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    Best Online Casino for Baccarat 2019

    Ever wished life was a game with victory being the only foreseeable outcome? Of course, human lives are far from such a wishful situation, but in the world of casinos, Baccarat is an ideal way to fulfil this desire. One of the most sought after gambling pastimes, Baccarat is one of the few games where there is only a winner or a tie. With online casinos becoming increasingly popular, the online casino Baccarat games have taken the virtual world of iGaming by storm. Easily comprehensible rules, assured wins, and a thrilling wager experience distinguishes Baccarat from other casino games. The online casino experience is growing in popularity and becoming attractive to worldwide gambling enthusiasts due to the easy accessibility, flexibility in terms of time and space, and massive bonuses offered by online casinos.

    What is Baccarat?

    Baccarat is one of the most straightforward yet thrilling casino games. It doesn't entail much decision-making or construing master strategies. Easy maths tricks that earn the players up to 9 points that are all that it takes to ace Baccarat. Like most table games, the fate of a player is determined by chance taken on the right side. However, unlike other table games, Baccarat does not make it necessary for the player to take calls throughout the game consistently. Yet, it remains compelling until the last minute. 

    Live Casino Baccarat is a top favourite among high rollers and as a result, it follows specific strict protocols and etiquette. The minimum bets are usually higher than other games, and often there is an unparalleled aura of glamour around Baccarat. Many live casino Baccarat providers have more mellowed versions in the form of mini-Baccarat where lower amounts in terms of minimum bets are allowed. Ordinarily, the most high-profile clientele of the casino crowd around a Baccarat table, and often three or more staff members are seen to be serving a single table. Fortunately for those playing live casino Baccarat online, none of these rules are applicable other than the minimum bets, and the players can build a fortune while lounging at home at a time convenient for them. 

    The game mainly entails laying a wager either on the player's side or on the banker's side. The possible outcomes may be a player's win, a banker's win, or a tie between the two. Once all the 14 players at a table lay their bets, the dealer deals the cards. The side closest to the number 9 is declared the winner. In cases of online casino Baccarat, this calculation is done automatically by the gaming software. The value of each hand cannot go beyond 9, so if the cards of the punters exceed the value, the software automatically deducts the first number from the sum of the two cards. To give an example, if a particular hand adds up to 15, then the value will be approximated at 5. So online casino Baccarat offers easy wins, with little brainstorming or stress.

    Why play live casino Baccarat online at Wetten.com?

    When it comes to playing online casino Baccarat, you need not look beyond Wetten.com. With its vast flurry of exciting welcome bonuses and promotions, this site has become the best online casino for live Baccarat. Wetten.com is certified by SSL and is regulated by the gaming authorities of Malta. The online portfolio of Wetten.com houses some of the most innovative slots as well as live and table games. The Wetten.com online casino for real money is preferred by a vast number of audiences for its sleek and sophisticated gaming software and the safe and prompt payout systems. We have a diverse library of sports betting games as well. Wetten.com promotes a culture of safe and ethical gambling, and its security framework makes sure that bettors' money remains secure. 

    For those opting to play live casino Baccarat online at Wetten.com, the payout for player wins is 1-1 and banker's gain is 1-1, but the house gets a 5 percent commission, and finally 8-1 in the event of a tie. We let you indulge in the thrill of live casino Baccarat without going through the hassle of long waits for your turn at the table, abiding by strict dressing rules and dealing with the snooty, smalltalk with fellow players. If smoky rooms and jostling spaces put you off, then Wetten.com is the best online casino for live Baccarat.

    What makes Wetten.com unique?

    Powered by NetEnt, Playn'Go, and Yggrdasil, gambling enthusiasts can enjoy uninterrupted and safe live casino Baccarat online at Wetten.com. This software is specially curated to ensure that Baccarat progresses without any technical glitches or unwarranted foul-play. We also ensure that the fairness and the safety of the game are not compromised at any given instance. The technology that fuels the gaming software used by Wetten.com enhances the variety of slot games, live games, table games, and even specialty games that a player may browse through and choose from.

    The live dealership feature of Wetten.com is one of the most attractive parts of this online casino, and it makes the live casino Baccarat online all the more exciting. The luxurious virtual casino spaces and the webcam and microphone facilities easily replicate the real-life feel of a live casino. Wetten.com also provides helpful tutorials and Baccarat strategies to help players boost their winnings. 

    The banking system used by Wetten.com is among the best in all of Europe. It facilitates a wide variety of payout systems, all monitored through secure payment gateways. Net banking options through MasterCard and Visa, plus eWallet services, make transactions absolutely safe and smooth. Wetten.com also enables flexible limits for cashout options and a fast transaction process. Neteller and Skrill are some of the most widely used payment portals and these are available too.

    Did you know?

    Although Baccarat is seemingly very easy and can be picked up by anyone and everyone, it is also considered to be one of the most elite gambling games. It was discovered by the Italian gambler, Felix Falguiere, during the middle ages. It was one of the most popular games of gambling during the times of Charles VIII of France. 

    The close connection between gambling and the James Bond series is not uncommon. However, the entire premise of the Casino Royale is based on a specific game of Baccarat. 

    Wetten.com is an active participant of the Gambling Therapy Programme which is dedicated to supporting those addicted to gambling. We are a stickler for ethical gaming and ensures that the thrill of making a fortune in a lawful manner does not turn into a disastrous habit.

    Best Online Casino for Live Baccarat

    Wetten.com has one of the most meticulous support systems, addressing a large variety of transactional and technical complaints and concerns of the customers. There is a comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that more often than not sort out the enquiries of the customers. Live chat features enable players to get an immediate response to their queries round the clock. The customers can also email Wetten.com and expect an effective response within a couple of working days. 

    We offer exciting bonuses which appeal to beginners and seasoned punters alike. Wetten.com is known for rewarding both sports betting enthusiasts as well as casino gamers. Welcome bonuses like free spins and match deposits are especially enticing to beginners for live casino Baccarat online. Since Wetten.com has made a reputation as a premium real money casino, playing online casino Baccarat for real money is one of the highlights. There are substantial loyalty awards and chances for winning progressive jackpots available for punters at Wetten.com. It is, however, highly advisable that players are mindful of the terms and conditions that are applicable to the bonuses before opting for cash outs.

    Wetten.com is compatible with all sorts of electronic mediums like personal computers, mobile phones, and even tablets and iPads. All these features make Wetten.com the best online casino for live Baccarat.

    Fact Check

    • Baccarat was initially played with Tarot Cards.
    • Live Baccarat tables have slots numbered till 14, but curiously enough, the number 13 is skipped to avoid the unlucky number. 
    • Unlike most casino games, Baccarat derives its name from the worst possible hand a player can get while playing Baccarat. 
    • Betting on the banker in Baccarat is actually the most profitable stake with the house edge pegged merely at 1.06%.
    • Wetten.com implements strict supervisory features to mitigate any concerns related to fraudulent practices. 

    If you are looking to avoid long waits, unwanted dress codes, the additional expense of costly drinks, and social awkwardness as you fully concentrate on the excitement of the game, then register on Wetten.com without any delay! You can not only play Baccarat, but also enjoy a diverse range of casino games and sports betting while reaping the benefits of attractive bonuses too.

    Familiarizing yourself with Baccarat terms and Baccarat rules of the game are a vital ingredient to shine in a set of Baccarat. With Wetten.com's pro tips and Baccarat strategy management tricks, mastering the game becomes child's play. The technical aid, the comfort of home, and cashless and secure payment options of online casinos like Wetten.com transform the entire experience of gambling. Not only this, an increasing number of experienced punters are opting for Wetten.com due to its extensive range of perks as well!