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Online Gambling Sites » The Best Sports Betting Sites for Canada in 2024 » Best Betting Site & Bookmaker for Horse Racing Canada

Best Betting Site & Bookmaker for Horse Racing Canada

Best Online Horse Betting Sites Canada

Last Updated on 18/07/2024
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

Looking for the best online horse racing betting sites? We can recommend some horse racing betting sites that will make it simple to enjoy some online horse betting. Canada’s sports fans have never had an easier way to enjoy using horse betting sites online.

We’ll help you find the best betting sites Canada offers for online horse betting. Canada’s racing fans will be able to use any of our recommended horse racing betting sites to make some decent profits from this sport.

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Compare the best horse racing bookmakers in Canada

Horse racing in Canada – Where to start?

Canadians love to have a bit of a flutter on horse racing events that take place on both the domestic and international stages. There are many operators that offer horse racing betting for the Canadian market. The best online bookies for horse racing Canada offer online and mobile betting to give people the flexibility to engage in the wagering in their own ways. The mobile apps they provide are usually compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

The best online horse racing betting sites Canada offers cover both the top horse racing competitions held worldwide and also coverage for specific countries like the USA and South Africa. There are various types of bets associated with horse racing, including: Exacta, Quinella, Tricast, Any order tricast, Outright winner, Win, Place and Show.

The top horse racing betting sites in Canada that cover horse racing as an industry will provide in-depth information to help customers understand the different types of wager. They will also usually offer tips and background information on the past performance of horses, the records of jockeys and which horses are favourites in a competition.

The majority of the best online horse racing betting sites will also have virtual betting for horse racing as a service. And if you like a good accumulator, check out our page on the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker for Accumulators Canada.

Details of wagers at horse racing betting sites Canada

So why is it important to know the best online horse racing betting sites? Horse racing is very simple in its premise, and this makes it a great sport for novice and experienced bettors alike. There isn’t an enormous range of complex betting options to learn, like you’d find at the Best Cricket Betting Site & Bookmaker Canada, for example – the primary focus is on who will win the race.

Nevertheless, there are various ways you can make a wager, and you can also combine predictions about other runners to take advantage of multiple bets. Similarly, it’s always good to look out for the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker with Free Bets Canada.

Common horse racing wagers

Firstly, the straight wager is the core bet, where you stake on a single horse. There are no multiples to bring different runners into the equation; you just bet on a single runner. There are, however, several ways to make a straight wager as a Canadian punter.

The simplest of these is the ‘Win’, wherein you make your pick for which horse will come through for the win. It involves evaluating the form of runners and riders and making your bet accordingly. If the horse wins, the successful backers make their profit; if the horse comes in any other position, the bet is lost. You’ll find similar wagers at the Best Boxing Betting Site & Bookmaker Canada.

Alternatively the best online horse racing betting sites will allow you to make a ‘Place’ wager, whereby you win if your selection finishes first OR second. The returns are usually smaller than you would get for a ‘Win’ bet, but this is the price you pay for increasing your chances of winning.

The third option is the ‘Show’ bet, where the stake is a winner if their selection finishes first, second or third. Again, the odds are reduced and returns are smaller. This type of bet is more common at Canadian-friendly bookies, and these types of wager and their names are very specific to North American betting.

Exotic wagers are another option for the horse racing enthusiast. They generally involves combinations of multiple horses, and are more complicated than straight wagers. For example, the ‘Exacta’ bet involves picking two horses for a single race and staking on them finishing in first and second. You must pick the specific order they finish, and will only win if those two finish first and second in the order you specified.

Alternatively, the ‘Quinella’ bet involves picking the horses that will finish first and second, but not specifying the order. The odds will be a little shorter, but you have more chance of winning. There is also the ‘Trifecta’, which means you aim to correctly pick first, second and third, and ‘Superfecta’, where you win by correctly picking the top four in the correct order. The top horse racing betting sites will offer generous odds on all these types of bet.

Did you know?

  • Horse racing is based on performance, allowing women and men to compete together.
  • The rules and formats of horse racing tend to change on the basis of the different types of competitions that are held in different territories. Some of the most common forms of horse racing include the steeplechase (a.k.a. jump racing), flat racing, endurance racing and harness racing.
  • Horse racing events take place regularly around the world, with the most high-profile ones having millions of dollars at stake.

Live horse racing betting sites in Canada

With the best online bookies for horse racing Canada, you can benefit from  live streaming to bet in-play while watching the race on your PC or mobile device. The coverage for this type of betting will vary, but it is a thrilling way to keep track of your bets as a competition unfolds.

There are many horse betting sites online who offer a live streaming service, and some have really pioneered innovative approaches that make this type of betting more exciting for customers.

Before taking part in this type of betting, you should examine the terms from your provider to ensure it is something that is a good fit for you. You will generally need to have a funded account to participate, and many of the best online horse racing betting sites will stipulate that you are required to have a bet placed on the race in order to view the live action.

There will also be system requirements, and while it shouldn’t be a problem to view a live stream on a computer, there may be issues with some smartphones and tablets. Make sure you always have the latest version of the software downloaded to minimise issues.

And always confirm that the stream is available where you are – most horse betting sites online will cover Canada amongst various other parts of the world, but some smaller operators are more geo-specific. So if you want a quality experience of online horse betting, Canada’s sports fans have lots of options.

Odds at horse racing betting sites in Canada

All bets in gambling are based on odds, whether it be the odds of your bet being a winning one or the ratio that dictates how much you could win for your wager. And, of course, horse racing is no exception. The calculation of these odds is a little different in horse racing.

The odds in most other sports are relatively stable, but the odds in horse racing can change at any moment, right up until the moment the race starts. With this in mind, knowing whether to settle on fixed odds or gamble on them improving is a key factor for the skilled bettor to consider when putting money down at the best online horse racing betting sites.

You’ll also want to ensure you are wagering through the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker with Cashout Canada. Here are some of the most important points to think about.

Horse racing betting odds explained

First, fractional odds are one of the most common things you will come across, and they are very simple. They are written as a fraction, like 2/1, though sometimes you’ll see them displayed as 2-1 instead. These odds tell you what you will win if your horse comes through, not including your original bet which is also returned to you. So when the odds are 2/1, you’re betting on an underdog and you’ll win double your wager if it comes through.

So if you bet $100, you’ll win $200 and get your original $100 back as well. Have a look at our page about finding the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker with High Odds Canada.

If the odds are the other way around, for example 1/2, this is commonly known as odds-on. An odds-on horse is generally considered to be one of the favourites to win, and as such the odds are shorter and your winnings will be less if you bet on them.

So if you put a bet on at 1/2 in any of the top horse racing betting sites, you’ll receive half of your stake back in winnings if the horse comes through, in addition to having your bet returned. So a bet of $100 would yield winnings of $50 plus your original bet, meaning you get back $150 in total.

If you see odds of 1/1, this is known as evens or EVS in fractional odds. In this situation, you’ll get your stake plus $1 for every $1 you bet. Another thing you’re likely to encounter is an ‘F’ listed next to the names of certain horses in a race line-up. This stands for ‘Favourite’, and it is put next to the horse that the bookmakers expect to win the race. If there are two or more horses with the same odds of winning, you will see JF (Joint Favourite) used instead.

It’s important to understand everything you see on the race card at any of the best online horse racing betting sites to ensure you are able to make the right choices when you wager – it’s not rocket science, but it’s important to know.

Top bookmakers for horse racing in Canada

Finding the top horse betting sites online for Canada

Most bookies in Canada offer odds on horse racing, but if you want to enjoy some of the most generous odds then you need to shop around a little to find the ultimate horse racing betting sites. If you bet through any operator beyond the very best, you risk missing out on enhanced odds offers and some of the best returns to be found. Have a look at the different racing betting sites Canada has to offer and identify the key factors that will ensure they live up to your expectations.

During the racing season, you will find plenty of horse racing bonus bets to take advantage of at horse racing bookmakers . When you find your favourite bookies, they will deliver the kind of offers you are looking for, but always make sure you read the terms and conditions to ensure you know exactly what you are getting.

Incidentally, if horse racing isn’t your thing, you might be interested in finding the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker for Football Canada, or for eSports you could explore the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker for CS:GO Canada.

Domestic events covered by the best horse racing bookmakers Canada

There are various high-profile meetings in Canada, and the highlight is the Triple Crown. To qualify, horses must be three years old and foaled in Canada, and the series takes in the Queen’s Plate, the Breeders’ Stakes and the Prince of Wales Stakes. Each carries its own weight of prestige, but the real goal is to win all three for the Triple Crown. Markets for this event come in at the start of each year at all of the best online horse racing betting sites.

The Queen’s Plate unfolds over one and a quarter miles in Ontario, with a maximum of 17 runners fielded. It takes place sometime between June and July, so you’ll need to look out for the confirmed date. The Breeders Stakes takes place at the Woodbine Race Track in August.

The length of the race is 12 furlongs and has been the venue for some thrilling duels with the Triple Crown on the line. There is always huge interest amongst horse racing betting sites for this event. The Prince of Wales Stakes takes place over nine and a half furlongs on a fast surface and it is one of the best ways to enjoy online horse betting Canada has at the moment.

Fact check

  • The Queen’s Plate is the oldest Canadian horse race, starting back in 1860.
  • The Prince of Wales Stakes has been taking place since 1929.
  • The Breeders’ Stakes and was first run in 1889, and rounds off the Triple Crown series.

Horse betting sites in Canada covering top international events

Canadian bettors can also enjoy wagering on all the most famous horse racing events in the world. The Kentucky Derby is one such event, running since 1875 and claiming the prestige of the biggest horse race in the United States. The prize fund is one of the biggest in any sport, and all the top horses and jockeys from everywhere in the world take part.

It all takes place at the Churchill Downs course in Louisville, Kentucky, on the first Saturday of May. The action unfolds over ten furlongs, and millions of dollars go into betting on the event every year at all of the best online horse racing betting sites.

Moving over to the UK, the Royal Ascot is a meeting that is held over five days through June. It has been an annual spectacle since 1711, attended by the Royal Family along with thousands of UK racegoers. Over the five days there are as many as thirty races held, including some of the most important Group Ones of the racing calendar.

There is plenty of interest at horse racing betting sites for many of the thrilling races, but the primary focus is the Ascot Gold Cup that takes place on the Thursday.

The Melbourne Cup is a highlight of the racing year, with the horse racing-mad Aussies seeing the standout Group One event unfold. It’s a handicap race over two miles, and over its 150-year history we’ve seen some very notable winners. It is traditionally held on the first Tuesday in November, which is Australian summertime, and the action unfolds on the Flemington Course in Melbourne.

Today, the event carries an enormous purse at the best horse racing bookmakers Canada and beyond and stands as one of the richest turf races in the world, so there is always a declaration of world-class competitors for another busy day for the best online horse racing betting sites.

Speaking of Australia, we know the Aussies love their tennis, and if that’s one of your favourite sports you might want to learn about the Best Betting Site & Bookmaker for Tennis Canada.

Tips for using the best racing betting sites in Canada

There are many, many horse races that take place in Canada and elsewhere throughout the year, and Canadian punters are all looking to play the odds and make a profit from their wagers. To get the biggest wins, you’ll want to choose the best betting site & bookmaker without limit Canada offers. There are lots of recognised strategies for maximising your chances, but the first thing to do is study form as rigorously as possible.

In the digital era, we are lucky to have access to more statistics than past punters could ever dream of, and some of the best online horse racing betting sites will provide this information for you. It’s easy to find out details of a horse’s record, so take the time to look at performances and, particularly, study the way that horse has shown itself to perform on certain track types and over specific distances.

These statistics can be key indicators for future runs if you are to be placing a bet on similar lengths and locations. Serious punters also tend to stay away from the most famous horses and, in some cases, the biggest meetings in the belief that smaller events with horse racing bookmakers offering a greater opportunity to deliver profit.

Best Horse Racing Bookmakers FAQ

What are the most common horse racing wagers to bet on?

One of the most common, and simple, wagers in horse racing is ‘win’. This is where you make your pick for which horse will come through for the win in the race. Other common wagers are ‘place’ and ‘show’ and we detail these in this guide.

Do bookmakers in Canada cover international horse racing events?

There are many bookmakers that will cover well known international horse racing events, such as The Kentucky Derby in the US, Royal Ascot in the UK and The Melbourne Cup in Australia to name a few. We go through international horse racing in this guide, and it’s well worth looking for bookmaker betting offers when you betting on big international events too.

How do horse racing odds works?

The odds in most other sports are pretty stable, however the odds in horse racing can change at any moment. Even right up until the moment the race starts. Therefore, it’s essential you understand how the odds work and when to place bets depending on your strategy. Luckily we cover odds and more in this guide. 

Finding competitive odds on a wide range of horse racing meetings

We’re proud to unveil our pick of horse racing betting sites. The prestigious races we have listed above are fantastic spectacles, and putting a bet on can be a fun way to take part, with extremely competitive fields that can be difficult to predict. We’ll help you find those sites that also cover smaller meetings at provincial race tracks in Canada and beyond, where the field is often less competitive with smaller declarations.

These are a great opportunity as it will be easier to make an accurate selection. Ultimately, it all comes down to finding value, so take the time to do your research and consider looking at more than the big races if you want to make accurate predictions with generous odds. So sign up to one of our recommended horse racing betting sites and see what you can win.

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