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Modern boxing offers unparalleled excitement. Whether it’s heavyweight behemoths like Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder or Antony Joshua slugging it out for the world titles, or female trailblazers like Katie Taylor doing their bit to increase the profile of women’s boxing, there can be no denying that boxing has never been in better shape. If you’re looking for the best boxing betting sites Canada has to offer, you should know that is roundly regarded as the world’s best betting site for all competitive boxing bouts, so why not join in the action today?

At, we pride ourselves on being one of the finest boxing betting sites Canada has to offer. Of course, we don’t just stick to boxing – we offer the best tips on football, horse racing and even new online gaming sports that are taking the world by storm, such as CSGO. While there are plenty of sites that provide a means of placing online bets for boxing Canada, it’s our prerogative to offer the best odds, the finest in-play options and plenty of tips to help you enjoy great returns on each stake you place. Boxing can be a somewhat unpredictable sport at times, which is why live betting is always favoured by the experts as it allows them to judge what’s going to happen next, in real-time.

Bet on boxing fights online Canada wide: heavyweight division

After a somewhat fallow period, the heavyweight division has become one of the most exciting in boxing once again. The beauty of heavyweight boxing is that the underdogs always seem capable of creating an upset, which means boxing betting sites in Canada are a hive of activity whenever a title bout is taking place. When it’s difficult to gauge who is going to come out on top, the good news is that you can take advantage of in-play cash out options to ensure a healthy return on your stake. If you’re not convinced the fighter you’ve backed is going to last the full twelve rounds, why not make an executive decision to cash out while they’re up on points?

Online bets for boxing in Canada: middleweight division

In professional boxing, middleweight championship bouts are contested between fighters weighing between 154lb and 160lb. The middleweight division is one of the oldest in the history of the sport, with its roots in the 1840s. There are currently five separate sanctioning bodies in middleweight boxing: WBA (regular), WBA (super), IBF, WBC and WBO. Most online betting sites for boxing Canada will allow you to place bets on bouts organised by each of these governing bodies – and at, you can expect to take advantage of high odds whether you’re gambling pre-bout or in live play. Did you know that the longest reigning middleweight champion is Bernard Hopkins, who successfully defended his titles 20 times, over a period of 10 years, 2 months and 18 days? Could your prediction on the next long-lasting champ help you to win big? There’s only one way to find out.

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Female boxing bookmaker Canada

In recent years, there has been increased international interest in female boxing. Coverage of amateur bouts in large-scale events such as the Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games have shone the spotlight firmly on female boxing, and fighters like Katie Taylor and Delfine Persoon are now household names. This increased interest in female fighters has meant that there’s now increased demand for a boxing bookmaker Canada that can offer tips, pre-bout coverage and great odds on all the latest women’s boxing events, whether at an amateur or professional level. When searching to bet on boxing fights online Canada, always check to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. At, that’s what we’re here for. If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team, who will be more than willing to help.

Boxing betting sites Canada: a guide to making predictions

You may be wondering how exactly you use our boxing bookmaker Canada predictions into successful bets. To do so, you’ll need to gain an understanding of how boxing odds work. Odds are displayed in one of two ways: decimal or fractional. Under the decimal system, you might see the odds for a heavyweight bout quote as follows:

Tyson Fury: 4/5 Draw: 2/1 Deontay Wilder: 6/3

This would mean that if you placed $10 on the bout to be a draw, and it finished as a draw on points (as the first Fury v Wilder bout did), you would receive $20 in winnings, as well as your $10 stake back. This is, of course, assuming you placed a single bet and didn’t attempt to level things up with doubles, triples or accumulators. The choice is yours, at the end of the day.

Boxing online betting Canada: competitive tournaments

As well as betting on the outcome of individual boxing matches, it’s possible to also place wagers on the overall outcome of competitive knock-out events which take place during major sporting tournaments like the Olympics or Commonwealth games. At, you can choose whether to place a bet before a tournament begins or to get involved with the action as the campaign unfolds.

We’ll help you out with our competition previews, which will help you to understand who is most likely to land a gold medal. There are hundreds of specialist bets to choose from too, including who will land the most punches during a bout, or who will win the most rounds overall throughout a competition. You might even want to take a guess at who will finish second or third in an event.



  • Jimmy Wilde has the longest unbeaten streak in boxing history, going some 93 bouts undefeated.
  • The highest-grossing boxing fight was between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao in May 2015. The prize-fund weighed in at $410 million.
  • Most professional bouts are contested over a series of twelve 3-minute-long rounds, although rules sometimes vary depending on the contract agreed by the fighters.


Types of online bets for boxing in Canada offers a huge variety of different markets to choose from. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of online bets for boxing in Canada or an experienced gambler, you’ll be able to take advantage of plenty of tips and fight previews to help make an informed decision on the outcome of each major boxing competition. There are many ways to place bets with the best boxing bookmaker Canada has to offer, and some of these might offer greater odds at an increased risk of losing your stake. The beauty of boxing is that there is always the scope for a major upset, and with a little bit of research you could make the most of your returns by placing a variety of different bets. So why not learn more about doubles, triples, accumulators and handicaps to improve your gambling prowess?

Free online betting sites for boxing Canada

Because the gambling industry is incredibly competitive, most bookmakers will offer promotional sign-up incentives in the form of free bets or matched bets to entice new customers in. Many bookmakers also offer existing customers free bonus bets from time to time on certain sporting events, and these free bets can be used to your advantage. Terms and conditions vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, so be certain to check that any free online bets for boxing Canada are worthwhile signing up for prior to wagering. At, we like to keep things simple. For further information on our sign-up bonuses, why not contact our customer service team today, or simply browse our website for more information?

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Mobile boxing bookmaker Canada punters love

In times gone by, boxing betting sites in Canada involved being tethered to a desktop computer. Thankfully, with the advent of smartphone technology, it’s now possible to place bets in next to no time via a simple tap of your phone screen. With a dedicated Android app complete with a user-friendly interface, makes it easy to bet on boxing fights online Canada. Whether you’re looking to place a well-thought-out accumulator or simply want to take advantage of all the latest in-play options, placing a bet from your Android device takes mere seconds. This allows you to choose the right moment to cash-out, place in-play bets or simply make your predictions prior to the big fight, wherever you are in the world. It’s what makes us one of the best boxing betting sites Canada has to offer.

Boxing bookmaker Canada: how odds are worked out

The boxing online betting in Canada odds represent the probability of an event to take place. For example, if an underdog with just one or two fights under his belt takes on the lineal champion, the odds would reflect how likely it would be for the underdog to cause an upset. Boxing online betting Canada odds also help you to work out how much money you will win once your winning bet has been settled. For example, if the odds on a fighter are 4/1 (in fractional terms), this would mean you would receive $4 for every $1 placed on the fighter at these odds. Things can get a little bit more complicated when you start to factor in different types of bets, like doubles. With these bets, you don’t just have to stick to boxing – for example, you could double up a cricket bet with a boxing bet.

Cash out on all qualifying boxing bets

We offer cash-out options on boxing wagers. Let’s set the scene: you’ve read all the latest advice when it comes to boxing tips and predictions for tonight’s main event before deciding to place a bet. The bout is in full swing and everything seems to be going in your favour. So, do you sit and wait for the fight to reach its conclusion? Possibly – but with our cash-out feature, you can decide to end the bet early at slightly reduced odds and have the winnings land in your account immediately. Cashing out is a technique used by gamblers who have a bet which is currently winning when they don’t believe the outcome of the fight will reflect the current state of play. It’s an incredibly useful way to ensure a return on your bet.

Using accumulators to your advantage

While some gamblers like to keep things simple by betting on single outcomes, others like to enhance their odds of winning by combining four or more bets in an accumulator. For example, if a night of pay-per-view boxing has three fights on the undercard prior to the main event, it would be possible to bet on the outcome of each fight (totalling 4 wagers in 1 bet). This increases potential winnings, but if just one of your predictions is wrong, the entire bet loses. If you’re unsure about one particular fight, why not choose to add a prediction from another sport, such as tennis, to your accumulator instead? This way, you can pick and choose from the most likely sporting outcomes on the day, regardless of the sport, to provide yourself with a better chance of winning.

Did you know?

  • Fund your account via several sources, including PayPal and bank transfers.
  • Depositing and withdrawing funds is rapid, so you won’t have to wait days to enjoy your winnings.
  • All deposits are protected, and our site is regularly updated to ensure it remains safe and secure for you to use, wherever you are.


Different betting markets in boxing

Why simply settle on the outcome of a bout when you could focus on the minutiae instead? With several betting markets available, it’s easy to bet on boxing fights online Canada with niche bets in order to enjoy great returns without limit. For example, you could choose to bet on the number of times a fighter will be knocked down over the course of the fight, the number of punches a fighter will land or even the amount of overall points a fighter will score. These sorts of wagers make it fun to bet on boxing fights online Canada, as you don’t have to necessarily predict the overall outcome of a fight. Instead, online bets for boxing in Canada can be wagered against fairly specialist outcomes to make the bout more exciting to watch. This is what makes one of the best boxing betting sites Canada has to offer.

Incredible customer service

One of the reasons is regarded as one of the finest online betting sites for boxing Canada has is the unparalleled level of customer service available to both new and existing users. In addition to advice and previews on all the latest sporting action, you’ll enjoy fully comprehensive customer service as and when you need it. We believe that to be the best boxing bookmaker Canada can offer, we need to offer our customers that little bit extra. Regardless of the nature of your query, our team will endeavour to answer you as soon as possible, allowing you to get on with enjoying placing online bets for boxing Canada via our user-friendly platform.

Conclusion: the best boxing betting at

While we offer odds on all the main sporting markets, we also place a huge focus on boxing online betting Canada.

Our team source the best free tips to allow you to make informed decisions on all the biggest bouts, and it’s this level of expertise that makes us one of the best boxing betting sites Canada has to offer.

After taking some time to read our guides, this should make you more confident when it comes to placing your bets. However, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask our team for any additional help, should you require it. After all, we’re the boxing bookmaker Canada that you can trust.


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