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Last Updated on 20.05.2020

Looking for the best bookmaker offers for existing customers or even bookmaker offers for new customers? Everybody likes the idea of a free bet! Luckily there are a large number of free bets, betting promotions, free cash for bets and other special offers out there. We show you where and how to find some of the best betting offers on the Internet. No matter what your sport or your preferred type of bet, we give you the information you need to take advantage of anything from seasonal offers through to sign-up offers, event promotions and more. Read on to find out how you can enjoy bookie offers, betting site freebies and much more.

Here we take a look at what you can expect to find when you look for the best betting offers online. Betting offers give a variety of different advantages, depending on who’s providing them and what the qualifying events might be. So keep reading to see our pick of the best bookmaker offers

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Free bets

Many of the best bookmaker offers give you free bets. A common promotion for new customers or to promote betting on a particular event, a free bet is, as the name suggests, free money to bet in line with the terms and conditions of the bet. Free bets vary in value but are typically between £5 and £25. Sometimes the bet value is fixed; on other occasions, it is dependent on other variables such as the size of your first deposit up to a pre-set maximum.

Giving you more flexibility than a single free bet, free money can usually be used on almost any number of bets. This is one of the best bookmaker offers as punters can tailor their betting spend to match their interests or to target their betting on particular events. At times there may be a minimum or maximum amount that can be used on a single bet. There may also be restrictions on the eligible odds on bookmakers offers for new customers.

If you have a particular interest in a special event, for example, the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the FA Cup or the Test Series, some of the best betting offers for you could be event related. In an effort to encourage people to place a bet on an upcoming sporting event, bookies quite often provide sports betting offers that are specific to that occasion. Frequently time-limited and eligible only for use on participants in the event, an event-related bet can bring added entertainment to your sports spectating.
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Terms and conditions of the best bookmaker offers

When it comes to bookmaker offers for new customers, every single one will have some terms and conditions attached to it. The terms and conditions, or “rules” of the offer, can include a wide range of different variables. Typical conditions include:

  • A maximum or minimum bet size.
  • Limited odds (for example over 1.0).
  • Event exclusions or restrictions: for example, the bet is limited to a particular event (the FA cup final, the Grand National; the Wimbledon finals).
  • Time limits (bets must be placed, played and collected on within a certain time-span).
  • Wagering requirements: see below for a full explanation of this important condition.
  • The need to already have placed a bet of an equal or greater value.
  • SNR (stake not returned).
  • Limits on the type of bet which can be placed (often back bets only, but may be a spread bet, accumulator or other variation).

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Sports betting offers can be invalid if you don’t stick to the terms and conditions

One of the main reasons why punters end up losing out when it comes to bookie offers is because they fail to stick to the terms and conditions of even the best bookmaker offers. Whilst most reputable bookies will honour their promotions, adherence to the terms of the offer is vital if you want to take advantage of it. If you’re not sure what the rules are, or find something unclear, it’s always better to get in touch with the bookie and obtain clarification before proceeding.

If you want to get the optimum value from the bookie offers that are available, we strongly suggest that you adhere to this one, simple yet vital rule. Every year, a large number of betters get “caught out” when it comes to bookmaker offers because they fail to follow this rule. If you’re looking for betting sign up offers, make this the first thing that you do, way before you begin to take advantage of what’s on offer: read, understand and follow the terms and conditions of the online betting offers you’re interested in. This way you can take advantage of the best bookmaker offers.
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Bookmaker offers with a play-through or wagering requirement

A common requirement for the best bookmaker offers is a play-through. Here we take a look at what a play-through is and how it can affect the value of a betting offer.
Often, in the terms and conditions for your free bet or other promotional offer, you will see mention of a wagering requirement. The conditions may say something along the lines of “x5 wagering requirement” or “bet-through x 2”. “Play-through” is also a commonly used term.
What this terminology means is that, if you win the initial free bet, you then have to wager (bet) the winnings again and again, until the wagering requirement has been satisfied.

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An example of a wagering requirement

A simple example might be that of a free bet for £25, which has to be wagered twice before the cash can be withdrawn. If you placed a back bet of £25 at odds of 3.0, in most free bet scenarios you would receive £50 in the event of a win, as your initial (free) stake is not returned. At this point you are not able to withdraw the £50, it has to be bet again. Any winnings from the subsequent win(s), if any, are then yours to keep.

A wagering requirement is intended to prevent punters abusing the free bet offers, as well as making it a little more difficult to extract free cash from the bookie! Generally, the more generous the free money bet offer, the higher the wagering requirement before it can be claimed. Although an additional wagering requirement can be slightly more arduous to work through when it comes to claiming a free bet, there is still the potential to make a profit as well as enjoy some additional gambling entertainment with the best bookmaker offers.
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Fact check

How much do you know about match betting?

  • When placing a lay bet in a match betting scenario, you are actually acting as a bookmaker!
  • This means that if you lose a lay bet, you will lose not only your stake but also have a liability (additional money) to pay out.
  • Make sure you understand this concept thoroughly before undertaking a match betting strategy.

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How can I find the best bookmaker offers?

There are several ways in which you can find online betting offers with relatively little effort. Whether you’re new to the world of bookmaker offers or have been taking advantage of them for some time, here are some tips and tricks to discover more options for enjoying a freebie. As well as taking a look at the best online sportsbook list, there are several other avenues to pursue when looking for the best bookmaker offers.
Why try and do all the work yourself when it comes to spotting the best betting site offers? Taking the time to join a few online forums can pay dividends for people hoping to find free bets. Particularly useful for advance notice of seasonal or event bets, with plenty of eagle-eyed punters out there looking for the best betting freebies, forums can be a great source of free bet leads. This is especially true if you are looking for bookmakers offers for new customers.

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Keep an online bookies list

Although it would seem common sense to keep a bookmaker list, it’s surprising how many people don’t think to do so. A list of the bookies that you’ve signed up to ensures you know which ones you’ve already taken advantage of when it comes to initial sign-up offers and new customer promotions.
Bookmaker reviews are an excellent source of information regarding the various special offers out there. The bookmaker sportsbook review will include an overview of the bookie as well as details of any promotions on offer. Whilst this source of information won’t necessarily tell you about seasonal or time-limited offers (unless it’s updated very regularly), it’s a good starting point to find out about the best bookmaker offers, as well as other useful information such as how well-established the bookmaker is and how trustworthy they are.

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How can I get the best bookmaker offers?

The methods we’ve mentioned previously should be enough to ensure you end up with a good selection of sports betting offers. That said, many people want to take some additional steps to enable them to get access to as many of the best bookmaker offers as possible. If you would value the opportunity to take advantage of some of the best betting offers which aren’t widely available, take a look at these additional tactics to turbo-boost your chances of receiving advance notice of additional bookie offers.
In addition to searching for the best online bookmaker nationally, it’s also worth widening the search to European bookies and beyond. In many cases, overseas bookmakers will willingly accept customers from other countries. Not only will you find some of the best bookmaker offers, bookie offers from overseas are often available for events that aren’t readily publicised in your home country.

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Look at the racing papers/sites/sources of information

Not all the best bookmaker offers are online. Whilst the internet bookmaker sites are an excellent source of free bets, they are certainly not the only source. Online and offline racing magazines and journals also contain some excellent free betting offers, many of which can be obtained through a range of mediums, including online. Some national newspapers also have some excellent bookmaker offers, frequently coinciding with iconic events in the sporting calendar.

Most betting sites will ask you to state your contact preferences when it comes to receiving promotional emails, texts or alerts. If you want access to some of the best bookmaker offers out there, signing up to receive promotional material from sites where you have an account can be a fantastic way of receiving exclusive free bets, promotions, free cash to bet with and a variety of non-cash incentives. Start with those that score highly in the bookmaker ratings, then move on to the less well-known sites in pursuit of their offers.
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Non-financial bookie offers

Although most people are primarily looking for free bets, bookie offers can also include a range of other offers, many of which have cash value. Take a look at some of the additional freebies which bookies can offer, adding value to your gambling entertainment.

There are a variety of ways in which customers can get added value from their bookies in addition to the best bookmaker offers, free bets or free cash to bet with. These include:

  • Competitions: from spot-the-ball through to fantasy football, there are a wealth of sports competitions on offer through bookies. Prizes may well include free bets or cash to bet, so it’s always worth having a go!
  • Prize draws: often an entry will require nothing more than leaving contact details or casting a vote. With a wide variety of prizes on offer (frequently including VIP tickets to top sporting events, overseas trips to sporting events or prizes related to key sports sponsors), a prize draw can give entrants an attractive win.
  • Giveaways: from beer mats to T-shirts, footballs and more, bookies may well offer promotional merchandise related to key events. Although some will have only limited cash value, they can add value to your entertainment experience.

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Should I take advantage of competitions?

We say yes, absolutely! Although there’s no guarantee that you’ll win a competition, sports betting should be as much about the enjoyment of the sport as it is about making money. Taking part in competitions and other chances to win adds entertainment to your sports betting as well as potentially giving you the chance to enjoy some amazing experiences and prizes.
When was the last time you followed the activities of a bookmaker through social media? Not only do bookmakers operate through their sites, many of them also have a strong social media presence. From time to time there will be free bets and some of the best bookmaker offers posted on Twitter, Facebook or similar sites. Although some will also be available via the site, in other cases the promotion will be limited to social media users. Why miss out? A quick check of social media is all that’s needed to ensure you keep up with fresh offers as they appear.

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Best bookmaker offers are great for matched betting

A sports betting strategy that can make some punters a healthy return on their stake, matched betting using free sports bets can net you an actual profit!
Matched betting involves simultaneously backing an event to happen or not happen, using a combination of a back bet and a lay bet. For example, in a Crystal Palace v Man Utd game, a customer could bet on Crystal Palace to win (place a back bet), at the same time as laying a bet for Crystal Palace to not win (ie: for a draw result or for Man Utd to win). Backing and laying at virtually identical odds, it’s possible to end up financially no worse off (albeit no better off) regardless of the result.

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Did you know?

Here’s how to make a complaint against a bookmaker in three steps:

  • If not satisfied with the standard of service received, customers can put in bookmakers complaints direct to the bookie.
  • If not resolved to your satisfaction, you can take the matter higher to an ADR (alternative dispute resolution) body.
  • An ADR is free to use and impartial, answering directly to the Gambling Commission.

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Best Bookmaker Offers in Canada – Our Conclusion

Bookmakers want your business! With so many to chose from, free bets and betting offers are used to encourage customers to sign up and also to reward customer loyalty. Chosen with care, the free bets that you get with the best bookmaker offers can be a great way of supplementing your regular betting, at the same time as providing the opportunity to bet on fresh markets or try new ways of betting.

With our pick of the best bookmaker offers, betting on a range of sports can be fun, easy and profitable!

Usually ending up in a cash-neutral position after betting is of no value. This happens, however, if you use a free bet as your back bet. In a match bet scenario, provided there is no wagering requirement, it’s possible to pocket the profits of your free bet, ending up in profit.
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