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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Strategies » Best Football Betting Strategies That Work

Best Football Betting Strategies That Work

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Kyle Tremblay

Looking for the best football strategies that actually work? In this guide, we’ll share our favourite and most successful strategies so you can use them to maximise your next bets.

One of the simplest betting strategies, for example, is to pick the team with the best betting odds of winning. However, that doesn’t always mean you will win big. We believe that successful bets don’t depend on luck. Betting success depends on a lot of sporting knowledge and skill!

Football Betting Strategy

Odds are probability scores which are set by a bookmaker. These scores will tell you which team is most likely to win in a particular football match. The shorter the odds are, the less money a bookmaker will give you if you win. If you choose to bet on the team with the longer odds, you have less chance of winning, but you could win more money. Odds are arranged in sets of two numbers. For example, Juventus may have odds of 3/1 or 3:1 to beat Inter Milan. This means that the bookmaker believes Juventus has more chance of winning the match. An example of longer odds may be 5/1 or 5:1. The appeal of football betting strategies lies in the fact that there is more technique, and less luck, involved.

Why are Odds Important?

Bookmakers rely on a lot of information to be able to deliver odds. They research football very carefully to offer confident predictions. They consider recent team performances, player injuries, ground conditions and even potential strategies of club managers. They will also consider the performance of the other team in a match when they build their odds.

These all work together to offer what a bookmaker feels to be an accurate prediction. This, therefore, allows a better to use their own football betting system to work out how to make the most money. Odds are something you will always need to follow when making an informed bet with your football betting strategy.

Football Betting System

A football betting system or strategy is what a better uses to make an informed decision. An everyday football betting strategy could be to follow the odds. A different one could be to go against the odds or to bet on the team least likely to win a match. Betting on the ‘outsider’, or underdog, however, carries a risk. Long odds are put in place to tell betters that an event is probably unlikely. The bookmaker is therefore willing to pay more if that event actually happens. Some betters who are just learning how to bet on football may follow the odds to begin with as it is simple to do so. However, long-term, taking safe bets will not guarantee you large profits. This is where the idea of more profitable football strategies comes in.

Betters enjoy using a proven football betting system because it can help them predict the results of a match more accurately. While some people choose to build their own football betting strategy, others search online and share systems and ideas. The best football betting strategy for you will be one which gives you the most confidence. Relying on bookmaker odds or going with a gut feeling may not be enough to regularly profit. People who can make regular money from betting don’t ever rely on luck! They use a variety of research methods and football betting strategies that work for them. However, just because they work for some people, doesn’t mean a particular football betting strategy will work for you. It is, therefore, a good idea to take a look at strategies and systems online which you can try out.

Our top 3 football betting providers

Which Systems Should I Try First?

Many betters rely on feedback to be able to find useful football betting strategies. While some systems may always claim to offer big money, this may not be the case in practice. It’s our advice to take a look at some of the bigger, more popular systems, and to try them out for yourself. To begin with, it may be worthwhile testing a football betting strategy with smaller bets.

If you start to profit regularly, then it may be worth continuing to use it! When learning how to bet on football, it is always a good idea to start by betting low. This should always be the case, even if you have done plenty of research into which teams are playing, and what the variables are in a specific match. There is plenty that you can do to predict football matches accurately, and while you shouldn’t rely on luck, betting low, to begin with, is a safe football betting strategy.

Proven Football Betting System

The best football betting technique systems are those which make use of plenty of research. There are also football betting strategies which involve a lot of complicated mathematics! In the case of mathematical systems, you are simply narrowing down your odds of winning. Instead of taking a bookmaker’s odds at face value, this type of system digs deeper. It is sometimes a case of finding out how much of a risk there is with putting money on long odds. Other systems, such as the matched betting strategy, make the most of odds available for both teams. In this case, you would place money on both sides, but in such a way that you are guaranteed to profit. There is even a football betting strategy where you can work out when to profit from score draws, where there is no clear winner!

If you have not yet found a proven football betting system, you may wish to build your own. If you do, there are some key factors you’ll need to keep in mind. You should always look carefully at the ‘form’ of the teams who are playing. This means to look at how they have performed in previous matches. You will also need to think carefully about how certain teams will perform against others. For example, if a low-league team draws Bayern Munich in an international cup, who will be more likely to win? It is not always a foregone conclusion, as Bayern Munich may not have played well against this team in the past. Other variables can include player injuries and individual player form, home or away ground advantages, and team fatigue.

What Do I Have to Lose?

By placing your faith in a football betting strategy, the only thing you have to lose is your stake. Advanced sports betting systems exist to try and offer you more confidence in how to use your money. The more you use a system, and the more you watch football, the easier it will get to increase your bets. This may not happen right away, though you must also bear in mind that not all systems are guaranteed to convert. Some strategies, such as the matched betting football betting strategy, may require you to build up profit over time gradually.Others, too, will still have a chance of failure. However, football betting tips that work do pay out frequently. The argument is whether or not you prefer to trust your instincts or to use research and mathematics instead. Let’s take a look at some potentially profitable football betting strategies.

Did You Know? will help you find a leading online betting provider. We’ll show you some great betting sites that arrange thousands of football odds each day for you to bet on. A good football betting strategy could help you narrow down which odds to look for, as well as how much to bet. All good bookmakers always keep their odds updated with exchanges during play.

  • Betting systems could help you build profit even if you lose
  • Some betting systems are inspired by the stock market
  • You could win more by betting less on longer odds

Football Betting Strategies That Work

Matched betting is one of the most popular and profitable football betting strategies around. However, it can take a lot of work and research. Matched betting takes into account two types of bet. One is called the ‘back’ bet, and the other the ‘lay’ bet. A back bet is a straightforward bet on an outcome you think will happen. For example, you may think Arsenal will win a match against Lazio. You place a back bet on Arsenal to win. A lay bet works the opposite way. With a lay bet, you bet against Arsenal winning, therefore betting on Lazio to win or for both teams to draw. By covering all markets, you may stand to make a profit. This system can get a little complex, but many people refer to back and lay as the best football betting strategy for guaranteed money back.

Many betters like to take advantage of accumulator bets to maximise profits. There is no one football betting system which completely covers accumulators, but if you are learning how to bet on football, it is worth knowing how they work. An accumulator allows you to put several bets together, 2 or more, to get longer odds. For example, you may bet on AC Milan V Liverpool and Lyon V Borussia Dortmund. If you predict both matches correctly, you get more money back and better odds than you would with one match bet. Some betters enjoy predicting up to eight or nine matches in a row to increase their chances of winning big! Some choose to only bet on draws, while others choose short odds for each match. Betting on teams who only have short odds, or who are favourites, always gives you the best chance of winning.

The Kelly Criterion

This popular stock market strategy is also used in sports betting. Despite being fairly complicated, it is regarded by many as the best football betting technique. This football betting strategy focuses on the money you have available to bet.

It takes into account how much you should use from your pot or bankroll on larger odds to make a profit. For those betters out there who dislike mathematics, the Kelly system may not be the best fit. However, it is one of few profitable football betting strategies which minimises your risk of loss.

The Kelly Criterion, in simple terms, works out how much of your money you should risk by multiplying the decimal odds by your win chance percentage, minus one, then dividing by the decimal odds minus one again. If you like numbers and equations, this is a proven football betting strategy you may enjoy.

Football Betting Strategies

This is a form of double betting which allows you to bet on two outcomes at increased odds. This strategy is one of many football betting strategies that work for many different betters. With this system, you bet on which team will be winning at half time, and which team will be winning at full time. You may even choose to bet on a draw at half time, and a home team win at full time. There are nine different outcomes to pick from in this system. The longest odds apply to an away team lead at half time, and a home team lead at full time, and vice-versa. It is a niche football betting strategy which could turn a profit for you.

Handicap betting is one of the most popular football betting strategies. With this system, a bookmaker chooses to handicap the team most likely to win. For example, if you back the outsider team with a one-goal handicap in play, the favourite will need to score two goals to win. If they score one goal, it will count as a draw. This type of bet increases the chance of a draw occurring, as well as the chance of underdog bets paying out. Depending on the odds offered by the bookmaker, this football betting strategy may give betters a chance to win bigger prizes.

Best Football Betting Technique

Hedging a bet is considered by some to be the best football betting technique. This football betting strategy can include matched betting, though some betters prefer to take more control. Hedge betting allows you to profit from any outcome in a match. As well as lay and back betting, you may bet on the same outcome at a betting exchange with different odds. You may also choose to hedge or trade your bet when a match is underway. For example, if it looks likely your back bet will succeed, you can bet more money on current odds after a match starts. Hedge betting can be tricky, but it is a football betting system which works well for many people.

This simple, profitable football betting technique is popular with casual and seasoned betters. Instead of deciding who wins a match, you decide how many goals will be scored. For example, a bookmaker will provide odds on there being more than 2 goals scored. You can choose to bet on less or more. It is a good way to top up your bet and to potentially extend your profit margin. For many people, it is also an easier prediction to make, if you have researched the teams and players well. Some bettors may even consider this proven football betting strategy to be ‘safe’.

Fact Check

Popular betting systems can help you to make more money from your favourite football matches. Most betting strategies will introduce you to odds and probability and will help you to eliminate risk while betting. Why not try using a football betting strategy the next time you watch your favourite football team?

  • Find out when you can afford to bet on longer odds
  • Find out different ways to bet on football matches
  • Learn about why form matters in football betting

Profitable Football Betting Strategies

The last of the strategies we will look at in this guide are the wincast and the scorecast. These systems are types of double bet and work similarly to a half time and full-time bet. With a wincast football betting strategy, you bet on who you think will win, and who will be a goalscorer. If your team wins and that player doesn’t score, you don’t get any money. The scorecast is similar, though you will choose what you think the score will be as well as a scoring player. You can even increase your bet by deciding who you think will score first, last, or even both. It’s a great way to make your bets slightly more interesting!

There are many different football betting strategies that work for many different people. While there might not be one best football betting technique, we think it is always worthwhile trying a few systems. Betting on football can be a lot of fun, and in time, it may even be very profitable for you. You may even find the best football betting strategy for your needs in this guide! will help you find a leading sports betting provider of sports odds, online games and betting guides. You can also find useful tips regarding matched strategies, tennis strategies, valuebets strategies and many more.

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