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Last Updated on 18/09/2020

Need some good snooker betting tips and predictions? At, we offer the best free betting tips, predictions and advice on snooker. The sport has been hugely popular sport in Canada since the country fell in love with it during the 1980s thanks to some high-profile Canadian stars who won titles at the very highest level. At we have the best free snooker betting tips to give you the tools to turn your interest in the sport into a lucrative past-time. But we don’t stop at snooker, we cover everything from rugby, to basketball and mixed martial arts. So keep reading to see our snooker betting predictions.

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Snooker betting tips in Canada

We’re proud to unveil our snooker free betting tips. Canada has a long and celebrated history with snooker that came to a peak during the 1980s. Cliff Thorburn, nicknamed ‘the grinder’ because he was not one of the circuits’ greyhounds, became the first winner of the snooker World Snooker Championships from outside the United Kingdom in 1980. To this day he is the only snooker world champion to come from North America.
But he was not the only Canadian to make his mark on the sport. The late Bill Werbeniuk, from Winnipeg, Canada was also a cult figure during the 1980s, not only because of his playing ability but also because of his incredible ability to drink pints of lager during matches without it affecting his play. He somehow managed to reach the last eight of the World Snooker Championships on four occasions. In 1982, the Canadian team won the 1982 Snooker World Cup. Keep reading to benefit from our snooker betting predictions.

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Snooker tips

Canada has struggled to replicate that success in the years since. Bob Chaperon was the last Canadian to win a ranking title in 1990 when he claimed the British Open. And yet Canada’s interest in snooker betting tips and betting has endured. Perhaps it is the memory of the great moments of the past or the knowledge of the game being passed from one generation to another, but snooker betting predictions in Canada are fuelling the betting industry and encouraging people to use their interest in the sport to place wagers on snooker.
Canada is not the only country to have a fascination with snooker. China is obsessed with the sport. In 2008 there were just 200 snooker clubs in Shanghai. That number has now risen to more than 1,500. But how do you best use free snooker betting tips? And make the most of snooker free betting tips for this weekend?

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Snooker betting tips and predictions for this weekend

Snooker is a sport played with a cue and 21 coloured balls on a rectangular table that has pockets in each of the four corners and the middle of each side of the table. The playing surface is a smooth green cloth, stretched across the table. The purpose of the sport is to knock a white ball, which is known as the cue ball, into the other coloured balls in sequence and direct those balls into the pockets. Each ball has a different points value (see below). A frame, or a game, is won by one player scoring more points than the other. You must ensure you do not pot the white ball into a pocket. If you do, your opponent will be awarded four points.

Ball points values:

  • Red – 1
  • Yellow – 2
  • Green – 3
  • Brown – 4
  • Blue – 5
  • Pink – 6
  • Black – 7

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Free Snooker betting tips

Snooker began in the 1800s and was invented by officers in the British Army, stationed in India, who combined the rules of various cue games – such as billiards and black pool – to create a new game. The first set of rules was drawn up in 1884 by Sir Neville Chamberlain, an officer in the 11th Devonshire Regiment. The word snooker was used by the younger members of the army and quickly caught on. By 1927, the World Snooker Championships had been formed by player Joe Davis and the sport became altogether more professional. Davis won every one of the first 15 world titles. His brother Fred then won eight of the next eleven World Snooker Championships. But it was not, perhaps understandably, until the invention of colour television that snooker really too off. By the 1980s snooker had hit the mainstream and we started seeing more snooker betting tips and predictions.

In the UK, it was a huge hit with TV audiences in the 1970s and 1980s, with the dramatic final frame of the 1985 final between Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor watched by an extraordinary 18.5 million viewers in the UK alone, despite finishing some 20 minutes after midnight. The sport continues to be broadcast all around the world with the events that make up The Triple Crown, the primary focus of the snooker calendar. The first of those is the UK Championship, which is played in December and is second only in importance to the World Snooker Championships. The second is The Masters, which only the top-16 players in the world are invited to in January and finally, the World Snooker Championships itself in May, which is played over 17 days at the Crucible Theatre in Sheffield, without question the most famous venue in the sport. Ranking tournaments are also staged in Australia, China and Germany and you’ll find top snooker betting tips for these contests.
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Did you know?

  • In 1931, two players contested the World Snooker Championships, Joe Davis and Tom Dennis.
  • Three players have each lost six World Snooker Championships finals. Fred Davis and Walter Donaldson went on to win the title. But Jimmy White never did.
  • Stephen Hendry won the title at 21 – the youngest world champion in history.


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Snooker betting predictions in Canada

Understanding how to make the most of snooker betting predictions in Canada and the latest snooker betting tips is important if you are going to be successful. There are a range of markets available and most matches during the year are broadcast live to cater to the growing audience looking to capitalise on the latest snooker betting tips. Markets include tournament winner, match bets, correct score, frame betting, total frames, centuries and highest breaks. There is, however, a growing interest in live betting on snooker or in-play betting, as it is known. Snooker is a natural fit for in-play betting because there are pauses between shots and frames when one player misses and the other sizes up his next shot. Below is a guide to some of the bets you can make using free snooker betting tips and snooker betting predictions for this weekend.

Snooker odds and snooker oddscheckers will vary depending on a whole variety of factors. The options for oddscheckers will vary from tournament betting, where you will be challenge to pick the player you think will the tournament. You can also bet each-way which means your stake is split with half going on a win, and half on the player reaching the final. Snooker oddscheckers will also cover match betting, where you you just need to work out which player will win and back them. While handicap betting and correct score will also be offered in odds. A handicap bet will probably see the less fancied player given a head start in terms of frames. So, player A might be given a +3.5 frame head start. A bet on the correct score, means you need to guess how the frame score will finish between the two players. Use our snooker tips for the best value bets.
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Facts Check

  • China wants to host the World Snooker Championships. Promoters in Beijing have even built an identical replica of the Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre in China.
  • One of the most one-sided matches in championship history came in 1992 when defending champion John Parrot, from England, beat Australia’s Eddie Charlton 10-0 in the first round.


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Snooker best bets online

  • Total frames: This time you just need to guess the total frames that will be played in the match.
  • In-play: A new and popular strand of snooker betting with lots of options on the table. You can bet on who will win the frame in progress, which player will pot the next ball and, of course, who will win the match. A dynamic way of betting on snooker.
  • Breaks: You can bet on which player will amass the most consecutive points without missing, known as a break, either in a match or the entire tournament. The maximum possible break is 147 points. You can also bet on whether a 147 will be made in a match or the tournament in question.

The key to being successful with your betting strategy for snooker, is much the same as it would be across many other sports. With the likes of football, basketball or even UFC – you get the latest snooker betting tips in Canada, do your homework, study the form of the players and then use all that knowledge to look for value in a snooker oddschecker. One other thing to consider is that at the smaller events, the top players tend to be more vulnerable to upsets, particularly in the early part of the snooker season, during the summer months. So, if you can select the tournament you want to target carefully and then find the value in the snooker betting tips and predictions in Canada you can be successful and deliver big returns. When it comes to trying to pick a tournament winner, study the draw and study it again.
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Success with snooker betting

Here are some more key tips to winning when it comes to betting on snooker:

  • Study the form: Spend some time looking carefully at the form of the players. Even the top players can’t stay at their very best for the entire season and many of the big names take June and July off, while their lesser opponents are honing their match sharpness and practising hard. In the smaller events, the big players are worth betting against; you should look for value players. In the big events, the big names usually come away with the trophy.
  • Don’t discount the minor events: Because so much snooker is now televised you can watch tournaments that would previously not have been shown. This means it is easier to spot future stars and back them before the bookmakers spot them. Check the snooker betting predictions for this weekend to stay across the action.

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Snooker betting tips for this weekend

It is also important to study the players’ styles. Some players are more deliberate and tactical, others more impulsive and free-flowing. Premier League Snooker is played over six frames and features a shot-clock that forces players to play quickly. This suits someone like Ronnie O’Sullivan perfectly as he is a natural player and plays quickly anyway.
Someone like Mark Selby is naturally a slower player and so would rather play a longer match and play without a shot-clock. A quick, natural player can also lose their rhythm or feel like they are struggling for fluency when they play against a slower player. That is also something to look out for when you are studying the snooker betting tips and predictions.

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Betting on World Championship snooker

The pinnacle of the sport and the biggest tournament in terms of attention, TV audiences and betting – The World Snooker Championships is a straight knock-out tournament and brings the curtain down on the snooker season. The big names in the sport usually find a way to win the tournament but over the past 20 years, two players – Shaun Murphy and Graeme Dott – have won the trophy having started the event at odds of more than 50-1. This is the tournament every single player wants to win, and Stephen Hendry holds the best record in the modern era, with seven wins, although O’Sullivan has five titles of his own now. The tournament has been held in Sheffield since 1977 and always finishes on the first Monday in May, which is a Bank Holiday for everyone in the UK. There will be plenty of free snooker betting tips around this event.

The second biggest title of the season dates back to 1977 when it was first staged in Blackpool after which it quickly rose to prominence in the eyes of the professionals and fans alike. Betway are the current sponsors of the event and O’Sullivan is the defending champion having won the most recent of his record seven titles in December 2018. Englishman Steve Davis has won the UK Championship six times, while Hendry has five titles. In 2018 the total prize fund for the tournament was £850,000 with the winner taking home a cool £170,000. It has been hosted at the Barbican Theatre in York since 2011, having been held in Telford before that. Look out for your snooker free betting tips in Canada in the build-up to the UK Championship.
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Betting on The Masters snooker

Dating back to 1975, the Masters is the third of snooker’s Triple Crown. In 2017, the trophy was renamed in honour of the late Paul Hunter, who the event three times before he tragically died of cancer at the age of just 27. The tournament has been held at Alexandra Palace in London since 2012 having been held at Wembley since 1979 before that. The current champion is Englishman Judd Trump who is also the current World Champion. The Masters is only for the world’s top-16 players. O’Sullivan has won it a record seven times, while Hendry has six titles. Behind them, Thorburn, Davis, Hunter and former World Champion Mark Selby have each won three Masters titles. Look out for snooker betting tips in Canada that focus on The Masters.

Snooker is one of the most skilful sports on earth. It lends itself brilliantly to TV and with the sport growing in far-flung corners of the world, the numbers of people betting on snooker is growing steadily with new markets such as China, investing heavily in new clubs and helping to take the sport to millions of new fans. The World Snooker Championship remains the biggest betting event in the sport, with a combination of history, prestige, prize money and TV audience, ensuring it remains the flagship event for the sport. Because of the numerous pauses in play, in-play betting is a dynamic and exciting way to augment the TV watching experience. The major stars such as Trump and O’Sullivan remain the major draws for the fans, but with new players and lots of snooker betting tips and predictions arriving on the scene, the next 20 years of snooker promises to be the most exciting era yet.
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Put our snooker betting tips Into Action

At we’ll help you find bookmakers where you can bet on everything from La Liga, to the World Cup and the British Open. When it comes to snooker and the major events on the circuit, we are the best at keeping you in touch with the biggest names and most important matches throughout the year thanks to our snooker tips.
Look out for our snooker oddschecker and our snooker free betting tips. At, you can use those snooker betting tips and predictions to place a range of bets on a variety of different markets, including outright match wins, highest breaks and in-play betting. So get ready to turn your devotion to snooker into winning bets with our snooker tips.

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