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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Strategies » Greyhound Betting Strategies Guide

Greyhound Betting Strategies Guide: Predictions and Tips

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

Greyhound Betting Strategy

There are different greyhound betting strategies that you can apply to this sport to increase your chances of winning the bet – all of which we’ll be discussing in this article.

Although every punter wants the best greyhound betting system that will assure them of a win, there is not guaranteed success in betting. You will need to exercise patience, apply a good greyhound betting strategy, and do extensive research before using all sports strategies. A betting bonus can also make a huge difference – such as the current 888sports bonus.

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Pick Your Races Diligently

Another good strategy means that you will win the bet if the dog comes first or second in the race while the last option is a bit complicated. For you to win, your bet will combine the other three types of bets into one. This means that if the dog wins, you will collect on win, show and place bets.

If it finishes in the second place, you collect on show and place bets and if it finishes in the third position, you can still collect on the show bet. If you want to win on dogs that do very well on tight races, your best greyhound betting strategy would be across the board bet.

Just like with horse racing, it is very important to consider form if you want to win bets in this type of betting. If you have already settled on a dog to bet on, consider its recent form. When it comes to researching a dog’s form, some of the factors to keep in mind include its trainer, recent results, weight, prize money it won and career results. Another crucial factor in considering a dog’s form is its sire. Before putting in place any greyhound betting strategies, consider all these factors.

If you are an experienced person in betting, consider a complex greyhound betting strategy, normally referred to as exotic bets. With these bets, you will be required to be more vigilant and think critically for you to become a successful punter. This does not necessarily mean that you need to carry out complex calculations; you can come up with a simpler greyhound betting system for such bets.

Daily Double is one of such bets and it’s a good bet to include in any greyhound betting strategy. For this one, you bet on two greyhounds to come first in the first two races of that day. You can win when the two dogs come first and second in one race the order notwithstanding. This is known as Quinella. There are also Perfecta and Exacta bets. As the names suggest, your wager wins if the two dogs you had chosen come first and second in your chosen order.

There is also, Trifecta which is very common with greyhound bets. To win it, you choose three dogs which have to win the first, second and third position in the same race and in the exact order you had chosen. Superfecta is the other type of bet where you get to choose four dogs running in the same race. They, however, have to finish in a chosen order for you to win the bet.

The other bets are Pick Three and Pick Six. With the former, you select three dogs that have to compete in three different races and win. The latter involves six dogs that also have to win in six races. You will get great combinations with the last two bets in your greyhound betting strategy.

Greyhound Betting System

There are different systems that depend on whether you want to bet on an event with strong bets or not. Whether you are a rookie in betting or you have extensive experience, these systems will help you increase your chances of winning. They include:

Hedging bets involve you shielding yourself to ensure maximum chances for profit. You can do this by betting on the popular to place and second popular to show in your greyhound betting strategy. There is a high chance that this will happen and it will help protect your bet. However, you should use a calculator to help you determine the potential outcomes with this greyhound betting strategy.

This is the same as hedging with the only difference being that you are guaranteed a profit irrespective of the results. You can do this on a betting exchange since you get to place your bets on the way the odds are positioned and moving. This greyhound betting strategy is also referred to as matched betting which also requires some level of mathematical understanding.

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Greyhound Betting Systems to Stay Away From

You will find numerous systems online that promise sure wins. However, there is no guaranteed way of winning a bet with even the best greyhound betting strategy. Most are complicated and require a lot of time to master. They also do not guarantee you a win every time. Here are some of the systems to stay away from if you do not wish to waste your hard-earned cash.

This fallacy originated from Monte Carlo Casino. A ball landed 26 consecutive times on the black. People lost millions as they kept betting that it would land on red the next time. This is a wrong mentality that applies also in greyhound betting. The fact that a greyhound has won numerous times in the past does not mean that you should place your bet against it. Use your head when betting and not just think irrationally.

This kind of misconception comes from bettors doubling their stake in case of a loss. Their argument is that if they win, they will get back all the money they had lost. Unless you are very rich, you should never employ this system as it might leave you bankrupt. In a greyhound race, this system might be very hard to achieve since you have to make six selections in your greyhound betting strategy.

Best Greyhound System Ever

Every punter wants to find the best greyhound betting system ever. To determine the best system; you need to pick one that brings more profits to you by considering these factors.

This is also, a great way to formulate the best greyhound betting system ever. Greyhound races also have grades. Depending on whether a dog is going up or down the grades, you can collect important clues for your greyhound betting strategy.

If a dog has struggled at its previous grade thus moving down, this should be a warning. On the other hand, the fact that a dog has won subsequent races does not mean it will do so in the next one. It will now be facing stronger and faster competitors.

Greyhound Form

You can access free statistics online with ease and use them to review important details. For example, you can use them to determine the average track times for the last five races. Doing this for every runner in a particular race will give you an accurate view of the fastest greyhound and thus formulate the best greyhound betting system ever.

This is by far the best factor for your greyhound betting strategy. Currently, greyhound lay pro and Betfair golden traps are commonly talked about on the internet. They both depend on the same major indicator, the race trap. You can identify winning and losing traps patterns and use them to suit you.If you use these factors, it will be easy to come up with the best greyhound betting system ever. Remember that a great system should not restrict your choice of any of the  No.1 bookies.

Best Trap to Bet on Greyhound Racing

Every greyhound race has a color scheme that is normally based on different traps the dogs race from. Using this color scheme, you can implement betting systems that are easier to implement. A trap in greyhound racing acts as a handicap system in your greyhound betting strategy. There are eight traps and consecutively eight color schemes.

The first trap contains a red color and a white numeral, the second one’s color scheme is blue also with white numeral. The third trap has a white color scheme with a black numeral, the fourth one is black with a white numeral, the fifth comes with an orange color with a black numeral, the sixth one has a black color with white stripes and red numeral, the seventh trap has a green color scheme with a red numeral and the eighth one comes in a yellow and black color scheme with a white numeral.

All these trap numbers win at a similar rate since the dogs run very short distances. However, there are some special cases referred to as track bias which is very profitable to those bettors who are aware of its existence, and you should include this in your greyhound betting strategy.

There are times when a trap will win more frequently than usual and this does not depend on physical factors. For example, on a rainy day, it is possible for a track bias to occur and normally the inner traps get favored. The logic is that dogs in these traps are nearer the rail and do not have to run wide traps when navigating corners like the other traps. More than half of the dogs leading in the first bend emerge winners at the end of the race. They are also highly reliable in speed ratings. Keep this in mind when choosing the best trap to bet on greyhound racing with your greyhound betting strategy.

Some other tracks have genuine bias normally brought about by the track layout. You can identify such a track by checking the stats table and look out for a trap that has the lowest figure of the longest losing run as well as the highest winning percentage than any other trap. It is also important to bet on a dog that is considered a betting market favorite in your greyhound betting strategy. This means that if a trap has demonstrated some bias over the others, it is wise to bet on it.

Ladbrokes carried out research and concluded that Trap 3 is the best trap to bet on. Their conclusion was after they determined that this trap always ranked the highest in wins. They also found out that Trap 1 came second in most cases. Sometimes, a draw advantage becomes common due to weather conditions or the stadium’s layout. All these factors will help you choose the best trap to bet on greyhound racing.

Greyhounds Odds Comparison

Greyhound racing betting is similar to any other sports betting. All you are supposed to do is make your selection and leave the rest to the dogs. Mostly, greyhound odds are demonstrated in decimals representing all the possible winnings of any bet. All you need to do is multiply the odds of a particular dog with your stake to determine the profits you will get once you win the bets with your greyhound betting strategy.

Getting the best odds is very important for any greyhound betting strategy. It is, therefore good to look for greyhound odds comparison tools that will help you avoid choosing a winner who has bad odds. Such tools do all the work of coming up with the best greyhound racing odds within the shortest time possible. There are four steps involved in greyhound odds comparison in order to come up with the best ones.

The first step is finding the best odds comparison tool online as there are many. Just like with any other comparison tool, you will get one for greyhound easily and make use of it to get the best odds in seconds.

To begin with a comparison tool; enter details about the particular greyhound bet you want in the tool’s search field. You could be looking for a greyhound that has helped you win bets in the past or maybe, you could be looking for a specific meeting. All you need to do is enter the name and wait for the comparison tool to do its job and display a list of possible bets to choose from.

From the results, you can either choose the greyhound betting market or alternatively, you can use filters to simplify your results. Just search for the filter tool and check all the filters you need in order to sort your results. Filtering your results will shorten the list and make it easier for you to get the specific bet you want for your greyhound betting strategy.

This final step involves you selecting the best odds being offered by the different bookmarkers and click the ‘Find Odds’ button. You will be presented with a list of bookmarkers that are offering the best odds for your selected greyhound bet.With the best greyhound odds comparison tool, you can rest assured that you will never miss out on great odds for your greyhound betting strategy.

Free Greyhound Racing Systems That Work

There are different tested free greyhound racing systems that work. You can log in to a betting site or contact a bookmarker to get lists and information regarding greyhound races on a particular day. Going through the statistics, you will be able to find out about a dog’s current weight and everything about its performance in the past.

Pay attention to the value of the finishing time of the dog in the latest races, its track history as well as the dog’s performance against other dogs that would be running in that day’s race. This is all the information you should seriously consider when formulating a greyhound racing system since they will give you accurate predictions.Before you make any wager, consider doing some comparison shopping of different betting sites to find the one offering the best odds. Also, go online and look for the best free greyhound racing systems that work. There are numerous such examples of a greyhound betting strategy like this one.

This one is very simple and once you use filters, you will be able to get good profits. For you to benefit from this system, you will need to consider the last four finishing times of each trap and get their average. Remember that all these traps times should be of the same race distance. You could consider staking an even amount for two of the fastest traps. Provided that these odds are not less than 2/1, you will end up making a profit when either of the two wins. Go online and look for free greyhound racing systems that work.

Greyhound Betting Strategies Guide – Conclusion

Greyhound race betting is a fun way to earn money while enjoying the thrill that comes from the whole event. The best part is that you can do this from the comfort of your home by having a good greyhound betting strategy. With the above greyhound betting tips, you can formulate strategies that will help you maximize your profits.

You can also find useful tips regarding matched strategies, tennis strategies, valuebets strategies and many more. Register with one of our recommended bookmakers today and use your greyhound betting strategy.

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