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The best betting sites in Canada are those which offer the highest odds across the most popular bets online. is proud to be one of these sites which regularly tops the charts on bookmakers odds comparison sites in Canada, with higher payouts going to our customers when they win than at other competitor sites. Even when it comes to the favourite outcomes for matches or races, can be seen to be offering competitive, and sometimes relatively high, odds for these more likely outcomes when compared with other online bookmakers in Canada.

What are odds?

Odds are the language used by all bookmakers to communicate how likely they think that a certain result is. They are used to reflect probability, but also to instruct customers about how much the return will be on their stake should their chosen outcome happen. Odds are usually written in the form X – Y (eg. 3 – 1). The x refers to the money you will be paid relative to your stake (y). With odds of 3 – 1, if you place a bet with a stake of $100 and the result happens, you will receive $300 back. Of course, if the result does not happen, you will receive nothing and lose your $100 stake. is proud to be one of the best odds betting sites in Canada, offering some of the highest odds even on outcomes with a higher probability.

What are high odds?

Online bookies are more likely to give an event high odds if they calculate that there is a small chance of something happening. The threshold for what is considered “high” odds depends on the context, but generally speaking, odds of over 10-1 are considered high. In football betting, for example, high odds may be considered far lower than this, as there are only two teams that could possibly win each match, and in some cases, they may be equally likely to win. High odds at the time of placing your bet will increase the amount of money that you will receive if you win the bet. However, higher odds are always a sign that something is less likely to happen, and that you are therefore less likely to win any money at all.

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Are higher or lower odds better?

Odds are the standardised way for betting sites and bookmakers to communicate the probability of something happening, and therefore the amount that you will receive should your bet become true. The term “low odds” refers to an event which bookmakers consider relatively likely to happen, this might look something like 5-1. As it is relatively likely to come true, the bookmaker is only willing to pay out a small amount in the event of a win. Betting on results with lower odds will theoretically mean that you are likely to win; however, if a team or player with high odds does win, you will win a lot more money compared to your initial stake.

What is the favourite?

The bookie’s favourite is a term given to the most likely outcome and therefore the lowest odds. In a football match, the team who is deemed most likely to win is given the lowest odds, they would be considered the favourite. In something with more than 2 possible winners, like horse-racing for instance, the favourite would be determined in the same way. The horse considered most likely to win, and therefore given the lowest odds is referred to as the favourite. The favourite can change at any time up to the start of the race or match. The “favourite” is a term which is often associated with horse racing, but can be applied to any competitive even, including tennis, cricket, boxing and even csgo.

Bookmakers with High Odds on Favorite

The best odds from bookmakers in Canada might not always be the same for the same outcome. For example, could offer you higher odds for the same football result as another site does. The best odds bookies in Canada will offer the best odds on the outcomes you are interested in betting on, regardless or not of whether that outcome is considered the favourite. Don’t just take our word for it, feel free to shop around and visit bookmakers odds comparison sites in Canada to see for yourself that can offer you a better deal than other bookies.

Do odds still apply to free bets?

If you are awarded any free bets as part of a promotion or a deal, the same logic with still apply with regards to odds. It is always worth reading the terms and conditions before using your free bets, as it may be that they are only applicable under certain conditions. However, whether you are using free bets, or placing bets without limit, the odds you are offered will work in exactly the same way. Higher odds will give you a better return should you win, but lower odds indicate that the outcome is more likely to happen.

Fact Check

  • Outcomes which are given low odds are the most likely to happen, although of course this is not a guarantee that they will happen
  • Events with higher odds are less likely to happen, but if they do then the payouts will be larger
  • It is possible for different bookmakers to offer different odds on the same outcome/event


Finding the best odds in Canada

Bookmakers odds in Canada are set according to the likelihood of a certain outcome. The likelihood of something happening can be determined on historical performance, mathematical probability, differing skill levels and also the wisdom of the crowd. The sheer number of bets placed on different outcomes can influence the odds set against each one. Remember that odds move up and down until the start of the match, race or event in question, so getting the highest odds may also require some clever timing on placing your bets. The best odds from bookmakers in Canada may appear for a limited amount of time, so making fast decisions is important in securing these better rates.

Finding the best odds bookmaker in Canada

Until fairly recently, finding the best odds from bookmakers in Canada required manually looking up the odds offered at all of the individual bookmakers, and comparing these yourself to find the best deal. Thankfully it has now become much easier to make sure that you are getting the best odds thanks to bookmakers odds comparison sites in Canada. These sites let you type in your stake and the bet you wish to place and will then compare all of the best bookmakers’ odds in Canada to highlight the best deal for you. If football betting is your passion, there are specific football betting odds comparison sites in Canada which will do all of the legwork for you in finding the best odds for your desired bet.

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Best odds from bookies in Canada

The best bookmakers odds in Canada are the ones which offer the highest return for your stake. If you bet that the blue team will win their football match against the red team, and two of the best odds bookies in Canada offer different odds for this outcome, the best odds for you are the highest ones. If the first bookie offers you 3-1 odds that the blue team will win, and offers you 6-1 odds, if you are right, you will win back twice as much money if you have chosen to bet with over the first bookie. This is where making sure that you have chosen the best odds betting site in Canada to secure your bet really makes a difference to the winnings that you get to cash out.

How to use bookmakers odds comparison sites in Canada

Bookmakers odds comparison sites in Canada have revolutionised online betting for customers. It has never been simpler to find the best odds from bookies across Canada. All you need to do is find the event you wish to bet on the comparison site. The site will then show you the top odds on offer at any given time and link you through to the online bookies with the best odds. is proud to appear on bookmakers odds comparison sites in Canada as the best odds betting site in Canada for many fixtures and events. If you already have a account, you can bet directly onsite once you have landed from the comparison page.

What is the best odds betting site Canada?

There are hundreds of different factors which affect the bookmakers odds in Canada that a betting site is able to offer for each event outcome. These variable factors include things such as the number of people betting on a certain outcome, the time left until the event begins and the previous performances of the individuals involved.

However, another of these factors is the profit that the bookies aim to make from each event which takes place. aims to be the best odds betting site in Canada, offering you the best chances of winning big. regularly comes out top in football betting odds comparison in Canada and strives to continue to offer the best odds out there to customers who choose to bet with us.


Best football odds in Canada

Football matches are popular events for online betting, and there are large numbers of bookmakers with odds in Canada competing for your bets. aims to give you the best football odds in Canada. Where else can you expect the best odds than on the best odds betting site in Canada? takes bets for all of the football fixtures you can imagine and offers competitive odds for all outcomes. Whether you wish to place standard or multiplier bets or wish to bet on who will score at what point during the match, has options, and excellent odds, for everyone.

Odds for football betting

Football betting can appear to be straightforward at first glance. With only 2 teams playing each match, there are only 3 possible outcomes: one team wins; the other team wins or both teams draw. However, there are so many more options than this. customers are given the choice to bet on who will score the goals and when they will be scored. You can bet on the colour of shoes being worn or the number of yellow cards which will be awarded during the match. Regardless of the bet you would like to make, strives to offer the best football odds in Canada. The bets themselves may become more complicated, but the odds on remain just a simple and just as competitive. And that is why often does so well when pitted against competitors with football betting odds comparison in Canada.

Did you know?

  • The practice of calculating odds has been around for centuries, with references to odds being found in the works of Shakespeare
  • Even odds is the term used to describe outcomes which are equally likely to one another, for example, scoring heads or tails on a coin toss
  • Odds do not represent the true mathematical possibility of something happening as bookmakers are businesses and so the odds are increased to account for profit


How are football odds calculated?

An awful lot of research is required to decide the odds for a football match. It is not just the team as a whole, but the individual players and their form which are considered when calculating odds The number of injuries and suspensions, the age of the player, the length of time on the squad, the weather, pitch conditions and the timing of the match are just a few of the elements considered. The sheer number of factors which could be added to this list is one of the main reasons that different bookies may arrive at different odds for the same bet. It is not an exact science. However, some bookies will offer the benefit of the doubt in favour of the customer with higher odds where possible. This is what makes one of the sites to offer the best football odds in Canada.

Football Accumulators

Accumulators are common in football betting, as it is a way of getting higher odds overall. The outcome of a football match usually attracts fairly low odds as there are only two potential winners for each match. One popular way for customers to increase their odds in football betting is to play an accumulator bet. This is where customers place a series of mutually independent bets at the same time and receive much higher odds that all of these outcomes come true. Instead of betting on the outcome of one football match, betting on the outcomes of 5 successive football matches in an accumulator is one way for customers to receive the best odds from bookies in, but at an increased risk.

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