Derby Betting Strategy 2020: Best Strategies for Derby Bets Canada

Last Updated on 14/09/2020

Looking for a good derby betting strategy? Derby betting strategies are always popular, whether you’re gambling on the next big horse race or a football derby between two local teams. With a variety of betting options to choose from, you can choose your favourite derby betting system in Canada to try and maximise your returns and increase your chances of winning.

Place a bet online or on the go using a dedicated betting app, and follow sporting events as they take place. With in-play betting, you can even gamble on live events as they happen, so you’ll always have the chance to get great odds. Keep reading to see the best derby betting strategy.

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What are Derby betting strategies in Canada?

So what do we mean by a derby betting strategy? If you’re a fan of horseracing, the Derby will conjure up images of iconic races and well-known meetings, such as the Kentucky Derby, the Epsom Derby and the Irish Derby at the Curragh. For footballers, a derby betting strategy can only mean one thing; a hotly anticipated match between two local rival teams.
Fortunately, you can find derby betting strategies in Canada to bet on all sporting events, so you can back a winner in Kentucky and predict who will win in the next big football match. Whatever type of sports events you want to gamble on, you can find a derby betting system to meet your needs.
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Choosing a derby betting strategy in Canada

There are some betting strategies which are suitable for any types of sporting bets, but other betting systems are more suited to a particular sport or event. If you’re betting on the Kentucky Derby, for example, you may want to include your selection as part of a pick 3 betting strategy. Perfectly suited to horseracing, you can use the pick 3 strategy to pick the winners of three consecutive races, including a big race like the Derby.
Whilst the pick 3 can be a relatively high-risk Derby betting strategy in Canada, it can bring big rewards. If you can correctly pick the winners of three consecutive races, the odds will increase fairly dramatically, meaning you’ll walk away with a significant return.
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Horseracing Derby betting system in Canada

Laying the favourite is a popular betting strategy which can be used when you’re betting on the Derby or any other horse race. Novice bettors tend to assume that the favourite horse in a race is the one that’s most likely to win. Although this can be true, it isn’t always the case.

The odds offered by your bookmaker may imply that the favourite horse is most likely to win, but this could also be influenced by the amount of money which has been bet on the horse, as opposed to its form or the skill of the jockey, for example. This particularly applies to betting exchanges, where the amount placed on the horse informs the odds offered. In fact, favourite horses only win in approximately one-third of races, so betting against the favourite, or laying the favourite, can be a successful Derby betting strategy in Canada.

If you’re considering betting against the favourite as a Derby betting system in Canada, you’ll need to be able to identify weak favourites. If the favourite is weak, it increases the chances of another horse winning the race. This will boost your chances when you’re laying the favourite and betting against it.

To assess whether a race has a weak favourite, it’s helpful to have some background knowledge. If the horse is racing in blinkers for the first time, for example, this could have a negative impact on its performance. Alternatively, if a new jockey is racing the horse for the first time, it may not perform as well as it has done previously.

By conducting a little bit of research, you can successfully identify weak favourites as part of your Derby betting strategy in Canada.

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Check the Derby betting odds in Canada

Experienced gamblers will only lay the favourite in certain circumstances, as this can minimise the risk of losses. For example, many bettors will only use a derby betting strategy to lay the favourite if the odds on it are 3/1 or below, as this can reduce the loss in the event the favourite does win.
In addition to this, some bettors maintain that laying the favourite is most effective when it’s used in top class races. This is because bookmakers tend to release more information about horses running in top tier races, so it’s easier to research the runners and identify a weak favourite.
With so much information being published about horses running in major events, this makes laying the favourite one of the most popular Kentucky Derby betting strategies in Canada.
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Did You Know?

  • The winner of the Kentucky Derby receives a blanket of roses, containing over 400 flowers, as well as prize money and the coveted trophy.
  • Over 150,000 people attend the Kentucky Derby, with millions watching the race live on television and online.
  • Since 1908, only 37% of favourites have won the Kentucky Derby.

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Using a Derby betting system in Canada

Another reason to focus on top class races when you’re betting against the favourite is because of the number of people betting on them. When inexperienced gamblers place a bet, they are more likely to back the favourite in a top tier race. This could skew the odds, and effectively imply that the favourite has a bigger chance of winning than it does in reality.

As a result, the implied odds, offered by the bookmaker or betting exchange, and the actual odds, based on statistical analysis are somewhat different. By restricting the laying the favourite betting strategy to top class races, you can take advantage of this and successfully bet against a weak favourite.

For many bettors, value betting is the ultimate Derby betting strategy in Canada. Frequently used in sports betting, a value bet can be used to reduce losses and increase your returns. When using a value betting strategy, you’ll need to take a look at the Derby betting odds in Canada. Understanding how odds are calculated can be helpful when you’re using a Derby betting system in Canada, particularly if you want to find value betting opportunities.

The Derby betting odds in Canada are given by bookmakers or a betting exchange, and they can imply which horse is most likely to win the race. However, the odds given by bookmakers can be influenced by various factors, and are only implied odds.

In reality, the actual odds of a particular horse winning the race can be calculated using statistical analysis in your derby betting strategy.

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Value betting in the Derby

When the actual odds differ from the implied odds given by a bookmaker, it may be an indication of a value betting opportunity. If so, you can put your Derby betting strategy in Canada to the test.

Essentially, a value bet occurs when the implied odds differ from the actual odds, so you’ll need to develop your own method of calculating the real-life odds. There are various ways to do this, and having some background knowledge of the particular sport you’re betting on can be advantageous.

Similarly, making use of Derby betting tips in Canada can help you to determine whether or not the odds offered by your bookmaker are different from the actual odds. Now you can put your derby betting strategy into action.

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Identifying value bets

If you predict that Horse 1 has a 70% chance of winning a race, for example, you might expect to see odds of around 2/5. However, if a bookmaker is offering odds of 6/5, it would imply that Horse 1 only has a 45% chance of winning. In this example, there is a clear difference between your analysis and the bookmaker’s implied odds.
Providing your analysis is correct, this would represent a high value betting opportunity for your derby betting strategy. As the bookmaker’s implied odds would give you a better price than the odds associated with your analysis, there is a good chance that you will be able to maximise your returns.
However, value betting will only be a successful Derby betting system in Canada if your own analysis of the horses’ form and your statistical analysis is correct.
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Finding high value betting opportunities

To make value betting easier, many gamblers use dedicated value bet algorithms. Available via a number of online sources, you can use software and algorithms to help you calculate whether a bet is high value for your derby betting strategy.

Similarly, you can even use online resources to help you find value betting opportunities. These, combined with Derby betting tips in Canada, mean you can find value bets far more quickly than if you were conducted your own research, analysis and calculations.

With a significant amount of support available via betting apps and online platforms, as well as the opportunity to increase your returns, it’s not surprising that value betting is one of the most popular Derby betting strategies in Canada.

Dutching is another popular strategy which can be used as a derby betting strategy in Canada. In fact, dutching may be the perfect strategy for major races because it involves making more than one selection.

Instead of backing just one horse in a race, the dutching strategy enables you to back two or more horses in the same race and split your stake so that your winnings will be the same, regardless of which horse wins.

If you want to bet a total of $50, for example, and you’ve used Derby betting tips in Canada to select two horses, you may simply split that stake and put $25 on each horse. However, if Horse 1 has Derby betting odds in Canada of 10/1, and Horse 2 has odds of 20/1, your returns would be significantly different if either horse won.

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Facts Check

  • Held at Churchill Downs, the Kentucky Derby dates back to 1875 and is one of the most popular horse races in the world.
  • The Kentucky Derby has only been won by a filly on three occasions.
  • Over $200 million was bet on the Kentucky Derby in 2018, including online and offline wagers.

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Using the dutching strategy

By using mathematical equations, however, you can split your stake so that your winnings would be the same, whether either Horse 1 or Horse 2 wins the race. If you were to bet $32.81 on Horse 1 at 10/1, for example, and $17.19 on Horse 2 at 20/1, if either horse wins, you will get a total return of $360.94, with a profit of $310.94.
Although the mathematical calculations required to use the dutching strategy can be complicated, you can enter Derby betting odds in Canada into various betting apps and platforms and have these calculations completed for you.
This makes it far easier to use the dutching strategy and ensures it remains amongst the top Derby betting strategies in Canada.
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Betting on football derbies

When people hear the word derby, they often think of major horse races, like the Kentucky Derby and the Epsom Derby. However, football derbies are an extremely popular betting opportunity for a good derby betting strategy. In fact, football, or soccer, is one of the most popular sports to gamble on and bettors are constantly on the lookout for the best football derbies strategies in Canada.

Football derbies take place all over the world, and they refer to matches which are held between two local rivals. A Manchester derby would refer to a match between Manchester United and Manchester City, for example, whereas a London derby could refer to a fixture between Arsenal and Chelsea.

Traditionally, local derbies attract a significant number of bets and using the best football derbies strategies in Canada may enable you to improve your chances of winning and increase your returns.

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Finding the best football derbies strategies in Canada

When it comes to a soccer derby betting strategy, there are plenty to choose from. You may want to use the 1.01 betting system or 1×2 betting strategy to bet on a home win, a draw or an away win, for example.

Alternatively, you could rely on the over 1.5 goal strategy, the 2-3 goal strategy or the over under 2.5 goal strategy and bet on how many goals you think will be scored. In addition to this, you could use matched betting to try and negate the risk of losing anything, and guaranteeing a profit, regardless of which team wins.

Remember – many of the best football derbies strategies in Canada can be used in other sports too. If you want to place a bet on tennis in-play or a live hockey match, for example, you could modify a derby betting strategy to help improve your chances of winning.

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Choosing the right betting system in Canada

Whether you’re betting on horseracing, football, hockey, golf, cricket or any other sport, it’s important to find a derby betting strategy which suits your betting style and the amount you want to put down as a stake. With hundreds of sports betting systems and numerous Kentucky Derby betting strategies in Canada, you can try various options until you find one that works for you.
If you want to use a Derby betting strategy, however, it’s important to pay attention to Derby betting tips in Canada. Whilst you’ll need to verify the source of your tips, these can be helpful when it comes to using Derby betting strategies in Canada.
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Learn more about Kentucky Derby betting strategies in Canada

To make the most of Derby betting strategies in Canada, it’s important to take the time to fully understand them. Any derby betting strategy can seem complicated at first, but, with the right amount of patience, you can learn the best Kentucky Derby betting strategies in Canada.

Of course, you’ll need to familiarise yourself with a user-friendly betting platform and betting app before you can use your Derby betting strategy in Canada. When it comes to selecting a bookmaker, reliability and transparency are key.

Whether you’re betting using a laptop at home, a desktop PC at work or a mobile device when you’re out and about, our recommended online betting platforms and betting apps make it easy to place your bet. In addition to this, you can access betting tips, follow races as they happen and place bets on live events as they take place. All you need to use a great derby betting strategy.


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