Best Online Casino For Roulette 2019

Right from casual guesses to serious wagers, playing at the roulette wheel is even more thrilling for some gamblers than betting on your favourite sports team. Arguably the most iconic aspect of any casino, live casino roulette has attracted gambling enthusiasts and pundits from all over the world. If the word “casino” triggers in your mind the image of a resplendent red and black wheel, along with the glitz and the glamour, then you’re thinking of roulette. That is how intricately linked roulette and casinos are, both in real life as well as in the virtual world.

What is Roulette?

Roulette is one of the oldest and most popular games of chance. Since the 1950s, it’s enticed people to flock to casinos to build a fortune on the basis of a few lucky spins. Roulette simply entails choosing one of the numbers embossed on the red and black slots of the table, then the dealer spins the wheel and rolls a small ball onto the wheel. The number on which the ball settles once the wheel stops rotating is deemed the winner. 

Understanding roulette has historically been considered easier than understanding most casino-based games. Roulette still maintains the traditional form factor and attractiveness for both expert and novice players alike. Novices are attracted due to the apparent simplicity of the game as compared to other offerings in the casino space. Expert players swear by it for the intriguing design of the game, underlying the apparent simplicity. Strategy and keen observation is the key to acing a game of roulette and people have actually succeeded at pocketing enormous payouts simply by making calculated moves at roulette.

Did You Know?

It is often said that anybody can pick up the tricks of roulette in less than five minutes. Whether a person is new to gambling or is simply looking for a leisurely betting experience, roulette becomes the first choice for one and all. has an exceptional variety of roulette games which make it the perfect stepping stone for beginners. 

The betting usually involves a 1:1 ratio indicating the win will correspond to the amount deposited in the first place. A player can either lay a bet on the colour, i.e. red or black, or on a group of numbers like odd or even, multiples, etc. Roulette facilitates small risks and big wins. 

There’s no binding time to play roulette. Unless a player is on a winning streak, the players are allowed to play for however long they like, irrespective of whether the game has finished or not. Further, they may choose to discontinue a particular game after playing a while. Given that each spin is independent of the other, the duration of the game is the prerogative of players.

Online Casino Roulette

Often, land-based casinos attract undesirable crowds and the environment gets gritty on several occasions. For those with an unwavering focus on the game, online casino roulette games facilitate unhindered enjoyment of the game for players from the comfort of their own homes and at convenient times. The live casino roulette of most online sites lets players enjoy the complete thrill of this game without compromising the virtual experience. The online casino roulette games enable players to avoid the crowd and long queues because, as regular casino goers would vouch, getting a spot at a roulette table can be very arduous. 

Technology has orchestrated a win-win situation for all punters by bringing live casino roulette onlineWith effective communications and live dealership features, online casino roulette ushers in all the spark of the live casino roulette while sparing them the unnecessary parts of the game. The increasing use of plastic money and eWallets makes online casino roulette an ideal option since you need not bother about carrying cash and can instead opt for other online payout options. There are numerous choices for playing live casino roulette online but, before settling in for an online game, players must ascertain the authenticity and safety of the gaming site. Among them, the best online casino for live roulette is for its extremely easy and smooth design, the wide range of games option and a strong support system.

Fact Check

  • When all the numbers on a roulette wheel are added up, it totals 666. Accordingly, roulette earned the nickname of “The Devil’s Game” since 666 is considered the “number of the beast”. 
  • It is considered impolite to have a drink with you while at the roulette table.
  • Famous character James Bond’s favourite number to bet on at roulette is 17 and it also happens to be the most played number on roulette.

Why Play Roulette At Wetten.Com?

Equipped with the latest versions of roulette and many other slots games, is listed among the top online casinos in Germany and is now expanding beyond those frontiers into Canada. Powered by popular gaming software like NetEnt, Playn’Go, and Yggdrasil, the range of games here are by far among the most extensive. also hosts a variety of compelling sports betting options, appealing to the punters which an inclination for sport. Our online roulette is extremely user-friendly and the facade closely resembles real-life tables. 

Being a real money casino, facilitates countless variations of a single game. Accordingly, the online casino roulette here comes at altering levels of simplicity and complexity. It also provides attractive payouts, directly proportional to the risk quotient of the bet placed. We offer some of the most worthwhile bonuses and promotions, as well as loyalty awards, and also provide attractive holiday packages to further boost the fortunes of the players.

One major rule of thumb with roulette is that the rewards are proportional to the risks taken. This exercise is made incredibly easy through the pro tips and suggestions offered at, which has compiled tactics and facts about the game to make the live casino roulette online experience an enjoyable and learning one. Our suggestions have aided players in meeting any particular wagering needs and making informed bets, and accordingly, improving their chances of winning.

Tricks To Win At Roulette

Since offers a great variety and different levels of roulette, the players may hone their skills as and when they go up such levels. Paying close attention to the tricks and tactics that we provide may go a long way in enhancing your earnings as a player. 

The most important aspect to bear in mind while playing roulette is having a thorough knowledge of the roulette wheel; in particular, which number is allocated to which slot of which color. This will prevent the players from laying incorrect bets. The players must be aware of the range and the odd-even number arrangement. For instance, if one bets 6 and red, it would be a mistake because in the roulette wheel the odd numbers between 1 to 10 are in red while the even numbers are in black. Similarly, the 11-18 range of numbers is just the opposite with the odd numbers in black and the even numbers in red. There could be further variations between European roulette and American roulette. makes sure to protect the players from such disastrous wagers by educating them about the game and the differences between versions. 

Our strategies incorporate suggestions from expert players who are old and experienced hands at the game. One basic recommendation to ace roulette is to never make the bets narrow. Roulette at allows for a large variety of bets and the players should make full use of it. You could choose a range of numbers, the characteristics of the number, be it the odd-even pairing or the red-black pairing. This increases the player’s chances of winning. uses a discernible method to enable every player to lay their bets at the start of the game. This makes it feasible for everyone to note the bets laid by the others. It is highly advisable that the players remember and are conscious of the bets of the others while taking a call to place a bet.

Unique Features Of Roulette At

Impressive Payouts

We maintain a whole calendar that displays lucrative bonuses and jackpots. The welcome bonus greets new players, while everyone else can keep an eye out for promotional bonuses, loyalty and VIP rewards, and even sports bet bonuses. This ensures that the player never misses out on a surplus win. 

High Technology Gaming Software

Our popularity has soared among players immensely due to the sophisticated and diverse software that powers our platforms, including games from NetEnt, PlayN’Go and Yggdrasil. The variety of slot games makes it the best online casino for live roulette

Live Dealership has live dealerships, which helps players make real bets and earnings. The live dealership not only enhances the excitement of playing roulette by offering a real-life feel to the game, but also visibly reduces margin for error. Chat functions help players feel connected to the live dealer and a whole online community of fellow enthusiasts. 

Easy and Secure Deposits and Withdrawals

Regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, has a highly credible online casino roulette. We also accept a wide range of deposit and payment options, including eWallets and net banking facilities. These enable players to keep track of their payments. Further, our customer support system is always ready to help with any technological or transactional concerns.


With the widespread popularity of online casinos and an increasing number of subscribers for this form of punting, aided by innovative technology and attractive offers, most online casinos are building their reputation on their respective versions of the roulette. After all, for every seasoned player as well as novice, roulette can make or break their online casino experience. has vetted the best versions of roulette for its audience which not only grants them copious chances to build a fortune, but also a playing experience that is just as riveting as a live casino. Registration is hassle-free, legally secured and most importantly, the key to flattering welcome bonuses. Register with today!