How to Design Your Winning Cricket Betting Strategy

Last Updated on 28/07/2020

Need a good cricket betting strategy? Betting on cricket offers a vast range of opportunities. It is one of the most exciting sports to immerse yourself in, whether you are an experienced bettor or just getting started. Test cricket provides a truly extraordinary number of betting options, with a total of 15 sessions scheduled in each match. Nevertheless, there are plenty of different markets to explore within all three formats of the game. You need to consider numerous key factors and study market trends in order to develop a sound cricket betting strategy.

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The Unique Features of the Three Formats

So what kind of cricket betting strategy should you use? As with any sport, it is vital that you develop a high level of understanding of the game’s main characteristics, as well as the nuances, before placing any bets. Having a good grasp of each format’s unique features and their implications will enable you to build your own powerful cricket betting system. The International Cricket Council recognises three formats of cricket. These are all worth studying, because each of them can teach you a lot about players’ thinking, behaviour and strategies. The main distinction among the three formats is the duration of the match, prompting teams to focus on fine-tuning different aspects of their play. All this must be factored into a good cricket betting strategy.

The oldest format of the game lasts for five days, with 90 overs each day, making it extremely challenging both mentally and physically. Players must be able to adapt to the ever-changing conditions of their equipment, the pitch and the weather. The flat wicket on the first day is advantageous for batsmen, whereas towards the end, spin bowlers can benefit from the unevenness of the pitch’s surface due to natural wear and tear. Humidity in the morning can also make the ball’s movement less predictable and batting more difficult. On the other hand, sunny weather and an older ball is ideal from the batsman’s perspective. As a result of the changing conditions, betting odds can hugely vary over the course of the match and this should be factored into your cricket betting strategy.
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One Day International Cricket (ODI)

In ODI, each team has 50 overs and the one scoring the most runs wins. The first innings is usually played late in the afternoon and the second one at night. There are three levels of fielding restrictions in place, in order to prevent the formation of overly defensive fields. During the first 10 overs of an innings, only two fielders are allowed outside the 30-yard circle, making it easier for batsmen to hit the boundary. Later on, during overs 11 to 40, four fielders are allowed outside the circle, and during the final 10 overs, the number allowed goes up to five and this should be part of your cricket betting strategy.

The most recent and perhaps most exciting addition to the game of cricket is the T20 format, in which each team bats for 20 overs. Similarly to ODI, there are fielding restrictions. During the first six overs, two fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle. During the final 14 overs, five fielders are allowed outside the circle. Bowlers need to add more variety to their techniques in an effort to force batsmen to slow down. Moreover, since the margin of victory and defeat tends to be very small, there is a lot of pressure on fielders to reduce the number of runs. Be sure to factor this into your cricket betting strategy.
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Factors to Consider When Building Your Cricket Betting Strategy

There are various ways of analysing an upcoming cricket match in order to identify betting value. There is a broad range of key factors you should research and pay attention to in order to devise winning cricket betting strategies and decide which cricket betting system to use when, whether your main interest is fixed odds betting, in-play betting, spread betting or cricket trading. Most of these factors apply across all formats of the game, although some are more important for a particular format or betting strategy than others. The ability to recognise betting value, combined with discipline and sound money management skills, is the foundation of a successful cricket betting strategy.

Arguably the most important factor to consider when it comes to all three formats is the host nation and the venue where the match or series is played. Conditions across the Indian subcontinent are very different to those in England, Australia or South Africa and you need to include this in your cricket betting strategy. Generally, the pitches in England, Australia and South Africa allow for more pace and bounce, making them more favourable to fast bowlers. Therefore, the greatest fast bowlers tend to come from England, Australia and South Africa. However, despite their exceptional skills, they tend to struggle on the pitches in the Indian subcontinent, where much the soil is made of clay, which cracks in hot temperatures. Batsmen will generally score a lot more runs in the subcontinent. This information can help you decide who to bet on in your cricket betting strategy as the leading wicket takers or the leading run-scorers of a series.
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Weather Conditions and State of the Pitch

While you are assessing the odds when you are about to place your bet, you cannot overestimate the importance of taking a closer look at the weather conditions and the state of the pitch. It is crucial to have a detailed understanding of which conditions favour what types of players, as part of any successful cricket betting strategy. For example, wet conditions are normally more advantageous for the bowlers, especially swing bowlers, making it easier for them to have more of an impact by extracting movement off both the pitch and in the air. This can make batting more difficult. Therefore, in wet conditions it is a good idea to consider betting on the leading wicket taker.

Cricket teams, like teams in other sports, tend to fair better at home, due mostly to their familiarity with the venue and the ground, as well as their knowledge of boundary lengths and other characteristics and conditions of the pitch. However, when working on your T20 cricket betting strategy, this factor is even more pronounced than in the other formats of the game, owing possibly to the shorter duration of the matches. Indeed, the home side has a tendency to perform better in T20 than the visiting team in terms of overall wins, the number of runs scored and the number of wickets taken.
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Team Selection

When betting on any sport, including cricket, knowing the line-ups of the teams before the match is truly essential information. Studying the team selection and understanding the players’ ability in the present conditions will greatly help you establish your winning cricket betting strategy, regardless of the format. Before you place any bets, you should know if important players are excluded because of injury. Key members of a team missing can fundamentally impact the outcome of a game. You should include checking team selection as one of the first steps in your process of developing your cricket betting strategies.

Studying the recent form of players and teams is pivotal when developing a successful cricket betting strategy. The International Cricket Council provides indispensable historical rankings and statistics to help with your research. It is especially worth examining the rankings for top bowlers and batsmen when betting on markets like leading run scorer and leading wicket taker. It is also important to look at previous results of matches between the two teams in similar conditions. Moreover, you can also refer to archives of past Test matches played at the venue, to give you a good idea of whether the conditions usually favour the bowlers or the batsmen.
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The Coin Toss

Making the right call on the coin toss can put a team in a very favourable, even winning, position at the start of a Test match. Most of the time, this is due to the weather conditions and the state of the pitch.
Captains will consider a lot of different factors prior to the coin toss when inspecting the pitch and deciding if the weather and ground conditions are more suited for the bowlers or the batsmen.
If they believe that the bowlers will benefit from the current conditions, they will ask the other team to bat first. This makes the coin toss extremely crucial for the outcome of the match and should be a part of your cricket betting strategy.

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Test cricket offers the largest number of betting opportunities. Although every single one of the factors listed above are worth taking into account for your cricket match betting strategy, some can be more crucial to pay attention to than others, depending on the specific match. However, the below three are generally the most essential to consider as part of any cricket betting system:

  • The weather
  • The coin toss
  • The pitch surface


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Deciding Which Markets to Bet on

Some of the most popular Test cricket match betting markets are the outcome of a match, the overall winner of the series, the leading run scorer, the first player to score a 100, the leading wicket taker, the player of the match and the player of the series. Make sure you do your research on the form of individual players and the team before choosing your markets! For example, any format of cricket played on the Indian subcontinent tends to deliver a large number of runs, both by individual batsmen and from a team perspective. Therefore, the best markets to look at in this cricket betting strategy include first innings lead, highest score and leading run scorer, and others involving top batsmen.

Looking at the recent history of the shorter formats of the game, we find that more runs have been scored lately than ever before. This makes ODI and T20 especially thrilling, providing many exciting cricket match betting markets. Some very good markets to consider are the ones focusing on batsmen, such as the leading run scorer and the amount of boundaries scored in an innings. It is also worth betting on the overall winner of the match. The fact that batsmen are determined to score as many runs as they possibly can creates many opportunities for the bowling team. A speculative but potentially lucrative market to consider in your cricket betting strategy is how the next batsman will be dismissed.
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Other Tips and Cricket Match Betting Strategies

When playing a Test match, a team has to stay immensely focused for five full days and you’ll have to be equally rigorous with your cricket betting strategy. This is a challenge for even the most seasoned players, and no matter how strong one side’s position is, the betting odds can quickly change, for example, as a result of an unexpected batting collapse, or when batsmen take advantage of. Markets are highly reactive, and in such instances odds and values can sharply fall or rise. In ODI and T20, keep an eye out for instances where the captain has no choice but to bring on a bowler with a less-than-average track record. Batsmen are likely to see this as a strategic opportunity to score many runs quickly, remarkably changing the cricket match betting odds and your cricket betting strategy over the course of just a few balls.

A lucrative cricket betting strategy is to look out for all those times when 80 overs have passed and the fielding side has the option to take a new ball. The thicker seam and shiny surface of a new ball is of great advantage for seam bowlers, allowing for better grip and control. This can make batsmen’s job more difficult. However, the opposite can also be true if the pitch is very smooth and flat: in this case, the bat tends to propel the new ball to the boundary faster, compared to the old one. These potential differences are also worth nothing in ODI, where at least two new balls are used at each match.
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Laying the Draw

One of the most profitable cricket trading strategies is laying the draw. You can do this pre-match or in-play, and it works best when there is a clear favourite. The goal of this method is to avoid a draw, while carefully considering the odds of certain outcomes in your cricket betting strategy. This means that you are acting very much as an online bookmaker: you have to pay out a specific amount determined by the odds. The aim is to keep reducing the amount you are liable to pay over the course of the match. You can achieve this by betting on the draw as the odds are changing, thus decreasing the amount you are risking for a considerably increased payout. This is a brilliant way of turning the bookmakers’ updated odds to your advantage.

Needless to say, this cricket betting strategy requires keeping a close eye on the developments of the game. Let’s look at an example: if you lay a draw with a €100 stake at 3.50 odds, you are expecting an additional exposure of €250. In case the result is a draw, you must pay €350 to the bettor or bettors backing your bet at the initial odds. However, you can protect your stake by intervening in time: if the draw odds increase, you can secure a profit by simply backing the new odds. If the odds for the draw continue to go up, your profits will keep on growing. Subsequently, if there is a winner, you get your €100 and win the €100 that other punters staked on the draw.
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Cricket Trading

Cricket trading allows you to capitalise on the highly volatile nature of markets across the different formats of cricket, but especially in T20. The odds can change significantly every time a wicket is taken, and traders can greatly benefit from these overreactions with a good cricket betting strategy. For instance, suppose that a team who were favourites at the start of the match at 1.7 are the first to bowl.
They start off well and take two wickets for 20 or 30 runs, which means that the odds will probably decrease to roughly 1.40. You can then predict that the odds would fall to somewhere around 1.20-1.25 if one more wicket was taken in the next over. If you place a bet on this team at 1.15, this will be matched when the third wicket is taken and an overreaction occurs. You will make a profit if your predictions and cricket betting strategy are accurate and the market readjusts.

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Did You Know?

When trading bets, it is possible to win consistently by paying close attention to price movements, both in the short and long run. Getting well-acquainted with these changes will enable you to recognise trends like an expert and profit greatly as a result. You can become a cricket trading by focusing on three main points:

  • Timing (react before markets do)
  • Overreactions and underreactions
  • Patterns in market behaviour


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Getting Started

Being successful at cricket match betting requires a solid cricket betting strategy, outstanding discipline, focus, dedication and lots of research. It is essential to have an exceptional grasp of the numerous key factors that ultimately determine the outcome of the match. Being able to pick the right markets to include in your own cricket betting system is also crucial.
Ultimately, familiarity with the game’s countless different aspects is not nearly enough; you also need to be able to use the right information at the right time, and act quickly when necessary. You can also find useful tips regarding matched strategies, tennis strategies, valuebets strategies and many more. If you are ready to put your cricket betting strategies into practice, register with one of our recommended bookmakers!

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