Online Bookmaker Sportsbook Rating 2020

Last Updated on 11/04/2021

With our guide to bookmaker ratings we'll show you that it’s a myth that all bookmakers are the same! Although all bookmakers have a common function, there can be enormous differences between them. From how they operate through to the odds they offer, promotions, customer care, number of bookmaker complaints and more, there are many ways in which the experience you receive from one bookie is completely different to the one you receive from another. A quick glance online will show you lots of “bookmaker ratings” systems and “top 10 sportsbook rating” lists. Here we unpick what a rating is, what factors may make up a rating and how much weight you should give to the ratings you find. So keep reading to understand how bookmaker ratings work.
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Online bookmakers rating 2021 – what is it?

Although there is frequently talk of “good bookies” and “bad bookies”, it’s hard to draw conclusions from such qualitative information. Particularly when it comes down to individual experience, two customers may receive exactly the same outcome for a query or response to a set of circumstances, yet one will give a poor bookmaker rating whilst the other will give a positive one. Online bookmaker ratings lists are an attempt to provide an objective view of the service a bookie provides.
There are a number of different ways in which sportsbook ratings are put together. The way in which the rating is achieved can affect how valuable the result is to you. For example, if a rating is arrived at subjectively (so primarily based on opinions rather than facts), you may get better information about customer care, for example, but less idea of evidence-based variables such as the likelihood of favourable odds or the degree of regulation the bookie is subject to.

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How are the variables for online bookmaker ratings decided?

Rankings may be arrived at either subjectively or objectively. They may also be qualitative or quantitative. Betting site rankings may be arrived at through scoring each site against a set of criteria, thus arriving at a points total for each site, or be arrived at through site comparison. Some online bookmaker ratings exercises may use a combination of variable types in order to reach an overall conclusion.

  • Subjective (qualitative) criteria: these cannot be measured scientifically and relate to peoples’ opinions and perceptions. Subjective criteria may include the degree of customer satisfaction, level of help offered, ease of site navigation etc. Although these may be scored, the score is down to an opinion, rather than a provable fact.
  • Objective criteria: these are “facts and figures”. For example: average odds; regulatory body; annual turnover. Objective criteria have nothing to do with personal opinion. They can be useful if you want information that isn’t influenced by personal perception.

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Bookmaker ratings – criteria that are used

Depending on the source of the betting site rating, a variety of different criteria may be used. The final factors used to rank a site will depend on who is doing the reviewing, what the purpose of the review might be and which bookies are being included in the ranking exercise.

Although it may be the case that some bookmakers emerge as front runners regardless of the criteria used to rank them, this is not always the case. Here are some of the things to consider when assessing how much value the bookmakers index you are looking at possesses:

  • What criteria (factors) are being used to compare one bookie with another?
  • What methods are being used to collect the data?
  • If the information is qualitative (subjective), how many people were asked and what chance is there of bias?
  • Who has commissioned (is paying for) the sportsbook rating exercise?

All these things can influence both the way in which the sportsbook ratings have been arrived at and the final results.
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List of subjective online bookmaker ratings criteria

Commonly used subjective criteria for betting sites rankings include:

  • Degree of helpfulness.
  • Degree of courtesy.
  • How well a query was resolved.
  • How well a bookie dealt with something that went wrong for a customer.
  • Countries which the bookie accepts customers from.
  • Odds.
  • Sign-up bonuses; promotional offers; free bets.
  • Variety of payment/withdrawal methods.
  • Range of markets.
  • Commission or fees.
  • Mediums through which to bet (for example app quality, live streaming).
  • Number of years in existence.
  • Size.
  • Degree of regulatory compliance.

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Who provides bookmakers index results?

Not all online bookmaker ratings results are created equal! If you’re trying to work out which bookmakers index you should be paying attention to and which isn’t going to give you the information you need, it’s worth bearing in mind the following:

Each agency rating bookmakers will be completing the task from a different angle or stand-point. Making sure that you are using a sportsbook rating from a trusted provider is crucial if you want to get genuine value from the information given. The following are usually indicators of a trusted source:

  • A specialist provider of sportsbook and betting information.
  • A ranking system that uses checkable, quantifiable facts and figures rather than opinion.
  • Rankings from an established provider.
  • Rankings which are put together by agencies which are independent from the bookies included in the sportsbook rating exercise.

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Frequency of updating

It’s little surprise that bookies change over time! From addressing any performance issues in order to provide their customers with better care through to introducing fresh promotions or broadening the scale of their activities, bookies are constantly evolving. What this means is that a bookmaker list may quickly become out-of-date. To ensure you get the most relevant, recent rankings, look for online bookmaker ratings from the current year. Any older sportsbook ratings may not give you the current information you need to make a decision.

Depending on what you value in your betting experience, it may be that you lend more weight to a ranking system if it’s been completed by a source that you either use regularly or recognise as meeting your needs. For example, if you regularly use a particular betting site or sports information site, it may well be the case that you trust their sportsbook ratings over an alternative source. There are usually no “right answers” when it comes to deciding which ranking works best for you: it largely depends on what matters to you when it comes to your sports betting.
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What does rating bookmakers mean to me?

A key question for many punters is exactly how much attention should they pay to betting sites rankings?
Should you immediately swap one bookie for another on the basis of a poor ranking, or should you stick with the bookie you’ve always used on the basis that you’ve never had any problems with them?
We take a look at what to consider when deciding how best to act on the information which a ranking.

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