet on either half using 1×2 betting too.

Similarly, if you’re using a 1×2 betting strategy in Canada to bet on other sports, you may be able to bet on the full-time result or just a specific portion of the match or game. Basketball is typically played in quarters, for example, whilst ice hockey is played in three twenty-minute periods. When you place a 1×2 bet on these sports, you could bet on the full-time result, or the result after the first quarter, the second period or whatever time-based selections are available.

In-play betting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the rise of online gambling has made it even easier to place a bet whilst a match is being played. With a fast, online betting platform or user-friendly betting app, you place your bet in seconds and take advantage of the latest odds.

One of the benefits of in-play betting is that you get the chance to see how the teams are performing before you make a prediction. If Team 1 were hotly favoured to win before the game but they have a bad start to the game, for example, you may want to back Team 2 instead, even though they may have been seen as the underdogs prior to kick off.

Live betting in Canada

If you bet on live events with a 1×2 betting strategy, you’ll notice that the odds 1×2 in Canada will continually change in response to what’s happening in the match or event. If Team 1 is 3-0 up with just three minutes to go, for example, you’re unlikely to get worthwhile odds on them winning. A draw or Team 2 win would be so unlikely in this instance, that bookmakers would certainly make losses if they offered decent odds on Team 1 winning.

However, live betting can be advantageous as a 1×2 betting strategy because the flow of the match can change as time goes on. Whilst Team 1 may be up 2-0 within the first fifteen minutes, a couple of substitutes or red cards could dramatically turn the match in favour of Team 2, which could give you a good opportunity to place a bet whilst the game is live and grab some great odds.

Betting strategies, such as the 1×2 betting strategy, are popular with bettors worldwide, and you can use them to bet on various different sports. Whilst the 1×2 betting strategy is mainly used for football betting, it’s also popular with gamblers who want to bet on other sports, such as rugby, basketball, cricket and hockey. We can also guide you along with tennis betting strategy and horse racing betting strategies.

With 1×2 betting odds explained in Canada, you may want to place your bets right away. To learn more or to get started, register with one of our recommended bookmakers and use a 1×2 betting strategy!

Try 1×2 betting with these online providers in Canada

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