Can you make Money from Betting online in Canada?

There has been a holy grail for gamblers since the betting industry started: strategies guaranteed to make money. While there is no flawless guide on how to make money betting in Canada, and the house always has a built-in edge, there are things that you can do to maximise your success and make money by betting in Canada. Like with many of life’s trials, the key is to have patience, do your research, and ensure every strategy is backed up with sound knowledge of the relevant sport. This will stand you in good stead to make money from betting online.

What you need to know to make money betting Canada

Discovering effective ways to make real profit gambling online is something many thousands of people across the world put their minds to every single day. With decades of these people trying, the fact that there is still no absolutely foolproof strategy shows just how difficult the concept really is. If you have financial problems, gambling is never a solution, and it certainly won’t turn you into a millionaire overnight (unless you are incredibly, unfathomably lucky). Nevertheless, there are ways you can make money from betting, but what you need to keep in mind is that they are not magical solutions.

As a punter, you will be required to put the work in by studying things like the best football odds and experts soccer predictions Canada and remain smart and disciplined with your sports betting. One of the fundamental things you need to be able to place winning bets regularly is an expert knowledge of the sports you choose to bet on. So before you do anything else, you need to take one important step: pick a sport that you know will capture your interest enough to learn inside and out, and work on making it your own specialist subject.

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How can you make money gambling in Canada?

So, if you definitely want to make money on betting in Canada, where do you begin? Well, you need to get started by selecting a bookie and creating your betting account. You will find it helpful to have an account with more than just one bookmaker, and a betting exchange is another good place to look. Choosing where you will be placing your bets is an important early step in the journey to make money from betting, so take your time and choose wisely. You may even choose to practice with tools like Our Practice Online Betting Guide Book Canada.

When you are searching for the right online bookmaker for you, one good idea is to examine the welcome bonus they offer. With a good sports betting bonus to get you off the ground, you can put yourself on the right path to make some profitable bets right from the outset. Bonuses that offer free bets are the best option, rather than those that offer a matched deposit bonus. There are usually fewer wagering requirements associated with free bet bonuses, and you can turn them into real cash more easily. And having a free bet offer is a great way to get started without having to take any immediate risks.

As previously stated, you need to pick a sport that you specialise in. If you want to be able to make money betting on boxing, you need to be a genuine expert on everything in the world of boxing. Focusing on a specific weight division can make a real difference because that saves you having to learn absolutely everything that is happening with the sport. Focusing on an area of the sport that you find particularly exciting can help with this, and you may find it useful to read our page on How does Cash Out Betting Work? Keep in mind, however, that certain types of fight, like those involving lesser known boxers, can offer good value to bettors, and if you focus only on the big fights you might be missing out.

Fact check

  • Boxing is one of the earliest organised sports and has been the world’s most popular sport alongside horse racing.
  • Boxing betting goes back as far as the 1700s, and the basic format has been the same ever since.
  • There are various types of bet in boxing. You can predict the number of rounds the fight will see, or whether the victor will win on points or through a TKO. Some predictions are tougher than others, which is why expertise is so important.


The technical approach to make money by betting in Canada

Having the ability to compare odds properly is an essential skill for how to make money betting in Canada. Without this skill, you will struggle to find the best bets and make the maximum profit from various events and matches. To compare odds properly, you need to understand the various formats in which odds are presented. In North America, odds may be presented in different formats, so you may encounter decimal, fractional or American odds. Learn more with our Extensive Odds Comparison and Sports Betting Odds Canada to discover all there is to know about the types of odds you will find and the ways you can compare them with one another.

American odds are presented as an expression indicating the return relative to a 100 unit base figure. Where you see a minus (-), that is the amount you lay to win $100, and where you see a plus (+), that is the amount you win for every $100 you bet. Decimal or fractional odds are more common, and the preferred format in Europe. You will see them as fractions like 2/1 or decimals like 2.1 adjacent to betting markets. This format represents the amount you can win relative to the amount you stake, so 2/1 means you will win double what you stake (in addition to having your stake returned) if your bet is a winner.

To be able to make money betting in Canada, you must learn to accurately compare the odds offered by different bookies so that you can make an assessment of which bookie is offering the best value. There are tools online that can help you convert different odds formats to your preferred type, which can help make the comparison process simpler. If this is something you feel would be useful to you, then explore some options and find what is a good fit. Read our comprehensive guide on How to Read Odds: Betting Odds explained Canada for more help.

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Managing risk for making money betting in Canada

Before you can answer the question ‘can you make money gambling in Canada?’ you need to understand the importance of risk management. This is also known as capital or bankroll management, and it can be a decisive factor in whether or not you succeed. No matter how much of an edge you manage to gain over the bookmakers, if you don’t handle your risk management well then your betting bankroll will quickly dry up. The mantra you need to keep in mind is as follows: always risk 1% of your gambling capital. We call this flat betting, and it is best for beginners. If you are just starting out, check out our guide on What is the Best Bookmaker for Beginners Canada?

That’s not difficult to remember. Set aside a designated amount of money to put towards your betting and divide it by 100. No matter what sport you choose to bet on, or what bookmaker you choose to bet through, you should never risk any more than 1% of your total budget on each bet you place. This will keep you at a safe distance from any high-risk staking plans, and help you establish a good foundation to build on as you move up to more advanced staking strategies. Until you are ready to progress, stick to risking no more than 1% of your total bankroll and you will protect yourself from big losses. This rule applies to any size of bankroll, whether big or small; the percentage is what matters.

Finding a system to make money on betting in Canada

Creating a genuinely profitable betting strategy takes time and effort. It is a real challenge to find an edge in the market – if it were easy, then a simple risk management rule would be enough for every gambler in the world to be a consistent winner. Learn about a very common type of bet in our guide Asian handicap betting explained – Table, odds and rules to see just how much there is to learn. But, as you know, this is not the case. In order for you to make a profit, someone has to lose out. It’s a simple matter of balancing the equation, with the gambling operator also taking their cut. To be on the winning side, you need to exploit the market by finding biases and leaks. The average gambler follows predetermined patterns for betting, so you need to do different by thinking outside the box.

You do this by either discovering a fallacy in the system or becoming the best at exploiting a known one. If you manage to achieve one of these things, don’t tell anyone else that you have (unless you want to build fame and reputation, rather than money). If you reveal your secrets, your edge will diminish as more and more people imitate what you have been doing. This will help the market balance out again and take away your advantage. If your first betting system is a failure, don’t lose heart – finding the right system is a process, and you need to keep working at it. Once you have a viable system in place, and you know how much to stake on every bet, you are on your way to becoming a successful professional gambler.

Did you know?

  • It isn’t just current sportspeople that you can wager on – some bookmakers have already taken bets on whether England soccer legend David Beckham’s son will become a professional player.
  • More than half of all people have placed a sports bet at some point. Whether they are regulars or just like to get involved with popular events, most people have had a try at some point.
  • The global sports betting industry is huge, with hundreds of billions of dollars being made by betting operators every single year. So can you make money gambling Canada? What do you think!


Stick to the plan when betting online in Canada

The most important thing at this stage is to remain disciplined enough to follow your own method. After all your research and study, it would be a shame to shoot yourself in the foot. One of the most common errors people make is to lose their discipline when they hit a run of bad luck. Discipline is essential, and if you are to succeed as an online gambler you will need to be able to remain disciplined at all times.

Have faith in your tried-and-tested strategy, stay true to your risk management plan and always plan for variance. A drawdown is something that just needs to be accepted, so don’t start doubting yourself when hard times hit – keep doing things by the book and ride it out. By the time you have experienced several months (or years) of gambling successfully, it is quite common to start feeling a sense of boredom. No matter how much profit you are accumulating, doing the same thing day in, day out can still become a source of boredom. Finding how to make money betting in Canada feels like a dream lifestyle but, like in any other business, the routine can eventually suck the pleasure out of it.

If you are managing to make money by betting in Canada and missing the fun aspect, try to rediscover it by finding new markets to exploit or working on improving your methods even further. It’s possible that the reason you’re not experiencing the joy is burnout, which is a serious hazard of being a successful gambler. You should always make time to take vacations, socialise, and generally enjoy the fruits of your labour. Don’t be consumed by your betting, no matter how much profit you are making. At the end of the day, it is not your entire life – you must include it as a part of your lifestyle.

Value betting: how to make money betting Canada

Value betting is a common technique people use to make money on betting in Canada. The key is finding value betting situations, which means one where the odds a bookmaker is offering reflect a probability that is less than the actual probability of that particular outcome occurring. To better understand this, read our page about How Sports Betting Odds are calculated… Let’s use a simple coin toss as an example. When a coin is tossed, there are two possible outcomes: it will land on heads or tails. The probability is 50% each way, so we can use this probability to calculate odds of 2.00. Now, imagine we look at two bookmakers:

  • Bookmaker A offers odds of 1.90 on heads
  • Bookmaker B offers odds of 2.10 on heads

If we want to bet on the coin landing on heads, which of these bookmakers is offering value? To learn to make this assessment, read our page on What do Betting Odds mean?, where we describe the ins and outs of betting odds to improve your understanding. The answer is Bookmaker B, while Bookmaker A is actually offering less than value. While calculating the probability of certain outcomes in sports betting is never as simple as this, it gives you a good idea of how to calculate the value of a bet and give yourself a good chance of winning.

Of course, bookmakers are all too aware of this situation and will always look to take this value out of the equation to maximise their own earnings. So the question is, how does the bettor find value situations in practice? This is the question everyone is asking, and it represents the challenge that faces anyone looking to take on the bookmakers and become successful in the long term. There are strategies for doing this, which you can discover in your research, and it is always helpful to get reliable tips, but what’s most important is for you to understand the concept of value betting. If you are able to assess the probability of an outcome as more likely than the probability represented by the odds a bookmaker offers, you have identified a potential value bet to take advantage of. If you want to learn about ‘sure bets’, see our How to do Sure Bets – Are they worth it? guide.

Make Money Online & Work From Home Using Matched Betting in Canada

Matched betting is a low-risk technique that can be applied to sports betting to make money on betting in Canada. It is sometimes known as ‘bonus hunting’ or ‘no-risk betting’ because it involves using free bets and other promotions to guarantee profits by covering all possible outcomes of an event or match. You may think that free bets are in short supply, but with a good matched betting strategy you can actually keep them coming in time and again. Ultimately, matched betting is a ‘risk-free’ strategy to make money by betting in Canada that ensures you make a profit through a simple calculator, along with taking advantage of free bets and other promotions.

The fundamental thing you need to understand is the basics of making back bets and lay bets. The back bet is the traditional form, wherein you essentially say “I think this team/horse/individual will win”, and if it does you make a profit. The lay bet is something that has grown with online betting exchanges and is the opposite of a back bet. You are saying “I think this team/horse/individual will not win”, and if they don’t then you win your bet (this includes draws). In matched betting, you use lay bets to cancel out the risk that your back bet poses.

By laying and backing against the same result, you remove all the risk associated with it. You can’t lose, because you have every outcome covered. And by taking advantage of free bets at bookmakers, you guarantee to make money betting Canada by not having to actually stake any of your own money. Applying a system of matched betting means finding ways to keep earning free bets that will gradually become the bread and butter of your income. It is a method that more and more people are using as a way of making a supplemental income or even a full-time one. Hardworking students are managing to do it, as are stay-at-home mums with demanding newborns at home. It can be done around any other commitments you have and can be a guaranteed money-maker if you are committed enough.

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Can you make money gambling Canada? If you want to make a profit, it’s time to start putting the work in to make your dream a reality. Start doing your research to develop your expertise in a chosen sport and identify the bookmakers you want to bet with.

Train yourself to use risk management strategies and learn about the various gambling strategies designed to be a success in the long term. And if you want to take advantage of methods like value betting or matched betting, get yourself in the know and start doing the work as soon as possible. The money is there to be made, so what are you waiting for? Start your journey with today.