How to place a bet online? Placing a bet online Canada

Introduction: If you have been asking yourself the question “How can I place a bet online in Canada?” then look no further, this article has all of the answers that you need. From finding an online bookmaker, to registering an account, depositing money and placing a bet, will walk you through all of the necessary steps to teach you how to make bets online in Canada. You’ll know how to place a bet online in Canada before you know it.

How does online betting work in Canada

Placing a bet online in Canada works in much the same way as placing a bet in a physical bookmakers on the street. For each possible outcome, the online bookmaker will calculate a set of betting odds. These odds will reflect the likelihood of that outcome happening. Knowing how to bet online in Canada relies on you understanding the structure of odds.

For example, events which are more likely will have lower odds, whereas events which are less likely to happen will have higher odds. These odds do not exactly reflect a true probability, as the bookmaker has to allow for some element of profit as this is how bookmakers make money. This means that if you bet the same amount of money on both teams in a football match, you are very unlikely to make a profit.


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How can I place a bet online in Canada?

There are just a few very simple steps involved in placing a bet online in Canada. First you will need to find the fixture or event you wish to bet on. You can do this by using the navigation tabs or by searching for the event onsite. You can then add this fixture to your betting slip by clicking on it. Once you have added the event at the odds selected, you will be able to choose the stake you would like to select. Once you click to confirm, you will be committed to this bet, so always double check that the information is correct before clicking to submit. If you wish to select an accumulator bet, you can do this after you have placed your initial bet.

Is online betting legal in Canada?

How does online betting work in Canada with regard to the law? If you have been trying to work out how to bet online in Canada, then you may have come across some questions regarding the legality of online gambling. Technically speaking, Canadian companies are not permitted by law to establish and run online bookmakers. Casinos and physical bookmakers are permitted as Canadian businesses, but online casinos and betting sites are not allowed to operate from within Canada. This means that all of the betting sites accessed in Canada must be based overseas. The law permits users to access foreign online gambling sites and to place bets online as long as these online bookmakers are not registered as Canadian businesses. is not a Canadian business and is therefore perfectly legal for players living and gambling from within Canada.

Before placing a bet online in Canada

Choosing a betting site

Before placing an online bet in Canada you will need to choose a betting site to use. It is possible to open multiple accounts with different online bookmakers and betting sites, but this will require depositing money across multiple websites. When it comes to choosing which betting site you would like to use, comparison sites can come in handy. If you know the sorts of bets that you are likely to be placing in the future, you can compare the odds at different betting sites through a comparison website. For example, if you know that you are most likely to bet on football matches, you could input the details of a match into the comparison site, and it would show you if, for example, offered the best odds for that bet. Do this a few times with different bets to find a consistent site for your bets.

How to bet online in Canada – Setting up an account

Before you get started answering the question “how do I bet online in Canada?”, you will need to set up an account. To do this, head to the home page and click on the green “Register” button in the top left hand corner. You will be prompted to fill out your details into an online form and to provide payment details in order to set up your account. Fill in all of your details and head through to the next page. This may take you a few minutes, but don’t worry, you’ll only have to do this once. Your information will be saved against your online account, so every time you come back to the site, you will be able to log into your account in seconds using your email address and password to see all of your details.

Did you know?

  • Through cash out betting it is sometimes possible to recover part of your stake before you lose it completely if your bet is going against you.
  • Matched betting is a legal practice in Canada, although bookmakers may start to investigate you if you are seen to be winning too often through this practice.
  • Asian Handicap Betting has been adopted by most western bookmakers, but it was originally invented in Indonesia.


How to place a bet online in Canada - Depositing money

Still not clear on how do I bet online in Canada? There is just one last step before you are ready to place your first bet. Once you’ve set up your account and made sure that you are logged into, you will need to deposit money into your account before you can place a bet. This process is extremely simple. All you need to do is go to your account and find your deposits. You need to make sure that you have enough money deposited in your account to cover the value of the bet you wish to place. If there is already enough money here then you do not need to do anything. If you have less money deposited than you wish to spend, you will need to top up this balance using your preferred payment method.

How much money do I need to place a bet?

To understand how to make bets online in Canada, it is important to understand how stakes work. The stake is simply the amount of money that you choose to bet with. The minimum and maximum stakes you can use will vary depending on the type of bet that you are making, so always read the terms and conditions before placing your bet. The size of your stake directly affects the amount of money that you could potentially win. If you bet with a smaller stake, you stand to gain smaller profits if your bet comes true. If you bet with a larger stake, you stand to gain more, however if your bet does not come true then you will also lose more. Never bet more than you can afford to lose as there is never any guarantee that you will get this money back.

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Types of bets in Canada

How to place a bet online in Canada – Cash out betting

How can I place a bet online in Canada using cash out betting? Cash out betting, as the name suggests, is a type of betting where you get greater flexibility over withdrawing your cash; both your winnings and your stake. If you have bet on an outcome and your bet is coming true, cash out betting can allow you to access some, or all, of your winnings early. This means you can have access to your profits before the event has even finished. It also works if the bet is not going your way, as customers can take part of their stake back if the bet is not going in their favour, before the event is over. Cash out betting will not always be available, so always check the terms and conditions before placing a bet.

How to make bets online in Canada – Matched betting

How do I bet online in Canada using matched bets? As an incentive to choose one online betting site over another, online bookmakers will often give away free bets to new customers. Matched betting is the name given to the practice of leveraging these free bets in order to bet on both possible outcomes of an event. For example, matched betting is often used to bet on both football teams winning a match so that you are guaranteed to win. The amount of money you can win through matched betting is limited as it depends on the number of free bets that you are able to access and the size of the stake that you are willing to put on. Matched betting is not completely without risk, but it is a popular practice for people wondering how to make bets online in Canada as it is more likely to produce a win than other forms of betting if done correctly.

Fact Check

  • Betting online is legal and commonly practised throughout Canada
  • It is perfectly possible and legal for customers to hold accounts on multiple different online bookmakers or betting sites
  • Customers can bet on different sports, events and games with the same account at


What is Asian Handicap Betting?

How does online betting work in Canada for football matches? Asian handicap betting is a way of calculating odds which is specifically designed for football matches. It was originally invented in Indonesia and has become more and more popular throughout the 21st Century. The system works by handicapping football teams according to how well they have been playing. This means that stronger teams will have to win by more goals for the bets to come true for the punter. It has been designed to get rid of the possibilities of draws in football matches, as these mess up the odds for both bookmakers and punters. There are usually two different types of handicap: whole goal and half goal. Half goal handicaps are less common as they complicate things further since it is not possible to score half a goal in a match.

Understanding 1X2 betting

If you’ve never placed bets on football before, you may well find yourself staring at the term “1X2” next to a football fixture, trying to work out what it means. The 1, X and 2 simply refer to the three different outcomes which could happen when full time is called on a football match: a win for the home team, a win for the away team and a draw between both teams. A home win is represented by the 1, an away win is represented by the 2 and a draw is represented by the X. 1×2 betting is a common practice, and understanding the notation is key to understanding how does online betting work in Canada.

What can I bet on at

Once you have conquered placing a bet online in Canada, you will have a whole host of different betting possibilities open to you. offers a huge variety of different types of events that you can choose to bet on. As well as the standard sports offerings such as horse races, football, rugby and cricket fixtures, boxing matches and many more, gives customers the opportunity to bet on the outcome of e-sports and virtual sports events. For those who wish to play with their stakes, there is an online casino and a live casino to choose from. All of these different types of betting can be accessed with the same account and using the money deposited in your account.

Football matches – How do I bet online in Canada?

After following the steps listed above to register your account and deposit money, placing a bet online in Canada for a football match happening anywhere in the world couldn’t be easier. You can choose to navigate to the sports section of the website using the tabs at the top of the home page, or you can use the onsite search function to look for the football match you wish to bet on. Once you have found the match you are looking for, simply select the odds, enter your stake and confirm your bet. You will need to make sure that there is enough money deposited in your account before you are able to place the bet. Remember that bets are non-refundable, so double check that all of the details are correct before you click to confirm.

Useful things to know


Glossary of betting terms

Online betting follows a similar model and uses the same terminology as betting shops and casinos. If you’ve ever placed bets offline, chances are that you will already understand the processes and the language of how to place a bet online in Canada. However, if you are completely new to betting, there may be some unfamiliar words and phrases which make it hard to understand how to bet online in Canada.

Online betting is full of references to odds, accumulators and rates which mean little outside the world of online betting. It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of these betting terms before placing your first bet, so that you are sure that you know what you have agreed to. You can do this by scanning down’s betting glossary of common betting terms. You can always come back to this glossary at a later date if you come across a new term.


Register now!

The first thing you need to do to answer the question “How can I place a bet online in Canada?” is to set up an account. It couldn’t be simpler. Just head to the green “register” button on the top-right hand corner of the home page and enter your details to set yourself up with an account.

You will only have to do this once and then you will have easy access to upcoming events and fixtures, odds listings and all the betting opportunities you could dream of. Register for an account at and start placing your bets today!