Best betting site & bookmaker with free bets in Canada

Bookmakers want your business! With hundreds of different online bookmakers to choose from, competition is stiff. In order to tempt customers towards betting with them, many bookmakers offer free bets, registration bonuses, free money, promotions and special offers. Used correctly, these can provide hours of betting entertainment, as well as the chance to make money through matched betting, or simply get lucky with a back bet. Here we describe the sort of free bets you might find and where you might find them, as well as the tips and insider information you need to take advantage of what’s on offer.

What are free bets?

As the name suggests, free bets are bets which you don’t have to pay for! Very common as a way of encouraging new customers to sign up or register, bookies will promise to credit your account with an amount of money which you can then use to bet with. There are normally terms and conditions attached to the bet: these vary from bookie to bookie. Some bookmakers have quite strict rules surrounding the use of a free bet; others provide generous free bets with very little restriction on what and how you can use it. Read on to find out about the various types of bookie betting offers for a new account in Canada, as well as what to look out for when using a free bet.

Free bet, no deposit for Canada customers

One of the most advantageous types of bet is the free bet, no deposit option for Canada site users. A no deposit free bet in Canada simply means there’s no need to deposit any of your own money at the bookies in order to benefit from the free bet. Usually, just registering will be enough for the money to be deposited into your account. Although this may seem too good to be true, bear in mind that there are normally various conditions attached to the free bet: it’s important to know what these are before taking advantage of the free bet offers on betting sites in Canada. One of the commonest conditions on free bet no deposit promotions for Canada users is a play-through requirement.

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Play through requirements for betting sites with freebets in Canada

A play-through requirement, also known as a wagering requirement, means that once you’ve won a bet, your winnings have to be re-bet a number of times before they can be withdrawn. The number of times the money needs to be re-bet varies from bookmaker to bookmaker.

Often there is a x2 or x3 wagering requirement; the bigger the size of the free bet, the more likely it is that there will be a higher wagering requirement. Failing to bet through the correct number of times means that you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings, even if you won them initially as a result of your free bet stake.


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No deposit free bet offers for Canada customers are just one of the free bet options out there

Found on all the best online sports betting & gambling sites in Canada, a no deposit free bet for Canada punters is an offer not to be missed! As well as free bets which don’t require a deposit, many sites will also match initial deposits up to a specific amount with free money. For example, deposit $25, get $25 of free bets; bet $50, get $50 of free bets etc. These offers are normally displayed on the site’s landing page, ensuring new customers are aware of what’s on offer. Don’t forget about qualifying for free bets, which can be a good way for registered customers to take advantage of some of the best free bet offers in Canada.

Qualifying for some of the best free bet offers in Canada

In addition to straight-forward bookie betting offers for new accounts in Canada, it’s also possible for customers to take advantage of free accumulator bets through completing qualifying bets. Qualifying bets are standard bets where customers have to stake their own money. Although terms and conditions vary, generally once a customer has placed a certain number of bets (often at specific odds or for a particular sporting event) they are then entitled to a free bet. As with all free betting promotions, make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to ensure that you’re eligible.

Free bet offers on betting sites in Canada cover a wide range of sports

It’s usually relatively simple to discover the best betting site & bookmaker for horse racing in Canada. When it comes to free bets, finding the best betting site & bookmaker for tennis in Canada can be easily achieved through an online search.

A quick look on the Internet will normally reveal sites that either specialise in a particular market, or that have a wide range of sporting events on offer. Whilst some betting sites with freebets in Canada tend to keep reserve their free bets for high-profile sports and events, others have more generic bets which can be used on almost any sport, provided the relevant terms are adhered to.


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Free bet offers on betting sites in Canada

Finding the best online bookie in Canada for horse racing free bets

is easier than you think. Horse racing is one of the most popular sports on which to bet, so it’s little surprise that bookies often have free bets available to use on the sport. A horse racing bet can usually be placed using a free bet (such as a free bet, no deposit offer in Canada) or as a qualifying bet in order to access a free bet. Of particular interest to keen horse racing punters is the opportunity to take advantage of the free bets which are available for key fixtures on the racing calendar. Free bets on national events (for example: the Triple Crown; Prince of Wales stakes or the Queen’s plate)are common. Alternatively, why back horses running elsewhere in the world (such as in the Kentucky Derby (US), the Grand National(UK) or the Melbourne Cup (AU))using one of the free bets on offer?

International football free bets

When it comes to finding great football bookie betting offers for a new account in Canada, there’s no need to stick to domestic bookies: go international to find the best betting site & bookmaker for football in Canada. Many international bookmakers also run sites where Canadian customers can take advantage of free bets, special offers, promotions and more. Football is an enormously popular sport that provides numerous different ways for customers to place bets: from backing a particular outcome in a real-life match through to putting a bet on fantasy football or simultaneously backing and laying in order to utilise potential matched betting opportunities, football offers lots of different betting choices. Some customers find that they can enjoy free bets on football for years, simply by taking advantage of international bookmakers as well as Canadian based ones.

Have you considered looking for betting sites with freebets in Canada for cricket?

Although many people tend to think of football and horse racing as being the main sports on which to bet, the reality is that you can find and take advantage of free bets which are suitable for almost any sport. One of the ways to make sure you end up with a good selection of free bets is to keep an eye on the sporting calendar, as bookies frequently provide free bets to coincide with key sporting events.

Cricketing contests such as the Scotia Shield and National T20 can generate a flurry of free bets to take advantage of. Finding the best cricket betting site & bookmaker in Canada could pave the way to enjoying fresh free bets on a regular basis.


Three things to be aware of when looking at bookie betting offers for a new account in Canada

Does the bookmaker have limits on the amount you can bet?

Generally, most bookies don’t immediately put limits on the amount which can be used to back a particular sporting outcome. Most of the best betting sites and bookmakers in Canada don’t limit, at least initially. That said, if it appears to their administration that a customer is “gaming the system” in order to win, (such as using arbitrage or matched betting excessively) they may impose a limit post-registration. Limits are also frequently put in place for free bets, such as: limiting the bet amount; limiting the odds under which it can be placed; limiting withdrawal of winnings until a certain wagering requirement has been fulfilled.

Do betting sites with freebets in Canada offer high odds?

If you intend to use a free bet to optimise your winnings in the event that your bet is won, it makes sense to use a bookie that usually offers good odds! Whilst some quick comparison between the top few bookies in Canada will usually show the handful that stand out for offering good odds, discovering the best betting site and bookmaker in Canada with high odds isn’t the whole story. It’s often possible to utilise strategies such as in-play betting or backing and laying simultaneously in order to increase the odds of getting the outcome that you want. It’s important to note that odds aren’t static: you may still get good odds on a free bet if you wait until nearer the start of the race or match, even if the site’s odds aren’t that good initially.

Does a bookmaker betting sign up bonus in Canada allow cash-out?

Cashing out refers to being able to obtain money back on your bet before the event is over. Often needed for more advanced betting strategies, cashing out is an important feature of optimising betting chances during in-play (live betting) ie: betting on an event whilst it is still taking place. Before taking advantage of some of the best free bet offers in Canada, it’s important to be aware of whether the bookie allows a cash out.

If cashing out is a tactic you are likely to use, finding the best betting site & bookmaker with cashout in Canada will help you to deploy your purse most effectively.


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Top tips for finding bookie betting offers for a new account in Canada

Check social media and the racing press for free bet offers on betting sites in Canada

Finding bookie betting offers for a new account in Canada doesn’t just need to involve looking at betting sites. Bookies have a growing presence on social media, enabling customers to easily see what new offers, free bets and promotions are being advertised. The racing press is also an excellent source of information on bookmaker betting sign up bonus choices in Canada. Bookies advertise in the press quite heavily. In addition, there are often articles and features on larger sporting events, along with information on sign-up bonuses, free bets and other special offers which are being offered.

Take a look at racing directories and reviews

Free bet offers from betting sites in Canada are one of the key features on which a bookmaker is judged. Whether you choose to take a look at a comparison website or take a few moments to read bookmaker reviews, the free bets on offer normally form part of the content. Using a third party to obtain information on free bets means you can often benefit from an insider view, or discover the experiences of people who’ve used the site (and the free bet) previously. This can be an excellent way of discovering how frequently a site offers free bets, how easy they are to use and how well the site honours the free bet once it’s been played. Helpful reviewers may also point out potentially tricky terms and conditions, enabling you to learn from their mistakes!

Online specialist sporting sites can have free bet offers

Most sports have some form of specialist sites: to find the best boxing betting site and bookmaker in Canada, for example, a good place to start your search is on a website that’s dedicated to boxing. By searching for information on the relevant sport, rather than searching purely for bookmaker betting sign up bonus offers in Canada or similar titles, it’s often possible to find under-used offers that could provide a welcome additional boost to your free bet offers. This approach also enables you to access under-utilised markets for less popular sports, adding interest to your betting experience.

Comparison websites, money-saving websites and match betting websites may also have free bet information

Free bets aren’t just great entertainment and a tool designed to tempt punters to sign up, they’re also seen by many people as a way of money-saving: that’s why it’s often the case that information about free bet offers can be found on sites which aren’t directly relevant to betting or sports. If you want to cast your net wide in pursuit of free bets, searching more creatively can pay real dividends. No matter where free bets are sourced from, it’s always important to read the terms and conditions thoroughly before taking advantage of the offer. Many people still get caught out when placing a free bet – often over small details such as the play-through restrictions or permitted odds – careful scrutiny of the small print can help to avoid this.

Betting Sites with Free Bets in Canada - Our Conclusion

Free bets are a great way of making your betting budget go a little further, at the same time as enjoying some added entertainment to your sporting calendar. Used to tempt customers to sign up, many bookies also offer free bets to boost trade during key sporting events and also to increase the chances of loyalty from customers who are already registered.

If you’re looking for a premium bookie who provides some of the best free bets in Canada, it’s worth taking a look at with an impressive sign-up bonus and plentiful free bets and online promotions, there’s something for every customer. Benefiting from excellent odds, numerous markets and a customer-centred approach, is the bookie of choice for a growing number of Canadians. Register here to become a customer and discover more about what this bookmaker has to offer.