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Online Gambling Sites » Best Online Bookmakers in Canada 2024

Best Online Bookmakers in Canada 2024

Last Updated on 09/05/2024
Fact checked by: Kyle Tremblay

Who is the best bookmaker Canada has at the moment? Good question! We’re here to show you the top bookmaker in Canada. Take a look below and find your ultimate Canadian sports betting site!

We’ve carried out an extensive comparison of these sports betting sites. From top NHL odds to amazing NBA bets, there’s plenty to discover. We’ll even show you some amazing deals like the $200 welcome bonus from 888sport.

So keep reading to find a Canadian betting site that can take your bets to the next level!

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The best Online Sportsbooks in Canada:

Online betting has revolutionized the world of sports betting and casino gaming. More accessible than ever, you can use the best bookmakers in Canada to gamble on an array of sports events, as well as online games, casino games and virtual events. Of course, when you’re betting online, you’ll want to use the best betting site there is. With so many online platforms to choose from, you’ll need to determine which one is right for you.

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What makes the best online gambling site and bookmaker in Canada?

Perhaps you’re looking for betting without limit or you want bookmaker in Canada which doesn’t enforce a minimum deposit amount? Alternatively, you may want to find a platform which offers the most extensive range of sports betting options? However you want to bet, it’s easy to place your stakes once you’ve found the best bookmaker Canada has to offer and we’ll show you the leading sportsbooks and online sites currently available.

Sports betting has increased in popularity in recent years and, as more Canadians bet on sports events than ever before, the question is what makes a good bookmaker in Canada today? The answer lies in our bookmaker reviews will help you out as we’ll find a great bookmaker for Canadian players.

When you’re looking for the best sports betting site in Canada, it’s important to consider the range of sports on offer. While football, cricket, horse racing and tennis are among the most popular sports to bet on, there are hundreds of games, matches and racing events to place a wager on at a standard bookmaker in Canada and our bookmaker comparison can help you out.

If you’re interested in a particular sport or you want to explore a wide range of betting opportunities, choosing an online betting platform like a bookmaker in Canada which offers year-round betting opportunities over a number of sports may be advantageous. From cycling to speedway and beach volleyball to muay thai, the best sports gambling sites in Canada will have hundreds of events to choose from. Keep reading to find a top bookmaker for Canadian players.

Different types of betting

As well as offering a wide range of sports to bet on, our bookmaker reviews found that the top sports gambling sites in Canada will ensure you can place various different types of bets. From straightforward each-way and to win bets in horse racing to the total number of goals and the first player to score in football, the best betting sportsbook in Canada will have betting opportunities to satisfy serious gamblers and novice bettors alike.

The type of bet you place can seriously increase your potential returns, so it’s vital to find sports gambling sites in Canada which fit your needs. You may want to place a Lucky 15 or Lucky 63 on a big day of horse racing at a bookmaker in Canada, for example, or perhaps you want to predict the final score of the next five matches in the English Premier League at a Canada sportsbooks bookmaker website? If so, you’ll need to find sports gambling sites in Canada which offer an array of bets and our bookmaker comparison is here to help. All you need to find a great bookmaker for Canadian players.

Did you know?

  • Billions of dollars are spent on sports betting each year, with people gambling from all over the world, especially at Canada sportsbooks online.
  • You can bet on virtual events and games, such as CS: GO, on the latest betting platforms.
  • If you bet without limits, you can deposit, bet and win any amount – completely uncapped.

Sports gambling sites in Canada with the best odds

When you place any bet at sportsbooks for Canadian players, the sport betting odds you’re offered will determine how much you could win. At a bookmaker Canadian players can find competitive odds, and then can maximize your returns and increase your winnings. In addition to this, our bookmaker reviews and sportsbook reviews found that the best betting site in Canada may feature a number of value betting opportunities on a regular basis, and this could help to enhance the amount you win too.

As bookmakers face fierce competition in the industry, they try to attract users by offering decent odds. However, it’s always worth comparing the odds on various sports betting sites to ensure you’re getting the highest odds available from a bookmaker in Canada. Our bookmaker comparison gives you the perfect way to do this.

With a quick online search, you can confirm that you’re able to access the best odds across the board and that you’ve found the best betting sportsbook in Canada. All you need to find the perfect bookmaker for Canadian players.

Our top3 Betting Bonuses:

Accumulators and the best betting sportsbook in Canada

When you’re looking for the best sports betting site in Canada, you may want to take a look at the accumulators offered. Although most online sportsbooks offer accumulator betting, our bookmaker reviews found that they don’t all have the same options. But at a good bookmaker Canadian players can enjoy more flexibility. You may be able to use some sportsbooks for Canadian players to place a double, treble or even a four-fold bet, for example, but you may not be permitted to place an eight-fold, 10-fold or 12-fold accumulator.

Accumulator betting is extremely popular, and the best betting sportsbook in Canada should certainly provide the facilities to place this type of bet. Although it can be tricky to win accumulators with numerous legs, such as 10-fold or 12-fold bets, you can get significant returns if your bet comes in from a bookmaker in Canada.

If you want to maximize your returns and have the potential to win a large amount from a modest state, make sure you choose an online betting company such as a bookmaker in Canada that offers 10-, 12- or even 14-fold accumulators. So check out bookmaker comparison for a great way to win big at a bookmaker for Canadian players.

Live sports gambling – List of online bookmakers offering live gambling in Canada

As well as betting on sporting events in advance, you can now bet on live events as they’re taking place at the best bookmaker Canada has at the moment. Sportsbooks for Canadian players which offer live betting update their odds in real-time, so you can make additional bets depending on how the race, match or game is going. At the best bookmaker Canada offers, players might even be able to enjoy live video streaming.

In-play betting is particularly popular with bettors who like to gamble on football, tennis, baseball, boxing and basketball, although there are numerous sports which offer in-play betting opportunities. When you watch live events, you can see exactly how teams or players are performing, so you may be able to predict the outcome more accurately. If so, there’s a greater chance of placing successful bets and obtaining a return.

Due to this, you’ll want to ensure that your chosen sportsbooks for Canadian players have comprehensive live betting facilities and that they offer in-play betting across a range of sports. So be sure to try the best sportsbook Canada has to offer.

Best online sports gambling sites in Canada for virtual bets – Canadian bookmakers offering virtual bets

Traditionally, gamblers bet on actual sports events at sportsbooks online sites, such as football matches, horse races and basketball games. However, virtual betting has become one of the biggest trends in recent years, and it’s becoming more popular all the time. So at a bookmaker Canadian players will be able to enjoy great simulations of top sports.

As well as betting on real-life events, the best online betting sites in Canada will enable you to gamble on virtual events too. With an array of e-sports and virtual events to choose from, you can take your pick from thousands of virtual betting opportunities when you choose the best sports betting site in Canada.

While sports betting is still the most popular type of gambling, the best bookmaker Canada has at the moment is introducing new betting opportunities all the time. The most innovative and creative betting sites in Canada will be at the forefront of this development, so keep an eye out for sportsbooks online sites which offer new and exclusive betting opportunities. You should be able to find this at the best sportsbook Canada has right now.

Betting on games, such as CS: GO, can be a fun way to increase the adrenaline when you’re playing or watching, and you could get a decent return too. With millions of players worldwide, the scope for betting on games and gaming is vast, and the best online betting sites in Canada will be offering an increasing range of gaming bets as time goes on.

Choosing the best sports betting site in Canada

Finding the best sports gambling sites in Canada means finding a secure betting platform which suits your betting style, and one which offers the best odds and betting opportunities. Among the features you may want to look out for is a cash-out facility at the best bookmaker Canada has at the moment.

When you choose to cash out,  it means you can opt out of a bet you’ve already placed and minimize your potential losses. If you used sportsbooks online sites to bet on Arsenal to beat Tottenham Hotspur in an upcoming match, for example, you may decide to cash out if Arsenal’s line-up changes before the event. Alternatively, if the match has started and Arsenal aren’t performing well, you may cash out to save some of your stake, rather than losing all of it.

Having the option to cash out can help you to protect your betting pool and minimize your losses, so it’s something the best online sports gambling sites in Canada should offer.

Facts check

  • Football, tennis, cricket and horse racing are among the most popular sports to bet on.
  • Live betting at sportsbooks online sites gives you the chance to bet on sports events as they’re taking place, in real-time.
  • Online betting tips can help you to understand various betting strategies and may improve your chances of placing a successful bet.

International betting and the best sports betting site in Canada

Gambling on domestic sporting events can be exhilarating and exciting, but being able to bet on international events gives you greater options. While you may enjoy placing a wager on an NHL match or on Canada’s curling championships, having access to international sports events via the best bookmaker Canada has to offer means you can gamble on a wider range of sports.

Furthermore, by using the best betting sportsbook in Canada, you can place bets on events worldwide, which means there will always be betting opportunities available. Different time zones allow you to find high profile events and good value bets at any time of the day or night, so you’ll never miss out on the chance to get a great return. Thankfully we can help you find the best sportsbook Canada has right now with our Canada sportsbooks reviews.

Best betting site in Canada – Best sportsbook reviews

The best sports betting websites in Canada will deliver a secure platform, with unrivaled performance and speed. Giving you the opportunity to bet via a laptop or computer, the best online betting sites in Canada may also be accessible via mobile devices. While you could visit sports betting websites on your smartphone or tablet, our Canada sportsbooks reviews found that the best sports betting site in Canada will also offer dedicated mobile apps. All you need to enjoy the best bookmaker Canada has to offer on the go, discover the Canadian bookmakers that are best for you.

Catering for major markets, iPhone apps and Android apps are among the most popular forms of mobile betting solutions. Enabling you to log in quickly and bet on the go, choosing the best sports online sports gambling sites in Canada isn’t solely about their website. Indeed, the best sports betting site in Canada should have its own secure app, to give you a seamless betting experience across various devices.

Placing bets on the go

With so many betting opportunities available, having access to your betting platform is crucial. Our Canada sportsbooks reviews found that by using an iPhone betting app or an Android betting app, you can place bets when you’re at work, at home or out and about, so you won’t need to worry about missing out on a great betting opportunity.

In addition to this, using a well-built app ensures you can place bets quickly when you need to. If you’re watching a live event and you want to place a bet, for example, the odds may be changing quickly to reflect the flow of the game. To be sure you get the odds you want, you’ll need a speedy platform which updates in real-time. Using a betting app is the perfect way to achieve this, so make sure the best online sports gambling sites in Canada offer app downloads too.

Increased security with the best betting sites

Whenever you’re conducting transactions alone, it’s important to use a trusted and reputable provider. As you’ll be depositing and withdrawing funds into your betting account, you want to use the most secure and the best online sports gambling sites in Canada.

Our Canada sportsbooks reviews found that well-established online betting websites offer enhanced security features, and are committed to protecting you and your financial information. As well as looking for critical information, such as the best bookmaker Canada has at the moment’s current security measures, you can take a look at how the site is rated amongst gamblers and industry insiders. Well-respected Canada sportsbooks bookmaker websites are often the most secure, so take this into account when you’re looking for the best sports betting websites in Canada.

Checking your betting company’s certification and regulation can also be an effective way of confirming their reliability and their approach to online security. Selecting bookmakers who are properly regulated and certified is a step towards finding the best sports betting site in Canada.

Signing up to the best betting sports book in Canada

Although the best sports betting websites in Canada should offer a user-friendly betting platform, great odds and a range of sports events to bet on, they should also offer exceptional account management and customer service in order to rank highly in our bookmaker ratings. With dedicated support available whenever you need it, the best online sports gambling sites in Canada will provide immediate or fast responses whenever you have a query, and they’ll be quick to offer their assistance.

In addition to this, you should be able to rely on the best sports betting websites in Canada to provide a range of payment options and facilities. If you want to add funds to your account via a credit or debit card, for example, you’ll need to ensure that your chosen Canada sportsbooks bookmaker website will accept the type of card you hold. Similarly, the best sports gambling sites in Canada should offer a range of other payment options, such as PayPal and Skrill. The best sportsbook Canada has right now will even feature methods like Interac and Instadebit. Before you make your decision to choose any of the Canadian bookmakers at your disposal, always check our list of online bookmakers and sportsbook reviews.

The best sports betting websites in Canada may offer free bets on a frequent basis, so this is certainly something to look out for. As well as offering free bets when you register, you may find that your favorite online betting site also incentivises its users by rewarding them with free bets from time-to-time.

As well as adding to your betting pool and enabling you to place a bet without the risk of investing your own money, free bets are integral to matched betting strategies and you can find them at Canada sportsbooks online. If you enjoy matched betting or it’s something you want to try in the future, look out for the best bookmaker Canada has at the moment which offer free bets throughout the year.

Canadian bookmakers who give you more for your bets

You will probably notice that many Canadian sports betting sites will offer a broadly similar service. This means that you can come to these sites and find decent odds for anything from the NHL to the NBA. But we’re always on the hunt for those sportsbooks who are looking to give you a little extra for your sports bets. Here are some of the key features that we’ve found at some of Canada’s best  sports betting sites.

Enhanced odds deals

Some bookmakers love to give their customers odds boosts. These are a great way to get a little extra value with your bets. Odds boosts are great because they are simple to use and don’t have anything in the way of wagering conditions. Canada’s best bookmakers will give you enhanced odds for anything from basketball to hockey and beyond. Remember to check to see that the odds boost actually represents good value for money. After all, many odds boosts might push you into betting on markets that are outside of your comfort zone. Thankfully we are here to show you those sportsbooks that always serve up enhanced odds that you’ll actually want to bet on.

Bonuses for the biggest sporting events

You’ll already know that most bookmakers will give you a sportsbook bonus simply for signing up to their sites. But we have found that the best sportsbooks will put on special offers that give you greater value for the biggest sporting events. This means that you might be able to get a matched deposit bonus for the Stanley Cup or even a losing bet refund for the Super Bowl. We’ll be on hand to show you those deals that give you more for betting on Canada’s largest sporting encounters.

Canada’s best betting exchanges

We should also note that some of the best online bookies in Canada are actually betting exchanges. These work differently from standard sports betting sites. This is because you will be betting against other punters, rather than the sportsbook. As a result you get the chance to back and lay bets which can open up much better value than fixed-odds betting. It can take a certain amount of skill to master this betting option, but it can be worthwhile.

Choosing an online bookmaker

Although there is plenty of choice out there and a vast bookmaker list when you are looking for a bookmaker in Canada, the best online sports gambling sites will enable you to place bets that suit your style of gambling. If you prefer to place relatively small bets on a regular or semi-regular basis, for example, you may want to use some Canada sportsbooks online which don’t impose minimum deposit amounts.

Similarly, you may find that the best sports gambling sites in Canada don’t impose a maximum win amount or a daily cap on winnings. If you want to bet without limits, it’s important to ensure that your chosen Canada sportsbooks bookmaker website won’t limit the amount you can deposit, bet or withdraw, regardless of what type of wager you place at a bookmaker in Canada.

Best Betting Sites Canada – Our Conclusion

Finding the best betting site in Canada doesn’t have to be a difficult task. With an easy-to-use betting platform, dedicated apps, fantastic odds and a wide range of featured bookmaker, provides you with everything you could need when it comes finding the best Canada sportsbooks online.

Our dedicated support team are always on hand to provide any help or assistance you may need to find the best bookmaker Canada has to offer. To find out more, register with now and discover a top bookmaker in Canada!

Our Top5 Betting Bonuses:

Best Bookmaker Canada FAQ

🔓What Canada betting sites give you a free bet?

There are many different bookmakers on the internet and trying to figure what makes a site the best bookmaker in Canada can be a difficult task. One thing that certainly plays a role is whether they offer free bets. If that’s an important factor in your gaming, our editorial team at CA  have compiled a list of all the best bookmakers in Canada offering free bets

What is the best Betting App in Canada?

Sport betting is on the rise in Canada and there are now a great deal of different options for customers to place their bets. With such a varied selection, figuring out the best bookmaker in Canada can be time consuming. Fortunately, our team of gambling experts have done all of the hard work for you, complign an extended guide to all the best bookmakers in Canada.

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