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Live betting odds and in-play betting Canada 2024

Last Updated on 23/02/2024
Fact checked by: Melissa Roy

For those in the know, live betting is undoubtedly the most exciting way to bet and win on all kinds of sporting events and matches as the action unfolds. It is a unique experience in entertainment, flexible betting and opportunities to get a significant win.

Due to its technical nature, livebetting in Canada is mainly available online, and it enables unprecedented immersion in both the sport and the betting. If you’d like to learn more about it, this handy guide will help you develop some expertise and make the most of this thrilling way to bet.

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What is live betting Canada?

Enthusiasts of Sportsbetting Canada 2024 will tell you that one used to be able to bet on a game only before it starts. Once the action began, you were locked in to whatever wagers you made, and there would be no more betting until another game comes up.

With the rise of the internet, sportsbooks saw the opportunity to enhance the betting experience through the development of a system that allowed players to place new wagers during a game, based on the way things pan out. Thus, live betting was born! Sometimes, wagers become available between different quarters or periods, while some bets even become available after specific plays or drives. Essentially, you can wager on a range of different things at various points in a game.

The main variable on how extensive live betting is revolves around your locality’s technological capabilities, and Canada has it good! Land-based outlets and casinos generally offer the fewest opportunities for live betting – often none at all – because it is difficult for their processes to keep up with the changing action.

Online sportsbooks usually offer a good range of options for live betting in Canada, because their technological resources and fast processes enable them to effortlessly keep up with the games as they unfold. And the greatest thing about this technology is that it makes everything as simple as possible for the bettor.

And you never run the risk of a bet being changed before you manage to get it done, because you are never made to wait. Read on to learn about the differences between betting options and what would work best for you.

Did you know?

  • Contrary to popular belief, sports betting is not all about luck – by doing your research and knowing your sport, you can make accurate predictions.
  • You don’t need to be a math genius to be successful, but there will always be some calculations necessary to win.
  • Betting at high odds is not usually more profitable, because the outcomes are far less likely to happen.

What are the options for live betting in Canada?

The types of bets that become available are likely to vary greatly depending on what sport is involved and whether you are betting with the Best Online Sports Betting & Gambling Site Canada. As we previously stated, in brick-and-mortar betting operations it takes a lot of manpower and technology to offer live bets.

They will have to manually set new lines as the action unfolds, lacking the days or weeks they usually have to prepare conventional bets. The same work has to go into online live betting operations, but the technology available enables them to do it all quicker. With all this in mind, it’s no surprise there will be a lot of variation in the types of bet available. Let’s have a look at the more common types.

Traditional Bets

The very same bets that were offered before the contest started will continue to be available after it starts. The only difference will be that the odds change in real-time, reflecting what happens as the action unfolds. Let’s take an imaginary football game as an example.

Before the game starts, the Dallas Cowboys are the favourites to win at odds of -200. Once the game starts, their star quarterback gets injured on the first play and, subsequently, the opposition immediately scores a touchdown. With these events taking place, the Cowboys are no longer such strong favourites – in fact, they may even become the underdogs.

They are already down in the game, and their top player has had to withdraw. The live odds will reflect this change in circumstances, and it would be more worthwhile to bet on a Cowboys win as the odds become shorter. For instance, the odds might shift to +150 or something similar, meaning you’ll get a much better price to bet on a Cowboys win.

If you had bet $100 when the odds were at -200, you would only win $50 if the Cowboys came through. But if you took the in-play bet and the Cowboys manage to get the win with their backup quarterback, you would get a healthy return of $150. This is triple the original potential winning, simply because the sportsbook decided that the Cowboys no longer look like they could win. Traditional bets will come in the form of standard “who will win” bets, as well as things like over/under bets.

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Prop Bets

The Best Betting / Bookie Sportsbetting Apps will have the technology to keep up to speed and offer prop bets for livebetting in Canada. These include prop bets for fun, as well as the more skill-based wagers like the number of touchdowns or goals a certain player will score, or how many field goals will be made by a certain kicker.

You will often find good value with these bets when you think a player is a slow starter, or if they aren’t getting much of the ball but you think that is about to change. For example, let’s say you take a bet that a specific player will score 1.5 touchdowns in a match. Through the first half, he is kept to no catches or touchdowns, making it appear much less likely that he will score the 1.5 touchdowns you predicted.

The odds of that happening will go through the roof, so if you take that bet at halftime and he manages to do it, you’ll get a much higher payout. The high payouts come when an outcome is less likely to happen, but the nature of livebetting is that anything can happen.


With in-game betting, you will sometimes find that you have the option to turn a single bet into a parlay if you so choose. For example, let’s say you place a wager on a trend that you believe is going to happen, and you think that trend is likely to continue for the long term.

You could choose to add an additional wager onto the original one after a game has started, with the hope of capitalising on your prediction if it turns out to be correct. Many online sportsbooks will offer the opportunity to create brand new parlays in the in-game wagering process, and this can be a real thrill for the enthusiastic bettor.

The Thrill of Livebetting Odds in Canada

Technically speaking, the idea is that the odds on all bets are accurate to what you are betting on. You can learn more from our page on the Best Football Odds and Experts Soccer Predictions Canada. Sportsbooks spend a great deal of time and money to use professionals or sophisticated technologies to set the right odds for every single game. Any errors in the setting of lines could cost operators a great deal of money if bettors pounce on the opportunity before it is corrected.

It is fairly easy for sportsbooks to get this right when they have lots of time to make preparations and do their research in advance. But this luxury is not there when setting livebetting odds in Canada. The sportsbook must make predictions and adjust odds in real-time, without the opportunity to second-guess themselves because they must keep up with the pace of the action. This means mistakes are far more common in livebetting.

There are two ways a sportsbook might work on in-game odds. The first is by using a handpicked team of experts tasked with setting lines – these people are the best of the best, and rarely make major errors.

The second method is through complex computer algorithms that process all the available data and churn out new odds in real-time. The problem sportsbooks face is that neither of these systems is completely foolproof, particularly when everything is time-sensitive.

Human error is a fact of life, which could lead to odds being overly skewed in one direction, and computers can only analyse quantitative data. This means data that has a numerical value to it; something that can be counted. Computers can’t account for qualitative data like signs of injury, team morale, etc. These qualitative things are equally important, and computers cannot account for them.

Human errors and technological limitations mean you are far more likely to find an incorrect line to pounce on. There are never any guarantees, but an incorrect line means one where the payout doesn’t really match the probability of the outcome occurring. Here’s an exaggerated example – let’s say Tyson Fury is fighting someone who has never boxed. The oddsmakers mistakenly post a live line of Tyson Fury +200 to win.

If you say this line, you would put every cent you have on this bet, because the sportsbook has clearly made a mistake in thinking Tyson Fury would be an underdog against a novice in a boxing match. This is obviously an exaggerated example, but you will spot milder versions of this in livebetting in Canada, and they are more likely here than they would be in conventional betting.

What Strategies are there for live betting in Canada?

If you are reading this, chances are you are quite new to the concept of livebetting in Canada. We wouldn’t want you to head out into the in-game betting world without any idea about the strategies you can use, so this section offers some tips to point you in the right direction.

Ultimately, you will have to make a lot of split-second decisions with the range of different bet types and ever-changing odds that reflect the unfolding action. You will need to develop your own winning strategies as you gain experience, but there are some fundamental tips and tricks to avoid the most common pitfalls that people encounter in livebetting. For more detailed information, visit our page on the Best Expert Betting Strategies that Actually Work Canada.

Take a Pre-Game Bet as Your Starting Point

The majority of experienced in-game bettors will use a pre-game bet as their starting point. By doing this, you push yourself to do all your pre-game homework and develop a good understanding of what’s likely to happen in the game. This isn’t absolutely essential, of course, but it does put you in a strong position going into a game.

Live betting is a great way to salvage bets that aren’t going to plan, or pressing harder on bets that are. This kind of flexibility is a lot easier to capitalise on when you have a pre-game bet in place as your starting point.

Be realistic about your limits

Livebetting in Canada is fast-paced, and it can be easy to get carried away if you aren’t realistic about things. When you place multiple wagers in real-time, you must keep track of how much you are putting on the line. The simplest way is to keep a tally of your running total bet – this should keep you on top of things. A more experienced bettor, with many bets on-the-go at once, might set up a spreadsheet on their computer to track their multitude of wagers.

Online sportsbooks usually provide the tools to help, with great interfaces that enable you to track all your bets simultaneously. If you are likely to place a lot of live bets, it is recommended that you choose a site with a really good user interface.

Be Sure to Watch the Entire Game

You’d be surprised how many bettors don’t follow this rule. If you are live betting on a game, you should be watching that game in its entirety. You can never know when you might observe a small detail that could give you an advantage over the competition, and these are the things that could earn you money. If you choose to livebet purely based on numbers, you will never get an edge over computer software or identify lines that are moving based on public heart betting.

You’ll essentially be taking the same approach the sportsbook uses to set lines, and they will always be better at it than you are. Most people who don’t watch games have too much action happening elsewhere. If you intend to bet on multiple games, it is recommended that you only choose one or two games to livebet on. Focus on those games on your TV, and follow the other scores at the bottom of the screen if you really want to.

The aim of taking advantage of livebetting odds in Canada is to spot ways to give yourself an edge, and you can only achieve this by immersing yourself fully in the live game. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and enjoy the games, but you must pay attention if you want to succeed in livebetting.

Fact Check

  • Livebetting interfaces can sometimes look a little different to the traditional odds charts you know and love.
  • A livebetting interface will be constantly updating, and the ever-changing figures may seem a little daunting at first.
  • You should always take the time to learn the interface before you start betting, or you could find yourself being tripped up by something unexpected.

Choose Livebetting in Canada for Close Pre-Game Bets

We often find ourselves struggling to decide if we want to place a wager before a game. When this happens, the line is usually close to where we want it to be, but not quite there. Livebetting can enable you to get the line you want if there is a swing early on in the game.

For example, if you want to bet on a Dallas Cowboys win but the pre-game odds stand at -200, this price might not quite be good enough for you. In this case, you can wait for the game to start and see if a better price comes up early on. If the opposition manages to score early on, that -200 could soon turn into a more favourable number, while if the Cowboys get off to a fast start you can assume you won’t be getting a better line.

In either case, you don’t lose any money because you never staked anything to begin with. Livebetting gives you a little flexibility in your decision-making, and can provide the opportunity to wait for a more favourable line to occur.

The odds will always move in line with what the experts (or the computers) think is likely to happen. This is worth restating, because you need to understand that you can’t just expect the sportsbook to magically give you a better line simply because you waited. Choosing to livebet is a calculated decision, and you will only get those improved odds if it starts to look like an outcome is less likely to happen, so something will have to change to make this shift.

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