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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Strategies » Best Tennis Betting Strategy for Your Next Winning Streak

Best Tennis Betting Strategy for Your Next Winning Streak

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

No two tennis matches are created equal. This is what makes it fun and exciting. So an overall tennis betting strategy should be a combination of well-planned tactics.

These include betting on outright winners, managing odds by wagering on points and sets, and placing bets on carefully speculated handicap, total and win margin outcomes. Through this guide, you will learn all about which tennis betting system can give you the best return for your money.

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Tennis Betting Strategy: Top Tactics to Keep in Mind

Many argue that the best sports betting system tennis has to offer is also the most popular. This involves wagering on the outright winner of a tennis match. However, this isn’t as simple as it sounds. For example, if a sure-fire winner like Federer is playing against any unseeded opponent in the Australian Open first round, then the odds are stacked up in his favor. So you’re unlikely to win anything when you wager on Federer. But a tennis betting strategy that can allow you to win big is to wager on his opponent, though keep in mind that there’s a slim chance of this outcome. So you’re recommended to use any of the other strategies below in such instances. Still, this should be an option for you, especially when there isn’t a clear winner in a tennis match.

Exciting Tennis Strategy to Bet on Points

This is a thrilling live tennis betting strategy. But keep in mind that not too many bookmakers will accept point-by-point wagers. This is due to possible broadcast delays, giving real time spectators a huge unfair advantage. So you’re advised to wager on every 2 points as the game progresses. Plus, this double or single tennis strategy can be a lot more fun and exciting than betting on outright winners. That’s because betting on points can place you at the edge of your seat as you watch each serve and set point made by a player during the game. You will also have the chance to adjust your wagers based on your judgment regarding a player’s real time form and gameplay. A quick tip for you here is to bet on the current server, though consider other factors like the preferred hand of players and their opponents among other details.

This tennis betting strategy is preferred by many veteran sports betters all around the world today. When there are significant odds in favor of a player, seasoned sports betters prefer this as their single tennis strategy. This is where you place either a positive or negative handicap as your bet on a player. So in essence, you’re wagering on how well all players will be performing during the game. You can significantly increase your chances of getting a winning streak when you learn about time-tested tactics for this type of tennis strategy. For example, let’s say you place a plus 5 wager on the game underdog. So if the favorite wins 6-4 and 6-4 out of a best of 3-set game, then that’s 12 games for the winner and 8 games for the loser. You win. That’s because 5 points will be added to 8 to apply your handicap wager.

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Wagering on Tennis Sets as a Tactical Live Tennis Betting Strategy

Betting on an outright winner can be a lucrative tennis betting strategy when there isn’t a clear winner and also if you bet on the underdog. Though keep in mind that this involves a lot of risks. Plus, you need to wait for the tennis match to conclude before you know if you won or lost. So a more exciting approach is to use a live tennis betting strategy for game set betting. This way, you’ll feel the fun and excitement as each set is completed. More so, you’ll be able to accurately strategize your betting tactics as you deal with other factors like player fatigue and in-game performance based on historical records among other details. With this tennis betting system, there are limited outcomes to wager on. For example, if you are betting on a best of 3 tennis match, then possible outcomes include 0-2, 2-0, 1-2 and 2-1.

Lots of veteran gamers consider win margin wagering as the best sports betting system tennis has to offer today. This is primarily due to the number of factors that you need to consider when using this tennis strategy to place bets. Aside from weighing odds and carefully pinpointing the advantages of each player at particular court locations and surfaces, you also need to factor in things like a player’s preferred hand against that of his or her opponent, historical form and gameplay among other details in previous matches between the same players. This is what makes this tennis betting system an all-time favorite of many sports betters worldwide. As this is done with each set, you can wager on the game favorite to win say 6-3 over the underdog. You can win big with this best tennis betting strategy,

Wagering on Totals as an Exciting Live Tennis Betting Strategy

Betting on totals is where you wager on either the total number of sets in a game, or the total number of games in a match. As an example of betting on total sets, you can place bets on 2 or 3 total number of sets for a best of 3 game. Meanwhile, it’s 4 or 5 for a best of 5 game. But for much bigger winnings, you can try to predict the total number of games. For instance, you can wager on a total of 17 games. So when a best of 3 game ends 6-2 and 6-3, then you win. So use this tactic for your best live betting strategy , or even to supplement your in play betting strategies .

Although this tennis betting strategy involves more risks and tactical know-how than wagering on a game winner, you can win much bigger money when you bet on the player who wins the entire tournament. This is also a bit more straightforward to get right, as opposed to betting on points, sets and win margins. For example, you can wager on a crowd favorite to win the tournament and still get larger sums of money than what you can get when you bet on the same player against an unseeded opponent for a game. Also, many say this is the best sports betting system tennis can give them. This is because of all the fun and excitement they get while watching each game throughout the entire tournament.

Best Tennis Betting Strategy for Singles and Doubles

Meanwhile, the best tennis betting strategy for doubles is a set of tactics that can allow you to accurately weigh a set of manageable factors when making informed speculations and educated predictions. Again, you should focus on the best return for your time and money. So this means the most viable chances for you to win big include handicap wagering as well as betting on points, set and game totals. That’s because your main focus as you make strategic speculations and tactical predictions should be on historical data based on previous concluded matches between each team throughout the current doubles tournament. Another effective strategy is to bet on outright winners, though this won’t give you reasonable winnings for doubles games with huge odds stacked up against one team. This means wagering on tournament winners is much better,

You also need to consider the importance of each tournament level for a player. This is aside from a player’s form in each surface and court location along with other relevant gameplay details. You can usually bank on all players giving their 100% during Grand Slam and Master’s events. However, this is unlikely the case during lesser events. Chances are, a top 5 or so player who just got back from a slight injury won’t risk a more serious issue during these games. Another factor to consider in any tennis betting strategy is the historical results of a player being pitted against another particular player. For example, a top 3 player could have lost 3 out of the last 5 most recent matches against a lower ranked player. As you can see, this means the odds of the top 3 player winning over the other is significantly affected by previous results.

Best Sports Betting System Tennis Offers Today

The tactics you use to apply each double or single tennis strategy should be supplemented by a strategic bankroll system, also known as a value bet strategy. This can enable you to get much bigger winnings at a faster pace, especially when coupled by informed predictions and educated speculations as you test out each of the tennis betting strategies described earlier. Doing this can also allow you to accurately pinpoint the exact tactics that are really working well for you as you apply each of these throughout your tennis betting ventures. Plus, you can optimize your bankroll system based on incremental results of the games you wager on throughout particular tournaments. This gives you the opportunity to place much bigger bets on games where a certain strategy continues to produce good results for you. This increases the likelihood of winning larger sums of money from your bets.

Just like veteran punters that use the best greyhound betting strategy, successful tennis betters prioritize 2 strategic characteristics. You can continue to hone and improve these skills as you go along with your tennis betting strategy. You can also improve and adjust these according to the strategies and tactics that you prefer to use for certain types of games across a variety of markets. The first of these crucial skills is the ability to accurately recognize and make educated speculations regarding the current value of a game across a certain market. Meanwhile, the second is how to intelligently reduce and manage risks while taking tactical steps to gain as much beneficial returns as possible from those valuable opportunities. Simply put, this is an end-to-end bankroll management system that can greatly help you with your tennis betting strategy.

Did you know?

Tennis betting is rapidly growing all around the world. This is a fun and exciting game that makes it more interesting for betters like you to enjoy your wagers and win large sums of money. So here are some useful pieces of details that you might want to know before you start with your tennis betting strategy:

What are tennis odds? Simply put, tennis odds represent the chances of a particular end result to actually happen. This is also known as implied probability, which is provided by bookmakers based on a lot of relevant factors.

So how much of a winning chance does these odds give you? Implied probability is calculated by dividing 1 by the supplied odds, and then converting the quotient into percentage format. So for example, if player A has 1.56 odds of winning, then this is (1 / 1.56) = 64.1% (chances of player A to win the game).

How much can you win when you place a bet for an outright winner on a player with 1.56 odds of winning? This is quick and easy. The formula is to simply multiply your bet against the given odds. So if you place a $ 100 bet for an outright winner on a player and you win, then you get back your $ 100 wager along with a $ 56 profit.

In the mid-1950s, the Kelly method was formulated by integrating tested concepts from relevant financial sectors. This is where the probability of a player or a team to win at a certain match or tournament is factored in. This is then strategically compared against the current value of the odds as defined by the market for that particular spread. With this, a 10% fractional Kelly method is recommended by many seasoned tennis punters. This gives you the opportunity to effectively safeguard and make full use of your overall bankroll as you manage risks and implement strategic diversification tactics. You can do this by placing carefully planned bets in a tennis betting strategy across a number of games throughout one or more tournaments. Many seasoned punters that use the best cricket betting strategyalso use this bankroll management tactic.

This bankroll tactic can be done by initially getting the overlay, calculated by multiplying the winning probability (wp) by the odds (o) in decimal number format, then subtracting 100 from the product. For example, (50% wp x 260% o) – 100 gives us a 30% overlay (ol). Next is to get the recommended bet amount using the 10% fractional Kelly method. This is done by getting 10% of your overall bankroll (ob) to get the bankroll portion (bp). Then, the formula is bp * (ol / (o-100)). So for a € 1000 ol and a 2.6 o, we get € 187.50 as the suggested wager. You can also use this formula to augment your best golf betting strategy , or even for your best football betting strategy . You can also use this for your over under strategy , and also to supplement yourbest horse racing betting strategy .

Conclusion: Using your tennis betting strategy!

We hope that we have given you a great tennis betting strategy that you can use to make more profits and win more bets on this classic sport.

Whether you’re betting on the US Open or Wimbledon, you’ll be able to use this tennis betting strategy to great effect.

Just don’t forget to use one of our recommended bookmakers when you try out your tennis betting strategy for the first time.

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