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    Virtual Sports Games 2019

    The world of virtual sports is growing, and as advancements in technology occur in leaps and bounds, it will soon become almost unthinkable to distinguish virtual sports online from the real thing. Virtual sports online offer bettors the possibility to enjoy the thrills and excitement of gambling on sporting contests at any time. Games and races are played out using sophisticated software similar to what is employed on popular computer games, for example, FIFA Football. Technology has progressed to such a stage that virtual players consider it almost the same as the real thing. Several different sports now offer virtual versions for online betting, including favourites like cycling, football, tennis, horse racing, and virtual sports racing. Pay a visit to Wetten.com sports betting and casino site and enjoy our dedicated exclusive virtual sports betting, where you can place a bet and watch the action unfold in front of your eyes.

    Virtual Sports Betting Vs Real Sports Betting

    While virtual sports betting is unlikely to completely substitute real sports in terms of excitement and interest levels, they do come pretty close on both counts. Moreover, virtual sports betting has a couple of significant advantages over the real-life version when it comes to real money online betting. Firstly, you don't have to wait for a programmed match or race as virtual sports betting happen around the clock, day or night. Secondly, virtual sports betting is a compressed version of real betting, with matches taking place in 60 seconds instead of 90 minutes, saving a lot of your time and giving you the chance to go for more bets. With loads of bet types on offer for all of the different games, there is something for everybody when it comes to virtual sports betting.

    Are Virtual Sports Fair?

    It's not unusual for bettors to conclude that virtual sports betting or virtual sports racing are just scams intended to separate cash from their wallets. After all, since the casino is managing the outcome of this game, they can change the result any way they please, right? Absolutely not. In fact, if anything, virtual sports betting is more likely to be fair than real-life sports betting. It is in no way possible to buy a virtual tennis player, while there have been a large number of recorded cases where real sports players have been caught taking a bribe. It gives those placing bets peace of mind, as no politics is involved in the game. Virtual sports betting results are determined by a random number generator, which means that neither the betting site nor the player can know the result before the game plays out. It merely is not worth the risk for the bookmakers to try and fix the way virtual sports play out, as the unfortunate cost of possibly losing their betting licence far exceeds what could be won by bettors on virtual sports betting. At Wetten, you need have no concerns about the fairness of the outcome. We encourage bettors to play responsibly as well.

    Fact Check

    • Virtual sports betting has better regulations than traditional sports betting
    • Those placing bets do not need to know the game on which they bet
    • Virtual sports have long been part of Wetten.com
    • These also provide infinite betting chances, and it is all quick!

    Benefits of Virtual Sports Betting

    When it comes to quick hits of exciting betting action, virtual sports online offer a great alternative to traditional sporting events. While it's true that online bookies now cover sporting events from across the world, not all of these are available via live streams and so punters often have to rely on pretty basic computer graphics to show how the action is growing. Virtual sports offer all the thrills of a real-life sports event but packaged into bite-sized form. It means that you never have to wait more than a few seconds for your next sporting hit. Realistic graphics make watching a virtual horse race or tennis match an immersive experience, heightened by the fact that commentary and authentic sounding crowd noises are also added into the mix. Of course, virtual sports can't fully replace the action and enthusiasm generated by a real race or game, but it can do a pretty good job as a replacement when there are no actual sporting events available.

    U.S. citizen? You can find legal offers on gamblinghero.com.

    Playing Virtual Sports Online

    Virtual sports online give awesome, fun and exciting experience for the pros, while amateurs can use the power of playing virtual sports online to train and obtain knowledge. The accuracy of virtual games is impressive. 

    There are a few rules a player needs to follow such as:

    • The games are scheduled every three minutes 
    • Each game is 60 seconds instead of 90 minutes
    • Two teams compete against each other
    • The game can happen at any time of the day or night
    • In case of a technical glitch, bets get cancelled

    Did You Know?

    In virtual sports online, the players' names may be the same, but their functions are entirely different.  At Wetten.com, we offer the following sports

    Virtual Sports Games At Wetten

    Virtual football betting is a game that is entirely controlled by computer and sophisticated software. The software is intended to mimic the ins and outs of a sporting event and uses machine algorithms to determine the odds of each team winning a match. You may be at ease after knowing now that the algorithms are carefully designed and controlled. Additionally, the chances the algorithms generate enable bookmakers to offer betting odds on the virtual matches, and you can use these odds to bet. It means that betting on virtual football has a lot of similarities with other computer-controlled games such as video poker, slots, and online roulette. The customer support of Wetten.com will help you with all queries.

    Experience the thrill of horse racing where virtual horses and jockeys fight for first place. The virtual horse races are suitable for beginners who do not know the intricacies of horse racing or for experts who look forward to such horse racing. The horses are virtual but still provide the highest anxiety. The software is made to give a real feel as if you are on a real race track and are betting then and there. You can follow the races via a video stream which start around the clock at fixed times with no waiting. 

    Many users also rate virtual basketball games as quite interesting. At Wetten, you can access dog racing as well. The betting rules are similar to those of real dog sports. You need to decide which dog would be the winner out of the six participating dogs.

    Virtual Sport Online Is Fast Paced And Exciting

    As each virtual sport online game or virtual sports racing lasts no more than a few minutes, you can see the results of your bet way faster than you would during regular sports betting. A random number draw decides the results of each game. The sum of numbers that portray a particular team, player, horse, or hound, determine the differences. The differences tell you how much you win when your bet is correct. For each match in virtual football, basketball, and tennis, the highlights show in a couple of minutes. 

    Real-Life Match Statistics

    Virtual sports online make use of real-life match statistics and race statistics. You can find statistics on all horses, teams, and followers too. You can see the details of the sports venue or race track. It creates an experience that gets very close to the feeling of real sports betting. There are different virtual sports you can gamble on at Wetten.com. Here, you can choose a game or event, find a race with obstacles for the horses, set the weather conditions for example, sunny, at night or hazy, and you can even select the field size and the duration!


    Virtual sports betting may not be suitable for everyone but it is ideal for those who love to try their luck and ingenuity without having to spend time in extensive research. It is for those who enjoy playing with fate and believe in it. While chance is the best partner in placing virtual bets, a careful study can help your odds considerably. There is, however, a downside to virtual sports betting, as it is highly addictive, and a lot of money might be spent without sufficient recovery. Due to random number generators, not every bet end with a handsome profit. Wetten.com has quickly realized that this sector is highly sought after and is simply the highlight of all types of bets for many gamblers.

    Wetten.com presents the perfect combination of real and virtual. You can play virtual sports racing and virtual sports at Wetten.com comfortably. The user-friendly virtual sports betting platform will satisfy your cravings for betting action, regardless of the time or outdoor weather. Our friendly customer service is always available for your aid. Register today at Wetten.com and enjoy betting!