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Online Gambling Sites » Betting Strategies » Value Bet Tips – How Does A Value Bets Strategy Work in Canada?

Value Bet Tips – How Does A Value Bets Strategy Work in Canada?

Publish Date: 20/08/2021
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

Value Betting Explained in Canada

So what makes a good valuebet betting strategy? Like any betting system, you’ll need a thorough value bets explanation in Canada before you start playing.

It may be tempting to jump straight in and start placing bets straight away, but your strategy may prove to be more successful if you take the time to fully understand how it works.

Having value betting explained in Canada helps you to become more familiar with how the system works, and when you know exactly how value betting can increase your returns, you’ll be ready to get started.

Using a valuebet betting strategy in Canada

Just like other betting systems, such as the over-under strategy, the 2-3 goals strategy, the 1.5 goals strategy, matched betting, false favourites and pick 3, you can use value bet betting techniques in Canada to try and improve your chances of winning.

Perhaps one of the best features of a value bets system in Canada is that is can be applied to almost any type of betting. Whether you prefer betting before an event starts or you favour live or in-play betting, you can employ value bet betting techniques in Canada.

Similarly, value bet strategies that work in Canada can be used to gamble on a number of events and sports, including horseracing, football, tennis, ice hockey, cricket, greyhound racing and horseracing.

Whilst some types of betting strategies are more suited to certain sports or events, value betting in Canada can be successfully used to employ a structured betting approach to almost any event that’s taking place. So be sure to use a good valuebet betting strategy.

What is value betting?

A simple value bets explanation in Canada is fairly straightforward: if a bet is priced lower than it’s worth, it represents good value and it should be included in your valuebet betting strategy. In other words, if a bookmaker has set the odds in such a way that it doesn’t really represent the likelihood of something happening, e.g. a particular horse winning in or a certain team beating another, it represents a good value bet.

Value betting techniques in Canada are all about finding an edge over other bettors or the bookmaker. When you can find odds which put you ahead of the rest, you may have located value bet strategies that work in Canada.

A good value bets explanation is Canada is the classic example of a football or soccer match. If Team A have performed well all season and won their last five matches, they should have a good chance of winning against Team B, who have lost eight consecutive matches and have their top two players out due to injury.

In such cases, you’d expect Team A to be the heavy favourite, and you might see odds of 11/10 or 7/5. However, if a bookie gives surprisingly good odds on Team A winning, such as 2/1 or 3/1, then it offers value in your valuebet betting strategy.

With a strong chance of Team A winning, combined with surprisingly good odds, the bet offers genuine value, as opposed to heavy favourites which may have a good chance of winning but won’t necessarily offer a high return.

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Football value bet strategies in Canada

Although people regularly bet on tennis, Golf, Cricket and Greyhound Racing, football is one of the most popular sports to gamble on. With numerous leagues around the world, you can bet on individual matches, tournament winners, top goalscorers and even the number of goals per match.

When applying football value bet strategies in Canada, you’re looking for a bet which will offer great value and help you to increase your returns. Often, bettors make the mistake of assuming that the odds they’re offered reflect the likelihood of something happening. If Team C winning offers odds of 7/10, it must be a sure thing, right? Not quite.

Although odds can sometimes accurately reflect the probability of something happening, this isn’t always the case, and when you can find a bet which highlights a mismatch between the odds and the probability of a particular outcome, you’ve found your valuebet betting strategy.

Finding value bet strategies that work in Canada

A value bet should give you an advantage over the people you’re betting against, which is why bookmakers don’t intentionally set odds to offer value betting opportunities. The odds you’re offered won’t, in reality, represent the actual likelihood of an outcome occurring. By adding a betting margin and setting odds at the right price, bookmakers can ensure that they have an edge of gamblers. A good valuebet betting strategy aims to combat this.

Indeed, if a game offers fixed outcomes, it’s easy for bookies to ensure the advantage stays with them. When it comes to sports, however, there are no fixed outcomes and this is why you need a valuebet betting strategy. With so many variables affecting the outcome of a sports match, game or tournament, bookmakers find it harder to keep their advantage, therefore giving you the chance use to successful football value bet strategies in Canada.

To find high-value bets, you’ll need to assess the probabilities of particular outcomes yourself. Ignoring the odds that are being offered, examine the event in detail and evaluate the probability of each potential outcome. How likely is Team A to win, for example? What’s the likelihood of a draw? What chance to Team B have of lifting the trophy?

Once you have calculated your own probabilities, you can compare these with the odds available. If you estimate the probability of Team A winning at 75%, for example, but the odds on offer are 10/1, this represents a high-value bet. Conversely, you think the probability of Team A winning is 75% but the odds available are 6/5, the value of the bet drops accordingly in your valuebet betting strategy.

Calculating probability and finding value bets

To use an effective value bets strategy in Canada, you’ll need to be able to calculate the probability of outcomes actually occurring. Whilst previous performances may give an indication of how a team will perform, they don’t give you the information you really need to determine the probability in mathematical terms, so this type of thinking could skew your betting strategy.

Instead, you can use maths-based formula to determine the probability of one outcome occurring versus another in your valuebet betting strategy. This helps you to move away from emotionally-motivated betting and gives you an independent, structured betting strategy to apply. Whilst it may be tempting to place bets based on your gut feeling or intuition, this can be very risky and isn’t compatible with value bets in Canada.

Identifying probability calculation strategies

When using value betting strategies, you’re comparing your own odds to the odds the bookmaker is offering you, but how can you do so accurately? To calculate your own odds, you’ll need to be able to calculate the probability of particular outcomes, and there are various ways to do this with your valuebet betting strategy.

The Poisson distribution method is often used to calculate the probability of a certain amount of goals being scored in a soccer match, so you could use this when employing football value bet strategies in Canada. Alternatively, the Poisson-inverse Gaussian or the negative binomial distribution method can also be used to calculate probability in a valuebet betting strategy.

Of course, you don’t need to sit down and calculate probabilities manually. There are many helpful online resources you can use to calculate probabilities with your chosen method, and this can make it far easier to identify value bets.

Did You Know?

  • Value betting systems can be used over long periods of time to make regular profits.
  • The worldwide online gambling market is expected to reach a value of €83 billion by 2024.
  • More people than ever are using mobile apps to place sports bets online.

What represents good value?

Getting value betting explained in Canada is easier than you think. Generally, you can determine whether a bet has value using the following formula:

(Amount won per bet x probability of winning) – (Amount lost per bet x probability of losing)

A good value bets explanation in Canada is the example of a coin toss using decimal odds. When you toss a coin, there’s a 50% chance it will land on heads, and 50% chance it will land on tails. If a bookmaker were to offer you odds of 2.15 of the coin landing on tails, it would be a good value bet because the actual likelihood of the coin landing on tails is higher than the probability implied by the odds. Have a look at this example for another valuebet betting strategy.

Using the above formula, a €10 bet on the coin landing on tails, with odds of 2.15, would be calculated as follows:

(11.50 x 0.5) – (10 x 0.5) = 0.75

Finding high value betting opportunities

In most cases, you can use the above formula to determine whether a bet has value in your valuebet betting strategy. Any bet which, when the formula is applied, gives a total of less than 0 should be a value bet. Of course, a total of 0.75 is higher than 0.2 and would, therefore, represent better value. Once the total starts to fall at around 0 or below, the bet doesn’t provide good value and should be avoided, according to value betting strategies in Canada.

Whilst a coin toss is a useful example to show value bet strategies that work in Canada, there are only two possible outcomes which can occur. When you apply your value betting strategy in Canada in relation to sports, things do get more complicated. This is simply because there are more variables which affect the outcome, so you’re less likely to have a 50/50 chance of a particular outcome occurring in your valuebet betting strategy.

With value betting explained in Canada, you may feel you’re ready to take the jump and start using your new betting strategy straight away. You may be surprised when you see which bets offer the most value in your valuebet betting strategy, however. Often, high-value bets are one which seem to be doomed to failure, and you’ll need to have a lot of faith in value bets system in Canada in order to follow through.

Value bets may be based on seemingly improbably outcomes, but if the value of the bet is higher than the probability implied by the odds, a value bets system in Canada dictates that it’s worth taking the risk. For newer bettors, taking a gamble on an unlikely possibility can feel like a red flag, but for experienced gamblers, finding the highest value bets is second-nature.

Specialise in value betting

It can take some time to identify how betting strategies work, so don’t worry if it takes you a while to fully comprehend when a bet represents good value. However, specialising in a particular sport or tournament can be a good way of familiarising yourself with how the valuebet betting strategy works and how you can increase your returns when using it.If you’ve never used a value betting strategy in Canada before, gambling on a sport you’re familiar with may be the best option. If you have an interest in the sport, that’s even better. As value betting strategies are applicable to the vast majority of sports, you should find it easy to specialise in one you’re relatively familiar with, and this can make it easier to practise your value betting strategy.

Fact Check

  • Online betting platforms mean you can bet on sports matches, games and tournaments all over the world.
  • Sports betting accounts for approximately 30-40% of the entire worldwide gambling market.
  • Soccer is one of the most popular sports to bet on globally, with tennis and basketball also dominating the betting landscape.

Combining staking plan with value betting

Staking methods allow bettors to determine what stake to put down when they’re placing a bet with a valuebet betting strategy. You could look at staking methods as a betting strategy in their own right, but can also use them in conjunction with value betting to help you to structure your betting.

When you use staking plans, you can manage your betting funds more easily and stop when you need to, but you can also manage the risk. Some staking plans are designed to help minimise risk, whereas others enable you to make high-risk bets with potentially better rewards.

With fixed wager staking, for example, you put down the same stake for every bet you place, with no single bet exceeding a certain percentage of your overall fund. If every bet equates to 5% of your betting allowance, for example, you can’t lose everything in just two or three bets, thus mitigating your risk with your valuebet betting strategy.

Using a value bets strategy in Canada

A successful bet means you need to predict the outcome of an event before it starts or whilst it’s in-play. As no-one actually knows what will happen and what the outcome will be, everyone attempts to work out what’s most likely to happen and bets accordingly. When you use value betting strategies, you’re simply trying to outwit the bookies by using your own probability calculations in your valuebet betting strategy.

If your calculations give you odds which are quite different from the odds the bookmaker is offering, the bet could represent value, and it would be worth putting some money down. If you choose to follow a value betting strategy as well as a staking plan, you can place a bet using a stake specified by your particular staking plan, thus removing any dilemma over how much you should put down.

Just because a bet offers value, it doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily win. When there are numerous variables which could affect the outcome, the most probable result doesn’t necessarily follow. However, by using a value betting strategy in Canada, you can ensure that the bets you do place offer high value and are worthwhile. Whilst betting on heavy favourites may net you a lot of winners, you probably won’t win all that much in terms of your returns. Furthermore, one lost bet could wipe out your modest winnings from a valuebet betting strategy, leaving you with an overall loss.

By relying on a value betting strategy, you can choose betting opportunities that give you an edge over your bookmaker and, therefore, bets that give you a better chance of getting a good return.

Value bet tips – Conclusion

Gambling on sports is getting increasingly popular, with billions of dollars being wagered on various events around the globe. However, most bettors simply back their favourite team or players with a good track record, and this can lead to repeated losses. By using an established value betting strategy instead, you can help to keep the odds in your favour and boost your chances of placing successful bets. All of which shows how important it is to have a good valuebet betting strategy.

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