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Last Updated on 08/04/2021

Welcome to our bookmaker reviews. By checking out our bookmaker sportsbook reviews, you'll find the perfect place for your sports bets. With so many bookmakers out there to choose from, it can be daunting to find the right place to bet on sports with the best odds and widest range of markets. That’s why the team at work hard to take all the guesswork out of making the right choice. We offer maximum transparency and easy access to bookmakers with the top markets sports fans like to bet on, that’s why these sites score so highly on bookie reviews and bookmakers test challenges all around the web. When you find the top online sports book review site, you should trust their judgement, and when you seek the best online bookmaker 2020 has to offer, odds are you’ll find all of our recommended sites near the top. Read on to learn more about why these sites score so highly on bookmaker sportsbook review sites, and why you should download the app and get started after reading our bookmaker reviews!
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What do bookie reviews look for?

So why are bookmaker sportsbook reviews so important? There is no such thing as the perfect bookie. Most punters will use several different betting platforms, and it’s a good idea to find your favourite two or three. Of course, we want to tell you that our recommended bookmakers should be one of them, and many of the bookmaker reviews sites out there list our favourite bookmakers among the top online sports betting & bookmaker sites 2021 has to offer! But what exactly do those fine people look for when assessing how good a bookmaker really is? Here are some key questions that are asked in any good bookmaker sportsbook review:

  • What is the welcome offer? Are you after a free bet, like a spectacular $100 starter bonus? Or perhaps a risk free bet, like some $10 options? Whatever you like, we do our utmost to help you find the best bookmaker sign up offers currently out there.
  • What markets are available? The range of markets at all of our recommended bookmakers is extensive, because we know that punters like to take advantage of the largest possible number of options. These sites even provide casino games and virtual sports to ensure you can access the type of gambling you want, whenever you want to play.
  • How is the customer service? What do other customers have to say about the customer service? All of our recommended sites will offer support via email or a live chat. By reading bookmaker reviews, you’ll see that these sites always endeavour to respond as quickly as possible and will do everything they can to resolve their customers’ problems .
  • Does the website/app look and feel good? Does it feel old and clunky or fresh and snappy? All of our favourite sites have gone to great lengths to ensure a tidy, intuitive design that maximises the user experience. These sites will pay close attention to the bookmaker sportsbook reviews, so that they get great feedback on how their platforms look and feel.
  • Is the banking good? All of our favoured sites offer a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods, with good timeframes and nothing but the most sophisticated security in place to guarantee your safety when entering your details.
  • Is there a mobile app? We’ll help you find the best mobile apps in the business, hands down. We have gone all out on this front, and the reviews will tell you all you need to know.

Good bookmaker reviews will answer all these questions, and we are confident that all of our favourite sites will score well on every front, no matter the reviewer.
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How important is a good bookmaker review?

Finding the bookmakers that work best for you can be extremely challenging. There are so many out there trying to get your attention, and the differences between them can be really subtle. When you find a good reviewer who offers detailed, comprehensive reviews of the options out there, you have a great source of help in finding the bookies that are best suited to you.

As we said before, there isn’t a single ‘perfect’ bookmaker, as every punter is unique, with their own set of wants and needs. Good bookmaker reviews put the most trusted, respected bookmakers under the microscope to identify the small variations that make a big difference. If a trusted reviewer gives a positive review, you have good reason to feel that you are making the right choice when you sign up with a bookmaker of your choice.

This is why bookmaker sportsbook reviews are of such critical importance. They are what you rely on entirely to get an idea of what a bookmaker is like before you sign up and experience it for yourself. They highlight the strengths of the best bookies to help you find the features that will be the best fit for your personal tastes, and they identify faults and weaknesses that could be a thorn in the side of the uninformed punter. But just as not all bookies are created equal, neither are all review sites. There are certain signs that indicate a review site is trustworthy, and red flags that you should avoid if you want a review to do for you what it is supposed to. Let’s have a think about what separates a good bookmaker sportsbook review from a bad one.
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Did you know?

  • All of our recommended sites deliver absolute security thanks to European licensing issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Only the highest security standards are used on every page of these sites, and in every banking method.
  • For sports betting, our favourite sites will give you bets on everything from football to floorball is covered among our markets.
  • At a good bookmaker , you’ll find live betting with over 6,000 events per month, covering huge spectacles like the football World Cup as well as smaller events across the full range of sports.


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What makes for trustworthy bookmaker sportsbook reviews?

Honesty and impartiality are the two things you truly depend on when you read a review of anything. The single most important thing you should look for in reviews is that they are impartial. Any review that is paid for by a particular bookmaker, or influenced by some other outside source, is not worth your time because it will never be honest. If there is a flaw in the service offered by a bookmaker, a good bookmakers test will identify it and let you know so that you can make an informed decision about where you make your bets.

Of course, the honesty should go both ways. The purpose of a review isn’t simply to point out faults and criticise at every possible turn. When a bookmaker does something right, a good reviewer should give credit where it’s due. Balance is important, and you should expect an honest and detailed account that both points out faults and flaws and applauds the things a bookie does right. If you are using reviews to help you decide the right bookmakers for your needs, the information you get is only as reliable as the reviewer who writes it.

The online gambling world can be complex, with review websites that claim to be unbiased when really they are anything but. They will use techniques to persuade you of their authenticity like listing user reviews or claiming to be experts. The problem with the former is that user reviews can be bought or faked, and with the latter, anyone can claim to be an impartial expert while raking in the affiliate cash by writing positive reviews for any bookie under the sun. These types of reviewers can make the best bookmakers look bad, and the worst look like they are the place to go. In your search for the best online bookmakers, you can’t rely on any kind of affiliate site as a good source of reviews, and you also can’t depend on sites that publish a rating based on user reviews. Both systems are open to abuse, and both could lead you to making the wrong decision.

Instead, seek out resources that lack any financial incentive to be dishonest. Genuine experts and enthusiasts do exist, and they can give you top bookmaker reviews that will help you choose well.
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Fact check

  • Some review sites make money every time you sign up to a service and deposit your money, so they have an incentive to write positive reviews even when they know a service or platform is flawed.
  • Reviewers that appear in the sponsored listings of a search engine are more likely to be affiliate sites, and they will use common advertising tricks like mentioning ‘scams’ and providing ‘top 5 …’ articles. Be wary of this.
  • Reviews and free advice are the tried and true methods of affiliate sites seeking to gain extra traffic. This makes it tougher to identify a trustworthy reviewer, so be vigilant.


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Top online sportsbook review red flags

When you spend any amount of time reading bookmaker sportsbook reviews, you begin to notice that there are certain things the reviewers consistently look out for. These are things they warn you about, which are indicators of common pitfalls that unreliable bookmakers include to attract punters and even trick people into spending more money. These red flags are unethical behaviours of the bookies that should be avoided, and all of our recommending sites would never treat its customers in such a way. Here are the top red flags that reviewers have identified for gamblers to avoid when looking for a bookmaker.

  1. Disproportionate odds between competing bookmakers: If there are glaring inconsistencies in the odds for the same contest between one bookie and the next, something is not right. Sometimes the oddsmaker has made a miscalculation in terms of favourites, and you can take advantage of a mistake. But it is likely that the bookie has failsafes in place to avoid getting cleaned out when it makes an error. Make sure you know your stuff before taking advantage of what looks like an error – maybe there’s an inside track on some precious secret, or maybe it’s a bookie error and you’ll just have your bet refunded.
  2. Suspicious independent bookmakers: When an offer from a bookie looks too good to be true, try not to get sucked in. Some will promise great things and deliver very little. You must never risk your security on the promise of unrealistic offers. Always read the small print and ensure there isn’t some glaring condition that explains why they are able to offer something that seems so tantalising. For example, there may be hundreds of pounds in bonus bets on offer, but you would have to turn that money over 40 times before a single penny of that is within reach. Check out authoritative bookmaker reviews to stay away from dodgy bookmakers that make unrealistic promises.

Bookie reviewers work hard to find the bookmakers that you can’t trust, and will identify the problems with certain bookies to try and prevent as many people as possible from being sucked in. Unfortunately, there is no way of ensuring everyone gets the warning in time, and people will fall into the traps that exist in the setup of these less-than-reliable betting services. When that happens, it helps to know how to make a complaint against a bookmaker to give you a chance of being refunded anything you lost and even having action taken against the provider. The gambling industry is designed to enable people to have fun and have the potential to win. But it also puts many in a vulnerable position, and it’s important that the industry works tirelessly to protect customers and maintain its integrity and good bookmaker sportsbook reviews are a part of this process.
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What it takes to pass a discerning bookmakers test

At we aim to provide the best possible platform for customers looking for safe, fun betting experiences. This is why we like sites to perform well on the most stringent of tests a reviewer might put a bookmaker through, and we aren’t satisfied if the only reviewers that favour our recommended sites are the untrustworthy ones. We achieve this by paying close attention to finding what makes a review site trustworthy, understanding what they look for in a quality bookmaker, and tailoring our bookmaker comparison service to deliver on what is demanded for a top online sports book review. Here are the things we hope any betting site will work hard on to score so well in bookmaker reviews:

  • Compelling offers: We have learned that the best bookmaker betting offers are generous starter bonuses and risk-free bets. This is why we will find you the bookies that offer both for new customers, as well as various special bets and offers that come up periodically in the many markets existing punters have access to.
  • Diverse markets to wager on: We’ll find you betting sites that offer an extensive, varied range of options for the enthusiastic gambler. In addition to football, these sites accommodate basketball, ice hockey, handball, tennis and volleyball. You can also bet on NFL, baseball, badminton, boxing, darts, cricket, golf and motorsports and more.
  • Customer service: All good bookmakers will offer live chat and email support, and respond to all queries promptly and effectively. These sites should also have an extensive FAQs section to help customers find solutions to any problems they encounter. Above all, good customer service should be recognised for being genuinely helpful and never keeping you waiting.
  • Site and app design: Our recommended bookmakers consistently receive top plaudits for the user experience that they provide. Their websites look cutting edge, work great on mobiles and enable users to navigate intuitively to where they need to be. And these bookmakers’ apps are second-to-none, offering a full experience of their platform on Android and iOS devices for a seamless, quality experience every time.

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Bookmaker reviews for Canada – Our Conclusion

Long gone is the age when the only option was to walk down to your local bookies to bet on your favourite sporting events. With online gambling, the whole betting world is at your fingertips, no matter where you are, and the sheer quantity of options can be quite overwhelming. Bookmaker sportsbook reviews exist to help with this very problem, and they play a valuable role in players making decisions about which platforms to sign up to.
Unfortunately, the system of providing reviews is as open to abuse as the provision of gambling platforms itself. At, we aim to provide nothing but positive experiences for our customers, and we hope that this article has been helpful in giving you the knowledge to find trustworthy bookmaker reviews and get real insights into the top online bookmaker sportsbook rating 2021 has to offer.

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Register with a great bookmaker

We hope we’ve explained how pulls out all the stops to help you find a safe, reliable bookmaker that gives customers a consistently positive experience. But if you need more persuasion, use the advice in this article to find the best bookmaker sportsbook reviews out there and see for yourself what they’re saying about our recommended platforms.
We are proud of the reception that these bookmakers get from review sites, and they take all feedback on board, whether it’s positive or negative. These sites have an endless mission to improve and adapt, and they will never stop doing all they can to get as close to perfection as humanly possible to get even more favourable bookmaker reviews.

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