World Cup Qualifiers Betting Tips & Predictions Canada

Last Updated on 20/09/2020

Looking for some great World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions? At we offer you the best free betting tips, predictions and advice on World Cup qualifiers. These matches are watched by millions of fans in every corner of the world, as national teams on every continent battle for a place at the greatest sporting event on the planet. At we have the best World Cup qualifiers betting tips to ensure you have all the tools to boost your bank balance. At we also cover everything from rugby, to basketball, mixed martial arts and greyhound racing. So keep reading to see our World Cup qualifiers predictions.

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World Cup qualifiers betting tips Canada

Welcome to our guide to World Cup qualifiers betting tips. Canada is preparing to jointly host the 2026 World Cup with the United States and Mexico, with Toronto, Edmonton and Montreal likely to be host cities. As hosts, Canada will automatically qualify for the tournament.

Canada men’s team have only qualified for the World Cup on one other occasion – in 1986 – but the women’s national team have qualified for the World Cup on seven occasions, losing in the quarter-finals when Canada hosted the tournament in 2015. The sense of excitement in Canada when the country hosted the women’s World Cup is likely to be surpassed in 2026 when the biggest tournament in the world comes to North America.

The 32 teams who eventually reach the finals of the World Cup have to battle their way through a lengthy qualification process to secure their place. The format of World Cup qualifiers varies from one federation to another and our World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions will reflect this.
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World Cup qualifiers betting tips

Qualifying is divided up by continent. For the 2022 World Cup, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) get 5 places at the finals. UEFA, which represents Europe, gets 13. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) will get either 4 or 5. The Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (CONCACAF) will get 3 or 4.

The Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) will get 0 or 1 and the South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) will get 4 or 5. Each of the continents have different World Cup qualifying processes and each present different opportunities for you to use your World Cup qualifiers predictions to come up with a betting strategy.

Across all the continents there are around 210 national teams that attempt to qualify for the World Cup each time it is held. In qualifying for the 2018 World Cup in Russia an extraordinary 872 matches were played across the world. So you’ll need plenty of World Cup qualifiers free betting tips to help you out.
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Fact check

  • Guatemala striker Carlos Ruiz has most World Cup qualification goals, with 39.
  • Australia’s Archie Thompson has the best scoring ratio with 20 goals in 15 matches.
  • The first ever goal scored in a World Cup qualifier came on June 11, 1933. It was scored by Sweden captain Knut Kroon.


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World Cup qualifiers predictions

The qualification process for the 2022 World Cup has already begun and we have some great World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions for you. On June 6, 2019, Norjmoogiin Tsedenbal scored the first goal in qualifying to put mighty Mongolia ahead against Brunei. They would go on to win the match 2-0. World Cup qualifiers began for the 1934 tournament. Before that teams had been invited to the 1930 World Cup. The number of places at the finals has steadily grown over the years. From 1934 to 1978, only 16 teams made it. Those rose at the 1982 finals in Spain for 24 teams and then again at the France World Cup in 1998 to 32 teams. The had been suggestions that 48 places would be made available for the 2022 World Cup but FIFA, the governing body of football, has now dropped that plan. Although it is thought that there could be 48 teams at the 2026 World Cup and we’ll include this in our World Cup qualifiers betting tips.

Only one country has played in every World Cup: Brazil. The Selecao, as they are known, have qualified for all 21 World Cups they have entered – a record. Germany have appeared at 19 World Cups, Italy at 18 – although they missed out on the 2018 World Cup – and Argentina have played at 17 World Cups. Mexico have played at 16, while former champions Spain, France and England have all qualified for 15 World Cups. What this shows is that World Cup qualifiers are rarely straightforward – even the most talented national teams sometimes slip up. So, when you are studying the World Cup qualifiers predictions it is worth bearing that in mind. A major nation almost always misses out, France in 1990 and 1994, England in 1994, The Netherlands in 2002 and 2018, Uruguay in 2006, Belgium in 2010, Sweden in 2014, Italy and the United States in 2018.
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Free world Cup qualifiers betting tips Canada

The World Cup qualification process is long and complicated and varies from continent to continent, as we have already explained. Below is a more detailed breakdown of how teams qualify for the World Cup from each part of the world. If you are looking at World Cup qualifiers predictions or researching the latest World Cup qualifier betting tips it is important to understand the nuances each team will face. You will find World Cup qualifiers tips in Canada, but you need to have a broader knowledge of qualification to understand how to apply those and when the best opportunities will appear. Here are some free World Cup qualifiers betting tips in Canada.

Africa: There are more than 50 national teams in Africa, who all want to reach the World Cup. The qualifying process begins with the lowest 26 ranked teams – as decided by the FIFA world rankings – playing one, two-leg tie: one match played in their country; one in their opponents’ country. The teams that advance through to the second round, when the remaining (higher ranked) teams join the competition. Again, they play another two-leg tie and the winners go through to round three. The next round is group-stage with the 20 teams left, split up into groups where each team plays the other home and away. Once those matches are complete, the teams who top their groups qualify for the World Cup.
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World Cup qualifiers predictions in Canada

Asia: There are 46 national teams in Asia who begin the World Cup qualifiers. Again, the process begins with the lowest ranked dozen teams playing one two-leg tie to reach the next round. The teams that come through are then joined by the remaining 34 teams and are drawn in five groups of eight teams. Each team in a group plays home and away against the others and once those matches are completed, the winners of each group advance, as do the four teams who had the best record in finishing second place in their group. Round three is another group stage, with the 12 remaining teams placed into two groups. The top two nations in each group go to the World Cup, while the two teams who finish in second place go into a play-off with nations in a similar position from other continents. More on that later in our World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions.

Europe: UEFA, the governing body of European football, is granted the most qualifying places at the World Cup. There are 52 teams in total that begin the World Cup qualifiers and all of those teams go straight into a group stage. All teams are seeded to ensure the best national teams avoid each other at this stage. Every team in the group plays the others home and away, with three points for a win, one for a draw and none for a defeat. The winners of each group are guaranteed a place in the World Cup, while the eight teams which finish second but have the best points total go into a playoff for the four remaining places. A draw is then made by UEFA to split the eight teams into four play-off times and each team plays one two-leg tie against another to decide the final four spots. Use our World Cup qualifiers betting tips to help you out here.
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Latest World Cup qualifiers tips

North & Central America and Caribbean: CONCACAF has arguably the toughest qualifying criteria of any federation with 35 national teams battling for just 3 guaranteed places at the World Cup. It is also an exhaustive and complicated campaign. Once again, the first round of qualifying is decided by the FIFA world rankings, with the 14 weakest teams playing against each other to produce seven teams for round two. The next weakest teams then join the qualifying process to make 12 two-leg ties. The six winners of those matches go into a group stage, alongside the six strongest teams in the federation, who have not yet played. Three groups of four teams then battle it out, with the two in each group going into a final group of six teams, who each play each other home and away, with the top three going to the World Cup. The team which finishes fourth goes into a play-off and we’ll give you our World Cup qualifiers predictions for this eventuality.

Because there are only 10 countries in CONMEBOL, qualifying is much more straightforward. Each team plays all of the others home and away with the top four teams qualifying for the World Cup. The fifth-place team goes into a play-off with countries from other federations. South America has a number of previous World Champions, with Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay among the best teams in the world. The likes of Colombia and Chile have also qualified for World Cups recently and the standard of football is extremely high during qualification with the likes of Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar on show. We’ll factor this in to out World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions.
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Did you know?

  • Poland’s Robert Lewandowski, Saudi Arabia’s Mohammad Al-Sahlawi and Ahmed Khalil, from the United Arab Emirates all finished joint-top scorers in World Cup qualifiers in 2018. Poland and Saudi Arabia qualified for the tournament.
  • The youngest player to appear in World Cup qualifying was just 13.
  • The oldest was 46.


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World Cup Qualifying: Oceania

Arguably the weakest federation, Oceania is not certain of a place in the World Cup but has to go through a play-off with nations from other continents. New Zealand and Australia (although Australia have now moved to the Asia confederation) have both reached World Cups in the past 20 years but because many countries are small, island nations, populations are small and the teams are, understandably, of not great quality. In the first round of qualifying, American Samoa, the Cook Islands, Tonga and Samoa all play each other in a group format. The winner advances to round two. In the second round Fiji, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Vanuatu and the winner of the group play are split into two groups. The top team in each group play in a final for the right to go into the play-off against a team from another federation. You can use our World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions to guide you through this phase.

The play-offs have been mentioned with regards various continents and that is because they are used to decide the final places at a World Cup. The fourth-placed team in the CONCACAF region play against the fifth-place team from the Asian qualification process. For 2018, Australia – who qualified from Asia – and Honduras, from CONCACAF, played off. Australia won 3-1 over two legs. The other play-off is between the winners of the Oceania qualifiers – in 2018 that was New Zealand – and the fifth-placed side in South America – in 2018, Peru. Peru ran out 2-0 winners and qualified for the World Cup in Russia.
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Latest World Cup qualifiers betting tips

Successfully understanding how to use free World Cup qualifiers betting tips in Canada requires homework, the best World Cup free qualifiers betting tips and some good fortune. The variety of markets and bets available will vary from continent to continent, with matches in Europe and South America likely to offer significantly more markets for you to bet on.
The most basic markets will offer you outright bets on which nations will qualify and match results. While the more advanced markets will offer you in-play opportunities with a myriad of markets to bet on.
From the moment the qualification draw is made, the bookmakers will set the odds for qualification and World Cup qualifiers predictions and World Cup qualifier betting tips in Canada will start to appear. The key is to take those and add your own insight to find the best value in the market.

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Best World Cup qualifiers betting tips and predictions

By using free World Cup qualifiers betting tips in Canada you should be able to bet on hundreds of matches across the qualification process, all over the world. The markets to look out for away from the ones we have mentioned are top goal-scorer, group winner, most assists and even the most yellow or red cards. Here are some free World Cup qualifiers tips to help you come up with your own betting strategy.

– Watch for momentum changes

Because the World Cup qualifier fixtures are spread over a long period of time it can be hard to get a sense of momentum so you can gauge whether one team is on the way up or the way down. But if you look carefully you can see when a team starts to go on a run of form that could help you use the World Cup qualifiers free betting tips for tonight.

– Know the team news

Some teams depend on individual players hugely. Think Ronaldo with Portugal, Lionel Messi with Argentina and Gareth Bale with Wales. If a key player is missing through injury or suspension it can have a massive impact on the fortunes of a national team. So, if you watch club football and know that a player has been injured in the last match, he may well miss the next international game and that could impact the result.

– Study the history and previous form

Some teams are better in qualifying than they are in knock-out football. England, for instance, have shown in recent years that they are an excellent team in qualifying, but Brazil and France tend to be better at knockout football despite their world ranking. Know your teams and which format they thrive in; it could help you find value in the World Cup qualifiers tips.
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Put Our World Cup qualifiers tips Into Action

At we have tips that cover everything from La Liga, to the World Cup, the British Open, the NBA, the FA Cup, and UFC to name but a few.
With you can find some great bookmakers where you can place a range of bets using free World Cup qualifiers betting tips in Canada, including outright match wins, top-goal-scorer and in-play betting, of course.
So, check out our World Cup qualifiers free betting tips and get ready to turn your passion for the beautiful game into winning bets.

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