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Last Updated on 16/09/2020

If you're looking for NBA betting tips and predictions, you're in luck. At we offer you the free betting tips, predictions and advice on the NBA. So, whether you want to put money on the NBA Finals, the MVP or any game during the season, we will always have the latest NBA tips at Basketball is just one of a number of sports we can help you with, however, with everything from rugby, snooker, football and MMA all covered at So keep reading to see the best NBA betting tips and the latest NBA betting predictions.

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NBA betting tips

So why would you want our NBA betting tips and predictions? The NBA is a runaway success in Canada. In 2019, the Toronto Raptors overcame the Golden State Warriors 4-2 in the NBA Finals to overturn even the most partisan NBA predictions in Canada and win the championship for the first time. Statistics showed that one in every two Canadians watched some part of the NBA Finals. Game Six, which saw the Raptors clinch the series, is now officially the most watched NBA game in Canadian TV history. The millions tuning in also ensured it now ranks in the top 10 most-watched TV events in Canada in 2019. This has meant that there is more demand for NBA betting tips and predictions than ever before.
The NBA also saw a huge surge in spending on merchandise, with spending up some 80% on previous records, as Raptor fans flocked to websites to buy newly branded ‘Champions’ clothing. Those who followed the best NBA tips and NBA betting predictions in Canada also lucked out by cashing in on their NBA betting success.

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History of the NBA

NBA betting tips have a long history. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is one of the most followed sports leagues on the planet. It was founded in New York City back in June 1946 and is widely viewed by the rest of the sporting world as the pinnacle of professional basketball anywhere in the world. It is made up of 30 teams, 29 from the United States of America and 1 from Canada. The NBA’s star players are among the best-paid and most famous athletes in the world. The likes of LeBron James, Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard are not only unable to walk down the street in the cities where they play but the same applies if they travel to China, Europe or any other part of the world. The NBA is a global game and the faces of it are global brands in their own right. More on the great NBA players later along with some great NBA betting predictions.

If you are looking for NBA tips in Canada during the season then is the place to come. Not only will you find free NBA betting tips for regular season games in the Eastern and Western Conferences, but you will find NBA betting predictions in Canada that will help you use your own knowledge and know-how to make wagers that could deliver a lucrative return for you. Our NBA betting tips will give you a chance to bet on which team will end the season as NBA champions but also help you make a wager on the conference winners, the MVP (Most Valuable Player) and the top points scorer in the season. If you can place your bet on these outcomes far enough in advance you can create some real value for yourself and look out for some NBA free betting tips and our best betting promotions during the season too, to help you on your way.
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Fact check

There are a series of NBA records that may never be broken. Here are a few of the best:

  • John Stockton, of the Utah Jazz, holds the records for the most assists (15,806) and most steals (3,265). Andre Miller is the only active player anywhere near with 8,524 assists while Chris Paul, who is towards the end of his career, has 1,793 steals.
  • The Boston Celtics won an incredible 8 consecutive NBA Championships. No other franchise has won more than three in a row.
  • The 100 points scored by Wilt Chamberlain in a single game on March 2, 1962, may never be beaten. The next closest was the 81 points scored by Kobe Bryant in 2006. Chamberlain produced six games in which he scored more than 70 points on his own. No other player has done that more than once.


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Latest NBA free betting tips

NBA teams play an extraordinary 1230 games every regular season. Each of them offers the chance to make a range of bets and, if you do your homework and benefit from a bit of good fortune, you can generate a lucrative return. The best NBA tips will allow you to build up a picture of the type of bet you might want to make.
The kinds of markets or lines available include handicap bets, game-point totals, top points scorer and head-to-head between players. Look out for free NBA betting tips – they will take into account the form of both teams, their head-to-head records, home-court advantage and any injury news or suspensions that may have an impact on the outcome. They may also understand subtle nuances such as how long that team has been on the road and whether the coach may decide to bench players with bigger games in mind.

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Best NBA bets

Here is a bit more information on the types of bet available:

In-play betting in the NBA is big business these days. Not only can you bet on individuals as they play, for instance if you think Curry is struggling from the field, you can bet under his predicted points total. But you can also make bets such as, the next player to make a field goal or score the next point – a 2-pointer or a 3 – depending on your gut feel. In-play betting requires rapid decision making and a solid knowledge of the sport, but if you know what you are doing it can be an exhilarating way of watching the NBA. The key is to get the best NBA betting tips and NBA predictions in Canada bring the game to life for yourself. If you get it right you can be sure that you will be in a position to turn that excitement into a lucrative return.

A spread bet or handicap, as it can often be known, is another excellent way of placing a wager on an NBA game. But how do you know when a handicap represents value? Well, take the example of a game between Golden State and the LA Lakers. The Lakers have struggled for form of late and would start as outsiders or underdogs. A handicap bet might give the Lakers a head start, say by 9.5 points and if the Lakers were to lose but do so by less than 9 points, they would be the team to back. It can also work the other way around. If the betting website gave Golden State a handicap of 9.5 points, they would need to win the game by at least 10 points for you to win if you have backed them. This is an excellent way of bringing potentially one-sided games to life.
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NBA betting tips and predictions: match or money line bet

A simple wager on which team will win a game. This is where the latest NBA free betting tips will come in very useful. This bet is usually about understanding the situation for both teams, the form, the latest team news and injuries and placing your wager accordingly. Because the NBA regular season is 82 games long for every team, you do get upsets along the way with even the best teams likely to lose somewhere between 20 and 30 games per season. That means that it can be hard to predict the outcome even against lesser sides but that is why NBA betting tips from experts and former players can help you understand when those surprise defeats might come. And if you can get ahead of the betting sites and find value in a match where the so-called better team is a big favourite, you can make a lucrative return.

Most NBA teams average between 100 and 118 points each in their regular season games. A points total bet challenges you to work out the combined total of both teams on the night of any given game. The average NBA match usually falls somewhere between 180 and 200 total points scored, so if you can find NBA betting predictions in Canada that point you in this direction you will be able to find value bets and good odds in this type of market. Some betting websites may allow you to bet on total points for both sides in each quarter.
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Did you know?

  • Canadian teacher, James Naismith holds the accolade for coming up with the sport of basketball. It is believed Naismith penned the original 13 rules of the sport in 1891 as a piece of school work at a Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) training school in Springfield, MA.
  • Naismith is also responsible for the ball used today. In 1894, he is thought to have asked A.G. Spalding to develop a ball specifically for the sport. Previously, it has been played with a soccer ball.
  • The tallest players in NBA history are Manute Bol and Gheorghe Muresan at 7ft 7in. The smallest player in the history of the league is 5ft 3in – a difference of 28 inches.


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NBA betting predictions: proposition bets

This type of NBA bet relates to any market that does not influence the overall outcome of the match. So, it might be about a specific player and the number of three-point shots that player might make during the match. It could relate to free throws, which are awarded by the umpires if a player is fouled in the act of shooting. You might think that Curry will make 12 free throws during the course of the match, based on your own research and by reading some free NBA betting tips. That type of bet will offer good value and pretty long odds because so many factors will contribute to the success or failure of that outcome. You can bet on the number of fouls a player will pick up or even the number of dunks a player might make during a game. All of these are proposition bets.

The clue is right there in the word ‘futures’ and relates to long term betting for big picture predictions, such as the winner of the NBA Championship or the Eastern or Western conferences. These bets offer good value and will be much longer odds than individual match bets. Future bets can also relate to individual players. You might want to bet on LeBron to be MVP or top points scorer in the regular. Once again, you will get long odds on bets such as these because of unforeseen possibilities – such as injuries – that could have a major impact on your wager.
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Best NBA betting tips and predictions

Before you make your wager there are a number of important factors to consider:

Home court advantage v form on the road

This should be relatively straightforward to research. Most teams are stronger when playing in front of their own fans but there are exceptions to that rule. Because North America is a vast continent, many teams have to take flights of more than four hours to get from one game to another. The fatigue involved in journeys of that kind can impact on results and therefore your wager. As do players staying in hotels, rather than at home, and being away from their families for long periods. All of these factors will impact your wager – so do your homework and it will pay off.

Find the value

If you are going to turn your love of the NBA into a lucrative pastime, then you need to be able to spot the best value bets and be ready to bet seriously when they do crop up. The best value bets in the NBA are found when the odds on a match or an outcome are longer than the likelihood of that outcome taking place. So, in the NBA, let’s use Golden State versus the LA Lakers as an example again. Maybe the statistics and the latest NBA betting tips suggest the Lakers have a 40% chance of beating the favourites. But the odds are actually showing the equivalent of 25% chance. That could mean the odds are longer than they should be and if the Lakers can find a way to win, you will win big. Betting in this way requires careful analysis and homework but can pay off.
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NBA betting predictions for Canada

So what NBA free betting tips should you use in Canada? The NBA has never been more popular in Canada and sports fans are thriving on the near-constant drama and excitement that the sport dishes up week after week. The new season begins in the autumn and runs through until June, in most cases. There will always be opportunities to bet on the outcome of games and unlike football’s FA Cup, it doesn’t matter if your team loses a game, because they will immediately get the chance to put that defeat right within a few days and turn their fortunes around by winning the next game.

Over the years, the NBA has produced some of the greatest athletes on the planet. The players themselves are superhuman even before they step on the court. The average American man is 5ft 9in. The average NBA player is 6ft 7in. Arguably the greatest player in the history of the sport was Michael Jordan who enjoyed incredible success with the Chicago Bulls during the 1990s. Many experts believe Jordan was further ahead in his sport than any athlete has ever been in their respective sport as he won six NBA titles. LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird are also in the conversation for the sport’s greatest athlete, as are Wilt Chamberlain and Bill Russell, albeit from a more distant era. What is certain is that at their very best, all of these players had the ability to tear up the predictions and NBA betting tips and predictions.
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Put Our Free NBA Betting Tips Into Action

At we will cover everything from golf to the World Cup, UFC, greyhound racing and Spanish football.
But when it comes to the NBA, we are the best at keeping you in touch with the biggest names and events in the sport. This is why we give you our expert NBA betting tips and predictions
With, we’ll help you find bookmakers where you can place a host of wagers on a range of different sports betting markets, including outright match wins, top points scorers, conference wins and the most 3-pointers. So stick with us for the best NBA betting tips.

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