Complete list of online bookmakers in Canada

Last Updated on 08/04/2021

We've got a great bookmaker list to share with you. To get the best betting deals, having access to a good-quality list of bookmakers serving Canada customers is important. Once you have the names of bookmakers Canada punters can rely on for an accessible, honest and responsive service, it’s easier to find your perfect bookie.

Our step-by-step guide tells you how to find a useful list of online bookmakers in Canada, how to tell which ones are most likely to give you the best experience and what to do if one of your bookie choices fails to live up to your expectations. Read on to find out a top betting site from our bookmaker list.
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How to find a helpful bookmaker list in Canada

Most people know that a quick Google search will reveal a large number of bookmakers, all telling customers they will provide the ultimate betting experience. Unfortunately, talk is cheap! Although many bookmakers do provide excellent service, if you’re trying to find the ones that really deliver it’s often sensible to look beyond what’s on the landing page!
Instead of opting for the first bookmaker in the search results, we suggest taking a look at reputable betting sites that have published comparison lists. These can often give you far more helpful information when it comes to working out which bookmaker is your best choice.
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Comparing bookmakers on a list

When you find a bookmaker list online, particularly when they’ve been rated, it’s important to check how valid the information is. To make sure what you’re looking at is as relevant as possible, it’s helpful to check:

  • The source of the list. Initially, stick with comparison lists from well-known sports betting sites that have a good reputation for offering up-to-date, transparent data.
  • Check the date – the best information is the most recent. Lists entitled online bookmaker ratings 2020 for Canada customers or similar will usually contain the most up-to-date information.
  • What has been compared? The criteria for comparison can vary from list to list: make sure the lists you consult compare variables that are useful to you. For example: special offers; welcome bonuses; odds; and ease of deposit and withdrawal are all useful comparison characteristics.

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How have the rankings for the list of betting sites in Canada been compiled?

The way in which the bookmaker list has been put together can make a big difference when it comes to working out whether the list of bookies is worth paying attention to.

Rankings that have been arrived at through the opinions of a handful of people (even if they are knowledgeable within the industry) tend to carry less weight than rankings based on customer feedback. Usually, the more people who have commented positively on a bookie (so, for example, left a positive review), the more likely it is that the site is worth taking a look at.

It’s also helpful to check that reviews include feedback from Canadian customers, as some bookies are better adapted to the needs of the Canadian market than others.
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Names of bookmakers for Canada customer

Although many people are initially base their decision on who the best online bookmaker Canada 2020 is on features such as free bets, sign-up deals and special offers, the reality is that there are certain basic site attributes which are important if you’re a Canadian betting enthusiast.
Each country has its own way of betting: unless a European site has been specifically tailored for the Canadian market, it may not have the markets and outlook which are most appealing to Canadian customers.
If you’re looking at a bookmaker list in Canada, trying to decide on a favourite, take a look at three characteristics which define a site that’s geared to meet the needs of Canadians.
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Three characteristics a Canada-friendly bookmaker will have

  • Punters will be able to bet in Canadian dollars (CAD) without being charged commission on their transactions. Ideally, the default currency used on the site should be CAD.
  • There will be a good range of markets which are of interest to the Canadian betting community. Whereas in Europe sports such as football or horse racing dominate, Canadians tend to favour ice hockey, lacrosse and baseball. Whilst many international sites do have markets for these sports, a Canada-friendly site will make sure that key events are covered (and may even provide free bets for occasions such as the IIHF World Championship or the Allan Cup).
  • The site should include withdrawal and deposit methods which are suitable for a Canadian audience. It should also be bi-lingual, with coverage available in French and English. A good bookmaker list will help you find this information.

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Is an international bookmaker list for Canada customers of any use?

In many cases, a list of bookmakers for Canada punters will include a fair number of internationally recognised names. It is completely legal for Canadians to bet using international sites, so if they have an attractive free bet or good odds on an event, there’s no reason why you can’t use them. That said, it’s important to be aware that an international bookmaker may not be geared to the needs of the Canadian market.
This may mean that practically using the site may be a little more complex (for example, CAD not being the default currency). It may also mean that the “tone” or offers on the site may be slightly different from what you find on a domestic site. That said, most Canadians encounter no difficulties in using international bookies, so a bookmaker list like this might be helpful.
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Ratings for online bookmakers in Canada: how important are reviews?

Whether you are looking at a bookmaker sportsbook review of a particular site, or looking at the names of bookmakers in Canada who have received numerous positive reviews, it’s important to be aware of the origin of the reviews. Reviews may be given by: “insiders” – racing professionals with considerable knowledge of the industry; customers; online commentators and members of the sporting press. How much weight you give to the reviews largely depends on what you want to know from the bookmaker list.
For example, members of the public will probably have useful comments on the quality of the customer service but may be less useful if you want to know how secure the site is or how well regulated. It’s also important to consider the location of the review: reputable review sites, bookmaker lists and well-known publications are more likely to publish high-quality reviews you can depend on.
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What should be included in a good review?

Generally, a good review should include all, or most, of the following information:

  • The status of the reviewer: customer; journalist etc.
  • Facts as well as opinions: reviews which are simply emotive statements without facts to back them up have limited value.
  • An appraisal of both the good and bad points of the reviewer’s experience. For example, they may have found customer services polite and timely in their response, but not feel that the right response was given. Balanced feedback is often more likely to be accurate.

Reviews are often used to rank a list of online bookmakers in Canada: the greater the number of positive reviews, the more highly a site is placed within the bookmaker list.
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List of bookmakers in Canada: how much influence do reviews have?

Reviews are just one source of information when it comes to compiling a list of online bookmakers in Canada. Although reviews carry considerable weight, other factors, particularly those which can be measured objectively, also play a key role in determining how highly a site is placed on a bookmaker list. The best bookmakers signup offers in Canada, for example are nearly always a crucial ranking factor as free bets and offers are enormously important to most customers.
Other variables of importance may include the odds, how approachable the customer care team are and what deposit and withdrawal methods are readily available. Taking a look at how a range of site characteristics are scored can help you to decide if the site is right for you.
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Fact Check

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  • F1 cars accelerate fast! They can travel from zero to one hundred miles an hour and back to zero again in around four seconds.
  • Females can compete in F1 – the first female F1 driver took part in the 1958 Monaco Grand Prix.

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List of online bookmakers in Canada: special offers

Special offers and free bets are what many punters feel to be a deciding factor when they’re looking at a list of betting sites in Canada, trying to pick out the best ones. The best bookmaker betting offers in Canada may be bonuses or free bets which new customers can claim, or they may be on-going promotions or free bets on special events which are open to existing customers or new ones. The main types of special offer that commonly feature in a bookmaker list are:

  • a free bet, no deposit necessary.
  • a free bet, with the amount provided depending on the amount of the deposit made.
  • a fixed value free bet that’s available once an initial deposit has been made and played, regardless of the size of the deposit.

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Is there a list of betting sites in Canada which shows the free bets available?

In a word, yes! There are several online sports betting and bookmaker sites in Canada 2021 that have been ranked according to the promotional offers customers can take advantage of. Free bets are frequently ranked not only by the amount of money which is available to bet but also on the ease of accessing the bet and taking advantage of the winnings. For example, many free bets come with a wagering requirement: the winning from the free bet (presuming there is a win), have to be re-bet a number of times before they can be withdrawn. A good bookmaker list will show you this information.
For many customers, it may be better to have a smaller free bet which has a minimum wagering requirement than it is to have a more substantial free bet which needs to be played through (re-bet) five or even ten times!
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What should I do if my free bet or the winnings aren’t paid out?

How to make a complaint against a bookmaker in Canada: generally, if a site is ranked highly on a bookmaker list in Canada, it will have transparent terms for its promotions and a clear accountability structure should anything go wrong. If you discover that your bet hasn’t been credited to your account, you can’t withdraw winnings or that there is some other problem, the first thing to do is to check that you haven’t inadvertently failed to keep to the terms and conditions of the promotion.
If having done this you still feel that you’re in the right, the next thing to do is to contact customer services. If they’re unable to resolve the matter to your satisfaction and you feel there are still grounds for complaint, then you can contact the relevant regulatory body.
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Did you know?

  • 1967 was the year the first world championship motor race was held in Canada.
  • The Canadian F1 race circuit is located on a man-made island, located in the St Lawrence river.
  • The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve was named after the racing driver Jacques Villeneuve’s late father.

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How to find the names of bookmakers in Canada

As covered earlier, besides nationally licensed and registered bookies, most international bookmakers can be successfully used by Canadian customers. Before using any site in a bookmaker list, it’s important to check the following:

  • What security and data protection measures the site has in place.
  • Where it’s licensed and authorised: who is the regulatory body?
  • Whether the site accepts CAD without the need to pay commission on currency conversion.
  • Whether the site has the odds, special offers and markets that you like the look of.

Provided you are satisfied with the answer to these questions, unless the site specifically says it doesn’t operate for the Canadian market, it will probably be suitable for you.
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Should I stick to well-known bookmakers from the list?

If you are new to betting and want the security of the reputation which the big names of bookmakers in Canada offer, it’s probably best to avoid new or less well-known sites, at least initially. That said, if you are confident in your ability to assess the safety and trustworthiness of a new site, there’s no reason why you can’t try one out.
Make sure you carry out all the checks indicated above: if you’re not sure about any aspect of the site, it’s always worth contacting customer services. Not only should they be able to answer your query, but you will also get an idea of how helpful and responsive they are. Bet small initially! If you can’t find any reviews of a site (this often happens when a site hasn’t been running long or is new to the Canadian market), be the first to write one and we can add it to our bookmaker list.
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Are there lists of bookmakers to stay away from?

Occasionally, rogue bookies do operate inappropriately. Their behaviour may be criminal and/or unethical. Like any other list, if you find a ranking of “bookies to avoid” or similar, take a moment to look at who has compiled the list, who has contributed to it and the basis of the rankings on a bookmaker list. A large number of negative reviews, for example, or news of a prosecution, should raise warning flags.
A bad review from a disgruntled customer, however, or negative coverage of events which are beyond the bookie’s control (for example software failure), may warrant caution, but need not mean the site should be dismissed completely. As always, use your judgement and don’t deposit on the site until you have assured yourself that it has the necessary regulation and protective measures in place to safeguard your data and your cash.
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Bookmaker list Canada – Our conclusion

Taking note of the rankings given to various bookies on reputable bookmaker lists in Canada can be a good way of finding high-grade sites for your betting entertainment. If you want to bet with a bookmaker that ranks highly on a number of “best bookie” and top bookmaker lists, could be a good place to start as we’ll help you find a great bookmaker who can provide a transparent, honest and high-quality experience for customers, with excellent odds, a good range of markets and some attractive free bets.
Well regulated and fully licensed, cutting-edge data protection and secure transaction methods mean your money and information is as safe with all of the sites on our bookmaker list. When it comes to the names of bookmakers in Canada that customers can trust to provide exceptional service, you’ll find plenty of sites to consider on our bookmaker list.
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