Sports Betting App for Mobile

As one of Germany’s most trusted providers of online gambling and sports betting, brings the same unique, transparent and tailored services to Canada with their sports betting app. Canadian users can now enjoy the same smooth and reliable experience from the website through their smartphones, benefitting from the same up-to-the-minute odds, bonus offers and fun gameplay across a variety of live sports events across the world, virtual casinos, eSports and virtual games. Today, you can discover the satisfaction of being a patron on our mobile app.

The sports betting and gambling app is designed to replicate the website, so you can navigate your way throughout thousands of the best sports betting offers and online games in Canada every day, whether at home or on the go. All betting odds are listed to make placing bets as easy as the touch of a button, with live features for placing bets and cashouts during game play.

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Downloading the app on iPhone

You can download the sports betting app in Canada for free from the App Store, which you can access directly from your iPhone or iPad device. To find the app, search for ‘’ in the App Store browser. Before downloading, always check your phone’s internal memory has enough space free to guarantee the app runs at optimal performance, and is using the latest software update for iOS. We also recommend turning Location Services on for the app, so can offer you the best sports gambling odds for Canada within your city or town, as well as operate with the correct currency and language.

Downloading the app on Android

Unfortunately, the app is currently unavailable to download on Android devices. As a specially designed sports betting app that uses the closed source code of the iOS system, development of an app with an open source code suitable for Android is still underway. Android users can still enjoy the mobile sports betting experience through the mobile website, which offers the exact same features and gameplay through suitable internet browsers such as Chrome, Safari and Firefox. With Google Play recently revising their allowances for online gambling and betting apps in Canada and worldwide on their store, we should be able to update users on the potential release for an Android version in the near future.

Did you know?

  • The percentage of people using sports betting apps in Canada has risen by 10% since 2016, outstripping desktop and tablet by over 30%.
  • iOS is the most popular operating system for sports betting apps, with Google Play entering the market in limited territories.
  • Online gambling and sports betting apps are used at least once by around 28% of the world’s 2.71 billion smartphone users.


Understanding the sports betting app interface

In the pursuit of making the best sports betting and gambling app in Canada, believes in making betting and gambling as understandable and transparent as possible, so users can bet with knowledge instead of luck. We reflect this philosophy in the design of the app’s interface, to make betting and gambling on your favourite teams or big tournaments across Canada and worldwide as intuitive and simple as possible. The app’s betting platform offers organised and straightforward options, instinctual menu navigation, and clearly presented odds, to help you search for the best bets and tips of the day without difficulty.

How to manage your betting app account

Upon first opening the app, you will be prompted to sign into your account. New users can register through the app in a quick two-minute process, with your email address, a strong password and relevant banking information. is strictly regulated by the Canadian Gaming Association and require complete authorisation of your banking information before approving your account. You can then manage your account by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the app. Here, you can make secure withdrawals and deposits and check all of your current open bets. You can also look into a detailed breakdown of your betting statistics to help you make more informed bets in the future.

Betting App Platform

In order to be one of the top sports betting apps in Canada, our betting platform is designed with simplicity in mind, with all bets organised by sport and event. You can use the search bar to find odds for any sport or event, to find the best betting offers in Canada on your favourite team or any match you believe will yield results, from hockey and soccer to MMA and horse racing. users also benefit from the best algorithms available in online bookkeeping, to take advantage of many offers on a number of niche bets on outcomes besides results:


  • Japan play Switzerland in the Women’s FA World Cup.
  • Japan’s odds to win are 7/2. Switzerland’s odds to win are 8/1.
  • The bets checker also offers odds for Japan to lead by halftime, with different odds depending on goal difference, meaning the user can make an even greater win on the likelihood of Japan winning should they choose.
  • Users can also make separate bets on the full-time results for different goal differences, further diversifying the bet.
  • Other users who bet on sports like soccer, a speciality at, can also create accumulative bets across tournaments and leagues of their choice, from the MLS and La Liga to the Bundesliga and English Premier League.


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Live betting platform

The live betting platform works in exactly the same way as our regular betting platform, with particular modifications to bring in live odds as an event is played in real time. You can scan for the most recent offers made available in every sport while you watch the match, to modify your bet or place in-play bets based on current standings. You can select the relevant sport icon to get currently offered bets, as well as use the search bar to find your event. Live cashouts are also available to mobile users who have placed accumulative bets on certain events and want an immediate payout. Our Cashout feature also allows users to sell bets back to the bookmakers during play, to avoid any potential losses.


With over a decade’s experience in the gambling industry, and completely secure and regulated cashout features, the casino offers the best online gambling in Canada. The lively casino platform offers thousands of classic and unique casino games all from the comfort of your phone, from Texas Hold ‘Em to French Roulette to slot machine simulators, which you can play as little or as often as you like. Scan through multiple card, roulette, slot machine and completely unique gambling games, complete with colourful graphics and engaging gameplay. The casino platform also offers a demo mode for users who want to practise with unfamiliar games before betting real money.

Live casino and roulette

As with our betting platform, there is also a live version of the online casino, where users can play against each other in high stakes games and win large cash amounts. From poker and blackjack to French roulette and baccarat, you can join and cashout from the table at any time. offers live dealers for all language needs including French and English, helping you interact with users from all over the world. is completely verified by all gambling commissions in the territories in which it operates, meaning all customers are protected at all times by their local laws.

Virtual sports

Unlike many bookies with sports betting apps in Canada, we offer a virtual gambling platform for a variety of CGI races with more in development, including horse racing, greyhound racing and speedway. Users bet with static odds, offering countless betting opportunities for hours of entertainment. Virtual betting also helps users gain confidence in their strategies with different betting types and combinations. All races last 60 seconds and reset every three minutes, so users can get instantaneous outcomes.

Fact check

  • Virtual betting is best for beginners as you don’t need to keep up to date with real-life knowledge of players or conditions affecting play.
  • Virtual betting is used to encourage animal safety and is an option if you usually avoid animal racing.
  • Virtual betting is subject to strict regulations worldwide, making it statistically safer than regular betting.


Esports are one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and offers the best betting and gambling opportunities for users in Canada, as they watch the most talented gamers compete in popular battle royale, racing and beat-em-up titles. offers users the chance to bet on events in China and South Korea, as well as international events for games such as Overwatch, Starcraft, League of Legends and Counter Strike. Betting rules and offers for esports are the same as regular sports, with live betting options also in place for events hat are televised and/or streamed for viewers. Due to the popularity of esports, users should expect an expansion on betting opportunities in this exciting field from in the near future.

Sport betting app bonuses regularly offers special bonuses across different events, which can also be found on the app. As well as the standard starter bonus of up to 100% on your first bet, users can also get an extra 20% if their first deposit is $50 or more. This is in conjunction with the extra 2 x 10 free bets also offered to new users, subject to conditions. also offers starter cash bonuses of up to $250 for first-time casino gamblers. Under the app’s bonuses tab, you will also find show time-sensitive offers for sports and casino games, including double deposits and cash prizes, making the top sports betting app in Canada for rewarding loyal customers.

Placing bets on the app

The app is designed to be fast, understandable and highly functional, to give the best betting app experience at all times. has taken the difficulties out of placing bets, doing the groundwork for you with simple layouts and clear explanations of offers for a better experience. Unlike other bookies who have sports betting apps in Canada, gives users transparent betting tips based on up-to-the-minute information about the events. By using statistical data based on relevant past matches and games, users have a better chances of winning compared to other betters across Canada. This means our users play on a more even playing field and can trust they are getting the best odds.

Understanding offers and odds

Every event listing will display:

  • The sport being played
  • The date and time of the event
  • The teams/competitors in the event
  • The current odds on results

You can then click on the event to take you to a detailed breakdown of all markets for all types of bets. If you like the look of an odd, click on the odd to highlight it, which will show you a bet placing form. You can use the selector arrows to increase or decrease your bet. As you do, the likely winnings will adjust based on your bet. You will also be offered different kinds of bets depending on the sport: E.g. horse racing bets can be placed as a single or each way. advises you to research the types of bets than can be placed in a given sport, before attempting multi-level or high stakes bets.

How to make deposits and withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals can be made from your account page, by clicking the top right icon on the app. You can find the options to deposit or withdraw your money next to your betting statistics displays. To deposit money, click the option to deposit, select your amount and approve the transaction.

To withdraw money, select Payout, then select the amount of money you would like to withdraw. Transactions take up to four working days maximum. Certain e-wallets, such as Skrill, will also apply transaction fees for varying amounts.

Always check with your provider of transaction fees before making a payment to Please contact and your provider after four working days if you have not seen any withdrawal or deposit activity in your account.


Troubleshooting for the app

Mobile app technology is rapidly evolving, which means employs a dedicated technical team to ensure the best sports betting app experience. However, because of how fast app development changes, our app services can sometimes lead to bugs, malfunctioning and other technical errors. This is common in all apps and should not raise much concern for users. encourages all customers to report faults and bugs as they experience them in real time, so the technical team can source the issue and make amends to the app as quickly as possible to ensure a streamlined service.

Reporting to customer service

To report an issue, whether technical or not, you can reach the 24/7 customer service team through the dedicated chatbot on the app or website, or through Whatsapp. can also be contacted via email and telephone as preferred. Customers in need of an immediate response are recommended to use the bot or Whatsapp, as can then give a direct response. More detailed complaints – regarding user satisfaction, unclear betting information or problems with other users – are best filed via email or telephone. All relevant contact details are available on the dedicated contact page on the website.

App updates

Before reporting a technical issue, we advise users to make sure the fault is not server-side by checking that you have the most up-to-date version of the app from the App Store. The app is regularly serviced and updated, so downloading the most recent update is crucial for the best functionality on your smartphone. You can make sure the app is automatically updated by going into Settings on your iPhone or iPad device. If app updates refuse to load properly, check you have downloaded the latest iOS software update, and that you use a suitable device model for the software update.

Sports Betting App for Mobile - Conclusion offers extensive features, offers and tips in the best sports betting app for Canada, to adults of all ages and experience.

As a proud German-Austrian bookmaker, we aim to bring our core beliefs on authenticity and reliability to Canadian users through our app. By downloading the app for free, you can immediately benefit from our starter bonuses and learn about our platform safely with no losses.

You can place bets across thousands of sports events all over the world with the best odds and tips available to the consumer from the experts, with no hidden fees or transactions. Bet with Germany’s most innovative bookmaker today.